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D&D Wiki was created on February 4th, 2006 by Green Dragon with the help of Blue Dragon. Green Dragon enjoyed participating on Wizards of the Coast message boards but noticed that wonderful homebrew content became lost there. 3.5e Homebrew was the first page created.

Major projects began such as the compiling of the System Reference Document that Wizards of the Coast allowed the site to have posted and a project which moved over some documented and well-loved homebrew material from the WotC forums. As the wiki began to grow users continued to add content directly to D&D Wiki. A faster server, a new logo, and a custom skin improved D&D Wiki and it enjoyed additional administrators and the Requests for Adminship.

By D&D Wiki's first birthday in February of 2007 the site ran a successful fundraiser to improve the equipment the site ran on– a much needed improvement as the site was growing daily. The year also featured a growing base of users, preparations to have the site ready for the announced fourth edition, and a chat room named The Tavern opened this year and enjoyed a rotating cast of characters assisting users.

New layouts and a new logo greeted D&D Wiki for its second birthday. The wiki also implemented the Semantic Wiki extension, giving the site many more wonderful abilities and features. A featured article system was implemented, showcasing great items that users had placed on the site.

D&D Wiki has over 50,000 pages. The sites success is shown in the fact that its been viewed over 75 million times, and the wiki is considered one of the top 75 thousand American websites by Alexa. The D&D Wiki community is composed of over 6,000 registered users. High profile gamers such as Wil Wheaton, Vin Diesel, and Kevin Smith have all linked to articles on D&D Wiki while discussing gaming.

The future is always impossible to predict, but D&D Wiki is still striving to provide a place where gamers may come to learn about the game, find material for their games, place to submit their own creations, or to be a part of a community of gaming enthusiasts.

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