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Members of this group define themselves by their alignment and their outlook on the world first, their other abilities second. Their strengths reflect their alignment choices, and roleplaying one means putting attitude first. A bad guy designation doesn't mean that every such character is a anti-hero in your campaign.

Homebrew Bad Guy Base Classes
Name Rating1
(out of 20)
Type2 Description3
Aerial Fighter NR Fighter, Aerial/Aquatic Environments, Melee, Tank A master of fighting, these warriors further their training to incorporate their natural (or in some cases unnatural) abilities of flight into their fighting styles and maneuvers, being able to out maneuver most, but still retain large amounts of durability.
Amalgam Fighter NR Melee Glass Cannon, Rogue-like A fighter with a unique style of fighting, using his flowing moves to add momentum to his swings and attacks, to expend the momentum with combination based attacks.
Anti-Paladin 17 Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The Anti-Paladin is the antithesis of his good counterpart.
Arcane Highwayman NR Combat-Focussed Highwaymen have long been the bane of travelers and merchants. They watch the roads where people travel and where goods are transported, lining their pockets with ill-gotten riches. Skilled with firearms and riding, they can swiftly run down all but the fastest and most wary of prey and be gone in seconds, laden with all the riches the travelers were carrying. Bandits and outlaws of a higher class, the "gentlemen of the road" were looked up to by many of their thieving peers as professionals, more than merely someone who took what didn't belong to them. Highwaymen were fond of theatrics and guile, frequently chasing those they would rob into ambushes and traps. Though not necessarily evil, they are not afraid to shed blood to protect themselves or in pursuit of high treasure. Intelligent and clever, they could pick out lawmen and armed guards on caravans and transports carrying great riches, and take them out first. Highwaymen are never cowardly but do believe that discretion is the better part of valor. One cannot spend riches if one is dead.
Arcane Ranger, Variant NR Ranged Combatant, Spell-Caster A ranger who, instead of using druid spells and regular arrows, uses arcane magic and can summon arrows.
Aspect Master NR Good Guy. Heavy Melee Focus. Were-creatures used. A devout protector of the forest, these disciples practice two forms of combat: The way of the Feral Master, taking on the hybrid forms of themselves and animals to savagely defend on an offensive style, and The Calm Guardian, taking the power and focus of Ki to defend and perform utility based combat.
Assassin, Nuki NR Highly dedicated killers focused on Learning.
Audiokinetic NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Beast Master NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> A warrior that revels in the presence of blood, be it his enemy's or his own.
Beast Shaman NR Neutral, Divine, Martial Adept, Combat-Focused Beast Shamans are martial adepts who utilize their extraordinary connection to animals and natural ability to beckon the animal soul within as weapons - fighting tooth and nail whilst unleashing latent power within. Primal and fierce, Beast Shamans are deeply spiritual but not with nature itself, and owe their incredible feats of martial superiority to pure feral instinct and animal cunning. Not limited to physical combat, Beast Shamans can engage their enemies with potent supernatural attacks which behave similarly to spells.
Bender (A Good One) NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Binder NR Arcane Caster A mage that binds elementals & Outsiders to their will.
Biomancer 17.5 Strong Spellcasting, Good Guy, Bad Guy, Prepared Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting Masters of the world unseen, good Biomancers heal and improve the body, and evil ones are masters of disease, decay, and suffering.
Biotic Vanguard (Slayer) NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Long Range, Close Range Based off the other Vanguard class just remade with the new N7 slayer in mind. Meant to be similar to the ranger in the decision to focus on ranged and melee combat but given a few more more abilities to make them more agile.
Black Crystal Lord NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused An intimidating generally lawful warrior of heavy armor and twin weapons. They seek to crush all opposition through force and destruction. They are exceptionally hard to kill. Loosely based on an elite group of Imperial Judges from Arcadia.
Black Crystal Lord (Judge variant) NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused An intimidating lawful warrior of heavy armor and twin weapons. They seek to crush all opposition. They are exceptionally hard to kill. Based on an elite group of Imperial Judges from Arcadia.
Black Knight 13.5 Combat-Focused, Bad Guy. A Black Knight is a leader of the forces of evil. Often found amongst the ranks of necromancers, they learn how to raise the undead to aid in their conquest of the light.
Black Mage NR Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Once wizard pupils or apprentices that abandoned their tedious and lengthy studies to pursue a much more enticing reward than mere knowledge...
Blade of Fate NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Assassin/Rogue, Melee, Mid-ranged An assassin made of two parts, the first himself, the second a new consciousness that inhabits his mind that listens to the voice of a god that determines when it is time for someone to die, or when to punish someone.
Blind Warrior NR Combat Focused, Skill Focused Being blind, most would assume you would be at a disadvantage. However, this fighter has turned his weakness, into his strength, allowing him to focus on developing his other senses to more then compensate, to the point where they at times may be better then even those with eyes.
Blood Celebrant NR Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting A sorcerer who uses blood as a reagent to cast empowered spells, at the expense of an increased casting time.
Bushi, Variant Samurai NR Combat Focused A Bushi is what the Complete Warrior Samurai should have been.
Champion of the Ferine NR Neutral, Divine, Moderate Spellcaster, Combat-Focused The Champion of the Ferine is a bestial warfighter who draws upon the raw Divine energy of animal ferocity by sheer willpower alone, transforming into a menacing force to be reckoned with over much spiritual maturation. Striking rapidly and relentlessly with a greatsword whilst shrugging off attacks in heavy armor, the Champion of the Ferine augments their martial prowess with animal ferocity via Empowerment effects, and can take on an Alternate Form to further their combat prowess.
Conduit of the Lower Planes NFR Bad Guy, Spontaneous Spellcasting A new class-based way to create fiends and characters from the lower planes.
Corrupter NR Bad Guy, Skill-focused, Unholy Divine Caster A remake of the Corrupter class found in Dragon Magazine, since I found that class to not really fit the idea of a 'corrupter' seeing as he couldn't do anything than hit stuff, which doesn't scream corruption to me.
Corruptor NR Bad Guy, Moderate Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting, Prepared Spellcasting The Corruptor's job is not to fight like a fighter or sorcerer. Nor is it his job to strengthen his allies like a bard or a druid. The Corruptor weakens his enemies and lets his minions deal with them. He can also weaken objects and create hiveminds, but that's not as awesome.
Cryomancer NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Cultist NR Bad Guy, Divine Spellcaster, Moderate Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcaster A worshipper of dark powers who begins to reflect his idol.
Dark Apostle NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Dark Monk NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> The key features of the Dark Monk is their ability to fight unarmed and drain their health to perform a variety of depraved attacks and whittle away their opponent’s strength. Though a Dark Monk has no spells, they possess a large amount of necrotic energy that they can unleash to weaken their foes. They are not as skilled in combat as a normal monk, but compensates using their diverse set of offensive skills.
 As a Dark Monk gains experience and power, their necrotic capabilities abilities grow, giving them more and more power over themselves and others.
Dark Necromancer NR Strong Spellcasting A Necromancer is a man that has the ability to raise and summon undead. They are not unlike wizards, but they are more adept in necromancy spells and abilities.
Death Knight 15.49 Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Death Knights are a grim and silent order of knights, and conduits of the negative energy plane. Having sworn their lives in the pursuit of death and undead, they wander the lands looking for chances to increase the power of death and the dead.
Demon Knight NR Melee, (Physical) Support, Tactical, Tank By sacrificing a part of their being, these fighters take the darkness of demons within themselves, using the power gained for their own purposes, be it selfish, or altruistic.
Demon Lord NR Strong Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Demon Lords learn to influence the creatures of other planes as well as those on his own. Their power enables them to enslave demons for their own ends, leaving dust and ash in their wake.
Demon Shaper NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Demon Weapon NR Combat-Focused Dude don't screw with that guy, he'll kill you! Stupid, he doesn't have a weapon, he Is a weapon!
Devoted Enchanter NR Stong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting, Bad Guy The Devoted Enchanter is through and through an enchantment specialist. All of her abilities focus on this one spell school. She is the epitome of enchantment, at the cost of most everything else.
Disciple of Music NR Neutral, Bard-like, Musical A Disciple of Music, an entertainer, a master maestro or musician. All are names for this class, one who has studied music thoroughly, and know well the power it holds to not only move people's hearts, but their bodies and minds as well.
Divine Commander NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Support, Moderate Casting The master of rebuking and commanding foes. She may expend some her extensive pool of turning attempts to emulate cleric spells.
Divine Soul NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting Favored Souls are blessed by their gods for their power to fight in their lord's name, but not all of them choose to take up the sword, others draw closer by advancing their spiritual powers.
Dragoon, Variant3 NR Combat-Focused, Spear-oriented. A dragoon whose strength lies in its Jump feature. Slightly based on Kain from Final Fantasy IV, both on his features and his equipment capabilities.
Dragoon Variant 14 NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Electromaster 12 Base Class, Moderate Spellcasting, Glass Cannon Electromasters, an Esper with the gift to control electricity, and magnetic pulses. Electromasters are born with their ability, and it can never be removed from them.
Elemental Mage NR Strong Spellcasting By manipulating their chosen element, an Elemental Mage can use their element to attack or to accomplish other goals. They receive no Base Attack Bonus to any attack except when using their chosen element.
Enhancer (Var.) NR Support, Tank, Quasi-Cleric, Battle-Cleric A class similar to a mage, uses enhancements to increase, or decrease, a creature's abilities.
Entropy Champion 16 Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Nothing lasts forever. The entropy champion is just as the name implies... a justicar of this natural order, a martial champion of the decay that must inevitably follow life.
Evil Necromancer NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Faithful Sword NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Feathered Harbinger NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "g")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Fiendish Brute 18.5 Combat-Focused, Bad Guy A class-based way to create interesting new fiends
Fireball Priest NR Fire Mage, the artillery in the backfield The Fireball Priests descend from the legendary red dragon, Dragoich. Their main focus is on casting fire, chaotic, or lightning spells. They focus on casting their main weapon, the Fireball.
Flayerbred Hand (3.5e Helvruin Class) NR Bad Guy, Strong Psionics Dark, powerful and creepy secrets lie in the path of a Flayerbred Hand.
Gate Knight NR Combat-Focused. Bad Guy Knights who have discovered power through sacrificing life to the darkness. It is another take on the iconic "Dark Knight" class of Final Fantasy fame.
Gatekeeper NR Bad Guy, Good Guy, Combat Focused, High Power Gatekeepers are powerful wardens who imprison powerful or dangerous foes with ease.
Grey Seer NR Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting Scheming prophets of the Skaven god.
Hawker NR Combat-Focused Hawkers use sneaky tactics and deal massive damage from close range, taking out their opponents before they have a chance to retaliate.
Hitman, Assassin NR Elaborate kil specialist A special move based assassin with a combat system similar to sword sages, warblades, and crusaders.
Hybrid Elite Warrior 15.3 Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Defender. Hybrid Elite Warriors are half mortal, half green magic. The powerful energies that course through their bodies grant them impossible strength. Their physical prowess is shown in dealing crushing damage, leaping impossible heights, and falling extreme distances with ease. Loosely based on an elite group of greatsword wielders who were infused with Mako energy to gain ungodly physical performance.
Ignition fighter
Improvisational Master NR 'On the Fly', Melee or Ranged. Improvised. A master of improvising, these unique individuals dont look at what tools can specifically be used for, but look at the broader view of things and how any item can be used in any fitting moment, such as a table for a shield, a shovel for a mace, and more.
Incarnation of War NR Heavy Combat Focus, Unique Rage, Heavy Customization Disciples of gods of war, these extreme barbarians are power houses, seething with rage in combat to strike with and endure even the harshest of blows.
Kagune, Bikaku (TG) NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused With their versatility, Kagune, Bikaku are able to fill in for a few melee type classes, striking quick and hard when needed.
Kagune, Koukaku (TG) NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused Powerful defenses and strength allow this front line fighter to dish and take hits.
Kagune, Ukaku (TG) NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focus Striking at a range with their winged Kagune, a Kagune, Ukaku attacks with deadly accuracy in a flurry of needles.
Keyblade Wielder NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Base class based on the Keyblade Bearer from the Kingdom Hearts Series (Kingdom Hearts and related terms (C) Disney and Square Enix).
Knight, Teoryran NR combat and social. Military Aristocracy, Teoryran World Setting
Lamia NR "Bad Guy, Combat-Focused", "Moderate Spell casting", "Spontaneous Caster" A class that focuses on the powers of the Vampire.
Lancer NR Good Guy or Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Knight that uses his skill in jumping and dragons as allies and specializes on slaying dragons
Legendary Moonlight Sculptor NR An Artist who has learned to hold his own on the battle field, buff his allies with his sculptures, and also grant life to his creations.
Locust NR Bad Buy, Combat Focused Worshippers of death, overseers of funerals, harbingers of destruction--the opinions towards the clerics known as Locusts vary greatly from one person to another, albeit with one crucial difference: they are typically held to be evil, even when their services are absolutely necessary. In combat, not only do Locusts have many attacks and good saves, but they are also proficient at casting divine magic.
Mad Scientist NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Miner NR Skill-Focused, Item-Focused Of all of the common occupations of the D&D world, being a miner is one of the most well known and dangerous. They must get materials from under the earth and fight monsters. They are pressured to become more powerful, and miners are specialized in having a companion for travel, skill bonuses, and other boons.
Mortician 17.82 Moderate Spellcasting, Bad Guy The Mortician is more or less a diabolical surgeon. He learns abilities to bring the dead to life while also stitching back up the living. He improves what he works on, and eventually has a nice super army of zombies at his command.
Naruto Shinobi NR Skilled, Spontaneous Spellcasting, Magic Backup Ninja class based on the ninja from the hit anime and manga, Naruto.
Necromancer, Agiyaen Variant NR Strong Spellcaster, Bad Guy Necromancers of Agiyanu are often surgeons or undertakers whose love for the dead has inspired them to take their obsession to a magical level.
Necromancer NR Strong Spellcasting A Necromancer is a man that has the ability to raise and summon undead. They are not unlike wizards, but they are more adept in necromancy spells and abilities.
Necromancer (Graatel) NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Nevervoid Binder NR Bad-Guy, Skill User, Scoundrel Nevervoid Binders find inspiration in the darkness of Nevervoid.
Nevervoid Harbinger NR Bad-guy, Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting Some are chosen by the gods for greatness. Some are chosen for Notoriety. Nevervoid Harbingers are chosen by the gods to vent their power.
Nevervoid Mindwalker NR Psion, Bad-Guy A Nevervoid Mindwalker Have delved deep into madness, learning all he can about it before once again returning to the reality of the sane. These are the rarest of the Nevervoid classes, despite the potential.
Nevervoid Slayer NR Combat-Focused, Bad-Guy Some who enter Nevervoid never see the light again. Some are twisted to madness, their souls corrupt and doomed to spend eternity there. Some accept what they've seen, warping themselves in such a way as to benifit from their experience. The Nevervoid Slayer is one of those.
Okami Amaterasu NR <The Sun God Amaterasu in the form of an Okami, wielding the powers of Amaterasu herself.>
Overlord NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Paladin NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Paleblessed NR Divine Spellcasting The Paleblessed are people have been blessed by the Pale Tree. Recipients of this blessing gain the ability to control plants and light exceptionally well. A common feature of the Paleblessed is a large white flower growing right behind the blessed one's right or left shoulder.
Paragon NR Religious Warrior; Mid-Range Combat Support type. The Paragon is a devout warrior who believes unconditionally in his deity or any other cause. A Good-Guy Paragon will often choose a deity of Valor, or the cause of vanquishing evil, while an Evil or Bad-Guy Paragon would choose something like World Domination or worship an evil deity. Both are still Paragons despite their radically different ideals.
Paragon of the Spear NR Combat Focused, Spear Master, Melee/Mid-range Training for many years to master just one weapon, these spear wielders have no equal in combat involving spears of any kind.
Pheonix born (fixed) 18.3 Melee orientated good guy/bad guy with capable healing Powerful fighters with the ability to make ranged melee attacks, heal, and resurrect themselves and others. This is only ten levels, it is meant to be an ancestral class not a normal class. This can be taken at any time. Comes with additional intrigue and adventure just look at the Pheonix born lore.
Pirate, Variant 14 Combat-focused, Skilled Pirates are the scourge of the seas, and the bane of many a sea-trading merchant. With no showers or morals, they raid towns, wenches, and ships, causing mayhem and wanted signs to pop up everywhere there's a port.
Planar Shaman, Variant 17 Damage Dealer An Elemental Warrior who imbues his weapons with elemental power directly from the inner planes of the elements.
Potmancer NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> A Potmancer mances pots.
Proteus NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Psionic Ravager NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
RWBY Hunter NR This class is based from the RWBY series, where students that go to specialized combat schools train to fight monsters and become Hunters and Huntresses.
Raider NR Combat-Focused, Skill-Focused Raiders are the greedy, the curious, the scum, and the paragons of treasure-hunters. Some are simple bandits with a lust for wealth, while some are seekers of history. The story differs from man and woman to others, but they will always be known as the true seekers of the past.
Rune Singer NR Combat-Focused, spell-casting Rune Singers are individuals who have undergone a unique initiation ritual. This initiation has granted the Rune Singer the innate ability to known the hidden names of runes, and then project them into song or poem form, effectively singing the magic. Rune Singers are primarily a combat class with thick, spontaneous arcane magic to empower themselves.
Runic Swordsman NR Front-line combat/support Runic Swordsmen (and women) utilize the power of primordial runes to empower their weapons, armor, and allies in battle.
Sage of the Six Paths (Fix) NR Combat-Focused A Sage of the Six Paths uses the power bestowed by the Rinnegan. Despite the name, there is actually in total seven of these paths that grant the user powerful and near god-like abilities.
Samurai Variant NR Good guy, Spokesperson, Tank Exotic warriors with a varying sense of honor
Sandbox Warrior NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Stealth-Focused, Minor Spellcasting. A generic blank slate for many different adventures.
Scarecrow NR Bad Guy, Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting The Scarecrow calls his spells from the realm of fear and madness, often turning his victim's worst fears into murderous nightmares.
Scarred Knight NR Combat-Focused A melee combatant split by the duality of protecting others and succumbing to the madness that is constant war.
Selfshaper NR Skilled, Bad Guy A being focused on transmuting itself into a more combat-suited form.
Shadow Runner NR Skilled, Combat focused The Shadow Runners are a class of rogue who favour mobility and have mastered the ability to teleport in battle. They excel at thievery and hit and run combat.
Shadowknight NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Minor Divine Spellcasting In dark cults, ruthless armies, and many other places there exists those whose devotion to an evil god rises above all other needs. The warrior who sacrifices enemies in prayer to Hextor is a shadowknight. Much like a paladin, a shadowknight strives to do everything he can for his lord. He loves to crush the do-gooders of the land.
Shamanic Dominator NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Sith 12 Spell-Caster/Fighter Use this class if you want dark Force abilities you can use to devastate your enemies, like electrocuting the multitude around you or draining the health of all nearby foes, as well as melee powers that allow you to attack an enemy with a flurry of blows or focus your training into one decisive hit.
Slaver NR Combat Focused, Bad Guy The Slaver focuses on enslaving and capturing others, and using them to gain wealth through trading, bartering, and renting. Slavers are considered very barbaric by others, but while their business may disgust some, others find their services invaluable.
Smouldering Soul NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Fire focused warriors who leave the battlefield, friend, and foe burnt.
Son of Sparda NR Son of Sparda
Soul Reaver NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Souls are a fickle thing. But not too many times occur when a person is born with the ability to weaponize morality. Everyone is their own worst nightmare around this guy.
Soul Shaper NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The soul shaper is a warrior who sees his enemies as potential weapons. Their powers rely on the misuse and desecration of enemy bodies, and as a result they usually seek out those with great power to slay them and continue to add to their collection.
Soulseeker NR Combat-Focused, Bad Guy, Good Guy Soulseekers are a secret society of gifted warriors who are capable of combating Divine Magic users, and even to a smaller extent Arcane spell-casters. This makes them formidable clergy-killers, and as such they are often hired for such attacks.
Stalker NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Hunts creatures with great prowess
Statistical Champion NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Stonemelder NR Moderate Spellcasting, Combat Focused Stonemelders are the engineers of the world, they design many of the things in the world of Cora, and are the primary magic item creators in the world. Stonemelders have the ability to project auras which benefit their group.
Swordmaster (BD) NR Combat Focused, Counters Using Counters and powerful strokes to rend foes in half.
Tainted Wretch NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting When an average citizen is tainted by a great or lasting evil, he can become physically and magically stronger at the expense of his health and sanity.
Temporal Champion NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused A warrior who harnesses the powers of time to augment her already excellent combat prowess
The Opportunist NR Fast-paced combat The Opportunist spots an opening and raises Hell with a flurry of vicious and precise blows.
Time Stalker NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Skilled With time abilities granted by a powerful deity, the Time Stalker can alter the flow of combat by single target time effects.
True Fiend, Variant NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
True Fiend 17 Bad Guy A new way to build new and interesting fiend creatures.
Undying Assassin NR Skilled, Bad Guy The Undying Assassin is a part of an order that more so than not, is unknown
Vampire Born NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Vasto lord NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Ventus Natum NR Utility Based An Aerokinetic Martial Artist
Vitale Knight NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Void Archer NR Combat Focused <-Paragraph description of the class->
War Chieftain NR Combat-Focused, Limited Divine Spellcasting, Party Bonuses A War Chieftain is highly effective at leading a party of soldiers into battle against many different types of monsters, PCs, and even monstrous enemies. While He may not be a master at both ranged and melee combat He can be good at both of them. A War Chieftain gets to choose weather to specialize in ranged combat, melee combat, or even both. A War Chieftain is a highly respectable person in almost any setting. A War Chieftain also has a limited spell casting ability.
Warlock, Pact Variant NFR A Warlock/Power Imbued Caster that is viable as well as interesting.
Warlock, Variant NFR Bad Guy, Spontaneous Spellcasting A Warlock that doesn't suck.
Whip Duelist NR Exoctic Whip Master, Damage focused. A master at using whips to perform amazing feats in combat and helping themselves and others, sometimes with tricks that defy the normal use of whips.
Wildfighter NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Wildfist NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class->
Zephyr NR Good Guy, Bad Guy The Zephyr is a wizard of breath weaponry. With extensive knowledge of creatures that utilize such techniques, Zephyrs learn to use these breath weapons to a deadly effect.
  1. Shows the rating other users have given the class out of 20. Unrated classes are labeled "NR" and not fully rated classes are labeled "NFR". The rating is from the actual class's page; it is not made on this page. Follow the following link to learn more: Rating System.
  2. A general category the class fits into. e.g. Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused, etc.
  3. A concise description of the class—should advertise the class.
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