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The Witcher WIP[edit]

The Witcher is a class that specializes in killing monsters and all other creatures that threaten society. Witchers often carry two sword types: a silver for slaying beasts and a steel for slaying non monsters. While mainly specializing in combat they are quite good with diplomacy and using witcher signs to further aid this.

The Choice The Witcher trainee spends weeks, months and sometime years eating nothing but poison mushrooms, moss and various herbs whilst preforming 16 hours of intense physical training a day. Most die of liver failure or incurable madness. Roll a d100, DC 60 to survive or die instantly. If survives roll d100, DC 50 to remain sane, and an additional roll(same check) to determine if the witcher is left with excessively aggressive tendencies.

Trial of the Grasses The witcher trainee consumes various special alchemical ingredients known as "the grasses" that affect the nervous system which causes an incredibly painful experience. During this trial a witcher's DNA is torn into many little pieces and is patched back together with various DNA of monsters. A witcher trainee must make a DC 74 roll or die instantly.

Trial of the Dreams The Trial of the Dreams is the third in the Witcher trials. It involved the mutation of the eyes, bone marrow and hormones, and allowed for better night vision, among other benefits. It also resulted in infertility. A witcher must roll a d100 and make a DC 35 or die instantly. If the witcher survives he gains the witcher physiology bonus, and begins his training to gain the witcher training bonus.

Making a Witcher[edit]

The Witcher travels alone in most cases, because they prefer to travel alone they keep themselves balanced in most types of fighting. The Witcher has access to low-level magical abilities called signs. The Witcher focuses on the four elements, faster movement, rapid healing, quicker reflexes, and the ability to drink toxic potions that would harm normal people. The only downside is that Witchers become infertile when they pass the trials. Witchers make their own silver blades which are similar to the Bastard sword however are made differently. A witcher's silver sword is always masterwork quality but does half damage to any non-monster it strikes. As a rule of thumb, if it appears in a monster manual it is treated as a monster that the sword gains bane for.

Abilities: Str and Int are most important to a witcher with dex being a close second.

Races: Any Humanoid

CR As base race + 4

Starting Gold: starting gold; 6d4×10 gp (<-150 gp).

Starting Age: As fighter or Rogue + 45 years

Table: The Witcher

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 +2 +2 +0 Witcher Physiology, Witcher Styles, Witcher Training, 5 witcher feats
2nd 2 +3 +3 +0 Combat Prowess, +5hp, Witcher Feat
3rd 3 +3 +3 +1 - Witcher Feat
4th 4 +4 +4 +1 +5hp, Witcher Feat
5th 5 +4 +4 +1 Bonus Feat, Witcher Feat
6th 6/1 +5 +5 +2 +5hp, Witcher Feat
7th 7/2 +5 +5 +2 - Witcher Feat
8th 8/3 +6 +6 +2 +5hp, Witcher Feat
9th 9/4 +6 +6 +3 Intermediate Witcher Signs, Witcher Feat
10th 10/5 +7 +7 +3 - +5hp, +1 attribute to all stats, +10 move speed, 2 Witcher Feats
11th 11/6/1 +7 +7 +3 Swift Tracker, Charge Sign, Witcher Feat
12th 12/7/2 +8 +8 +4 +5hp, Witcher Feat
13th 13/8/3 +8 +8 +4 Witcher Feat
14th 14/9/4 +9 +9 +4 +5hp, Witcher Feat
15th 15/10/5 +9 +9 +5 Witcher Feat
16th 16/11/6/1 +10 +10 +5 +5hp, Witcher Feat
17th 17/12/7/2 +10 +10 +5 Witcher Feat
18th 18/13/7/3 +11 +11 +6 +5hp, Witcher Feat
19th 19/14/8/4 +11 +11 +6 - Witcher Feat
20th 20/15/10/5 +12 +12 +6 +5hp, 2 Bonus Feat, 5 Witcher feats, +2 attribute points to all stats, +10 move speed

Class Skills 5 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Climb(Str), Concentration(Con), Gather Information(Cha), Hide(Dex), Intimidate(Cha), Jump(Str), Knowledge (Anatomy, History, Local, Nature, Royalty)(Int), Listen(Wis), Move Silently(Dex), Ride(Dex), Search(Int), Sense Motive(Wis), Spot(Wis), Survival(Wis), Swim(Str), Tumble(Dex).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Witcher.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency: A Witcher is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armour. Due to there style of fighting witchers do not usually wear much heavier armour then basic leather and chain.

Witcher Training Through years of hellish combat training to prepare witcher for a career of slaying monster they learn a trick or two in the training yard. Gains feats: Quickdraw, Combat Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Deflect Arror, Imp. Unarmed Strike, Imp. Grapple, Wpn Specialization/Focus(bastard swords), Weapon Finesse(All Wpns).

Witcher Physiology Witchers have the ability to consume extremely toxic mutagens as well as living much longer lives than the regular members of it's species. All witchers live 3d4+2 times as long than their base race and do not gain age penalties but do gain the bonuses. Every 4th level may consume one additional witcher potion. Witchers gain various bonuses due to their mutations such as: +6 Str, +10 Dex/Con, +2 Int/Wis/Cha. 1 fast healing and DR and SR equal to half their character level rounded down (minimum of 1). Witchers are light on their feet and also gain from their base mutations +10 movement speed, immunity to disease, infertility, 1d4X10 poison resistance, +50hp, +5 to spot, listen, sense motive and survival checks, low-light vision. Additionally a Witchers skill rank max equals to double his character level and equal to his character level for cross class skills.

Witcher Training In part due to the Witchers mutations enabling them to be trained a various forms of combat and general athleticism, a Withcer that has been trained from a young age has access to a myriad of abilities that he/she brings to the table Gain feats Quickdraw, Power attack, Weapon Finesse, Combat Reflexes, Track, Run, Athletic, Animal Affinity, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Mounted Combat, Great Fortitude, Self Sufficient, Toughness, Brew Potion, Improved Initiative, Weapon focus(Bastard Swords) and Weapon Specialization(Bastard Swords).[Only if raised as a witcher, otherwise this does nothing]. Has Knowledge Monster.

Knowledge Monster[edit]

Witchers are trained experts in all things monster related since childhood as such they may make Knowledge Monster checks to determine things about monsters a regular PC might not know/think of. DC 8 + CR to recognize a creatures kingdom/species(aberration, dragon,etc.). DC 12+CR to recall it's weakness(blunt to undead, silver to were-creatures,etc.) as well as to identify their tracks. DC 18+CR to recall more complex information on a creature such as their fighting styles, habitat, and preferred food. DC 20+CR to recognize wounds inflicted by these creatures on corpses, trees, rocks or anything else they may mark.

Combat Prowess When a Witcher lands a Critical attack he may choose whether to attack again in the same turn with a -5 mod to damage, or to allow the attack to do damage as a default Critical. They also have the ability to deflect one arrow per round as a free action when they have a sword drawn. Additional arrows may be deflected as free actions with a DC 15(+2 per additional arrow) Reflex save so long as the Witcher is not surprised or otherwise unable to move his sword (eg. grappled).

Witcher Signs:

A Witcher can channel powers manifested and granted to him from nature. A Witcher learns these signs at a young age during their training. Using a sign takes a standard action. Using signs does not provoke an attack of opportunity All signs cost 1 mana point. Witchers have mana points equal to their character level + Wis mod. This mana returns after a withcer meditates (4 hours) or 1 every 10 minutes. Sign DCs are 10+half Witcher level+ Witcher Wis mod. The signs are:

Aard A telekinetic wave that can throw back or knock down an opponent. Aard can inflict lesser or greater damage(Based on if they hit items when being knocked back). This sign can also be used to destroy obstacles, for example crumbling walls or stacks of barrels.

Igni A sign which gives the witcher control of fire, normally in the form of a gush of flames that wound opponents. If the target reaches -10 from this sign the target incinerates. It can also be used to detonate fireplaces or flammable gases emitted by some bombs. When being used for lesser/minor instances such as lighting a small campfire, a cigarette, a candle or putting them out the sign does not require a cooldown period.

Yrden A magical trap placed on the ground, which will wound and immobilize opponents. The sign allows you to place a single Yrden sign on the ground. This sign is invisible to the natural eye. However, may still be seen by those with keen alertness(Spot DC 30). Once stronger the Witcher may be able to place up to three Yrden signs at a time. These will work in unison, creating an impassible barrier. Yrden remain for 10 rds before disappearing. Allows any incorporeal creature to be hit normally.

Quen A protective shield that lasts 1 round per character level and negates all damage dealt to the Witcher. Every time the witcher is hit though 1 round of duration is used up.

Axii A charm placed on an opponent. If the charm attempt is successful, the enemy will become your ally for a short while, fighting at your side. This effect is short and is incapable of lasting longer than indicated but while affected they will attack the closest "enemy" at full force as if they were their most hated foe. Once the time runs out the enemy recalls nothing and is fatigued.

The following chart shows the details to the effects of signs as the Witcher grows better:

Magic Efficiency
Dmg Effect
Aard 1d6 On impact, Fortitude save or be knocked back 3ft per level
Igni 1d8 Reflex save for half damage, 15ft cone of fire
Yrden(Damage) 1d4 -
Yrden(Paralyzes) 1rd Will Save to resist paralysis
Quen(HP) 1 Protects user from all damage for 1 round/character level. Decreases by 1 round every time character gets hit.
Axii 1rd Will negates

Second Form Signs[edit]

As a witcher grows in power so do his signs. Over time the Witcher learns to manipulate his signs into different forms. These alternate require 1 full round action to use and these DO invoke attacks of opportunity.

Alt. Aard Deals half damage but has a knockdown/knockback check for all beings/creatures/objects within 30ft, and targets caught but the force attack take a -2 to their saves. With Mastered Signs the Aard gains 10ft to it's range and deals +2 more damage.

Alt. Igni Maximize roll for Igni and deal +10 dmg to a single target, 50% chance to catch on fire dealing 1d4 burn damage+2 for 3 rds. With Mastered Signs the Alt. Igni has an 80% chance to deal burning dmg for 5 rds that deals 1d6+2 dmg.

Alt. Quen Creates a force shield around the witcher, any damage done to it heals the witcher until the Quen breaks, if it breaks in a single hit it only heals the witcher for half it's HP. With Mastered Signs the Alt. Quen bursts when it breaks with a DC Fort save(like Lesser Aard but without doing dmg) or knock all opponents in melee range back 5ft.

Alt. Yrden Zaps targets within 10 ft and slows them, DC Fort save to resist = Witcher sign save+5, or target may only take a single action or move action per round for 3 rounds, takes 1d4 dmg. With Mastered Signs the Alt. Yrden gains a range of 20ft and lasts for 4 rounds.

Alt. Axii +5 to the Axii DC check, target being controlled gains +2 str and con, if he passes the save becomes paralyzed for 1 round - no save. With Mastered Signs the Alt. Axii's paralysis lasts 2 rds and effected targets being controlled do 25% more dmg and gain dmg reduction 2/-- forthe duration of the Axii.

Witcher Alchemy[edit]

Upon Reaching 3rd level, Witcher may be able to create Witcher Potions. These potions may augment Witchers by granting them special abilities, bonuses, immunities, and cures. In addition these potions may be used by witchers only. Anyone else trying to use Witcher Potions are affected by the effects of the spell poison. Witcher require alcohol, mutagens and standard alchemy ingredients to brew their potions. Regular versions of the potions require a DC 25 Craft Witcher Potion check to make, Enhanced versions, including White Gull, need a DC 35 Craft Witcher Potions check and Supreme versions require a DC 45 Craft Witcher Potions to make. A witcher's Craft Witcher Potions skill check may be used interchangeably as a regular alchemy type check as well. Also allows the creation of witcher bombs. Ingredients and alchol used in the crafting must equals the craft DC * 20gp (avg. 500gp) for regular potions, DC * 100gp (avg. 3500gp) for enhanced potions and DC + 300gp (avg. 13,500gp) for superior potions.

Black Blood 5 rds, deal 1d8 acid dmg to creature that strike you in melee combat

En. Black Blood 7 rds, deal 2d8+2 dmg to creatures that strike you in melee combat

Sup. Black Blood 10 rds, 3d8+4 dmg to creatures that strike you in melee combat

Blindweed 5 rds, resist acid 10

En. Blindweed 7 rds, resist acid 20

Sup. Blindweed 10 rds, resist acid 40

Blizzard 2 rds, +2 dodge ac, +2 reflex saves

En. Blizzard 3 rds, +5 dodge ac, +5 reflex saves

Sup. Blizzard 5 rds, +5 dodge ac, +5 reflex saves, can't be made Flat-Footed

Cat 40 rds, +100ft dark/low-light vision

En. Cat 80 rds, +150ft dark/low-light vision

Sup. Cat 120 rds, +200ft dark/low-light vision, immune to hypnosis

Fullmoon 10 rds, +2 con

En. Fullmoon 15 rds, +4 Con

Sup. Fullmoon 30 rds, +6 Con

Golden Oriole 10 rds, poison immunity, end poisoning

En. Golden Oriole 20 rds, poison immunity, ends poisoning

Sup. Golden Oriole 30 rds, poison immunity, ends poisoning, poison dmg heals witcher

Killerwhale 30 rds, do not need to breathe

Maribor's Forest 6 rds, +2 atk

En. Maribor's Forest 10 rds, +5 atk

Sup. Maribor's Forest 15 rds, +10 atk

Petri's Philter 5 rds, signs do 50% more powerful

En. Petri's Philter 10 rds, signs are 100% more powerful

Sup. Petri's Philter 15 rds, signs are 150% more powerful

Shrike 10 rds, +2d6 dmg to crits

En. Shrike 10 rds, +2d6+2 dmg to crits

Sup. Shrike 10 rds, + 3d6+3 dmg to crits

Swallow 3 rds, +5 fast healing

En. Swallow 3 rds, +8 fast healing

Sup. Swallow 4 rds, +12 fast healing

Tawney Owl 5 rds, cast signs twice as often, tire half as fast

En. Tawney Owl 7 rds, cast a sign as a swift action, cast signs twice as, tire half as fast

Sup. Tawney Owl 10 rds, cast signs twice as often, cast 1 sign as a free action without attack of opportunity threats, tire half as fast

Thunderbolt 5 rds, +5 dmg

En. Thunderbolt 10 rds, +10 dmg

Sup. Thunderbolt 10 rds, +10 dmg, all crits auto confirmed

Trial of the Grasses DC 75 Craft Witcher Potion, initiates the Trial of the Grasses to create new Witchers

White Honey Instant, Clears all potion toxicity

White Rafford's Decoction Instant, heal 50Hp

En. White Rafford's Decoction Instant, heal 125HP

Sup. White Rafford's Decoction Instant, Heal 200HP

Willow 10 rds, resist knockdown/trip attempt +10

En. Willow 10 rds, resist knockdown/trip attempt +20

Sup. Willow 10 rds, immune to knockdown/trip attempt

Witcher Styles[edit]

Witcher Styles are the name of the witcher skill tree in which they will apply their withcer feats into. Each tree is unique and provides a different style of combat. All witcher trees top out at lvl 10, and the witcher begins the game with each tree at lvl 1. The trees are as follows Fast, Strong, Group, Alchemy, Mutation, Aard, Igni, Axii, Yrden, and Quen.

Fast Style This style is a stance that allows a witcher to strike out at opponents with unimaginable speed. Entering and leaving the stance is a swift action. While in the stance you gain +1 to melee attack rolls per Fast Style Level. At level 10 you gain +4 bonus to dodge ac when not FF.

Strong Style This style is a stance that allows the witcher to crush their opponents with brute force. Entering and leaving the stance is a swift action. While in the stance you gain +1 to melee dmg rolls per Strong Style Level. At level 10 you gain the ability to bypass 4 DR/--.

Group Style This style is a stance that allows Witchers to strike multiple opponents with ease. Entering and leaving the stance is a swift action. While in the stance you gain the ability to strike every every opponent within 5 ft of you as a single attack action but at +5 to your attack roll and you do not apply your Str/Dex mod to the attack. Every level you may reduce your attack penalty by 1 or increase your attack rolls(when made positive) or increase the Str/Dex mod you may apply to your attack by 1. At level 10 you gain the ability to make trip, disarm, or sunder attacks against any number of creatures within your threatened range that do not provoke attacks of opportunity and do not hinder you on a failed check.

Alchemy More on this above. Enables witcher to craft better potions, bombs and gear. Every Level in Alchemy reduces potion crafting DC by 1.At level 10 all potion durations increase by 10% or 1 round which ever is longer.

Mutations Further mutations beyond the trial of the grasses. Every level the Witcher may gain +1 attribute, DR/--, +1 nat ac, +2 to a Witcher class skill or 1 SR. At level 10 gain +1 nat ac, increase land speed by +10 and fast healing increases by 1.

Aaard More on this above. Each level increases the save by 2 or the damage by 1d4. At 10th level knock back becomes 6ft/character level instead of 3ft.

Igni More on this above. Each level increases the save by 2 or the damage by 1d6. At 10th level you gain 5 fire resistance.

Axii More on this above. Each level increases the save by 2 or the duration by 1 round. At 10th level can be subtly used to gain +4 diplomacy, intimidate, bluff or a +8 with a successful slight of hand vs their spot.

Yrden More on this above. Each level increases the save by 2 or the duration by 1 round. At 10th level can reduce speed of those who pass their save by 20 ft for the duration they are within the Yrden.

Quen More on this above. Each level increases the duration by 1 round. At level 10 can deflect half the damage dealt to Quen in melee to the attacker.

===Cast Delusions=== At 10th level a Witcher gains the ability to use his Axii sign outside of combat to help influence the minds of others, gain a +2 to Diplomacy, Intimidate and bribe per level of you signs.

===Swift Tracker=== Upon reaching 11th level, a Witcher can move at his normal speed while following tracks without taking the normal -5 penalty. He takes only a -10 penalty (instead of the normal -20) when moving at up to twice normal speed while tracking.

===Charge Sign=== Upon reaching 11th Level, a Witcher can charge his Signs to increase intensity and effect. Witchers charging their signs may take a full round action rather than a standard and gain the effects granted by using the meta-magic feat Empower Spell. This grants all variable, numeric effects of an empowered spell to increased by one-half. Saving throws and opposed rolls are not affected, nor are spells without random variables. Invokes attacks of opportunity.

Witcher Bombs[edit]

Sometimes a powerful monster is stubborn and no matter how many time you cut it it keeps coming at you. To resolve this the witcher's devised a very simple solution. Blow it up! Not all witcher bombs blow up as for traditional bombs go anyway. But they can be used to weaken slow a large powerful monster, or as a crowd control device in wiping out a small pack of creatures or greedy humans who refuse to pay the witcher. The are crafted with the same check as witcher potions but require half the price of materials in making them. Bombs used by witchers include:

Dancing Star 1 rds, fiery explosion that causes burning, 1d8 +1d6 burn

En. Dancing Star 1 rds, fiery explosion that causes burning, 1d8 +2d6 burn

Sup. Dancing Star 2 rds, fiery explosion that causes burning, 1d8 +3d6 burn

Devil's Puftball 2 rds, cloud of poison gas, 2d6 poison dmg per round

En. Devil's Puftball 5 rds, cloud of poison gas, 3d6 poison dmg per round

Sup. Devil's Puftball 5 rds, cloud of poison gas, 4d6 poison dmg per round

Dimeterium Bomb 2 rds, blocks magic and monsters supernatural/spell-like abilities and extraordinary abilities

En. Dimeterium Bomb 5 rds, blocks magic and monsters supernatural/spell-like abilities and extraordinary abilities

Sup. Dimeterium Bomb 8 rds, blocks magic and monsters supernatural/spell-like abilities and extraordinary abilities

Dragon's Dream 2 rds, a highly explosive gas that once ignited deals massive damage, 4d8+5 fire dmg

En. Dragon's Dream 5 rds, a highly explosive gas that once ignited deals massive damage, 5d8+5 fire dmg

Sup. Dragon's Dream 5 rds, a highly explosive gas that once ignited deals massive damage, 5d8+5 fire dmg, foes that die also explode dealing 2d6 fire dmg in 10ft

Grapeshot instant, massive explosion of silver and steel shrapnel, 3d8 dmg +1d6 fire dmg

En. Grapeshot instant, massive explosion of silver and steel shrapnel, 6d8 dmg +1d6+5 fire dmg

Sup. Grapeshot instant, massive explosion of silver and steel shrapnel, 6d8 dmg +2d6+5 fire dmg

Samum 1 rds, blinds opponent DC 15 Fort to resist

En. Samum 2 rds, blinds opponent DC 22 Fort to resist

Sup. Samum 3 rds, blinds opponent DC 30 Fort to resist

Moon Dust 3 rds, prevents creatures from changing shape

En. Moon Dust 7 rds, prevents creatures from changing shape

Sup. Moon Dust permanent, prevents creatures from changing shape

North Wind 1 rds, freezes foes that do not have resist cold, deal additional 1d6 dmg to frozen foes

En. North Wind 2 rds, freezes foes that do not have resist cold, deal additional 2d6 dmg to frozen foes

Sup. North Wind 2 rds, freezes foes that do not have resist cold, deal additional 3d6 dmg to frozen foes, 2% chance to instant kill

Witcher Medallion[edit]

The witcher's medallion is an un-replacatable magic device that vibrates in the presence of magic of any form. The medallion will not vibrate near a mage, but if he is using magic- even a level zero, extraordinary/supernatural/spell-like ability etc. will cause the medallion to vibrate alerting the witcher to it's presence. All monsters regardless of magical nature cause the medallion to vibrate due to their unnatural existence possibly being magic in nature. Any and all forms of active magic within 30 ft will alert the witcher of it's presence but not it's location. A witchers medallion can be sold for 10,000gp and as such many will try to kill witchers and turn them in for rewards.

Witcher Gear[edit]

Although witcher's are perfectly capable of using regular weapons and gear, and most do, some prefer to use custom made Witcher gear. This gear is usually of higher quality than regular weapons and compliment a witchers fighting style and needs better than regular run of the mill supplies. All withcer gear if 25% lighter and has the same durability. Armour has a -1 to the armour check and grants +1 to the Max Dex. Due to this witcher gear costs 75% more than standard gear. The craft DC for a witchers gear is the same it would otherwise be for regular gear +5. Some gear such as weapons and armour come in 4 varieties: Standard, enhanced, superior and master crafted. The below listed DC is for the standard items. An enhanced is +25 to the DC, +40 for superior and +60 for master crafted. Enhanced weapons are the equivalent to +2 gear. Superior are the equivalent to +5 gear. And master crafted are epic level gear equivalent to +8. Anyone can craft Witcher gear* if provided with the crafting instructions.

  • exceptions include

EG. Witcher Gear:

Witcher Steel Sword a bastard sword, weighs 5 lbs, deals 1d10 dmg, craft DC 20, cost 61 gp

Witcher Silver Sword a silver bastard sword, weighs 2 lbs, deals 1d10 dmg, Craft DC 20, cost 61 gp. Has bane(1d4 dmg) to all creatures within monster manual.

Witcher Amulet* Only craft-able and usable by witchers, 500 gp, Craft DC 35

Witcher Leather Armour DC 17, cost 17 gp, +3 max dex

Witcher Chain Armour DC 20, Cost , +2 max dex

Witcher Heavy Plate DC 23, cost 2620 gp, +1 max dex

Witcher Silver Chain DC 23, 1d3 dmg, weighs 10 lbs, costs 2 gp +5 tip/grapple attempt. Once pinned the chain can be released and target will remain "grappled" opponents must either break the chains DC 28 str check or escape them DC 26 escape artist check. Whilst in the chains they take a -to ac as if grappled, even to the "grappler" who released the chain. Monster who are captured within the chain take a -2 to their save. If a being is trapped within the chain for more than 3 rds they now invoke attacks of opportunity from the one who chained them and on the next rnd any attacker may invoke attacks of opportunity. The check to break the chains or to escape them decreases by 2 every round they remain on.

Witcher Schools[edit]

There are several schools of witchers. Each school has a fundamental difference in how they approach mutations, training witchers and the types of jobs they prefer to accept.

Cat School Based in Cintra, the cat school are agile, stealthy and tend to take contracts that involve killing people rather than monsters. Witchers of this school are more lithe and have a +2 bonus to dex and a +4 bonus to move silently/hide.

Griffon School Based in Solaris, the Griffon school are adept casters. Rather than overpower, outmanoeuvre or outsmart the enemy, they prefer to simple destroy them with skilled use of signs. Griffon school witchers have a +2 to intelligence, all their signs are a one d' size larger, has a duration 25% longer

Viper School Based in Brutavia, the Viper school are specialists in close quarters combat, even more so than the other schools of witchers. In addition to a steel witcher sword they carry dual silver short swords, which they use to deadly effect. Viper school students gain Two Weapon attack/defence and the penalty they suffer from dual wielding is reduced by 2.

Bear School Based in Njorfingar, the Bear school is the most brutish and warmongering of the witcher schools. Preferring close combat with their swords over signs and alchemy, they rush into battle and use their enhanced physical abilities to dominate battlefields and monster alike. Gains + 2 Str/Con, +2 melee damage.

Wolf School Based in Saria Myriani, the Wolf school is said the produce the finest swordsman out of all the schools of witcher. Although average as far as mutations go, the school of the Wolf holds onto a strict code of ethics and morality when fulfilling contracts. Gain +1 str/con, Choose 1 Witcher sword style and start it at level 2.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Witcher[edit]

Religion: Witchers do not commonly worship deities. However, some may pray to Deities for their favour from their respected elements (Obad-Hai Nature, Fharlanghn Travel, Esc...).

Other Classes: Other classes prefer to keep their distance from Witchers in case they may get a bad reputation. Witchers on the other hand treat others the same way they treat anyone in general.

Combat: Witchers like to gather all the information they can on their targets before engaging them and would like to prepare to fight them ahead of time. In this preparation they try to lay traps, create potions/Poisons/Bombs, and prepare their weapons for the fight to come. When in fights Witchers prefer to fight in close quarters to be able to gain the advantage with their expertise in their weapon and fight with their styles to the best of their abilities. However, a Witcher knows when he is outmatched by his target. When he catches on to his disadvantages, he will try to turn the tides by falling back using signs and bombs and tries to disorients his targets.

Witchers in the World[edit]

Power,sex.Sex,power. they both comes down to one thing- screwin' others
—Geralt of Rivia, Human Witcher

Witchers are taken in as children and subjected to potions and martial training for most of their young life. Ultimately, only about 40% of the children survive the final trial and potion. The process gives a Witcher special powers. Witchers also wear a magical medallion that will vibrate when magical creatures are nearby. Witchers typically carry two swords. The first is a steel sword used against humans, and the second is a silver sword used against creatures like werewolves and vampires.

Daily Life: Witchers daily lives is revolved around riding the world of evil. Witchers travel the world finding evil and riding the world of it for coin.

Notables: Witchers that pass the trial of grasses may change in their appearance. One of the first is their eyes change to a type of Cat Slit and another is that their hair may turn white even though they may be quite young.

Organizations: Witchers may be seen as a guild of adventuring Professional Monster Slayers. Witchers congregate to abandoned forts where they will train and become better Witchers. Witchers that are older may turn to teaching newer Witchers and help them in the trial of grasses. However, out in the world they are uncommonly seen together unless they are working together to finish a mission or meeting for Guild purposes.

NPC Reactions: Even though it is a rumor that Witchers are demonic, anywhere there is knowledge of Witchers people look down upon them.

Witcher Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Local or History)(Only Local if there are Witchers in the area) can research Witchers to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (Local or History)
DC Result
10 Witchers are hired Monster Slayers.
15 Witchers are Professional Monster Hunters that use unnatural means to kill their targets..
20 Witchers are Professional Monster Hunters that use poisonous forms of alchemy to merge their bodies into an almost monster like creature.

This grants witchers super natural abilities to gain the upper hand against their targets. Also Witchers have been growing short in numbers since adventures and knights started to take all of their capable jobs.

25 Witchers bodies become mutated after the Trial of grasses.

This makes Witchers be able to drink poisonous potions to enhance their fighting capabilities. Also with this higher knowledge one might be able to memorize the more famous Witchers in the world.

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