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Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
A.I. (5e Race) See talk page
Abyssal Chicken-Born (5e Race) Overall requires more work from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first-party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Anime Dragonborn (5e Race) Strictly better than the standard dragonborn in nearly every regard, gets an unarmored defense better than the Barbarian among other things
Asura, Guild Wars (5e Race) How is this any different from the Rock Gnome?
Asura Demigod (5e Race) Multi-Weapon Mastery makes this race greatly more powerful than any first-party race. The penalty to hit is slight and advantage on all attacks against you doesn't matter when the enemy is too dead to attack you. The domain abilities are also rather good, and would put the race on the strong side even without MWM.
Avariel (5e Race) The official Avariel has a flying speed of 30 feet and otherwise identical traits
Bedwarfer (5e Race) +4 ASI combined with multiple problematic traits, such as truesight and a pair of literal Beholder eyebeams (one of which is a ray of disintegration).
Belial (5e Race) Races should not let you go past 20 in a particular score. Clunky mechanics.
Brachiosaurus (5e Race) This race seems overpowered compared to similar first-party races and would benefit from having less powerful traits. For example, traits should not go over level 5, save dice increases. There is little reason for it to have 40 move speed, and this, coupled with the 150 darkvision among other things is too powerful. The detriments are also poorly thought out overall at the risk of this being too good in one aspect and being overall terrible in another. Also, fey is not a language. Overall requires more work from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first-party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Capri (5e Race) Incomplete. Traits don't make sense, and are unusable.
Colossus (5e Race) Ridiculous ASIs, Large size, and other examples of awkward balance all around.
Crystallite (5e Race) The various subraces are vastly unbalanced compared to each other. For instance, the lava crystallite gets a con increase, resistance to fire and a trait that adds 1d10 damage to their melee weapon attacks. The lamp fuel crystallite only gets an int increase and a trait that is only really useful at early levels. Pathlight seems useful, but it is actually a disadvantage to any time they would try to hide in the dark.
Demonborne (5e Race) This race seems overpowered compared to similar first-party races and would benefit from having less powerful traits. For example, 5e discourages negative ability scores as it is false balance. Summoning should also only be reserved for classes, and is incredibly OP for any race. Overall requires more work from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first-party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Demonkin (5e Race) Comedically overpowered with little to no sense of cohesion. Refer to the first party races for how a race should be presented and then compare this to any one of them to get an idea for how out of standard this is.
Dirt (5e Race) Needs to be nerfed. Doesn't follow 5e rules.
Dracotaur, Variant (5e Race) See talk page
Dragon Troll (5e Race) I don't believe I can fix this race properly without gutting the thing entirely. Large sized, 1d10 natural weapon, a breath weapon, AND unconditional regeneration. Well above the power level of all SRD races.
Elementborn (5e Race) The subraces vary in balance, and two of them have resistance to the common weapon damage types of bludgeoning, slashing and piercing.
Eliksni (5e Race) The houses and codes aren't balanced between eachother very well.
Ex-machina (5e Race) This race is definitely overpowered compared to similar first-party races and would benefit from having less powerful traits. +11 ASI alone, not to mention copying abilities. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Experimental Hybrid (5e Race) This race is greatly overpowered in almost every way. Ability scores increases are far too great, armored should not be a trait, proficiencies are too numerous, and several other problem. The base knows three languages. Humans is both variants of human in the DMG combined with more on top. The other races follow suit. All bloods are completely broken. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Fairy, Fairy Kings Forest (5e Race) This has less flight than aarakocra, but has unhindered flying speed (40ft) with +4 ASI and even an innate spell at 1st level. And its creature type makes it safe from some spells.
Fallen Human (5e Race) Different soul weapons are NOT balanced between eachother at all, let alone balanced on their own.
Frostborn (5e Race) Even as a single racial trait, permanent advantage on some cantrips and spells(if what i assume it intends is correct) is kinda busted. Even then, having a single racial trait kinda stinks. Even the dragonborn has two.
Gargoyle (5e Race) Ancient Knowledge should not be a racial trait it is akin to a class feature. Overall a lot of effort has been put into this race but it needs to be correctly balanced compared to normal first-party races.
Globglogabgalab (5e Race) "you can polymorph into any creature you wish" - great, I'll turn into a Tarrasque then? Fear is a 3rd-level spell, so the PC should be at least level 5 to use this.
Goliath Panda (5e Race) Uses none 5e terminology and the traits are poorly worded and or vague. Universal advantage on a common saving throws.
Golric (5e Race) This is , word for word, a Goliath plus an Orc. They have the traits of both
Half-Celestial Born (5e Race) Compared to the first party aarakocra or aasimar this race receives several more powerful racial traits such as flight and automatic success.
Half-Rust Monster (5e Race) Too strong compared to standard first party races. There is no reason why this race should have 40 feet of movement. Their large Armor Class increase paired with their ability to corrode metals as a reaction is also too strong. Consider reducing the base Armor Class and reworking the rust effect to better suit a race.
Half-Vampire (5e Race) This race is overpowered compared to similar first-party races, and would benefit from having less powerful traits as the race currently get everything their first party race gets and a whole bunch of questionable stuff from the vampire. Overall requires a rethink and then a rework from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Heartless (5e Race) This race seems overpowered compared to similar first-party races, and would benefit from having less powerful traits. For example, size category should not be choosable, innate casting of a 4th level spell at level 1, racial abilities that go up to 10th level, flat bonuses and most traits make little to not sense. Overall requires more work from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Hiveborn (5e Race) Concept is far too much for a race, mechanically and... wordedly. I recommend the Kroot (5e Race) for advice on how to make a race which gains stuff from other creatures, as it executes the concept rather well without being as overbearing as this.
Horsefolk (5e Race) The Pegasus subrace is SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful than the first party Aarakocra
Imperatrix (5e Race) There are too many powerful traits on this race for it to be balanced
Issuni (5e Race) Takes the Tiny Player Characters variant rule far beyond its intended limitations, grants incredibly powerful racial traits that just seem to revolve around being very small - something that ought to be covered by said variant rule.
Japanese Kitsune (5e Race) Spiritual Power needs to be reworked. Other traits should be looked over as well.
Kaleidoscope (5e Race) Transcendance is incredibly awkward, breaking 5e precedents at all opportunities. Parties aren’t a thing, nor are battles, instant death for enemies is broken as possible, as is permanent stat bonuses.
Kender, Variant (5e Race) Uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. Flat bonus's, unknown terminology, condition immunity, negative ASI's, etc. Overall a poor conversion to 5th edition and needs a rework both from a mechanical perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content. The Musicus Meter (5e Guideline) also has a comprehensive list of racial traits you should use to inform your wording.
Kitsune, 3rd Variant (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and the balanced Kitsune_(5e_Race) as well as unbalanced Kitsune,_Variant_(5e_Race). Page uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. A plathora of powerful traits of questionable standing across whether they be base race, subrace or variant traits. Several flat bonus's. At will casting of alter self. Several free languages(most of which are unexplained). etc. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Labaranthine (5e Race) +4 ASI along with everything else they get, especially immunity to spells like crown of madness since they are not humanoids, is a bit too much (Large size, gnome cunning, etc.). "Once per day" is not proper wording in 5e for race traits. The spellcasting also needs a proper limit (see tiefling for example on wording). Screech for some reason doesn't call for a normal save, so that needs changing too.
Lich (5e Race) Truesight, extra spell slots, and the inability to die. Absolutely must be toned down.
Lithune (5e Race) Racial traits are significantly better than other first party feats and racial feats. Feats should not have level caps and the prereq's should have the race name in them to show their racial feats. These are more class feature type abilities than racial feats, see XGtE. 1d8 on an unarmed strike might as well be giving a monk their 11th level class feature early. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide and the 5e Feat Design Guide for help.
Living Doll (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Two common condition immunities. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Machine Doll, Variant (5e Race) Clunky and uses incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. Flat bonus's to AC should be avoided, instead, increase the base AC. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Machine Lifeform (5e Race) Network bound is a very powerful feature that gives you the half-orcs endurance but for multiple uses rather than just 1. If you only regain a use after using it once, it should be fine to have it only be one use. Modifier based usage should be reserved for classes anyway. The way it ties into another trait is also highly specific and may therefore be more generalized to have them be in separate subraces or something.
Mammuthari (5e Race) See talk page
Manibus (5e Race) This race seems underpowered. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Mechan (5e Race) Large size PC issues. Repair protocol is too strong and overly wordy.
Medrosakal (5e Race) This race is significantly stronger than any first party race. There are way too many traits and nearly all of them are too powerful on their own. Namely, the not-fighting style in RAaMA, drow magic, a total +5 ASI, and the ability to petrify at first level.
Mind Flayer (5e Race) This race allows you to command a small army, and if you're lucky, a boss. An ability score increases by 3. Steal Brain can allow you to have, theoretically, an infinite amount of intelligence. It is easily exploitable. Increasing intelligence should not be a thing period. The whole race reads like a class, with traits that compliment, and work off of each other. Racial traits should be a small amount of bonuses, and maybe an action or two. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Mongrel (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Ability to distribute their ASI's potentially allowing for a +4 to a single ASI. 45 movement speed. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Mudborn (5e Race) This race has just... a LOT of features. I see some of the features are considered the "negative" ones, but that doesn't serve as justification for adding the kitchen sink to a race. For example, darkvision AND blindsight is completely unnecessary.
MyContent (5e Race) This race is significantly stronger than any first party race.
Neamhfreann (5e Race) A +4 to a single score is ridiculous enough, the rest of the traits here are even worse. This could maybe be put up for deletion, as this page is both horribly balanced and the concept done to death.
Osmosian (5e Race) This race seems overpowered compared to similar first-party races and would benefit from having less powerful traits. For example, flat damage reduction, unconditional advantages, can take over any machine, round counting, flat AC, absorbing other creatures and a plethora of other questionable/ confusing and not mechanically relevant abilities. Overall requires more work from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first-party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Palademon (5e Race) The two forms have a 7th level boost, which is beyond the usual 5th level limit. They also give a flat bonus which is more 4e and discouraged in 5e. The occult variant doesn't work on account of having force resistance of all things, and a very setting-conditional trait to communicate with deities. The race also isn't fully well-conceptualized on account of how celestials and fiends work in DnD. And it also has alignment restrictions, which are ill-advised for 5e.
Phaser (5e Race) This has infinite invisibility, telekinesis as well as a weird weekly version of rogue's uncanny dodge. It could benefit from some more standardized traits. This needs a lot more work to rein it into proper balance with first-party content.
Phoenixborn (5e Race) Races really shouldn't have vulnerability to damage types or be immortal. Besides that, the traits in general need to be fixed up.
Pikmin (5e Race) Damage immunity. Poisonous Plant is better than a few very pricey poisons in the DMG and as long as you've got blood you can produce this stuff for free. A flying speed at 1st level. Overall stronger than most races, gets several questionable traits. Upping the size to Small and centralizing the race would be a step in the right direction to make this more playable.
Possesion Doll (5e Race) This race features nonstandard darkvision. DC 12 + seems very high for Sleep. Possession should probably break if the creature exceeds a range from you. Also possession can last substantially longer than charm person, or charm monster, and wipes their memory.
Primarch (5e Race) Where do I even begin. This race has +2 to everything, which is a direct upgrade to the already pretty good Human. Flat AC bonuses are a big no-no, and a damage increase to all melee attacks is insane as well.
Quebaerie (5e Race) Tremorsense is considered an extremely powerful ability, and should generally only be used in cases where the stated race or creature lacks other forms of perception, such as a blind cave lizard. Additionally, the concept of 'buff forest people' utterly lacks anything that screams of the need for said ability.
Raccoon Folk (5e Race) while I don't personally find too much an issue with advantage on skill checks, WotC core races don't use the trait (iirc) rather races gain proficiency with the skill, but I am concerned with the number of them getting advantage.
Raelyn (5e Race) See talk page.
Raesokeran Felis (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Round counting, flat increases to AC, several strong/useful traits wrapped up one. Overall too many strong traits are given/wrapped up and the traits will need a rework from a mechanic perspective to better work with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Raesokeran Mustilus (5e Race) Flat bonuses to rolls should be avoided. Snake killer is bloated and should be simplified and nerfed. Unconditional advantages. Adding proficiency bonus and additional time to spell saves. etc. Overall requires a general clean up and the subraces should be balanced inline with each other.
Raesokeran Ursus (5e Race) Uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. natural attack? The subraces comparatively are not balanced compared to one another. A number of traits of questionable balance such as granting near conditional advantage on attack rolls and 4 proficiencies? Overall needs a nerf and a clean up to better compare with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Rag Doll, Variant (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. The ability to be any size from Tiny to Large, choice of darkvision, tremorsense or blindsight, several condition immunities, etc. Overall needs a rework both from a mechanic perspective to better compare to the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content. See the talk page as well for a breakdown of what is wrong with the race's traits.
Revenant, Variant (5e Race) Given how races' ASI work, a Human Revenant is grossly overpowered
Robot (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Missing multiple damage/condition immunities/vulnerabilities, Construct creature type, too much choice for ASI's, +3 possible, missing the "you cannot increase this score over 20" descriptor, etc. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Scorp-Kin (5e Race) This race has a negative ability modifier. Unarmored defense is a replacement feature, and specific interaction with it doesn't seems to make sense. Especially as the quite similar 'Natural Armor' from Lizardfolk makes no such exception, but is extensive in it's rules explanation.
Shadowling (5e Race) See talk page
Simic Hybrid, Variant (5e Race) How many upgrades do you get on the Animal Adaptation list? The ability score increase should also be a standard +2/+1 or something else, plus ability scores shouldn't be allowed to go over 20. Many of the adaptations are beyond broken on a race as well with a few being(Digger as tremor sense is incredibly powerful, Natural Attacks for basically allowing you to have a monk's unarmed damage die scaling/attacking as a bonus action, Wings as flight speed is typically the only powerful trait a race can have to be balanced, among numerous others.
Sizer (5e Race) Truesight out of the gate is generally a no-no for player races. The size changing is strange and cumbersome. Consider taking from the firbolg's spellcasting and the shifter's shifting to better write size changes and gaining temp hit points.
Skeleton Fairy Subrace (5e Race) Scales past 5th level.
Sleeper Agent (5e Race) It's a race that counts as another race but with more features. This concept, in it's current form, does not work.
Slime Dragon (5e Race) This race is heavily imbalanced when compared standardized race by ability scores alone. See 5e Race Design Guide for help.
Slimes (5e Race) Some of the abilities for the slime types, such as the ones for Rock, Sneaker, Barrier, Crystal, and Clone Teleporter slimes, are ridiculously powerful. The Lardo/Gordo/Special transformation is very powerful as well, as it allows you to either get two slime types, makes your slime ability even more ridiculously powerful, or get a new incredibly strong ability.
Sphinx (5e Race) No race has this many powerful traits
Stone Gargoyle (5e Race) Glide needs to be more fleshed out. Do you mean the Glide Speed (5e Variant Rule)?
Tempest (5e Race) Has an average of +2 damage to every melee attack, which is too much or too often. No action given for expand/condense. No mitigating factors given for Large size.
Tenno/Warframe (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. RW&H Table is incorrect. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
The taken (5e Race) Any one of these traits is much too powerful for a race
Treant (5e Race) Taking a closer look at the old musicus ratings, there are some incorrect numbers. The traits overall are too powerful. You are not only large size, which is very strong using the variant rule, your natural armor from tortle also makes you a perfectly viable spell caster to summon unbalancing things, and is worth far more than a 0.5. This race needs some trimming down to be balanced.
Trophy Fighter (5e Race) I am sorry but even at a first glance this race is completely unbalanced. A lot of the subraces are also unbalanced and the problems with those are numerous, but few prominent examples are with Akira Yuki, Captain Falcon, Cappy, Cuphead, Donkey Kong, Geno, Incineroar and more.
Unmade (5e Race) Flying speed of 50, free feat, class based unarmored AC, and the ability to not die always in one of the subraces. Jeez.
Unsu Aer (5e Race) scales past 5th level.
Unsu Apii (5e Race) fire immunity is probably too much.
Unusual Beholder (5e Race) see talk page
Ururtan-Yensa (5e Race) A +4 to Dexterity, and up to a total +5 ASI.
Valkyrion (5e Race) A feat by itself is extremely powerful for a race to have as its power is roughly equivalent to another abi. On top of that, this race has a flying speed, which while low and somewhat restrictive, makes the race too powerful. Them being presumably celestials is another factor that may make the race too powerful.
Vaskalar (5e Race) A +5 total ASI(also allowing you to go past 20!) is ludicrous enough on it's own, a higher die for unarmed than any other vanilla race is just the cherry on top.
Voidborn Tiefling (5e Race) Uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Were-Dragon (5e Race) The Aarakocra gets a 50 foot flying speed and almost nothing else, not so much here. And really, this is Dragonborn+
Were-pires (5e Race) +5 ASI is a yikes (negative ASIs do not balance, since any affected scores will just be used as a dump stat), increased base movement speed on top of every other feature is far too powerful. The Beast lasts indefinitely and grants unlimited uses of the bite attack, and thus infinite hit points.
Werewolf, Variant (5e Race) Natural Attack damage and Wicked Resistance (even though it is optional) may still are of questionable balance. As this is a template/ race variant it should be moved to the correct section of the wiki, etc.
Yuan-ti Half-breed (5e Race) I believe this is overpowered. I estimate it to be 10 or more on this scale, where 4.5 is the target.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Crimson Elf, Variant (5e Subrace) Each of the traits this subrace provides are really powerful to have on a race, and elf subraces are typically not that powerful due to the base race giving a lot of useful traits. In addition, if a trait allows you to cast a spell, you should not be able to use it before full spellcasters can cast it (ex: 2nd level spells require 3rd level).
Fell Elf, Variant (5e Subrace) Elf subraces increase one ability score other than Dexterity by 1. This is greatly overpowered by comparison. 'Cheap', and 'Awesome' are not quantifiers.
Mecha-gnome (5e Subrace) This is basically a "Gestalt" race, having all Warforged traits + all gnome traits, since this is a subrace.
Nightborne (5e Subrace) Compared to the first party elvish subraces this is too strong and possesses even a semblance of any of the traits or abilities of their parent races. See the 5e Race Design Guide for help.
Shadar-Ki, Variant (5e Subrace) Just a significantly stronger version of the 5e Shadar-ki found in MToF. Consider reducing the overall strength of the race to match the original subrace.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Abyssal Dragon Lord (5e Class) Lots of high damage "nuke" style spells.
Agent (5e Class) So. Much. Damage. No. Respect. For. Power. Scaling.
Anime Girl, Variant (5e Class) The April Fools template is not a valid excuse for blatantly broken classes. If you want to make a pile of ridiculous nonsense, see DuelSoulBlade Shadow Vampelf (5e Race).
Apotheosis (5e Class) six feats, three attacks, a permanent increase in 2 to ALL checks, and features gained at the same time as you gain spell slots of 3rd level and higher.
Arcane Storyteller (5e Class) Several features grant blanket advantage/disadvantage. (Un-Official Authority, Lovefool, etc.) Many features are "x" amount until completed rest which can make them very frequent, but it also forces the player to keep track of a plethora of numbers. Sudden Inspiration is much too good, granting the effects of two long rests each day. Also, features gained at the same time as you gain spell slots of 3rd level and higher.
Armored Pilot (5e Class) At level one, you can potentially have a 20 AC, 1d4 unarmed attacks, advantage on several different skills and strength saves, attacks are considered magical, plus the armor can behave like an unseen servant, a level one spell. This is just level one, but this feels closer to what a level 3 or 4 character would have.
Artificer, 2nd Variant (5e Class) The Tradition of Spellwright reduced scroll cost table does not reduce the actual cost of the crafting. I'm not sure if I'm just not reading it correctly but it seems like something easily overlooked.
Artificer, 3rd Variant (5e Class) half casters shouldn't gain features at 9th, 13th and 17th levels. And this class has all the features of the 2017 UA alchemist, plus features from the new alchemist, without removing anything to compensate.
Atronarch (5e Class) Class features, spell slot table and spell lists are incomplete.
Attacker (5e Class) There is several dead levels in this class.
Audiomancer (5e Class) The armor class improvement with Audiomancer Armor breaks bound accuracy.
Avatar (5e Class) Lots of 3.x-isims, like per round, unconditional bonuses. Needs to fit 5e design.
Bandit (5e Class) tried to fix it, but still breaks bound accuracy the "Glorious Gold" feature
Blackblade (5e Class) 66 of damage vs 42 of damage of a fighter at 20th level. This is due to the 4d10 of damage per hit + the use of proficiency bonus on the damage. Also, the way is written, you add the proficiency bonus twice to the attack roll, which breaks bound accuracy
Blacklight Mutator, Variant (5e Class) See talk page
Blacklight Predator (5e Class) I know the page is incomplete, but the class deals way too much damage and is completely overpowered. Advantage on all attacks, 1d12 Unarmed Attacks, 2-4d6 Throw Force Damage, 2d8 Claw attack at Level 3, and unlimited regeneration at Level 2. This is all at Levels 1-3. Also,
Blademaster, Variant (5e Class) A Fighter variant better than the fighter in all aspects. Remove the fighter features and focus on what this class have of unique, the maneuvers
Blood Cursed (5e Class) A d12 hit die, half spellcasting, and great martial abilities make this class very overpowered. It's essentially an incredibly buffed version of the Blood Hunter.
Bonded (5e Class) This thing can do three attacks as part of one Attack Action with that many extra attacks, and is also a fullcaster with as many spells accessible as the wizard to boot.
Bonded Musician (5e Class) Multiple dead levels.
Bone Breaker, 2nd Variant (5e Class) this class gain an extra attack at 2nd level with the stance feature.
Brawler (5e Class) Multiple unused abilities.
Bushi (5e Class) Treating any weapon wielded in two hands as finesse when combined with the amount of benefits the features give makes this class too strong. They only need dexterity and maybe constitution if you care about hit points.
ChanceCaster (5e Class) this class gain powerful features in the same levels it gain a spell slot. The feature distribution should be rearranged.
Chaos Knight (5e Class) See the talk page. In short, it gets a magical weapon at level one, powerful damage reduction at early levels, and the subclass options offer a variety of overpowered features, from a +5 bonus to a bunch of checks, to gaining temporary hitpoints when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, to dealing double damage to a number of creatures for a minute and paralyzing them It definitely needs to be rebalanced.
Clockwork (5e Class) Crowded with features even though this already is a full caster. The wording on the core feature is a mess, and the spellcasting feature is not described
Commoner (5e Class) the design disclaimer doesn't remove the need for balance on this class, unless is accompanied by a explanation about how a group is supposed to insert this class on a d&d game. In its current state, without additional playable content or information, is not suited for a regular dnd campaing.
Concentrationalist (5e Class) A class should never allow you to concentrate on more than 1 spell as doing so leads to a large number of overpowered combos, plus 5e spells were designed so you can only concentrate on one at a time.
Copycat (5e Class) Sure, just take every spellcasting feature, no issues there. By design this class can not ever be balanced.
Critical Warrior (5e Class) Multiple dead levels.
Death Knight, 4th Variant (5e Class) This is class has a large series of buffs, many of which would seem to be far beyond what would be considered balanced, such as having gaining the same amount of attacks as a fighter, the spellcasting of a paladin, a +1 weapon(which scales) that also functions as a spell focus at 1st level, A SECOND ACTION(PERMANENTLY) AT 2ND LEVEL, an extra ASI, a random +1 to Strength and Constitution at 4th level, whatever the hell runeforging does, a stronger version of the rogue capstone at 16th level, alongside a paladin capstone. This is only the base class, and according to Credit, this is a toned down version!
Deity (5e Class) Delete this entire page. Whoever thought creating this class was a good idea has no semblance of what balanced even means in D&D. It is much too broken to even be considered for a playable class. With full spellcasting that gets an insane amount of skills, innate spellcasting that allows an 18th level character cast any spell they want whenever they want with no components, no spell list restrictions, and no limitations on how often they can use it, a d12 hit die, insane amounts of features, increases to your ability scores and their maximum given out like candy, great fighting skills, and abilities to INSTANTLY KILL SOMEONE, this should never be played. Delete this entire page and rework every single feature, please. It is just much too powerful.
Demonic Knight, Variant (5e Class) Gains way too many benefits. Needs to be nerfed.
Dirgesinger (5e Class) Full spellcasting classes should not get class features when they gain new spell levels.
Ditto (5e Class) Level doesn't scale to CR in this way. This can lead to overpowered transformations. It also means you have access to any number of monster powers that would overpower you or otherwise break the game.
Dominion Overlord (5e Class) "Dominion Over The Weak" grants you potentially unlimited CR 6 and lower minions. I hope i don't have to explain why this is overpowered
Doom Shaper (5e Class) This class can do far too much damage as doing extra damage with each doom point when you use doom ray is far too good. Death Awaits is far too good for an at will feature. In addition there are a few other things that need fixing or are problems like round counting, some features not specifying how they can be activated, or other balance issues.
Dragon Knight, 3rd Variant (5e Class) 1d12 for the companion hit die is to high. The dragon damage at higher levels is insane (4d12?). As it is, is a buffed version of a the Dragon Knight.
Dragon Mage (5e Class) This class gains features in the same levels it gains a new spell slot
Dragon Warrior (5e Class) This class has additional ability score increases at levels 6, and 14. Additionally, it appears to have two subclasses that are picked independently, and leveled together with both Soulbond, and Rider Bond.
Eclipsemancer (5e Class) Infinite healing at 1st level.
Eldritch Gunslinger (5e Class) This class is grossly overpowered due to combining the best part of fighter(extra attacks), gunslinger(grit), and warlock(spellcasting). In addition the class has far too many features, especially so because the class has spellcasting.
Eldritch Hunter, Variant (5e Class) half casters don't have access to cantrips, and don't gain features at levels 9th, 13th and 17th. Also, you shouldn't gain both an extra attack and a subclass feature at 11th level
Eldritch Knight (5e Class) 6 9th level spell slots? Lets just no?
Empath (5e Class) Class features should not be gained when a spell casting level is too.
Engineer (5e Class) Several gatgets are overpowered or have other problems like having round counting, modifying of enemy creature statblocks, ect. The turret for one is extremely overpowered and needs to be heavily nerfed(see how the battle smith artificer does it).
Ex-Soldier (5e Class) 15 attacks each turn, spells, and the features don't use any rules.
Far Mage (5e Class) See talk page page
Forge Master (5e Class) Most things aren't specified to an adequate specificity.
Frenzied Warrior (5e Class) The rage feature makes reference to a barbarian table for uses. The description of the class don't match the features at all: The description mention "dark powers" and "corruption", but the features are just a mix of battle master and barbarian features. Why not just make a subclass giving battle maneuvers to the barbarian, if that was the intention?
Frieza (5e Class) The features at level 1 are nearly identical to the monk, except that the unarmed strikes are significantly stronger than the monk's.
Gem Wielder (5e Class) This is too versatile. A class without spellcasting can cast 8th level spells. It can also gain resistance to any damage type, and change that type every day. You choose what weapon damage you add from a long list when you activate it. You can choose bonuses to AC, attack rolls, vision enhancements, and a dozen other things, many of which read like feats. Whole class needs to be examined.
Gentleman (5e Class) Vastly out-damages the Monk at lower levels
God Eater (5e Class) "Oversized weapons" is a homebrew rule that doesn't seem to apply here. 5e doesn't have "free actions". "Restore balls" are not on the class table. 75 hp restoration at 1st level is crazy: it doesn't say how they are "planted", how you "pass through its field", exactly how many you start with, why survival is used to craft them instead of any normal crafting rules, how long it takes to craft one, or what the material costs are. Sorry but most of this class is broken.
Grand Caster (5e Class) Multiple increases to primary stat at low levels, primary stat cap is raised to 24 at level 9
Gun Mage (5e Class) Class features gained at the same level as spell slots of 3rd level and higher.
Gunlancer (5e Class) Barely any weapon proficiencies, and no out of combat abilities
Healer (5e Class) You need a 9th level spell to summon an unicorn for 1 hour, requiring your concentration. This class give you an unicorn for free at 8th level and also allow you to enhance it
Hero, Variant (5e Class) See Talk page
Heroic Spirit (5e Class) Massive imbalance between subclasses, such as the ability to summon creatures meant for a party of four characters at your level at any level for Lancer compared to popping in a tarrasque every turn at 15th level for Caster, and most of these are just the first few subclass features.
Hiemalis (5e Class) The damage is a bit too high. Uses per long rest need to be introduced to balance this out.
Imortalist (5e Class) Is able to break the ability score cap at 9th level.
Iron Chef (5e Class) The skill bonuses and amputation possible at 1st level is just plain broken.
Iron Man (5e Class) If this isn't supposed to follow standard design conventions, it's not stated.
Klyntar Host (5e Class) This class carelessly throws around very powerful terms such as ability score increases, advantage, immunity, resistance, and vulnerability. Transform as a level 1 ability introduces a laundry list of abilities. Perfect Transformations is outrageously powerful just in terms of the ability score bonus. On top of that, it uncaps the number of transformation, and doubles the blindsight range. Extra attack is also accompanied with bonus movement speed for seemingly no reason. Advanced transformation grants 30 feet blindsight in addition to several other abilities. Homeostasis grants advantage on death saving throws at level 9 unless 'recently' (what does that mean?) damaged by specific types of damage, and other abilities. These issues, among many others appear to make this class greatly overpowered.
Labaranthine (5e Class) I just posted this and want feedback. Might be OP?.
Legendary (5e Class) this class have 3rd level spell slots at 1st level, as stated in the class description, and access to 18 spells known at 1st level, scaling too ridiculous degrees at higher levels.
Lich, 2nd Variant (5e Class) Way too many features with the spells.
Luminary/Hero (5e Class) A class should not get the benfits of a fighter's Extra Attack scaling, more ability score increases, and what is effectively full spellcasting as it makes the class far too powerful. This class's spell list is also extremelly good and when a spellcasting class gets higher level spell slots or in this case your Max Spell Level increases, they typically should not get features. Subclasses should also not change aspects of a core class as Erdrick and Eight subclasses are trying to do.
Mage, 3rd Variant (5e Class) This class is far too powerful as it has better spellcasting that full spellcasters, too many cantrips known, better extra attack scaling than fighters, an absurd number of features for a full spellcasting class, regaining some spells on short rest?(it is unclear why exactly the class works this way). Also, not being able to cast a spell again after using it and compensating for that by having a ton more spell slots is very poor design as that makes that class far too powerful and the general design of 5e makes it so negative features do not counteract positive ones.
Magi (5e Class) See the talk page. Namely this class gets some of the better features belonging to monk, warlock, and wizard, and improves upon them and the class has strong features besides those.
Magian Magnate (5e Class) full caster with d10 hit die; can cast spells without spending spell slots; can make spells permanent on itself at 2nd level; can learn spells from all schools; gain features in the levels it gain a new spell slot; and this just from the first features.
Magister Magi (5e Class) The class entails playing two characters at the same time with magic. Needs rewording and context to some abilities see talk page
Master Ninja (5e Class) Every feature presents a balance problem. Reaction attacks, crits 17-20. Needs to be reworked.
Master Thief (5e Class) Full casting(wizard AND druid spell list) stapled to the rogue, with a 1d10 hitdie. It's like actively trying to unbalance your content.
Master of Puppets (5e Class) This class gain features in the same levels it gains spell slots and it has a d10 of hit die being a full spellcaster
Merchant, Variant (5e Class) Now the feature is even worse in terms of balance. Change the bodyguards feature to be something akin to the animal companion of ranger beastmaster
Mesmer (5e Class) Half casters shouldn't gain spells at 13th and 17th level, and most of the times, shouldn't gain at 9th level also
Moonlord (5e Class) full caster with d10 hit die
Mythical Beast (5e Class) Four attacks and 3d10 unarmed
Night Stalker (5e Class) This class takes the best part of rogues and fighters and combines them while nothing was done to scale back how powerful the class is as a result of this combination. Because of this, this class is far too good.
Nullifer (5e Class) This class is significantly more powerful than the wizard as it has a better hit die, far too good prophecies when you multiclass into this class, the Extra Attack feature, and a ton of other features gained when you gain spell slot levels.
Omega Soldier (5e Class) Changes have already been made to the Omega Weapons of the class and have been rebalanced accordingly. Changes are still needed though with the Rho Knight subclass as it gives proficiency to ALL skill checks and saving throws and the Omega Armors are quite strong with their advantage or lack of any disadvantages on Stealth checks.
Persona User (5e Class) The features deal immense amounts of damage.
Planes Walker (5e Class) Plane Shift teleports a willing creature. I think Plane Shift is a 7th level spell, but here a 2nd level character can do it?
Poison Soul (5e Class) see Release the Soul feature
Primordial Spectre (5e Class) See talk page.
Psychopath (5e Class) See talk page.
Rad Slug (5e Class) Magic Resistance is an absurdly imbalanced feature, especially with multiclassing. The class heavily learns on only a couple features.
Ravager, Variant (5e Class) Clunky and not balanced mechanics. 2d6 HD?
Re:Ghoul (5e Class) Balance issues throughout.
Reaper's Hand (5e Class) Martial class with full casting progression. Although this does not have extra attack at 5th level, the two necromantic cantrips at 1st level more than make up for it.
Rider (5e Class) The beastmaster ranger gets a CR 1/4 creature at 3rd level and you get a CR 3 creature at 1st level? The also is far too strong in combat with advantage on attack rolls, a blade that deals extra damage, the Might feature, a 3rd attack at 11th level with a pet, and various other combat focused features.
Rune Smith (5e Class) See talk page. The main problem is that half of everything isn't standard with 5e material or terminology.
Runepriest, Variant (5e Class) Basically a souped up warlock mixed with cleric. It effectively has short rest spellcasting without being "true spellcasting" (IE not subject to annoying things like counterspell or dispel magic), and gets glyphic inscriptions rather than invocations. Except you get a lot more glyphic inscriptions than you would invocations, you get them faster than you would as a warlock (IE you get your 3rd inscription at 3rd level with rune priest level, where as you don't get your 3rd invocation until 5th level as a warlock) and a bunch of them look better than anything you'd ever get as a warlock. Oh, and you get two good saves (Wisdom and Constitution).
Runeterra: Engineer (5e Class) Features need a better spread: some levels you get a feature and a spell slot, whilst other you don't get anything at all.
Saiyan fighter, 3rd variant (5e Class) Almost identical to Saiyan Fighter, 2nd Variant (5e Class) but with earlier acquisition of features.
Samurai, 2nd Variant (5e Class) See talk page. Also this class seems to have subclasses within subclasses (Samurai Path for the basic subclasses, Fighting School for an additional, and secondary subclass, and the Yojimbo subclass has the Battle Master feature which can have it's chosen bonus changed when gaining a level).
Seaclaimed Pirate (5e Class) Free actions don't really exist in 5e. This class has numerous additional ASI's other than the standard, and still gains other features at those levels. This class provides immunity to two different damage types(cold, and lightning), and heals you if you take damage from them. Thought Shield then grants resistance to psychic damage, and makes those using it take damage. Create Thrall has no saving throw? It also seems you could control an unlimited number of creatures with this. Whole class needs a run through.
Shadow Walker (5e Class) Up until around the 3rd tier of play (11th level), and perhaps there after this class is a better rogue or warlock as it has a number of great features, spellcasting and what is effectively sneak attack, a d10 hit die and three skill proficiencies, ect. In addition, this class has too many features for a spellcasting class or the class largely should not gain features when your spell slots or slot level increases.
Shattered (5e Class) Two common saves. Spellcasting is incomplete: you can't have "same as wizard but without spellbook" as the wizard uses the spellbook to learn spells. Pocket Mirror isn't really clear on how it works, particularly in combat, and I see things like round-counting in there. It seems to be a bit like 5e SRD:Demiplane, which is an 8th level spell.
Sheikah, Variant (5e Class) In general this class deals too much damage, has great features at too low a level, and is generally too powerful. For example, sneak attack alone gives the class comparable damage to other martial classes, but in addition to that you gain extra attacks at a rate better than the fighter. For example, Teleportation and Cloning are also far too powerful and you gain those features at 1st level, ect. other issues.
Shield Maiden (5e Class) The benefits are not scaled correctly for D&D 5e.
Sin of Greed (5e Class) Min-Max's all kinds of abilities, and overall needs to be nerfed to be playable.
Songstress (5e Class) This class gains three uses of the lucky feat, in addition to several other extremely powerful features.
Space-Time Wizard (5e Class) This class gives multiple increases to both the intelligence stat and the intelligence stat maximum, to a new cap of 28.
Super Hero (5e Class) If this isn't supposed to follow standard design conventions, it's not stated.
Tribal Shaman (5e Class) cantrips shouldn't offer healing as a rule, unless you have a way of limiting the potentially infinite source of hit points it generates.
Vampire, Seraph Variant (5e Class) Spellcaster with unarmed strikes that START stronger than a monk's, that increases to 6d6, AND d12 hit dice? Come on, at least pretend to balance!
Vampire Lord, Variant (5e Class) This is oddly worded, and has some questionable abilities, namely the Ability Score minimums and 1d8 unarmed attacks
Voidblade (5e Class) The class feature table does not match subclasses by levels, and the subclass features are not gained at identical levels.
Volatile (5e Class) Three immunities to common damage types, insanely high AC, etc.

Consider reading the 5e Class Design Guide and comparing this class to 1st party content such as Forge Domain Cleric.

War Wizard, Variant (5e Class) Features are gained at the same level that the class gains a spell slot, multiple features give free spells or extremely powerful effects on a class that already has full spellcasting.
Warcaster, Variant (5e Class) Overpwered class. Full fighter combined with full caster with no weaknesses to offset this. Can create very powerful magical weapons. Can use spells without any components for no cost. Added strong ranger/rogue feats to class that don't seem to fit the theme. Seem to be there just to make the class more overpowered.
Witcher, 4th Variant (5e Class) Immunity to a damage type, condition, at 1st level is far too powerful without greater consideration. though changing them to contest checks and saves against persuasion and deception checks. Advantage against being charmed on top of this all is also far too powerful.
Wolf Lord (5e Class) Who takes actions for the companion, the DM? The capstone ability should not retroactively damage the duo. Some of the features also have no real purpose (what is Specialized Subdual for)?

The idea that the class and the companion act as two seperate "party members" is not intended in normal gameplay. I recommend making a new column in the class features table for companion attacks, much like a spellcaster gets spells.

Xilan Warrior (5e Class) This class shouldn't have two common saving throws, an powerful and undescribed homebrew weapon, Strength as your unarmored defense, bonus action attacks that vastly increases your damage every turn and require creatures to make a saving throw on every hit, and various other issues.
Yakuza, 2nd Variant (5e Class) At first level, this class gains basically the same features as a monk, but it has a d12 hit die and a version of the barbarian's rage.
Yakuza, Variant (5e Class) At first level, this gets the monk's 5th level martial arts and an unarmored defense, among other balance concerns later.
Yakuza (5e Class) Can add a extra d20 to an "attack roll, saving throw, or ability check". At 13th level Dexterity abruptly stops being used for AC, which must be of great joy to the Dexterous Fighter subclass. There isn't a "magical" damage type. "instantly land a melee attack". All kinds of little errors like this.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Aberrant Mind, Variant (5e Subclass) This is, word for word, the UA subclass
Arcane Kaeozzoidian Spellsword (5e Subclass) Basically the same problems as the Kaeozzoidian Spellsword, already presented on that subclass.
Archangel's Blood (5e Subclass) Which class is this subclass designed for? Sorcerer doesn't seem at all right.
Assassin of Darkness (5e Subclass) Scales awfully. Gains a fighting style, darkvision, and unrestricted third casting all at 3rd level. Then, magical darkvision and EXPANDED CRIT RANGE. Then you get EK weapon bonding which deals slightly more damage, and then an 11th level monk feature. Features should be trimmed, moved, or otherwise replaced.
Avenger (5e Subclass) Blatantly overpowered
Battle Engineer (5e Subclass) Several features gained at non-feature levels. The subclass also has too many features, and gains a number of static bonuses which generally goes against 5e design.
Battle Fiend (5e Subclass) See talk page.
Bladedancer, Variant (5e Subclass) Various balance issues, and the way some features are worded can be improved, e.g. 5e doesn't use the term "off-hand": you're either fighting with two weapons or not; and some awkward calculations.
Chain Fighter, Variant (5e Subclass) "Damaging cantrips" is not 5e terminology. Four of them is too many.
Champion, Variant (5e Subclass) this is a direct upgrade to the base champion
College of the Stars (5e Subclass) Completely reworks how the Bard works
College of the Vocalist (5e Subclass) The Bonus proficiency means they can just ignore material components
Death Knight, Variant (5e Subclass) I've tried to rework some of the issues with this class, but is possible that i have created another ones. So, i'll keep this here to further balancing
Demon Hunter (5e Subclass) Spellcasting and features superior to that of the Eldritch Knight in every way. Each level has the equivalent of 4 or 5 major features. Resistance to 3 types of damage permanently is ridiculously strong.
Destroyer (5e Subclass) Remarkably weak, missing several features. The amount of options hardly makes up for it, if at all.
Deus Ex Machina (5e Subclass) THis subclass gains way too many features at each level and also gains features at levels that the artificer subclass is not supposed to give features. For reference, the artificer gets subclass features at level 3, 5, 9, and 15 only.
Elite Mercenary (5e Subclass) A +1 AC and attack roll bonus at 3rd level when you use most any weapon is a bit too good
Gravity Knight (5e Subclass) Levels don't match the 5e SRD:Fighter. Features need limits.
Great Weapon Master (5e Subclass) the interaction of the 7th level feature with Polearm Master is ridiculously overpowered. And, even without tha feat, unlimited opportunity attacks is broken as hell, and given in a level that a fighter sub shouldn't get a combat related feature
Heavy Archer (5e Subclass) Tried to edit it to make it more balanced, Please tell me if it's still horribly unbalanced
Imperatrix Force Master (5e Subclass) A functional doubling of sorcery points is too powerful
Incurvatus (5e Subclass) Several features at non-subclass feature levels, most notably at 1st level, making additional lower level characters at 4th level, and so many other things outside the realms of balance. Massive reworking is needed.
Iron Sentinel (5e Subclass) redundant and non-specific proficiencies, along with gaining multiple feats(which can be replaced with ASIs.
Kaeozzoidian Dragon Hunter (5e Subclass) permanent resistance to slashing, piercing and bludgeoning damage is way too strong at 3rd level
Kaeozzoidian Spellsword (5e Subclass) The spellcasting in this class needs to be reduced. As it is, this is a better spellcasting than some fullcasters, with the tankiness of a barbarian. Class features shouldn't give feats. Being setting specific doesn't change the need for balance on the homebrew.
Kings Ranger (5e Subclass) Feature levels do not match the 5e SRD:Ranger.
Lich Lord (5e Subclass) undeath affinity should probably be spent, and regained after a short/long rest. The servants grant up to five additional attacks per turn, which is a lot in the combat economy. The whole subclass should be looked over for balance.
Oath of the Demigod Berserker (5e Subclass) one feature shouldn't give a specific feat, let alone 5 feats throughout the progression of this subclass
Orisorcerer (5e Subclass) A second spell list, especially the cleric spell list, is incredibly concerning. Even the Theurgy Wizard needed to take Domain spells for 10 levels straight before gaining free reign of spell choice (see talk page).
Path of Abyssal Might (5e Subclass) Features are missing how often they can be used. Multiple problems with the mechanics of the features and their readability.
Path of The Otherworldly (5e Subclass) see discussion page
Path of the Titanborn (5e Subclass) Way more features than any barbarian subclass should have.
Phantom Thief (5e Subclass) It gets advantage on a ton of skill checks, a ton of flat-out bonuses, and even 6th-level features, which no Rogue subclass gets. It is much stronger than any first-party subclass.
Prankster (5e Subclass) See talk page.
Raw Magic (5e Subclass) See the talk page.
Santoryu (5e Subclass) Way too many features. Other than that, at 20th level you can pull off ~90 (5d8 + 15d6 + 25) DPR, and this is before the other damage bonuses and the GARUNTEED CRITICALS on 18th Level.
School of Mastery (5e Subclass) This. Is. Wizard. Times. Two
Servant (5e Subclass) Way too many feature, at the wrong levels.
Shadow Adept (5e Subclass) Very frontloaded, and the class gets a feature similar to Speak With Dead, a third level spell, at first level.
Sharpshooter, Variant (5e Subclass) Too many features, all of them dealing extra damage. Concerning.
Spear Master, Variant (5e Subclass) see talk page
Spear Master (5e Subclass) Steals the main feature of the Champion, the extra critical hits. It also gives a ton of abilities, including free proficiencies, an increase to your base speed, disengaging as a bonus action, extra damage with a spear, teleportation, two free extra attacks, and (I think) infinite range with a lance.
Succubus Queen Patron (5e Subclass) Issues highlighted on the talk are still prevalent. Adding a "this content is broken so ask you dm" bit doesn't make it ok, I suggestion removing it or incorporating it into the rest of the class.
Team Leader (5e Subclass) This subclass's abilities can be activated whenever, no activation time needed
The Aberration (5e Subclass) 22 Invocations at 20th level is maybe a bit too good
The Abysswalker (5e Subclass) Needs to be nerfed. 5 features have a base function, and increase as you level. Increasing dexterity modifier? Every action counts as two? Arcana, and Religion are intelligence based, not Charisma. Advantage on all attack made with a weapon that you already double your prof. bonus, and damage, in addition to +3 modifier (assuming both attack, and damage rolls). This subclass has two entire classes worth of material, or more, and much of it is overpowered. It's an amalgam focusing on nothing in particular, but excelling at everything it tries. Spirit weapons, abyssal influence, muscle powerhouse fighter.
The Covenantblade (5e Subclass) Why does this subclass get 3 extra spells per spell level as opposed to 2. Also grammar
The Slime (5e Subclass) What is reforming? An immortality clause is OP.
Underdark (5e Subclass) At will seventh level spell
Unknown Origin (5e Subclass) This gives you every class's spell list
Void Domain (5e Subclass) Portals completely break movement
Warlord, 4e inspired (5e Subclass) Hardly functional as it stands. Four features that recharge on a long rest, and an upgrade to a feature that recharges on a long rest. 90% of the time this subclass will do nothing.
Way of Sollar's Seven Spiked Silver Star (5e Subclass) Too many things
Way of The Twice Martyred (5e Subclass) Strictly a stronger version of Way of the Yellow Rose (5e Subclass).
Way of the Electro-Combatant (5e Subclass) Conductive Current is far too powerful of a feature, for a monk using 1 ki point should give a similar amount of damage increase compared to using Flurry of Blows. The subclass is also heavily lacking in non-combat features.
Way of the Hourglass (5e Subclass) At 17th level this class can cast a 9th level spell three times per short rest
Way of the Silent Step (5e Subclass) Significantly less capable than most other monk subclasses, almost all features rely on ki points, and they’re all movement based spells. Some non-spell, maybe combat related features would significantly improve this subclass.
Way of the Spear, Variant (5e Subclass) Class features do not match the monk's levels.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Beguile Person (5e Spell) Charm Person is just better.
Demand Duel (5e Spell) This is just a buffed compelled duel.
Eruption Counter (5e Spell) This is a better Blade Ward added to a better Hellish Rebuke
Formula 202 (5e Spell) This is significantly better than Longstrider added to a weakened Jump, both first level spells
Greater Song Of Rest (5e Spell) Two casters that know this spell can just chain casts of this spell forever.
Instil Fear (5e Spell) This is just a buffed Cause Fear (5e Spell).
Know Thy Foe (5e Spell) Firstly, I don't think the DM should ever be forced to tell a player the specific statistics of a creature: these are abstractions, not things a character would actually know.
Petty Wish (5e Spell) The wish spell has clearly defined parameters. This "petty wish" spell vaguely describes effects that can already be achieved with other spells (create food and water, locate creature, cure wounds). You may as well spend 10 minutes praying to your deity and roleplay it with your DM, since there's nothing mechanical here.
Quincy's Investiture (5e Spell) This just gives you free lower level spells
Swift Blade (5e Spell) Entirely replaces and makes obsolete all other methods of dual wielding in the game.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Ammo Understanding (5e Feat) It is not made explicit which weapons these rounds are used with, how exactly they are created(time, proficiency/tools needed, ect.), or how they are used. It does not make sense that people with proficiency in firearms get penalties for using ammo, plus features should generally not penalizing pcs in 5e. The mechanics do not work well with 5th-edition standards in regards to a feat(they would work if the ammo was just items though). For example, DC should not static: when you attack with a shredder round you just set the DC (probably 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus) for the targets in the cone. Besides that, the feat is also far too powerful as it is a half feat that gives you access to a ton of different features related to firing certain ammo.
Cantrip Caster, Variant (5e Feat) A free, infinite metamagic option. Very obviously unbalanced, even if it was just that.
Cantrip Specialist, Variant (5e Feat) This gives a free Metamagic for cantrips. In addition, the damage type special effects are rather convoluted
Card collector (5e Feat) Does not follow D&D 5e rules.
Combo Fighter, Variant (5e Feat) Powergaming this feat is way to appealing, it needs limits and tighter rules for allowing additional attacks (balance should be equivalent to 1 damage a hit, compared with an ability score adjustment).
Defender's heart (5e Feat) Either of the last 2 benefits would be too powerful for a feat, much less both an and undefined feature.
Dual Pistol Master (5e Feat) Absurdly more powerful than any feat should be, doubling the number of attacks you can make. Consider wording from Crossbow Expert for balanced alternative.
Eldritch Specialist (5e Feat) Overwhelmingly ridiculously powerful.
Essence of the Shadow Reaper (5e Feat) Way beyond the scope of a feat. Maybe try a subclass...?
Focused Multitasker (5e Feat) Oh yeah, hold person and Sickening Radiance (5e Spell) would never be a problem. This is just an example but I assure you there are dozens more.
Full Counter Variant (5e Feat) It literally allows you to reflect spells at will. I don't even know where to begin balancing this without completely rewriting the feat.
Hybrid (5e Feat) Not all subraces are balanced equally, and many give more than pre-existing feats do.
Inurement of the Feywild (5e Feat) This feat is essentially 5e SRD:Spellguard Shield, a Very rare magic item that requires attunement.
Madness (5e Feat) Trying to make sense of this in any mechanical sense is absurd. Immunity to an entire school of magic and psychic damage is too much.
Magic Initiate, Variant (5e Feat) See the talk page. It is Magic Initiate, one of the strongest feats in the game, buffed to the point of unusability.
Multicasting (5e Feat) Even with this very specific restriction, double concentration is still completely busted.
Rampaging Warrior (5e Feat) This feat is far, far too powerful. It approaches the power level of an entire subclass, and blatantly rips off multiple class features to do so.
Refined Tremorsense (5e Feat) weight based defense (that 20lb bit) doesn't make sense with the 5e rules, it should be changed to size of the creature
Resilient, Variant (5e Feat) Gaining access to a single saving throw proficiency is really strong on a feat and gaining access to two is too good. In addition feats should not have level requirements.
Ritual Converter, 2nd Variant (5e Feat) See talk page.
Rubber Body (5e Feat) This is too powerful for a feat.
Spell Knot (5e Feat) Breaks the 5e's fundamental rule of one spell concentrated on
Spell Slot Thief (5e Feat) Regaining spell slots, especially a number equal to your proficiency bonus, is much too powerful. Starting at the highest available spell slot is blatantly exploitative. Spell slots are purposefully an investment. Each spell you cast is a pros, and cons argument, and each spell casting class deals with these restrictions in their own way. Introducing this feat causes a serious disruption to this economy. Additionally, attempting to use this feat can lead to meta-gaming. If an enemy, for whatever reason, has yet to cast a spell, using this feat will tell you if they are able to do so. This is meant to replace a +2 ASI. See Feat Design (5e Guideline).
Unarmored Defense Expert, Variant (5e Feat) Giving a class's unarmored defense on a feat by itself is too powerful, let alone coupled with other things like half an abi and advantage on ability checks on grappling which is also really powerful.
Valiant Dragonmark (5e Feat) Not designed with 5e rules.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Baator (5e Creature) Way stronger than a tarasque. Should be rebalanced for mythic monsters?
Judgement, the High Prosecutor (5e Creature) If the design disclaimer is to be believed, put it on a user page
Lesser Colddrake (5e Creature) The legendary actions are a bit lazy, being merely copies of the normal actions. The whole design is a bit weird.
Merchant, Variant (5e Class) Now the feature is even worse in terms of balance. Change the bodyguards feature to be something akin to the animal companion of ranger beastmaster
Moon Lord (5e Creature) The damage isn't even calculated correctly and it's still ridiculous.
Novaraptor (5e Creature) Nothing needs that many different options for attacks. They're not even differentiated from each other by having different effects.
Nyan Kajan (Late) (5e Creature) CR calculation is wrong.
Phoenixmancer, Variant (5e Class) Class features gained at the same level as spell slots of 3rd level and higher.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Armor of the Void (5e Equipment) This item goes against a number or rules that magical items should abide by including: having no limit on the bonuses the item can provide, gaining effect based on other items, and staying within bounded accuracy. In addition, the armor is heavily over tuned, see the relative power level of another piece of rare armor, the 1st party +1 AC rare armor.
Black Metal Cards (5e Equipment) The most damage a martial melee weapon does is 2d6, and the greatsword has plenty of drawbacks
Blade (5e Equipment) Fundamentally better than a heavy crossbow, having a higher damage die, melee potential, not needing ammunition, not being heavy, and not having the loading property. The only thing this doesn't outshine it in is range and cost, but that in no way balances the above.
Blade ot Tathagata (5e Equipment) This seems awfully weak for a legendary item that has 48,000 souls within it. Mentions having its own will, so perhaps it should be a sentient item?
Burst Assault Rifle (5e Equipment) Hidden special property gives the potential to deal 6d8 per attack, when a typical automatic rifle from the DMG is locked to 2d8.
Calibri Cards (5e Equipment) I tried my hardest to fix these, but PRIME Missile and Attack Modifier still need a lot of work
Chaotic Sword (5e Equipment) "Any" isn't a rarity.
Cow's Milk (5e Equipment) This isn't RuneScape.
Crescent Rose, Variant (5e Equipment) Properties don't work right, and why is the ranged version simply better?
Crow Quill (5e Equipment) Is this one or two weapons? Do I need to have extra attack to use the quills? I feel like this is just a rapier with daggers in the players other hand as another attack.
Dagger and Rope (5e Equipment) Why would adding a rope to a Dagger make it deal more damage?
Dancer's Enchanted Swords (5e Equipment) Uses should be gained at dawn each day.
Death's Scythe (5e Equipment) The demon possession needs to be fully detailed, along with potential cures for the possession, if there are any. Once the base weapon is determined, the damage needs to be recalculated. Death's veil needs a distance. What if a creature has 10 or less health (almost all naturally occuring wildlife in the back of the MM that doesn't have 'Giant' in its name).
Demilance (5e Equipment) A 1d12 weapon that's always 1 handed is concerning to say the least
Demon Mask (5e Equipment) Tranforming a PC into another creature comes with a whole load of issues(losing access to class levels, changing a PC's race potentially without them knowing, ect.) which makes this item's balance questionable.
Demoniac Sword (5e Equipment) This weapon 'levels up' instead of following Dormant/Awakened/Exalted pattern already established for magic items
Doubleshot Greatbow (5e Equipment) No ranged weapon deals more than 1d10 damage, and this has enough special properties to warrant being a magic item
Dragon Claws, Variant (5e Equipment) Better than some martial weapons.
Dwarven Urgrosh (5e Equipment) This is significantly more powerful than the first-party double-bladed scimitar
Enchanted Lich Robes (5e Equipment) Ridiculously specific attunement requirement
Energy Spear (5e Equipment) Far too much damage for a mundane weapon (is this supposed to be futuristic or magical?).
Epee (5e Equipment) A weapon with +1 to hit is a bit too good, regardless of damage
Folding Sword (5e Equipment) What distinguishes this from a shortsword with the Hidden property
Full length Gauntlets (5e Equipment) So with 1 item, unarmed strikes deal more than a monk ever will, AND a free Bracers of Defense? Seems balanced. Heck, Slow and Steady is completely broken on its own thanks to literally doubling the amount of attacks you can make.
Fullmetal Cloak, Variant (5e Equipment) Carapace Mode gives the identical effect of +1 Mithral Armor in addition to mobility bonuses
Glock (5e Equipment) So now this light weapon deals as much damage as a hunting rifle? That doesn't seem right. Range is also very odd (modern weapons use 1/3 range ratio, with an automatic pistol having (50/150) and revolvers having (40/120) in the DMG.
Gravity Saber (5e Equipment) Should be a magic item
Hammer of Orlon (5e Equipment) Since PCs do not have any legendary per turn, the actions here would not seem to be much use. The attunement requirement is vague. "Much more likely to die" isn't defined. "Per encounter" isn't a 5e duration.
Heartwood Armor (5e Equipment) This is no different than a set of mithril armor minus the clause on the removal of a Strength minimum and minor detriment from fire based attack, and mithril armor is uncommon. See the talk page as well.
Jaroidian Diamond Greataxe (5e Equipment) The damage is so overpowered that this item wouldn't be balanced even as an artifact. Should have its damage reduced and be written as a magical weapon, instead of a regular item, with rarity instead of a value in gp
Jaroidian Diamond Sword (5e Equipment) Weapons shouldn't have a 4d6 damage output without some heavy drawback to it
Jaroidian Plate (5e Equipment) No armor should just be better than plate. 19 AC needs some BIG disadvantages to not be overpowered (see Fortress Armor (5e Equipment)). Neither cost nor weight balance this.
Kaeozzoidian Dragon Pulled Plane (5e Equipment) This should be a magic item, not normal equipment, with rarity instead of a value in gp. Draelm (talk) 16:21, 18 October 2020 (MDT)
Kapesh (5e Equipment) This is a Rapier that does Slashing damage and has the light property
Khopesh Glaive (5e Equipment) This is identical to the SRD Glaive, with the added Disarming property
Ko-naginata (5e Equipment) This is a Glaive given finesse and d8 one handed
Ko• (5e Equipment) If there's special properties/lore, it's best to make it magical
Kusarigama Variant (5e Equipment) 2d6 reach weapons are a bit too powerful
Kōsoku (5e Equipment) "Artifact" does not mean "zero semblance of balance". As it can deal infinite damage(literally, check the last feature), this one better resembles the latter.
Lance of Judgment (5e Equipment) [1] item is not only utterly ridiculous power-wise, but many things are confusingly and questionably worded. 90 feet flight with no caveats, two damage immunities, flat double damage, a +30 skill bonus, DC 40 saves to disarm, summoning seven friendly creatures each with Challenge Rating 23, ignoring any and all immunity, flat double damage, who the heck is Vastos, the most narrow and confusing destruction rules ever, free healing, friendlies get advantage on everything, and this is just the stuff I could find on a cursory glance.
Longblade (5e Equipment) As above.
Mechanised Arm Crossbow (5e Equipment) This is a direct upgrade to the Hand Crossbow
Monkey Wrench (5e Equipment) The special needs a limit, like charges.
Norse Shield (5e Equipment) A plain +3 shield is very rare
Poinkin (5e Equipment) I am confused how any of these mechanics are intended to work.
Power Up Sword (5e Equipment) This suffers from bag of rats, what is keeping a player from spending a year or so of downtime to kill one million rats to get a +1,000 bonus to attack and damage rolls?
Quentin's Incredible Blunderbuss (5e Equipment) This. Is. A. Magic. Item.
RIP-Tire (5e Equipment) Using this item is not comprehensible.
Raven Feather Cloak, Variant (5e Equipment) No armor should double your Dex mod when added to AC. Assuming the character has the max of 20 DEX and no other modifiers such as a ring of protection or the like, this a potential of 22 AC on top of the already staggering advantage on all DEX rolls, which would apply to their attacks, ability checks and saving throws according to the language used here. Additionally, the armor is marked as only a rare magic item, despite its overwhelming power. If this item is to be allowed in any fashion, it should be adjusted to the rarity of Artifact, and be unobtainable outside of crafting, with the resources and time to do so increased exponentially, and the method for forging incredibly difficult
Reinforced Leather Armor (5e Equipment) Resistance to piercing damage is not the kind of thing any mundane armor should grant. The only reasonable way to properly balance this would be to make it have stealth disadvantage, but that would make this redundant (see Plated Leather Armor (5e Equipment).
Ring of Alfheim (5e Equipment) This is more akin to a spell. In addition, cut back on the lore
Ring of Dark Vision (5e Equipment) The Uncommon Goggles of Night give 60 feet of darkvision, and 60 more if you already have darkvision
Scythe Whip (5e Equipment) See talk page
Scythe of Time (5e Equipment) Absurdly powerful, even for an Artifact. Severely misunderstands what the magic item template is capable of.
Seedshooter (5e Equipment) The Hand Crossbow, a Light 1d6 Loading ranged weapon, is a martial weapon
ShroomCap Armor (5e Equipment) Armor only adds dex for a reason. Int, wis, and cha armors completely change how spellcasters treat armor, and as such need to be magical. Additionally, medium armor limits the user's dex bonus to AC, which this does not.
Sniffing glue (5e Equipment) So for 15 copper, a player gets advantage against 2 of the more common and dangerous conditions in 5e for an extended period of time with a miniscule chance to maybe get poisoned? Sure sounds balanced to me.
Spider Silk Glove (5e Equipment) This is way too powerful to be a mundane weapon.
Star Glitcher (5e Equipment) This item has next to no actual mechanical effect besides being extremely hard to unattuned to, and is vastly weaker than even most uncommon magical items.
Tabar-Shishpar (5e Equipment) Needs a reason to exist when the Warhammer and Longsword exist
Talwar (5e Equipment) The description literally compares it to being a scimitar. If your character has a scimitar, you can just flavor it to be a Tulwar without needing any extra weapon page.
Templar Cross (5e Equipment) Many legendary items in a fusion dance does not an artifact make
Tessen (bladed fan) This is a direct upgrade to the martial scimitar
The Holy Glaive Netherbane (5e Equipment) This weapon is far more powerful than any other artifact as it deals a large amount of bonus damage upon hitting on top of providing an huge AC bonus and having a higher bonus than any other magical item in 5e(+4 is max).
The equalizer (5e Equipment) This is an objectively better greatsword with no cost.
True Spirit Spear Chastifol (5e Equipment) +3 to attack and damage rolls AND AC is far too much, let alone +5 AC, being able to deal 20d10 damage effectively every other turn with 0 cost, effectively invincible cover (when was the last time you saw a monster use a magic weapon?), and level scaling on top of it all. What does "half power" even mean in this context?
Undersized Lifesteal Crossbow (5e Equipment) Firstly, an undersized crossbow is a hand crossbow. Secondly, hit point regeneration needs to be more measured than this so I suggest you look at something like the Sword of Life Stealing.
Warglaive (5e Equipment) A weapon with finesse and reach (or just has any sort of AC bonus) should be balanced like a whip, so this deals far too much damage.
Weighted Yo-yo (5e Equipment) this is objectively better than any simple weapon and than a whip, that is a martial weapon


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
13th level ultimate one shot build (5e Optimized Character Build) This doesn't work, you can only apply one Metamagic per spell unless the metamagic states otherwise; see talk page.
Anti-Feats (5e Variant Rule) All of these "antifeats" need rewriting. I get a free feat if I kill "5 non-intelligent beasts" every 10 days. I get a free feat if I lower my dump stats. I'm not sure what "balanced" antifeats would look like. This highlights why Flaws were abandoned after 3rd edition. You can always choose one that has minimal impact. I can only imagine this working if you take away something that the player will definitely be relying on, such as hit dice or spell slots.
Boon of Gargantuan Size (5e Epic Boon) A +2 ASI is suggested as an alternative to Epic Boons
Boon of Primordial Power (5e Epic Boon) Boon of Immunity. but all of them. There's a limit even to Ω power.
Boon of The Primeval God (5e Epic Boon) Too vague, and should really be put on the class page
Boon of the Phoenix (5e Epic Boon) Each of the traits contained in this boon could be a boon in and of itself. Check the boons present in the DMG so you have a notion of the power of a boon. Alternatively, maybe the features in this boon would fit an artifact better
Calishite (5e Race Variant) This race seems rather underwhelming. Genie Rivalry is more role playing than a game mechanic. Calishite Ancestry is at the discretion of your DM, and is very broad. The Art of the Trade seems unusual and seems to only defend against traits and features, but grants complete immunity against them. Elves Fey Ancestry would seem more along the lines of . See also 5e Race Design Guide.
Chaos Bubble (5e Hazard) How does one escape this hazard as it is extremely hard to pass the initial check and it would be downright cruel if one was unable to escape after getting inside the bubble.
Child of Asmodeus (5e Race Variant) the way this subrace scales and number of benefits it is far stronger than other Player's Handbook races. The 5e Race Design Guide may have ideas to help improve this
Darkness Incarnate (5e Background) Too many bonuses; skills, languages.
Determined One (5e Background) Backgrounds shouldn't provide mechanical benefit.
Dominatrix (5e Background) Proficiencies and equipment are incorrect, please see the "Creating a Background" instructions in the DMG. "Dominating Presence" doesn't do anything a Pursuasion or Insight check doesn't already do.
Dragonborn (5e Race Variant) This is just a straight up buffed dragonborn, with +4 ASI; there is no associated action for the Breath Weapon or a recharge, and the DC shouldn't be calculated like that
Endless Divine Soul of Darkness Incarnate (5e Background) Design disclaimers excuse edge-case, "could clober in incredibly specific scenarios", not to excuse blatant balance issues, see Help:A Good DM.
Fallen Deity (5e Background) This background is far more powerful than other comparable backgrounds due to the sheer number of proficiencies/languages you gain.
Former Gladiator (5e Background) The feature should not grant mechanical benefits.
Formless Body (5e Blessing) Take this boon and become a Tarrasque. 'nuff said
Full Counter (Magic) (5e Epic Boon) Way above anything an epic boon can do. This allow you to, for example, reflect 9th level spells without limits. Take a look at the official boons so you can have an idea on how powerful they should be.
Guardian of The Forest (5e Epic Boon) I would point out the many condition immunities or the permanent spell effects, but i'm pretty sure that you are aware that this boon is extremely overpowered, and the design disclaimer doesn't change that
Half Vampire (5e Race Variant) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. 4 free class levels in mystic, allows concentration of two spells, a cantrip/1st/2nd level spells from any class list. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Herald of the Gods (5e Background) Backgrounds don't give you access to spells or mechanical benefits. Compared to the sailor background, which is one of the only official ones with mechanical benefits, this is still way too much. It should be repurposed from a role play perspective.
Hunter (5e Background) The features are weak, describing either something that a character could do even if they did not have this background but was nevertheless knew how to hunt; or providing a clear mechanical numeric bonus. A background feature should be something only someone of that background should be able to do: not just the normal techniques of hunting.
Jade Emperor’s Body (5e Epic Boon) As per usual, each trait could be a whole boon. Please balance this
Jaroidian Bolt (Jaroidia Supplement) 19 average damage is way more than even the most powerful first level spells
Jaroidian Outlander (5e Background) Backgrounds should give 2 skills at most, not 7.
Jaroidian Royalty (5e Background) 8 skills is far too many for a background
Judgement’s Authority (5e Epic Boon) If the design disclaimer is to be believed, put it on a user page
Kaeozz Bolt (Jaroidia Supplement) This is very literally a boosted Chaos Bolt, but a cantrip
Kaeozzoidian (Jaroidia Supplement) Where do I even begin. A net +7 ASI, 50 feet walk, two HP per level, all weapons and armor, double powerful build, Fighter extra attack, races don't get new abilities after level 5, free dash, and a fighting style
Max Damage Rogue Edition (5e Optimized Character Build) As noted on the talk page, this build cannot make a sneak attack with a heavy crossbow.
Pet Lover (5e Background) Incorrect number of proficiencies. The feature does not differ significantly from the normal rules for training an animal.
Shadow Bringer (5e Background) The feature should not grant a mechanical benefit.
Solid (5e Background) A background that grants a (limited) ability score increase on top of similar benefits of other backgrounds is not balanced.
THE BFSD (5e Optimized Character Build) You cannot use meta magic multiple times on the same spell.
The Forsaken Child (5e Epic Boon) Total immortality is too good. Full stop
Thug (5e Background) Doesn't distinguish itself from the criminal background in the PHB (with which you can make a thug by choosing your criminal speciality).
Tyrling (5e Race Variant) The Legacy of Tyr ability seems to work as a weapon with charges that regained at specific times of day. To see this on a race is odd, and seems misplaced. Standard long or short rest wording would seem to suffice.
Vampiric Tabaxi (5e Race Variant)
Wooden box with a Cupcake (5e Trap) If this is a mechanical trap, not a magical trip, then players should not be forced into taking the bait with a failed save. Honestly, I'm not sure this is even worth a page, as any DM can improvise a "box fall over PC" trap in their sleep.
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