The Slayer's Guide to Dragons

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The Slayer's Guide to Dragons
The Slayer's Guide to Dragons.jpg
Author: Gary Gygax
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Item Code: MGP0009
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Format: Softcover
Page Count: 127
ISBN-10: 1-903980-27-5
Price: 19.95
Product Blurb:
What creature has more magnificence, more savage ferocity and more sheer power than the dragon? The great wyrms stand tall as the ultimate challenge an adventurer may face. Rare is the player who does not dream of besting one of these terrible creatures, of plundering its hoard and basking in the glorious reputation enjoyed by a dragon slayer.

In our own world the dragon has two aspects: the western view of the vicious serpent, a symbol of all that is evil, hellish and bestial, ably represented by the Chromatic dragons. The other aspect is that of the east; here dragons are regarded as divine beings, wise and beneficial. The Metallic dragons echo this latter view.

It is conjectured by some that the mythical dragon reflects nature in all its beauty and savage power. By and large, they say, westerners view the natural forces of the world as inimical agencies that need to be bested – the world must be moulded to the will of man. In the east the natural order is respected and man tries to attune himself to it; a greater reverence is felt towards the forces of the world. Perhaps this does explain the opposing views of dragons, but are men from East and West really so different in their outlook?

All such speculations aside we turn to the dragons of the countless fantasy worlds spinning in the multiverse. Here an explanation for mans differing attitudes towards dragons is easily found: some are wise, sagacious and good while others are bad; very, very, very bad!

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