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This page contains a the list of all user-submitted base classes. To see a list of the base classes by category click on the following links. The organizations are divided into a few main types; Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting, Moderate Psionics, and Strong Psionics.

Base Classes without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Type Description
4.0 Seeker
Abomonist Combat Support Class Abomonist are not powerful fighters themselves, however tapping into the forbidden art of creating life allows them to create a number of Abomonations to fight and control the field of battle willingly and without hesitation.
Abyssal One Melee Abyssal One's are warriors wielding both Melee and Magic when using their Linked Weapon which helps focus their Demonic Curse.
Adept Of The Moon
Adjurator Modified Psionics, Support, Control, Combat Versatility The Adjurator uses psi-like Commands to manipulate the tide of battle to their advantage. They can manifest Commands into their Psychic Darts, inscribe psionic sigils to apply constant or triggered effects, or manifest Auras and Wards to buff or control areas of the battlefield.
Advanced Warforged (3.5e Base Class)
Adventure Chef Cook, Support A chef with the taste for adventure, they wander the land searching for new recipes and the chance to hone their skills. They are never without fellow adventurers due to their poor combat skills, though that is not to say they are completely helpless.
Aegis of Life Good Guy, Spontaneous Divine Spellcaster, Support, Minor Melee Renown for wielding the power of divinities, these guardians of life shield their enemies from harm by providing them with increased fortitude and temporary shields that become stronger with time and advancement.
Aerial Fighter Fighter, Aerial/Aquatic Environments, Melee, Tank A master of fighting, these warriors further their training to incorporate their natural (or in some cases unnatural) abilities of flight into their fighting styles and maneuvers, being able to out maneuver most, but still retain large amounts of durability.
Aerokinetic <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Alacrite Combat focused, Fast A combat class that focuses on speed and maneuverability.
Alchemical Gunslinger Combat-Focused A variant of the Hexagunner, a gunman with extraordinary marksmanship skills.
Alchemist, Variant <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Alchemist Skilled A scientist skilled in the art of potions and transmutation.
Amalgam Fighter Melee Glass Cannon, Rogue-like A fighter with a unique style of fighting, using his flowing moves to add momentum to his swings and attacks, to expend the momentum with combination based attacks.
Andellion Warrior Lawful Guy, Combat-Focused They are a brutal class of athletes and swordsmen. These extraordinary abilities that sprout from their faith in Eden make them formidable opponents in combat.
Angelic Demonic Warrior
Angelic Warrior Variant Paladin-like Warriors Healing and melee capability. They are dedicated to killing demons and undead.
Anima Manipulator Control-Focused A being with a shamanic personality who focuses on controlling the minds of other beings--specifically aberrations.
Animal Summoner Arcane Spellcasting The Summoners of the beasts
Animist Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting, Summoner, Combat-Focused The Animist is a mage who specializes in maximizing their ability to summon creatures from other planes, crafting their own creations, and binding spirits and otherworldly beings they encounter.
Animist Shrine Priest/Shrine Maiden Spell Focused/Party Buff Lightly armored back-row cleric.
Animist Variant Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting, Summoner, Combat-Focused The Animist is a mage who specializes in maximizing their ability to summon creatures from other planes, crafting their own creations, and binding spirits and otherworldly beings they encounter.
Anomaly of Chronos
Arachnid Combat, Infiltrator A mutant with spider abilities.
Arbogast Combat Focused A monk alternate with focus on throwing anything
Arcanamach Dexterous combat, arcane support casting A nimble, dexterous fighter who compliments his/her combat with an ample spell and skill selection.
Arcane Deck Channeler Support to Combat Oriented Allows casting from three spells lists at the price of little control over when specific spells are cast.
Arcane Enforcer Uses weapons and a few spells to subdue enemies. The police force for a city of magic users.
Arcane Gunslinger Combat Focused, Craftsman The Arcane Gunslinger is the paragon of magic's destructive potential, wielding a personally crafted Gunstave to direct arcane power into blasts, beams, and barrages of deadly power. Many Arcane Gunslingers take up the Gunstave in answer to the threat of war, or as mercenaries, or even thieves, lending them a wide range of personalities and vast potential. Their immense power comes with the unfortunate effect of being somewhat fragile at lower levels; Arcane Gunslingers are a source of mighty damage and invaluable support, and with care can become impressive main-combatants.
Arcane Hawker Combat Focused <-Paragraph description of the class->
Arcane Librarian Strong Spellcasting Arcane librarians are experts at using magical script. Through their years of exposure to magical writings and their personal studies of the underlying workings of scrolls, they gradually glean the knowledge necessary to use such writings to effectively cast spells without knowing them.
Arcane Pyrotechnician Strong Spellcaster A master of explosion-based arcane magic, the Arcane Pyrotechnician can create various grenades, bombs, mines and other explosives that have very powerful effects. These effects are mainly combat-oriented, though some have other strange or useful powers.
Arcane Ranger, Variant Ranged Combatant, Spell-Caster A ranger who, instead of using druid spells and regular arrows, uses arcane magic and can summon arrows.
Arcane Ranger Moderate Spellcasting A woodland warrior who uses arcane magic instead of divine magic.
Arcanist Moderate Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Augmentative Spellcaster that uses the various Tarot Cards to power their spell selection
Archer Combat-Focused The archer excels in combat at a distance, combining skill, speed, and accuracy to deadly effect. A standard and distinct fantasy archetype, the archer has little use for the typical trappings of other warriors. She values agility and skill over brute force and prowess with bow over familiarity with a variety of weapons.
Armament Mage
Artificer Support-Focused, Skilled The artificer is a master craftsman who combines the devotion of a blacksmith with the abilities of the arcane.
Artificer (Variant) Support-Focused, Skilled The artificer is a master craftsman who combines the devotion of a blacksmith with the abilities of the arcane.
Ascendant Strong Psionics Ascendants are those who are at one with the flow of existence and who are capable of seeing it fluctuate and warp in unimaginable ways. One of the trademarks of an ascendant is the fact that they are capable of splitting themselves, creating multiple versions of their physical body, and inhabit them all.
Aspect Master Good Guy. Heavy Melee Focus. Were-creatures used. A devout protector of the forest, these disciples practice two forms of combat: The way of the Feral Master, taking on the hybrid forms of themselves and animals to savagely defend on an offensive style, and The Calm Guardian, taking the power and focus of Ki to defend and perform utility based combat.
Assassin Combat-focused, Moderate Spellcasting The Assassin steps through the shadows, finds his target, and strikes him down before returning from whence he came. But you'll have a job convincing anyone that they exist, as no one's ever seen one or the body of their targets. The good ones, at least.
Audiokinetic <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Aura Archer
Avatar of Aendar Combat Focused, Divine Spellcasting A paladin type devoted to killing enemies for good or to preserve balance.
Aztec Priest Strong Spellcasting In the savage Aztec empire, the cruel and sadistic Aztec Priests preach the will of the gods to the people who inhabit the Aztec empire.
Aztec Warrior Combat-Focused From the southern jungles come the Aztecs, a mighty warrior tribe of indescribable savagery
B-Baller Ranged, Support, Good Guy, Bad Guy B-ballers are exceptional at throwing objects at their enemies and supporting their teammates with buffs.
BSAA Agent Combat-Focused Survivor of countless skirmishes with the undead and other abominations, the BSAA agent is the first line of defense against creatures of the night.
Backstabbing Expert Combat-Focused, Skilled The optimized class for a character that likes sneak attack damage.
Ballet Fencer Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused A Ballet Fencer excels in targeting large targets and taking them down with ease.
Bard, Variant Arcane Spellcasting, Moderate Spellcasting A bard that someone might actually want to play...
Barebones Fighter
Barkeeper Skilled He runs the bar, he mixes drinks, he's ready to adventure!
Barrage Mage
Battle Chemist A science-focused class that somewhat replaces other combat casting.
Battle Mage (True) Magic and Melee A Master of both Magic and Might with an equal amount of spontaneity.
Battle Meditant Support, Moderate psionics The battle meditant was inspired by Worror, a Jedi in the Star Wars novel "Darth Bane: Rule of Two". The class uses its main ability, the Psychic Aura, to bolster its comrades.
Battle Nurse
Battle Scholar Combat-Focused, Skilled A martial class that prepares and learns maneuvers like a wizard.
Battle Shinigami Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Hunters of ghosts and demons, they protect the living from things which lurk just beyond the edge of the world. These shinigami are focused on melee combat.
Battle Wizard Combat & Moderate Spellcasting A Battle Wizard hacks the opposition to pieces, then blasts the remains to ashes, making him good for people who like magic and might.
Battlemage Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Prepared Spellcasting One who wields the awesome destructive power of battle magic.
Battousai, Variant
Battousai Combat-focused, Skilled Melee fighters that prize their abilities and worldly knowledge.
Beast Mage <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Beast Monk Combat focused A monster class that optimizes a creatures natural fighting ability.
Beastfighter Combat-Focused Beastfighters are savage warriors that fight barehanded.
Beastial Samurai Neutral glass-cannons. A member of a Samurai Order who have chosen Nature as their master, rather then a shogun.
Bender, 2nd Variant Neutral class, Open to both Bad and good guys. Skillful and Often ranged combat oriented. Mixed fighter. Always with a natural basis towards life and the world. Take on any work that fits their need or desires.
Bender, Air (3/4) Versatile Airbenders, from Avatar: the last Airbender
Bender, Earth (4/4) Defensive Tank Earthbenders, from Avatar: the last Airbender
Bender, Fire (1/4) Damage heavy Firebenders, from Avatar: the last Airbender
Bender, Variant Neutral class, Open to both Bad and good guys. Skillful and Often ranged combat oriented. Mixed fighter. Always with a natural basis towards life and the world. Take on any work that fits their need or desires.
Bender, Water (2/4) Versatile Waterbenders, from Avatar: the last Airbender
Bender (A Good One) <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Bender of the Sanguine Combat Focused, Moderate Caster Constant motion, a single entity made of millions of smaller ones, fluid grace that could only be described as an art-form perfected by nature itself; these things and more describe a Heart, a Body, and a Bender of the Sanguine. Those unobservant, those who do not keep moving, and those which underestimate Blood Bender's will simply be Eviserated by them.
Berserker, Gardags Combat Focused This is a more war-like alternative for the Barbarian, changes the wild savage for a fierce warrior.
Biomancer Strong Spellcasting, Good Guy, Bad Guy, Prepared Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting Masters of the world unseen, good Biomancers heal and improve the body, and evil ones are masters of disease, decay, and suffering.
Biotic Vanguard Combat-Focused A unique Dark Matter specialist who mixes ranged attacks with high mobility. Born with the deadly curse of being able to harness the power of Dark Matter, the Biotic Vanguard uses this trait with devastating effects. Using powerful bursts of swirling energy, they blast and throw opponents across the battlefield. Whether as symbols of hope or destruction, the Biotic Vanguards themselves are deadly and lethal humanoid weapons.
Biotic Vanguard (Slayer) Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Long Range, Close Range Based off the other Vanguard class just remade with the new N7 slayer in mind. Meant to be similar to the ranger in the decision to focus on ranged and melee combat but given a few more more abilities to make them more agile.
Biotic Vanguard (charge variant) Combat-Focused Spontaneous Spellcasting The Biotic Vanguard is a class that excels at close range combat, getting in and out of combat as fast as possible while dealing large amounts of damage.
Bishop Skilled, Strong Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting, Prepared Spellcasting Bishops are the powerful holy servants of deities. Whether they be cool and calculating, lucid and wise, or feverent and passionate, is entirely dependant on the bishop in question.
Black Blooded Terror Heavy combat focused <-Paragraph description of the class->
Black Crystal Lord Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused An intimidating generally lawful warrior of heavy armor and twin weapons. They seek to crush all opposition through force and destruction. They are exceptionally hard to kill. Loosely based on an elite group of Imperial Judges from Arcadia.
Black Crystal Lord (Judge variant) Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused An intimidating lawful warrior of heavy armor and twin weapons. They seek to crush all opposition. They are exceptionally hard to kill. Based on an elite group of Imperial Judges from Arcadia.
Black Knight Combat-Focused, Bad Guy. A Black Knight is a leader of the forces of evil. Often found amongst the ranks of necromancers, they learn how to raise the undead to aid in their conquest of the light.
Black Mage Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Once wizard pupils or apprentices that abandoned their tedious and lengthy studies to pursue a much more enticing reward than mere knowledge...
Black Mask
Blackguard of Tyranny (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Blacksmith Combat-Focused, Skill-user A warrior who is focused on the state of his and his companions' weapons.
Blackstone Knight Combat-Focused A more defensive variant of the Hellfire Knight, the blackstone knight uses fiendish energy to morph his own body into a powerful combination of rock, metal, and flesh.
Blade of Fate Good Guy, Bad Guy, Assassin/Rogue, Melee, Mid-ranged An assassin made of two parts, the first himself, the second a new consciousness that inhabits his mind that listens to the voice of a god that determines when it is time for someone to die, or when to punish someone.
Blademaster, variant Melee combat The fighter in the SRD is atrocious. There are two classes that it is better than, the expert, and the monk. This is a modified version that makes it better.
Blind Warrior Combat Focused, Skill Focused Being blind, most would assume you would be at a disadvantage. However, this fighter has turned his weakness, into his strength, allowing him to focus on developing his other senses to more then compensate, to the point where they at times may be better then even those with eyes.
Blitz Twist Player Chaotic Guy, Combat-Focused Famous and local athletes with uncanny battle techniques. They are professional swimmers, village guardians, and optimistic sportsmen. Loosely based on Blitz-ball players from the world of Spira.
Blood Barbarian
Blood Knight Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Fighting is everything to the Blood Knight. He lives for it. He might deliberately disadvantage himself in order to make fights last longer, and loves to reveal that he is not left-handed. It's not so much winning or losing, or the motives of his allies, that drives this guy so much as the opportunity for a good fight.
Blood Mage Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Prepared Spellcasting A spellcaster who substitutes normal spell components with his own blood.
Blood Reaver Prime Good Guy, Bad Guy, Melee Blood Mage, Dark The first degree of Blood Reavers. These are the original fighters who contacted demons or learned from others that knew these arts first hand, spreading fear and pain across the battle field and devouring the life essence that fuels living beings.
Bloodblade Necromancer < Bad guy, Rogue-replacment, Necromancer. The Bloodblade Necromancer's hands drip with his own tainted blood constantly, this ghastly elixer has necrotic properties, capable of raising any dead who are unfortunate enough to find it within their bodies.
Bloodletter <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Blue Traveler, Variant Combat-Focused, Spontaneous Spellcaster Powerful Tank/Mage that learns abilities by getting hit with them
Blue Traveler Combat-Focused, Spontaneous Spellcaster Powerful Tank/Mage that learns abilities by getting hit with them
Boffin Lycanthrope , You think you know lycanthropes? Then you have not faced a true lycanthrope warrior!
Boneshaper good guy, bad guy, combat focused Paragraph description of the class
Bounty Hunter
Boy Scout Good Guy, Skilled A skillful and versatile adventurer who is equally adept at life in either an urban or a wild setting.
Brawler, Acid Sea Variant Combat Focused The Brawler Class as used in the Ages of the Acid Sea Campaign setting.
Brawler, Variant2 Combat-Focused, Unarmed This class is played best in a campaign world where the monk class does not exist. This is almost exactly like the monk, although most abilities have their names changed for flavor and the Brawling Monk (or Brawler) has some changed or new abilities based on a more physical and less spiritual class design. This class is designed for campaigns with a European style that don't want to introduce Asian concepts.
Brawler, Variant Combat-Focused Brawlers, the toughest opponents one could face. They can take the brunt of any attack and come out swinging. They can do masses of damage without care of their own well-being. They attack with ferocity with every weapon they have, fists, feet, head, knees, elbow. Whatever they have at their disposal they will use it. Just hope you never make one angry, you would not want to be on the recieving end of his fists.
Brawler Combat Focused The Brawler started from outcast monks wishing to show their skills without showing as much honor and repect, they hone their skills in backstreet fighting rings in all towns and cities there are even rumors that there are leagues in major cities.
Brewmaster Alcoholic, Support Known to drink alcohol and spirits like a fish breathes water, these elusive masters (though more often then not called a town drunk) perfect the ways of fighting drunk, specializing in unpredictable movements and strikes.
Brood Warrior, BoF Divine-Caster, Shape-Shifter The Brood Warrior is a member of the Brood race that has unlocked the inherent ability within each member of the Brood Race to shift their form into that of a powerful dragon.
Brood Warrior Combat-Focused The Brood Warrior is a warrior. He beats and/or slashes thing into nonexistance. His main ability is Ascension: a power he uses to become a draconic beast and beat things up even better.
Brotherhood Initiate Skilled, Combat-Focused Combat oriented assassin, trained by a guild with the intent of acquiring wealth.
Brute Combat Focused Warriors that fight unarmed, but instead of using skill, as a monk, they use strength and endurance.
Bucketner Combat-Focused A fighter with a mastery of the art of bucket fighting.
Bulwark of Hope Good guy, Combat-Centric <-Paragraph description of the class->
Burglar Support. Burglars are burglars who specialize in stealing.
Burst Brawler Combat Focused, Good Guy, Bad Guy Using their specially made shotgun gauntlets, the Burst Brawler uses his Strength and Constitution to weather blows and dish out punches.
Bushi, Variant Samurai Combat Focused A Bushi is what the Complete Warrior Samurai should have been.
Cantor of Dirges Bad Guy Cantors of Dirges is a female exclusive group wandering the world in search for the secret melody of rebirth. This dirge holds the power to awaken the forgotten elders out of their deep slumber and bring calamity to this world. In their search for the melody they accumulated knowledge of many forbidden dirges, songs and melodies which they play with utmost sincerity to please their gods. Cantors of Dirges devote their self to madness and find beauty in bizarre songs and grotesk art. They are often misunderstood as they see death and everything linked to it as a gift. A gift which needs to be utilized to please the elders and their own passion.
Cantripologist, Variant Strong Arcane Spellcaster, Jack of all trades A master of the 0th level spell
Capoeirista Combat-Focused A moderate variation of the monk class that focuses even more on unarmed and unarmored combat, as well as placing a high emphasis on acrobatics.
Card Strong Spellcasting A Class involving the use of a deck and a combination of luck and strategy.
Caster Breaker
Celestial Barbarian Combat Focused Ragers using the bodies seen in the sky every day and night as fuel for their anger.
Celestial Warlock (E. Warlock variant) Good Guy, Divine Spellcasting A divine defender of the light
Cerulean Imitator Tanking, Combat-Focused, Copy Ability. Loosely based on the Blue Mage Final Fantasy Class.
Champion of the Ferine Neutral, Divine, Moderate Spellcaster, Combat-Focused The Champion of the Ferine is a bestial warfighter who draws upon the raw Divine energy of animal ferocity by sheer willpower alone, transforming into a menacing force to be reckoned with over much spiritual maturation. Striking rapidly and relentlessly with a greatsword whilst shrugging off attacks in heavy armor, the Champion of the Ferine augments their martial prowess with animal ferocity via Empowerment effects, and can take on an Alternate Form to further their combat prowess.
Channeler Spontaneous Caster Aes Sedai, Ashaman, Wilders, and other channelers from the wheel of time.
Chaos Gemini
Chaos Knight Combat Focused, Skilled A class in relating to the Darksiders. The class features the flavored abilities of the characters from Darksiders and even a bit of spellcasting capabilities.
Chaos Mage <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> A spellcaster that harnesses the power of the world's most unpredictable force: entropy.
Chaos Wielder Strong Divine Spellcasting, Potentially Combat-Focused or Skilled Chaos Wielders are individuals who are naturally attuned to the chaotic forces of the universe and gain the power to manipulate it. They are the natural opposite to Order Masters who take their power from the lawful forces of the universe.
Chaplain Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Invocations A warrior gifted with the raw, divine power of their deity. Rather than using spells, chaplains harness this divine energy by performing invocations that energize allies and hinder foes. While these warriors are powerful allies, they are zealous and fanatical. (A divine variant of the warlock inspired by the chaplains of the WH40k universe.)
Charter Mage Strong Spellcasting The charter mage uses the charter to cast spells. Charter mages hate undead, and work to destroy them.
Chef Support,good guy The Chef is a great class for those who want a little bit taste to their.
Chekov's Archer Ranged Combat The archer can shoot an apple at 100 yards and hit every time, he can shoot an arrow through his own arrow after hitting the bull's eye at 50 yards, and he can shoot a pixie in the eye at 10. No one is better when it comes to the mastery of bows.
Chi Mage Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting Relying upon glyphs and runes and their chi magic use magic in a different way.
Chosen Vassal
Chronoblade Melee Chronoblades are warriors of great resolve who have learned to manipulate the time around them toward their own benefit.
Chronokeeper Moderate Spellcasting, Skilled A chronokeeper is an individual who's exceptionally attuned to the time flow.
Chronomancer Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Arcane Spellcasting. The Chronomancer is a fighter who bends time itself to his will. They are an anomaly within time, exsisting at various points, and able to pull their extreme skills into combat to turn the tides of war.
Clocksmith Combat-Focused The relentless ticking and tocking of cogs and gears is not only inspiring, but maddening. Either way, a Clocksmith fine tunes various creations to fight for them, making them stronger, faster, better.
Combat Rogue Combat-Focused Fast paced warriors at home on the battlefield, the combat rogue takes the best of the fighter and the rogue and combines them into a quick and ruthless machines of death.
Commander Combat-Focused, Skilled A cross of bard and fighter but neither, Commanders inspire their troops to acts of bravery, and fight on the front lines to lead by example.
Concordant Knight <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> The gods favor balance in the world.
Conniver Combat Focused, Assassin A Conniver has the ability to eliminate a high priority target quickly and efficiently.
Construct Artificer Support Class The Construct Artificer will stay in the back of a fight while letting her Constructs fight for her. They can respond only to her commands and those that she tells them to obey as well.
Control Mage Controller Masters of counter magic, Avatars of dispelling. The Control Mages are a select group of spellcasters who specialize in stopping others from using magic and protecting themselves. This class is highly inspied from the Blue Mage class.
Cosmic Devourer Moderate spellcasting, skilled Cosmic Devourers are the source of an infinite energy that makes up the planes or destroys it. This comic power allows them to absorb everything in a plane, and use it as though it were a tool or a weapon. Cosmic Devourers are able to traverse the planes freely, and consume it without restriction.
Cosmic Traveler Any Mages have teleported, planeshifted, and have torn open holes in the universe for centuries. But to a select few, it's actually more important to understand the bending of space, rather than obtain the fundamental results...
Crab Clan Ronin <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Cryomancer <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Crystal Guardian Good Guy, Unique Adaptability A guardian and master of crystals, focusing on their latent powers and drawing them out for their own use. They take years to master their arts and embed them in either their armor or as unique trinkets that are bound to them in such a way they are near impossible to remove.
Cursed One
DBZ Warrior (Optimized for Balance) Combat Focused, Ranged Fighter A DnD adaptation of the characters from Dragonball Z.
DBZ Warrior Combat Focused, Ranged Fighter A DnD adaptation of the characters from Dragonball Z.
Dancer Skill-focused, Combat Assistance The Dancer is much the bard of motion, instead of singing and playing upon their instrument, they use a finely toned and developed body to sway and entice with the powers of the humanoid body. While Dancers share similar abilities to a Bard, they are more skill and assistance-focused, placing less emphasis on spells and abilities.
Daring Swashbuckler Combat-Focused, Martial, Skilled A Tome of Battle flavored Swashbuckler
Dark Apostle
Dark Magus
Dark Monk <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> The key features of the Dark Monk is their ability to fight unarmed and drain their health to perform a variety of depraved attacks and whittle away their opponent’s strength. Though a Dark Monk has no spells, they possess a large amount of necrotic energy that they can unleash to weaken their foes. They are not as skilled in combat as a normal monk, but compensates using their diverse set of offensive skills.
 As a Dark Monk gains experience and power, their necrotic capabilities abilities grow, giving them more and more power over themselves and others.
Dark Necromancer Strong Spellcasting A Necromancer is a man that has the ability to raise and summon undead. They are not unlike wizards, but they are more adept in necromancy spells and abilities.
Dark Priest
Darkbringer Combat-Focused, Spellcaster Darkbringers are just that, bringers of dark and volatile magics and abilities. As such, they are often condemned and treated as pariahs. But, power comes to those with motivation, and this class is no different.
Darkmind Fighter Combat0Focused Amnesiacs, insomniacs, and manic-depressives, darkmind fighters are mercenaries carving out a secondary existence to replace that which they have lost.
Darksong Knight V2.0 Good Guy, Support This is for all intents and purposes, is the Paladin order of Eilistraee.
Dashing Swordsman Combat-Focused, Skilled The dashing swordsman is a stereotypical hero-type from pulp-fantasy. He fights with a single blade (such as a rapier), is extremely charismatic and idealistic and makes a good face-of-the-party with a wide variety of social skills.
Daughter of Duskmight Spellcaster, Diplomat The Daughter of Duskmight is Nanelz's chosen of It's clergy, Priestesses of large magical, and divine power.
Daunting Assailant Combat-focused, Skilled A warrior who excels at intimidating his enemies into submission.
Dawnbringer (D20m)
Deadly Blade <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Death Knight, Partial Transition.
Death Servant Combat Focused A servant of death, charismatic but frightfull presences.
Dedicated Elemental Fighter Combat-Focused, Support Elemental warriors are fighters that have a connection to one of the elemental planes. They augment there marital skills with healing and support abilities.
Defender 2 Meatshield A fighter with arcane spell abilities like a paladin or a ranger.
Deific Conjurer Divine Spellcaster A Deific Conjurer is a person who had the talent to become a a cleric or a druid, but he choose to use this power for something different.
Delver-mage Skill-Focused, Moderate-Spellcasting The Delvers are a clan of thieves and cheats, inhabitants of a stilted slumtown, and their proficiency with magic is a secret few outsiders know.
Delver Light Short and Long Range Delvers are adventurers that specialise in ranged combat and acquired knowledge.
Demon Arm Combat-Focused A close-range fighter that focuses on using the abilities gained from his demon blood to attack.
Demon Child <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Demon Hunter, Variant Good guy, Bad guy, Spellcaster, Melee, Varied roles Demon hunters are the result of an unholy binding between a mortal and a demon. Always craving more power, a demon hunter stops at nothing to get what he desires.
Demon Knight Melee, (Physical) Support, Tactical, Tank By sacrificing a part of their being, these fighters take the darkness of demons within themselves, using the power gained for their own purposes, be it selfish, or altruistic.
Demon Lord Strong Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Demon Lords learn to influence the creatures of other planes as well as those on his own. Their power enables them to enslave demons for their own ends, leaving dust and ash in their wake.
Demon Weapon Combat-Focused Dude don't screw with that guy, he'll kill you! Stupid, he doesn't have a weapon, he Is a weapon!
Desert Nomad Combat-Focused An agile warrior from the desert, adept at using magical sand to his aid.
Desolater <-Combat Focused, Strong Spellcasting, Skilled (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Created for the use of The First Evil a being before Gods, Demons, and even time it's self and is capable of possessing gods. Desolators are meant to carry out his plans in anyway possible... even suicide. While he values his minions enough to give them gifts of extraordinary power with a choice. ->
Destructive Charger Combat-Focused To some combat is about honor, to others it is about the thrill of spilling blood. To those belonging to the Destructive Charger class, combat is a stroll through the park...nothing is left standing.
Deviant Strong Spellcasting, Skilled A knower and deviner of the many secrets of the world
Devoted Enchanter Stong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Bad Guy The Devoted Enchanter is through and through an enchantment specialist. All of her abilities focus on this one spell school. She is the epitome of enchantment, at the cost of most everything else.
Diciple of Balance Divine Spellcasting A disciple of Balance is a worshiper of Garia and views balance as the highest ideal to strive for. He maintains balance by careful selection of spells and is rewarded for his dedication.
Dilettante Skilled, Combat-Focused A member of the social elite, the Dilettante brings considerable resources and connections with him wherever he goes.
Dimensional Binder Strong Controlling Spellcaster. A Dimensional Binder relies heavily on his manipulative powers and abilities to achieve his goals, be them good or evil. Capable of bending the will's of others, or bending the Fabric of Reality itself, anything is within the grasp of these individuals.
Diplomat Skilled, Charisma Based, Non-Combat Oriented From the back alleys and the crowded bars, the Diplomat hears all he wants and uses all he hears.
Disciple of Music Neutral, Bard-like, Musical A Disciple of Music, an entertainer, a master maestro or musician. All are names for this class, one who has studied music thoroughly, and know well the power it holds to not only move people's hearts, but their bodies and minds as well.
Disco Knight
Divine Commander Good Guy, Bad Guy, Support, Moderate Casting The master of rebuking and commanding foes. She may expend some her extensive pool of turning attempts to emulate cleric spells.
Divine Launcher Good/Evil. Disciplined. Mid/Long Ranged. Minor Divine Caster. Favored Souls and Sorcerers are not the only ones infused with power... The Divine Launcher too has been endowed with significant amounts of divinity and grace, to which extent they master in combination with ranged weaponry, primarily thrown weapons. With their divine grace, they can channel their energy into their weapon before releasing it at their targets for a variety of effects.
Divine Soul Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting Favored Souls are blessed by their gods for their power to fight in their lord's name, but not all of them choose to take up the sword, others draw closer by advancing their spiritual powers.
Divine Swordsman (3.5e Prestige Class)
Doll Master Arcane Spellcasting, Combat-Focused A wizard who specializes in controlling Marionettes and Golems.
Dominator Stealth-Focused, Capture-Focused Basically, it's a class focused on capturing the enemy alive rather than just killing the guy outright. Also good information-gatherer and interrogator.
Doom Punch
Draconic Ascendant Good Guy, Bad Guy, Good Survival Hailing from a similar mindset to Dragon Disciples, these ascendants take it one step further by enduring countless hours more of devotion to being a dragon and forming close bonds with their draconic selves, eventually being able to become dragons themselves.
Dragon Priest Combat-Focused-Breath/melee Those with dragon blood awaken to their draconian senses.
Dragon Shaman Martial, Support, Tank Dragon shamans take on the forms and powers of dragons. They use auras to give their allies a boost in and out of combat, as well as use high health and good fighting skills to take the battle to their enemies.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer (Fire) <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Dragon Warrior, Variant Combat Focused, Dragon A Dragon Warrior is a person that gains power based on his Dragon Ancestory.
Dragon Warrior Combat-Focused character with magical abilities. A child of some other race who was found by a dragon at birth and taken in by it. Over time that very same dragon would start teaching the child Dragon Warrior magic. In other words, magic that would allow him to take on aspects of the dragon, to allow him to defend himself, and even take down other dragons should the need araise.
Dragon Warrior Balance
Dragonblooded Combat-Focused Those with dragon blood awaken to their draconic natures.
Dragonbound rider melee or ranged aerial an awesome class for riding and fighting from a dragons back.
Dragonslayer Combat-Focused, Strong Spellcasting Powerful magic warriors who have learned their art under the tutelage of Dragons.
Dragoon, Variant3 Combat-Focused, Spear-oriented. A dragoon whose strength lies in its Jump feature. Slightly based on Kain from Final Fantasy IV, both on his features and his equipment capabilities.
Dragoon Combat-Focused A man who kills with a charge, mounted or unmounted. (not a FF ripoff).
Dragoon Lancer, Variant Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focus, Skilled A fast moving warrior with a strong defense and powerful attacks focusing on singular strikes from the air. Dragoon Lancer's often rely on a hit hard, hit fast tactic. This coupled with an uncanny ability to leap about the battlefield it is very hard to find them in the same place twice.
Dragoon Variant 14
Drakeheart Combat-Focused, Support Class, Dragon Themed Drakehearts study and emulate true dragons. They take on the inspiring and fearsome presence and mien of dragons to give themselves and their allies a boost both in and out of combat, and use a versatile breath weapon to control the battlefield.
Druidic Warrior Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Hailing from deep in the wilderness, druidic warriors are the standard fighters of the native tribes. They train from a young age to be deadly efficient with an assortment of primitive weapons, as well as how to use the wilderness to their advantage. They will fiercely protect their fellow tribesmen and women. They have a great love for the wilderness and the beings who reside there. However, occasionally, one may leave their tribe, either of their own prerogative or through exile, and join the "civilized" world. These outcasts sometimes become adventurers, seeking to strengthen themselves and their relationship with nature, as well as to help those in need.
Drunken Fist Combat-Focused Base class variant of the Drunken Master.
Duelist Combat-Focused Anyone can kill with the tip of the sword, there’s no art to it. To use the edge of the blade, however, is much more artistic, and powerful.
Dungeon Master Good Guy, Bad Guy The Dungeon Master loves to have complete mystical control of the outcome of his life, he can change the world around him to fit his need.
Duskblade, Variant Combat Focused, Minor Spellcasting This class is a variant of the "Duskblade" class, made with abilities from both the "Duskblade" and the "Mystic Blade (Spencer Edition)" classes.
Earthbound Fist Melee Combat-Focused A Pugilist/Grappler hybrid. Focusing on an aggressive, straight-forward, close-range fighting style.

Followers of the Earthbound Fist are unarmed fighters, specializing in single combat.

Their fighting style is an adaptation of gladiatorial combat, and maintains a sense of honor. Earthbound Fists always face their opponents directly. Fighting honorably, even with lethal force. Because of this, Earthbound Fists are opposed to sneak attacks, and don't use ranged weapons. They also insist on finishing a fight, once they've started it, stubbornly refusing to retreat.

Their fighting style focuses on strikes with the fist, especially against a grappled opponent. The Earthbound Fist teaches that staying on your feet is the most important thing in a fight. Earthbound Fist don't use kicks, spinning, or flying attacks. They face forward, and press forward. In the arena, every fight starts on both feet, and the first one to fall is usually the first to die.

Earthquake Combat Focus Heavy unit that can reshape the battlefield.
Ebon Knight Tank/DPS Superior fighter of the Ebon Enclave with strong support and defense without the use of shields.
Ebris Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Divine Spell-Caster, Rogue, Leader Evil priests that can fulfill any role in a party.
Echo Forger Combat Focused, Item Creator/Replicator One who has the ability to recreate almost any object they have seen.
Echo Knife The echo knife combines steel and song to enhance his combat abilities, also gaining numerous other sound-based powers.
Economist Combat-Focused/Skilled An economist is an expert in the social science of economics.
Einherjar Combat-Focused A devout warrior of the Northlands, who aspires to die bravely in battle.
Electromaster v2
Elemental Bender, True Combat with supplemental powers A Bender is a combatant who supplements his combat with element based attacks.
Elemental Bender, Variant
Elemental Bender, Variant 2 <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> Elemental benders are individuals who have been born in sync with the natural world.
Elemental Bender Neutral class, Open to both Bad and good guys. Skillful and Often ranged combat oriented. Mixed fighter. Always with a natural basis towards life and the world. Take on any work that fits their need or desires. Earth based benders are often guardians, Water and Air benders being healers and monks, Fire benders Mercenaries and fighters for hire.
Elemental Blade
Elemental Caster Decent caster who also help shape the battlefield A decent caster who helps shape the battlefield to the advantage of him and his group.
Elemental Knight (Disorderley Satyr) Combat focused, Elementals, Spell-like abilities The Elemental Knight is a very versatile fighter taking on one or many different elements in their quest for order or dominance. They can be many things from a raging Fire Knight who uses speed, rage and devastating fire attacks to destroy enemies, a Water Knight who has high armor, although slow on land it is unstoppable in the water and uses powerful water attacks as well, a swift Air Knight who can fly circles around their opponent and strike with powerful wind and lightning abilities, or an Earth Knight, while slow, can form into any rock surface and gain the jump on most enemies. Then there is the powerful Omnimental who can combine all these elements.
Elemental Mage Strong Spellcasting By manipulating their chosen element, an Elemental Mage can use their element to attack or to accomplish other goals. They receive no Base Attack Bonus to any attack except when using their chosen element.
Elemental Slayer (3.5 Base Class) Combat-Focused, Skilled <-Paragraph description of the class->
Elemental Summoner
Elemental Warrior, Water <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Elemental monk Combat-Focused Elemental monks specialize in a very tightly focused form of magical manipulation, which targets one of the classical elements: fire, earth, air and water. They can use these elements by shaping them with some combination of their mind, hands or words.
Elementrician Elementricians are martial artists, dancers and others who have learned the secret to using their bodies as a magical force (elementrics). Every movement they make can act upon one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water; they can use their power to attack from afar, dehydrate, suffocate, crush and electrocute their opponents.
Empusar Skilled, Combat-Focused Part mortal, part succubus, all evil bitch.
Energy Manipulator Combat-Focused An Energy Manipulator is different from a spell-caster, but uses his inborn ability to manipulate the energy around him or her. An Energy Manipulator usually adventures to increase his powers.
Enhancer (Var.) Support, Tank, Quasi-Cleric, Battle-Cleric A class similar to a mage, uses enhancements to increase, or decrease, a creature's abilities.
Enlightened Warlock Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting A change of pace compared to the usual Warlock Class
Enochian Occultist
Entropy Champion Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Nothing lasts forever. The entropy champion is just as the name implies... a justicar of this natural order, a martial champion of the decay that must inevitably follow life.
Esprit Versatile but not really good at any one thing. <-Paragraph description of the class->
Ethereal Assassin
Ethereal Hunter Combat-Focused Based off of mutations caused by certain poisons. This class is similar to "Spiderman" only by coincidence as the inspiration came from else-where. The Ethereal Hunter is a ranger whose cellular structure was altered by the very deadly poison of a Phase Spider. The Ethereal Hunter is one of the ultimate forces of nature.
Evil Necromancer
Exarch of the Emerald Shield <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Excitable Vandal <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Exile Mixed role class Cast out of their native plane, these individuals call upon the same warping powers as were used to destroy their home in battle.
Exorcist Good Guy; Semi-Skilled; Support The Exorcist is an individual trained in the rooting out and successive destruction/banishment of evil spirits and/or outsiders. Armed with abilities and skills selectively chosen for this purpose, what the Exorcist lacks in overall combative ability he makes up for with his powerful focus on the confrontation of these evil spirits. Because of this focused build, the Exorcist is a class to be used in Campaigns with somewhat specialized parameters. In a party with Paladins, Good Clerics, and Undead Hunters whom will be encountering a lot of evil outsiders, the Exorcists fits right in, bringing to the party dynamic a class engineered for the hunting of spirits, yet carefully balanced out enough so it does not steal the show or become too powerful too fast.
Expert - Player Version Skilled, Stealth The Expert is a master of his craft who learns a few "tricks of the trade" as his career progresses, he chooses his own class skills, he can become anything from a rogue-like character to a knowledgeable sage or even a decent warrior.
Fairy Prince/Princess Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting, Skilled A partial-casting skillmonkey with a talent for social situations, enchantments, and making animal friends. It combines many features of the Bard and Druid, along with some unique talents.
Fairy Youth Neutral Guy Young looking folk from the forest who are always accompanied by a fairy companion. Found in large expansive forests with strong magical energies. Living life in small treehouse villages and wearing shades of brown and green
Farmer Skilled Commoners of the world unite! Don't let the normal heroes have all the fun, someone's got to slay the dragon between harvest seasons.
Fauxfire Ninja <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Fencer Combat-Focused <-Paragraph description of the class->
Feral Druid <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Combat-Focused")-> Nature has always created fighters. It constantly creates classes stronger, faster, and smarter than those that came before. The druid and the ranger came before, then came the feral warriors and feral druids.
Feral Hunter Combat focused and Skillfull A magical beast hybrid class, focusing on natural weapons, natural accessories, and beast traits
Feral Ronin Melee Warrior Feral ronin move with the grace of monks, but kill with the ferocity of barbarian whenever necessary.
Fire Mage, Variant Spontaneous Spellcasting A Fire Mage is a guy who likes fire a lot, and also doesn't completely suck.
Fire Mage Spontaneous Spellcasting A Fire Mage is a guy who likes fire a lot, and also doesn't completely suck.
Fireball Priest Fire Mage, the artillery in the backfield The Fireball Priests descend from the legendary red dragon, Dragoich. Their main focus is on casting fire, chaotic, or lightning spells. They focus on casting their main weapon, the Fireball.
Firebender <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Fireblade Fire User, Strong Spellcasting A master of fire who has explosive power.
Fist of the Dragon Combat-Focused A Fist of the Dragon is an embodiment of a dragon.
Flame Disciple Spontaneous Spellcasting A Flame Disciple is known as one who has dedicated themselves in all aspects to the Will of Fire.
Flower Child
Focused Sorcerer
Force Master Combat Focused Individuals that awake a force within, this relentless force grants them great combat excellence.
Forgotten hero combat-focus, leader, good guy this class is good but can be a neutral alignment as long as he still does the right thing for good people even if it's against the law. This class makes a good leader because of his well round skills and passion to help others.
Free-Runner, Variant Skilled, Combat-Focused The Free-Runner is a combination of the Main Character of Assassin's Creed and the art of Parkour. Essentially a character that specializes in moving through any terrain unhindered. Able to climb walls, building, mountains, trees, anything really, and a master of finding special spots to hide and get around unnoticed.
Frostbringer Combat-Focused Even the coldest winter seems like a paradise when compared to the power of frostfell that you command.
Frostfire Invoker
Furious Berserker Combat Focused The Furious Berserker is as frightful as a barbarian, and just as strong too. The Furious Berserker is adapt at putting his rage and anger to good use, using it to fuel his damage output. When he releases his battle cry, run to the hills.
Fury Combat Focused The Servant of the Thousand-face God, the Ying Yang vicious warrior.
Gambler Combat-Focused There are those who gamble and there are gamblers. A gambler has gained an innate understanding of the world of chance and has learned to focus the infinite possibilities luck gives. Whether their power is granted by trickster gods or them tapping into a type of wild magic that is not quite understood outside of their circle, gamblers are a force to be reckoned with.
Gastromancer <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Gate Knight Combat-Focused. Bad Guy Knights who have discovered power through sacrificing life to the darkness. It is another take on the iconic "Dark Knight" class of Final Fantasy fame.
Gatekeeper Bad Guy, Good Guy, Combat Focused, High Power Gatekeepers are powerful wardens who imprison powerful or dangerous foes with ease.
Geist Puppeteer
Gelum Guardian Combat Focused, Defense Focused The gelum guardian is a brawler with the ability to control and bend ice to their will. The most commonly seen gel-guard is a large and bulky warrior, carrying a barrel on their back.
Gemini Dancer Combat-Focused A martial class that fights like a monk but plays like a bard.
Gempalm Monk Combat-Focused, Strong Spellcasting The Naki wielding Monks of Cealandria. Powerful holy, and lightning spellcasters, with equally firm footing in the world of martial arts. They make a powerful addition to the healing portion of a party, and a useful addition to the melee combat.
Gemstone Ranger Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused A Ranger that can power their attacks with different effects via gems.
Gemstone Ranger variant <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Gestalt Beastmaster
Gestalt Fist of the Forest
Ghoul, Anime Combat Based Ghouls are a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that are only able to feed on humans and other ghouls. They are as close to humans as possible: They normally have the same physical appearance and intelligence as a human with the exception of diet, mentality and inner biology.
Gizmo, Variant Combat-Focused, Skilled, Combat-Focused, Anti-Magic His body is his blank slate. A Gizmo builds machinery and advanced cybernetic technology to weaponize or utilize his true potential. Potential that mere meat sacks couldn't dream of reaching.
Gizmo <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> A warrior who supplements himself with advanced bionic grafts and enhancements.
Gladiator, Pansaer Combat-Focused A mundane fighter who excels in one-on-one combat and destroying enemy morale.
Gleeful Sociopath Bad Guy, Combat Focused
Gleeman Skilled, Combat-Focused Gleeman are entertainers, often traveling between towns, villages, inns and taverns. They are masterful story tellers as well as acrobatic, distinguished by a flashy, colorful cloak. Most skilled gleemen can tell stories, juggle, tumble and play one sort of instrument or another.
Gokaiger <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Grapple Fighter
Gravity Knight Combat-Focused Gravity Knights are minor psionics gifted with the ability to manipulate gravity and use their gift to devastate the battlefield.
Gravity Warrior, Helios Combat-Focused Gravity warriors are people gifted with the ability to manipulate gravity, They may take many paths, but whether they are the slaughterer or the arbiter, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Gravity Warrior Combat-Focused Gravity warriors are gifted with the ability to manipulate gravity. They may take many paths but whether they are the slaughterer or the arbiter, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Gray guard
Gray guard
Grenadier Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Master of Explosives, Grenadiers use their supply of grenades and skills to control crowds and cause panic and mayhem.
Grey Seer Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting Scheming prophets of the Skaven god.
Grim Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting A supernatural warrior with a distaste for those who defy death. He transforms into a glowing otherworldly force of destruction, moving through solid walls and sending souls to the afterlife.
Grim Ranger <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> Thuggish Ranger variant class, removed from Nature Allies and spellcasting.
Grim Reaper Combat Focused A master of death who specializes in killing evil and undead.
Guardian, Variant Good Guy, Combat-Focused A walking bastion that holds foes at bay while more offensive classes wipe them from the face of the earth.
Guardian Good Guy, Mixed Combat and Spellcasting The Tank that everyone hopes they don't go up against: lots of defense, a little spellcasting, a little attack. A meatshield, and then some.
Gunslinger, 3rd Variant Combat-Focused Gunslingers use a combination of technology, alchemy, and magic to create and use primitive guns. They share an almost supernatural link with these weapons, and can prove to be a great asset to those looking for a mercenary.
Gunslinger, Variant Ranged Combat Focused A Gunslinger is best described as a mix of Assassin and Ranger. trying to keep the peace and enforce the law. He works as a Bounty Hunter or Bodyguard. He lives and dies by his Revolvers.
Gunslinger variant Combat-Focused Gunslingers use a combination of technology, alchemy, and magic to create and use primitive guns. They share an almost supernatural link with these weapons, and can prove to be a great asset to those looking for a mercenary.
Gypsy Skill-Focused, Moderate-Spellcasting The gypsies are a nomadic group of peoples who dabble in magics both arcane, and physical. As such, they are skilled masters of trade and barter, while also keeping the mysteries of magic inside their minds.
Hardened Gunfighter
Harlequin Combat Focussed/Moderate Support Harlequins are the dancing clowns of Olidamarra. They can entertain many audiences as well as deliver quick strikes when their foes are distracted.
Harlot Spellcaster, Spontaneous Arcane Caster, Enchanter The Harlot masters in making other weaker mind (most often the opposite sex) do her dirty work to avoid getting her hand dirty.
Hashshashin Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Skilled The 'Holy' Assassin.
Healer Good guy, Strong Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting. The Ultimate Healer, whom is better than the Cleric and Palidin combined. No combat skills at all.
Heavy Gunner Combat-Focused, Skilled Masters of the heavy gun, chain gun, machine guns, the heavy gunner is a main dps when it comes to multi-target and heavy damage.
Heavy Metal Bard <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Hellfire Knight Combat-Focused A warrior who sacrifices his own health to wield the tremendous power of the Lower Planes, which manifests as hellfire.
Hero of Gelinor
Hexagunner, Variant Combat-Focused Great bandits, thieves and womanizers, the Hexagunners are a select group of specially trained highwaymen skilled in the use of the Hexagun, an ingenious weapon that allows the user to fire off multiple shots – six to be exact – without the need to reload or refill the chamber with gunpowder.
Hexagunner Combat-Focused Great bandits, thieves and womanizers, the Hexagunners are a select group of specially trained highwaymen skilled in the use of the Hexagun, an ingenious weapon that allows the user to fire off multiple shots – six to be exact – without the need to reload or refill the chamber with gunpowder.
Hexer, Variant "Skilled" A secondary combatant who can apply beneficial and baneful hexes.
High Priest Strong Spellcasting A variant type cleric more specialized to his deity's portfolio and with great mastery over his Domains.
Hikidou (火気道)
Hitman, Assassin Elaborate kil specialist A special move based assassin with a combat system similar to sword sages, warblades, and crusaders.
Hobo Combat-Focused Hobos: homeless, foul smelling people. Care should be taken when dealing with a Hobo, for they may convince you to do things you would not otherwise do.
Holy Avenger Good Guy, Melee, Tank, Paladin Variant, Barbarian Variant The Holy Avenger is a man of holy virtue, graced by the Gods with holy rage to strike down any and all foes standing between him and true justice
Holy Death Knight <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Hoodwink Combat-Focused, Skilled A whimsically roguish martial class for use with the Tome of Battle.
Hooker Skill Focused; Zone Controller, Chaotic Guy The Concubine can you the power of her body two ways; to charm and distract, but also to grapple and attack.
Hoshidan Prince
Housecarl Fighter, Defender Typically assigned by a noble or similar to defend a person, perhaps a cherished envoy or equally cherished child. While powerful on their own, they are best put to use in a group where an ally may require saving from time to time.
Humanoid Hunter <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Hunter Combat-Focused, Divine Spellcasting A variant on the Druid class removing their wild shape abilities and greatly reducing their spell powers. To make up for this they are granted much better combative abilities and a number of extra special powers.
Hybrid Elite Warrior Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Defender. Hybrid Elite Warriors are half mortal, half green magic. The powerful energies that course through their bodies grant them impossible strength. Their physical prowess is shown in dealing crushing damage, leaping impossible heights, and falling extreme distances with ease. Loosely based on an elite group of greatsword wielders who were infused with Mako energy to gain ungodly physical performance.
Hydrokinetic <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Iaijutsu Practitioner
Iaijutsu Samurai Wielding their signature katana, Iaijutsu samurai are as potent in melee as a fighter, although they are less versatile. They have deticated a large part of their life to beoming a master of the Iaijutsu style.
Ignition fighter
Improvisational Master 'On the Fly', Melee or Ranged. Improvised. A master of improvising, these unique individuals dont look at what tools can specifically be used for, but look at the broader view of things and how any item can be used in any fitting moment, such as a table for a shield, a shovel for a mace, and more.
Improvised Weapon Fighter
Incarnation of War Heavy Combat Focus, Unique Rage, Heavy Customization Disciples of gods of war, these extreme barbarians are power houses, seething with rage in combat to strike with and endure even the harshest of blows.
Incarnator - A graft-based casting class.
Innate Mage Strong Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting An Innate Mage is a powerful mage who specializes in one school of magic, forsaking all others completely. This singleminded dedication to one school of magic grants access to a wonderous power that allows them to push the conventional boundaries of what can be done with one school of magic.
Interrogator Interrogators are skilled at gathering information.
Invoker Psionic Warlock Invokers are born with psychic ability. However unlike psions, wilders and even psychic warriors he does not manifest powers. Instead he learns to forge Psychic Bolts at will, and later to augment them with psionic invocations.
Ion Swordsman Combat-Focused A Skilled Swordsman who dashes across the battlefield and ends opponents in one strike.
Isildarian Gunslinger
Isildarian Ronin
Ivalice Dancer
Jack of Clubs Combat-Focused A fighter variant of more power because it can change its feat selection to an extent to better suit a situation.
Jack of Diamonds Item Creation, Skilled This is the class that makes items. It can eventually craft any magical item any other class can at a fraction of the cost and with greater efficiency.
Jack of Hearts Strong Spellcasting, Healing A powerful, friendly healer.
Jack of Spades Combat-Focused, Skilled Jacks of Spades are skill- and feat-ponies, made to be the skillful, generally able class of a party, and they improve in this farther than any class through abilities that allow them to excel farther than any other class in its skills.
Jashinist Combat-Focused
Jedi Alternatives Combat, diplomat <-Paragraph description of the class->
Jedi Knight Good Guy, Combat Focused, Support The Paladin and Monk combination.
Jigyousho Combat-Focused A master of controlling plants who uses their own energy to make them stronger.
Jumper Combat-Focused, Skilled Jumpers, being the mobile, instinctive warriors that they are, can seem to be everywhere upon the battlefield at any given point in time. A battle that a jumper is involved it is sure to become hectic quickly.
Kagune, Bikaku (TG) Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused With their versatility, Kagune, Bikaku are able to fill in for a few melee type classes, striking quick and hard when needed.
Kagune, Koukaku (TG) Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused Powerful defenses and strength allow this front line fighter to dish and take hits.
Kagune, Rinkaku (TG) Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused With powerful strikes and quick mobility, the Kagune, Rinkaku quickly gets into combat and assault whatever it can with the greatest of ease.
Kagune, Ukaku (TG) Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focus Striking at a range with their winged Kagune, a Kagune, Ukaku attacks with deadly accuracy in a flurry of needles.
Kei Warrior Combat-Focused Is from the show Chrome Shelled Regios
Kelvezu Combat-Focused, Skilled, Oslecamo Improved Monster Class A reimagining of the kelvezu for Oslecamo's improved monster's rules.
Kenseijin Combat-Focused Kenseijin are the sword saint class from oriental adventures + the Tank Concept.
Keyblade Wielder Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Base class based on the Keyblade Bearer from the Kingdom Hearts Series (Kingdom Hearts and related terms (C) Disney and Square Enix).
Keyblade Wielder (Martial) <!-Combat Focused-> <!-Keyblade wielders who focus less on the magic side of what they do, and more on the close-combat arts.->
Ki Striking Monk Base Class Variant, Combat Focus A variant of the Core Class Monk to translate those often ignored Stunning Fists and Quivering Palm strikes into ranged Ki Based Attacks.
Kido Shinigami Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Hunters of ghosts and demons, they protect the living from things which lurk just beyond the edge of the world. These shinigami are focused on their spiritual magic.
Kingsguard Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused A Ranger Variant.
Kirai Monk
Kismet Range Combat-Focused, Gambler A kismet is a shrewd gambler and storyteller whose life revolves solely around chance with high hopes of a wealthy prospect in every situation he encounters. He appears to be a common gambler with delicate tools of the trade to common folk. Until they are slung in combat one does not realize the true power that lies within. Being a master gambler, he is adept at trickery of all sorts and tends to utilize those qualities to defeat his foes.
Knight, Orion Combat-Focused The knight is a honorable class powerful in combat and able to protect the front lines of a battle. Knights uphold a strict code of conduct and in a battle act as a front line fighter and a tank to absorb damage.
Knight of Cydonia Good Guy, Combat-Focused A kung-fu-fighting cowboy from the far off, mystical land of Cydonia.
Knight of Knossis Strong Spellcasting, Defensive fighter One who wields the awesome destructive power of battle magic.
Knight of the Blood Trinity
Knight of the Divine
Knight of the Element Combat Focused Knights of the Elements follow a path that drives them to be one with their chosen element: Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire. Mixing martial prowess with the powers of their chosen element, Knights of the Elements make excellent front line warriors.
Knight of the Wild Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Divine Spellcasting Nature-worshippers that specialize in mounted combat, Knights of the Wild have a supernatural knack for taming the wildest and fiercest of creatures. Often mistaken for druids due to their striking similarities, their true nature is often only identifiable when they are seen charging aboard their exotic mounts.
Kryael Combat-Focused A being who is attuned with both Light and Darkness and uses these abilities in perfect equilibrium.
Kshatriya <-Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Spellcaster Fighter-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Lamia "Bad Guy, Combat-Focused", "Moderate Spell casting", "Spontaneous Caster" A class that focuses on the powers of the Vampire.
Lancer Good Guy or Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Knight that uses his skill in jumping and dragons as allies and specializes on slaying dragons
Lantern Corps Soldier (3.5e class)
League of Legends (Tryndamere) Combat-Focused, Melee A class based off of Tryndamere from League of Legends.
Legend Crafter <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Legendary Moonlight Sculptor An Artist who has learned to hold his own on the battle field, buff his allies with his sculptures, and also grant life to his creations.
Librarian Arcane spell casting, Moderate spell casting, Highly adaptable Librarians are arcane spell casters that devote their lives to knowledge and their devotion pays back as they advance in their class.
Lifebound Knight
Lightbringer Support. <-Paragraph description of the class->
Lion Clan Ronin
Living Lightning
Locust Bad Buy, Combat Focused Worshippers of death, overseers of funerals, harbingers of destruction--the opinions towards the clerics known as Locusts vary greatly from one person to another, albeit with one crucial difference: they are typically held to be evil, even when their services are absolutely necessary. In combat, not only do Locusts have many attacks and good saves, but they are also proficient at casting divine magic.
Longshot Combat Focused, Disciplined, Long-Ranged, Gunner A Longshot is one who has taken the Longarm's Code and vowed to remained impartial and neutral to forms of government. Longshots are accomplished gunsmiths, crafting their own Longarm, as well as highly valued and skilled marksmen, often sought out for work as mercenaries or bounty hunters. Longshots have high mental acumen and stability as well as willpower and will not stray from their Code, and those who do are hunted down and killed.
Lord of Battle
Lore Smith Combat-Focused A Lore Smith is a warrior who uses what their class names says: Lore. By spending as much time as they can reading books of ancient texts, mainly of religious and traditional stories and by fusing their own weapons with the actual lore, they can create their own weapons, making them literal walking gods. However, the tolls of the mind on the Lore Smith usually causes them to be more anti-social.
Lorechaser Moderate Spellcasting Lorechasers are one part rogue, one part sorcerer, and ten parts lucky.
Luchador <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Lucky Bastard Just freaking lucky. Anyone can be lucky, but not everyone can be a Lucky Bastard. It takes some skill, a lot of luck, and a quite a bit of physical prowess.
Lumberjack Combat-Focused A lumberjack gains special abilities based on his axe and gains plants as his favoured enemy.
Mabari Hound
Mage Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting The Mage tweaks with the recipe to make a more tailored spellcasting experience. They are a happy medium between the spontaneity of a sorcerer, and the book smarts of a wizard.
Mageknight Moderate Spellcasting, Arcana Spellcasting Mageknights serve the roles of Healers, Spellcasters and Fighters all in one.
MagicMystic strong Spellcasting, combat-focused A Mage that doesn't need to prepare his spells and wield many elemental and other powers; some are also mighty telepaths
Magic Medic Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting This class focuses primarily on healing and secondarily on buffing. That's it. It's for support, moral, physical, or otherwise.
Magical Girl Combat-Focused, Good Guy or Bad Guy Just like the name says - an anime-inspired class that should let you play pretty much any magical-girl-esque idea you've got in mind.
Magician Moderate Spellcasting An arcane mage who channels his powers through the items he smiths, the Magician can also defend his party using his skills as a warrior.
Magus The magus differs from other arcanists in that he is actually a creature of magic, not a creature that practices magic. No one studies to become a magus, magi are born with their gift—for better or worse.
Manasmith <-Paragraph description of the class->
Mandrake Combat-Focused, Stealthy, Skill-Focused Mandrakes are stealthy poison specialists who excel at flanking and sneak attacks.
Manifesting Warrior Combat-Focused A warrior that uses mind blades and psionic armor.
Manipulator Skilled, Combat-Focused The Manipulator fights and acts through his puppets.
Marksman Combat-Focused, Skilled Focused on long ranged combat and sniping, the marksman hides in the shadows, striking at enemy weak points when they least expect it. It focuses the stealth and precision strikes of the rogue at a distance.
Marshal, Variant Support, Combat-Focused Frontline leader specializing in bolstering his allies' abilities.
Marshal Combat-focused, backline commander, party face, buffer The battlefield commander in all his glory, directing friends to greater heights than they could ever be on their own.
Martial Adept Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Martial adepts are similar to monks, but while the monk gathers his abilities through mystical training and honing of their internal ki energy, the adept channels raw arcane power.
Martial Artist, Variant
Martial Artist Combat-Focused A master of the honed art of fighting.
Martial Brawler
Martial Challenger Frontline DPS, Possible Tank <-Paragraph description of the class->
Martial Soulknife Variant Combat-Focused Martial variant of the Soulknife class, uses the supplement book Tome of Battle.
Mask Jester
Masked Hero Combat-Focused, Variants A quick moving, powerful fist-fighter. Usually fights in a team, capable of delivering basic support along with powerful blows
Masked Warrior all-around? the men who wear a mask, and fight for what they choose. using their masks special skills they can do much more than meets the eye.
Master Hunter Combat-Focused Cross between a Ranger and Druid. The Master Hunter is a Druidic path instead of a Druidic Prestige.
Master Swordman, Variant
Master of Undeath nongood support, damage dealer The master of undeath provides killing power, and those he slays can be raised to perform his bidding.
Matter Shifter Arcane Transmuter The sole purpose of the Matter Shifter is based around their ability to transform basic matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas) into various other forms.
Mechanist Good Guy, Bad guy, Combat-Focused Mechanists strive to become as close to Constructs as Possible and use machines and gadgets to their advantage.
Mechanus Knight Combat Focused A balanced base class based on Golem-Knight of Mechanus
Medjai <-Combat-focused, Thinker/Tactician, Specific target eliminator-> <-There are powerful warriors, agile warriors, tough warriors.

Worldwide, there is only one kind of warrior is really an intellectual warrior. I'm talking about Medjais.->

Melee Specialist Combat-Focused Melee class focused on a single weapon.
Melodic Mystic Support The Bard is your stereotypical wielder of magical music, but they must divide their attention between a multitude of skills. The Melodic Mystic however, has delved deeper. Devoting their class to unlocking the true magic inherent in music, they dismiss the bardic nature of being a jack of all trades in preference for a whole new world of supportive magic talents. Charisma is the most important attribute by far, as their magical abilities rely on their talent for performance.
Mender Healer Someone with lots of positive energy inside, can use it to heal.
Mercenary Combat-Focused An adaptable warrior who fighters for money and little else.
Mercy Striker Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Master of grapples, trips, and disarms to make sure his target never gets a chance to run.
Metamage Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting The metamage tweaks with the recipe to make a more tailored spellcasting experience. They are a happy medium between the spontaneity of a sorcerer, and the book smarts of a wizard.
Metamorph Combat-Focused A shapechanger who can, eventually, assume the form of most creatures.
Miester-SE Skilled, Combat-Focused Fighters that can have NPCs or other Players bond to them. This bond makes the NPC or player Bound to the Miester is able to turn into a weapon for the Miester to weild as a Deadly tool.
Mindal (Valliyv Class) Commander, Moderate Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting, Combat-Focused The Mindal (or Commander) is the commander class of the Delniit.
Miner Skill-Focused, Item-Focused Of all of the common occupations of the D&D world, being a miner is one of the most well known and dangerous. They must get materials from under the earth and fight monsters. They are pressured to become more powerful, and miners are specialized in having a companion for travel, skill bonuses, and other boons.
Minuteman Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Never caught off guard in combat, a Minuteman is ready for anything
Mistborn <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Moderator Good Guy, Combat-Focused A moderator is for the DM to keep the players in check.
Mongolian Warrior Combat-Focused, Mounted, Good Guy The Mongolian Warriors are brutally skilled archers and lance-men. They combine their ranged attacks with great mobility, deceptive tactics, and psychological warfare to slaughter their enemies without a scratch. Their training has raised their skills to a level above the physical norm, and they can preform extraordinary actions in battle.
Monk, Danzig Variant <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> Danzig's take on what a monk should be, this class adds the power of the Sublime Way to the underpowered SRD monk.
Monk, Tome Combat-Focused A version of the Monk that is actually playable.
Monk ToB skill monkey/dpsLink title <-Paragraph description of the class->
Monster Card Duelist
Monster Hunter, Variant Crafter, Combat Focused, Skilled. A monster hunter is a man/woman of nature. She uses the remains of her slain foes to empower herself and her allies. Which she then in turn uses to fell her next foe. The stronger the enemy, the higher the profit. Reap what you sow. Reap it all.
Monster Tamer
Mortician: Undead Battle Surgeon Bad Guy, Necromancer, Light Healing, Moderate Spellcasting The Mortician: Undead Battle Surgeon is a crafty necromancer who utilizes science and medicine to craft his undead, rather than mage necromancers (who use magic). This is an alternative to the well-balanced and creative Mortician Homebrew class.
Mortician Moderate Spellcasting, Bad Guy The Mortician is more or less a diabolical surgeon. He learns abilities to bring the dead to life while also stitching back up the living. He improves what he works on, and eventually has a nice super army of zombies at his command.
Mr. Bubbles Tank, Short-ranged shock trooper Mr. Bubbles is a tanky shock trooper, protecting those around and behind him with a wide array of powers and spells. Must protect the little sisters!
Muscle Wizard Tank, Front-line Fighter Strength of body. A booming voice. Poise. Perfection. A wizard of muscle.
Musketeer Good-Guy, Ranged Combat Focused A Musketeer is best described as a combination lawman, paladin,and knight-errant. His mission is to keep peace, enforce the law, and protect the land.
Mutant Good Guy, Bad Guy, Omnipotent Humans are at their base form, summed up to one words: Universal. They can be any number of different things because of their simple forms, master magic, might, faith, ruling kingdoms, the list goes on and on. These Mutants, exemplify this trait by evolving. That is, taking what latent powers and forms dwell within their bodies and bringing them to the surface.
Myrmidon Combat-Focused A Myrmidon is a wandering blade or mercenary that has fought in more battles than there are kingdoms to fight for. Perhaps he grew up in the middle of a war and has never known anything different; perhaps he is a raging lunatic. Whatever the reason, he can walk in and out of battle with the same comfort a bird flies through a clear sky.

Base Classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

Base classes with balance issues
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