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Featured Article
A nomad on his way to the next town.

Nomads are natural travelers, native only to the caravans they live in. They learn varied and esoteric practices from other travelers, ancient writings, or simply through trial and error. Nomad's different caravan lifestyles and the experiences they know not only found in every nation, but in every creature, make them right at home leading an adventuring party simply because, in a way, a party is just a small caravan.

Nomads have plenty of reasons to adventure between the experiences to be had, treasures to be found, and stories to be woven. As a nomad your skills and tricks far surpass your abilities in combat. As a leader, you have realized that you have a part in guiding the beast of civilization to greener pastures. What are your goals now that you left your caravan? Is your heart set on experiencing as much of the world as possible? Are you apt at trickery and deceit? Or, will you journey down the rabbit hole of magic? When a nomad is asked, the question is often met with a shrug and a hearty laugh, which is swiftly followed by the nomad's many tales of adventure and travel.
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