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Open Game Content

System Reference Documents

Wizards of the Coast
  • The v5.1 System Reference Document
    The 5.1e SRD specifies the skeleton rules and mechanics of D&D—including races, classes, skills, spells, magic items and monsters. (6507 items)

Complete Sourcebooks

EN Publishing
  • Allies and Adversaries: Summer Magi
    Summer Magi introduces new subclasses for your 5E game, including the Sacred Blaze cleric domain, Eternal Blaze warlock patron, and the Arcane Blaze sorcerous origin. (5 items)
  • Arachnomentals
    Arachnomentals introduces four elemental spiders; denizens of the Inner Planes. (5 items)
  • Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars
    Celestial Experiment Feats allow your character to exhibit aspects and abilities of angels and avatars, from Deva Wings to a Unicorn Horn to a Solar Gaze.
  • Epic Threats: Elementals
    Epic Threats: Elementals introduces six new elementals to challenge high-level player characters. (7 items)
  • Fell Grafts: Demons & Devils
    Fell Grafts brings you rules for infernal bodily alterations for those willing to make a deal with a devil.
  • Magic in the Blood: Archetypes of the Fey
    Magic in the Blood presents three new fey-themed archetypes - the druid's Circle of the Untamed Wilderness, the fighter's Unseelie Knight, and the sorcerer's Fey Blooded bloodline. (4 items)
  • Monstrous Menagerie: A Bookshelf of Monsters
    This Monstrous Menagerie PDF introduces four new monsters for your 5th Edition game that are all book-themed. (5 items)
  • Monstrous Menagerie: From Stranger Woods
    Four fantastical new fey monsters for your 5E game, inspired by Eastern European folklore. (5 items)
  • Monstrous Menagerie: It's Already Ogre
    This Monstrous Menagerie PDF introduces four new ogres to surprise and intimidate your players. (5 items)
  • Monstrous Menagerie: Strange Dead
    Strange Dead introduces two new horrific undead creatures - the doglike, ghoulish carrow, and the burnt, vampiric thuull. (3 items)
  • Peoples of the Fey Realms
    Peoples of the Fey Realms brings you three new fey player races for your 5th Edition games - fauns, gremlins, and spriggans. (4 items)
  • Priests of Elemental Power
    Let your clerics embrace the elements and add some new domains to your 5E game - the flame domain, stone domain, water domain, and winter domain. (6 items)

Mostly Complete Sourcebooks

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EN Publishing

Mostly Incomplete or Incomplete Sourcebooks

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EN Publishing
Kobold Press
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