DD3 Fortress of the Yuan-ti

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DD3 Fortress of the Yuan-ti
Abbreviation: FY
Author: Ari Marmell
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: 109277400
Release Date: September 2007
Format: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 64
ISBN-10: 978-0-7869-4360-9
Price: $19.95 ; C$24.95
Product Blurb:
Evil yuan-ti conspire to destroy a kingdom using dark rituals and the bones of a long-dead king. To win the day, heroes must storm the yuan-ti fortress and wrest the bones from the cultists' clutches before they complete their rituals and unleash a far greater menace upon the world. DD3 Fortress of the Yuan-ti is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for 6th level characters. The third adventure in a three-part series, it can also be played as a standalone adventure.
This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

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