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Wizards of the Coast[edit]

Dungeons and Dragons[edit]

3rd Edition[edit]

Core Books[edit]

3rd Edition Accessories[edit]

    3rd Edition Adventures[edit]

    3rd Edition Sourcebooks[edit]

    3rd Edition Web Content[edit]

    There is quite a bit of 3rd edition web and web-enhanced content. Follow the links to the Wizards product pages to view these enhancements.

    Revised 3rd Edition[edit]

    3.5e Core Books[edit]
    3.5e Accessories[edit]
    3.5e Adventures[edit]

    3.5e Miniatures[edit]

    3.5e Sourcebooks[edit]

    3.5e Web Content[edit]

    There is quite a bit of web and web-enhanced content for 3.5e.

    4th Edition[edit]

    Other Publications[edit]
    4th Edition Accessories[edit]
    4th Edition Adventures[edit]
    4th Edition Miniatures[edit]
    4th Edition Web Content[edit]

    5th Edition[edit]

    Other Publications[edit]
      5th Edition Accessories[edit]
      5th Edition Adventures[edit]
          5th Edition Miniatures[edit]
          5th Edition Web Content[edit]

          d20 Modern[edit]

          Wizards d20 Modern Product Listing

          Star Wars RPG[edit]

          First Edition

          Saga Edition



                Card Games



                Card Games[edit]

                • Wizards produces many other card games. Please add as many as possible.


                D&D Miniatures[edit]

                Star Wars Miniatures[edit]




                Computer Games[edit]

                • Dungeons and Dragons Online (Eberron setting)
                • Neverwinter Nights (Forgotten Realms setting)
                • Neverwinter Nights 2

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