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Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Adapted Human (5e Race) Right now, this race have around 12 points in musicus meter, with subclasses taking it as high as 14, so more than double the average(considering average being 6) of PHB races, not mentionig immunity to two whole conditions. This needs some serious fine-tuning. I recommend reading [| guidline] for designing races before balancing it
Alastor, Variant (5e Race) I'm not sure how the whole "absorbing magic weapons" works here. It says you attune to them at the end of the long rest, barring long rest effects. But does that change how many items you can have attuned? Does that mean you can never un-absorb weapons you absorbed, and are stuck attuned forever? Overall, the idea of this race is incredibly iffy due to the super min-maxed nature of virtually no social utility and all in on combat.
Alastor (5e Race) Overall a very weird class that needs a design disclaimer due to you just being a sword and lacking all weapon and armor capabilities. Sort of makes the whole "while unarmored" AC calculation pointless and a bit debilitating. You are virtually an object or a flying sword so maybe a single base AC hardness would work better.
Anime Dragonborn (5e Race) Strictly better than the standard dragonborn in nearly every regard, gets an unarmored defense better than the Barbarian among other things
Awakened Beast (5e Race) Not sure how a race is played through the CR. Awakened Beast: some class' and subclass' features are overpowered
Bedwarfer (5e Race) +4 ASI combined with multiple problematic traits, such as truesight and a pair of literal Beholder eyebeams (one of which is a ray of disintegration).
Belial (5e Race) Races should not let you go past 20 in a particular score. Clunky mechanics.
Bio Golem (5e Race) A +4 ASI in a single stat, base size of Large without accounting for the problems this introduces in the game, both superior darkvision and tremorsense (without noting the range for either), a base walking speed of 40 feet, natively knows a cantrip better than eldritch blast with scaling that's absolutely off the charts, a better action surge, and what looks to be an infinitely scaling damage trait.
Born Bladesman (5e Race) This race is narrowly focused on weapons. Half-Orc would be a good comparison. Does Power Lounge's bonus action clause mean you make an attack with a weapon? If yes, it needs to reworked to happen only once before resting, and should probably not have any bonuses whatsoever, and even a drawback. If the damage is supposed to be done by you landing on a creature, then that needs to be clarified. Born to fight has too much going on and should be 2 traits. The section about opportunity attacks is totally bizarre and seems like it belongs a on cursed magic item instead of a racial trait. Endless Whistle's stipulation of CR 1/8 is borderline irrelevant and accounts for basically everything in the game; Ponies and mastiffs have a CR 1/8. Communication with language essentially requires attunement?
Bount (5e Race) Mechanics are unusable.
Brachiosaurus (5e Race) This race seems overpowered compared to similar first-party races and would benefit from having less powerful traits. This thing is using large size rules similar to how they are in 3.5e, which increases the damage dice for unarmed strikes (way outclassing monk here btw) and also gives it an inordinate amount of darkvision. The AC base of 16 is also frankly ridiculous. The thing that seems to be intended to "balance" these benefits is the idea that these things cannot use weapons or cast spells without normal hands. However, that only makes this seem even less like something that should be a race at all, as this is a bad race design. It has such limiting options due to the implications from its body.
Candy People (5e Race) See 5e Race Design Guide. Several racial traits seem to relate to being consumed which doesn't seem very useful in game, and it's strange.
Chancekin (5e Race) Not viable as a race in any serious campaign - this is approximately as workable as a Deck of Many Things, an item known to immediately destroy any campaign it is introduced in.
Cheshire Cat (5e Race) The ability to cast greater invisibility at will from level 1 is too much. Also, at later levels, you can grow to absurd sizes over and over indefinitely, making this stronger than a rune knight + enlarge/reduce combo. Size adjustment information is near illegible.
Clown (5e Race) Slapstick comedy is way too strong for a race, particularly if you min-max also into dexterity.
Colossus (5e Race) Ridiculous ASIs, Large size, and other examples of awkward balance all around.
Conrectus (5e Race) Universal disadvantage should likely be avoided, as should immunity to sleep by magical means.
Core Phantom (5e Race) Universal advantage on death saving throws.
Ctalln (5e Race) 5 ASI. 45 base walking speed blows 1sst party races out of the water. Having fewer traits doesn't mean the others should be overpowered to compensate. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Cursed Oni (5e Race) The 1d8 unarmed strike could be toned down so monk wouldn't be made entirely pointless.
Curwesta Pixie (5e Race) Magical wings uses weird limitations and nonconventional time measures (30 seconds, 2 minutes, eg). It doesn't make a lot of sense that this race gets to automatically make all weapons they have be finesse (also, no, that's pretty broken and clunky to limit a player this way).
Demon (5e Race) Unacceptably high ability score increase, functions more as a creature template than an actual race
Demon Slime (5e Race) 3 different damage resistances including piercing plus 2 damage immunities including bludgeoning by itself makes this race significantly more powerful than any first-party race. Even the VGM Yuan-ti, considered to be game-breakingly powerful, has only one immunity and no damage resistances. Shape Change is very ill-defined and open-ended, consider wording this like the Changeling's shapeshifting. Devour allows for infinite healing, compare this to Dhampir's bite attack. Is Mana Pressure an at-will ability? Also, is it an action or a bonus action? What is the DC for the saving throw? Even at level 15 an at-will "prone aura" is wayyy too strong. Also, races generally don't get any more traits beyond 5th level. 1-hour-long long rests break the resource economy of 5e and by itself would make this race significantly stronger than any first-party race, let alone all the other stuff it gets. This race needs to be depowered significantly to be brought to a power level comparable to first-party races.
Demonborne (5e Race) This race seems overpowered compared to similar first-party races and would benefit from having less powerful traits. For example, 5e discourages negative ability scores as it is false balance. Summoning should also only be reserved for classes, and is incredibly OP for any race. Overall requires more work from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first-party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Devourer (5e Race) Scales past 5th level. In 5e, races never gain traits beyond this point.
Dirt (5e Race) Needs to be nerfed. Doesn't follow 5e rules.
Displacer Kin (5e Race) This race takes half damage from everything that requires a saving throw, 40 base movement speed, and natural weapons that far exceed anything other first party races have. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Dracotaur, Variant (5e Race) See talk page
Dragon, 2nd Variant (5e Race) 1d8 natural attacks, large size, etc.
Dragon Troll (5e Race) I don't believe I can fix this race properly without gutting the thing entirely. Large sized, 1d10 natural weapon, a breath weapon, AND unconditional regeneration. Well above the power level of all SRD races.
Earth Titan (5e Race) See talk.
Ectonurite (5e Race) Possession can, as written, can control an infinite number of creatures indefinitely, and you are able to take any action you want after doing so, and there is no 'cooldown'. Intermediary Darkvision instead of either Darkvision, or Superior Darkvision?
Eliksni, Variant (5e Race) Scales past 5th level.
Eliksni (5e Race) The houses and codes aren't balanced between eachother very well.
Enfield (5e Race) Stalker's strike is a bit too variable since it just says "make a check" and see if it works. These DCs are often up to DM discretion, which could make this trait really useless. It might benefit from simplification. So, for example, the first unarmed strike they make coming out of hiding/after hiding does not give away their location or something.
Experiment 626 "Stitch" (5e Race) Vastly more powerful than any first-party race.
Experimental Hybrid (5e Race) This race is greatly overpowered in almost every way. Ability scores increases are far too great, armored should not be a trait, proficiencies are too numerous, and several other problem. The base knows three languages. Humans is both variants of human in the DMG combined with more on top. The other races follow suit. All bloods are completely broken. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Fallen Human, Variant (5e Race) I tried nerfing some things, but this race might still be a little OP. Especially Purple. I added some new traits and tidied it all up based on the glitchtale universe, I intend to rework the normal souls, to have a better scalling
Fallen Human (5e Race) Different soul weapons are NOT balanced between eachother at all, let alone balanced on their own.
Fallen Solar (5e Race) This thing has +5 ASI. It has that -2 for, I assume, false balancing it a bit, but that doesn't really work in 5e. That is a ridiculous boon to spellcasting builds. You're also large and can apparently possess people because you can't die? Solar soul has gamebreaking implications and yet no mechanical rigor in describing how it could actually work. It most certainly is not balanced.
Farborn (5e Race) Aberrant lineage does not properly detail how having this creature type affects mechanics (negation of spells that target only humanoids, etc). This race sounds like two creatures. Do you get two creatures to play as, or is this merely flavor. It sounds like a variant or setting rule than something for a generically usable race, same for the effect of when they kill each other. "Per X rest" wording needs to be properly written out ("you regain all uses of x after finishing a long rest...", eg).Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Forest Mutation (5e Race) infinite, unconditional regeneration is a no go. Creature can, and should have only one creature type. And unlimited amount of grappling, that also deal damage, at the 75 feet range is nuts.
Froggage (5e Race) A +4 ASI to a single stat is ridiculously powerful, and it doesn't even include a clause to ensure it maxes out at 20. This is doubly broken when you consider that the stat in question is Dexterity, which is often thought of as the most important stat in the game. 'Normal Vision' isn't a thing. A +3 AC increase from a race is also utterly broken. A race should have proficiency in a skill, not a flat bonus to it.
Furry True (5e Race) Sum +3 ASI is too much. Darkvision with no corresponding Sunlight Sensitivity, enhanced speed, claws, and reisstance to cold are arguably too much with even +2 ASI.
Fyx (5e Race) 120 feet of truesight is imbalanced for pretty much any race at level 1. You are giving a free 6th-level spell effect that is passive. Think about that. Consult the bonthain race and how it is disclaimered and nerfed heavily due to having this powerful trait.
Ghoul, 2nd Variant (5e Race) Kagune were turned into a class for Ghoul, Variant (5e Race) for this exact reason, they're far too strong to just be something everyone gets automatically, especially when adapted like this. Additionally, Kakuja is a complete mess.
Giant Glacier Insect (5e Race) Racail traits are stuffed. Wielding 2 two-handed weapons with no drawbacks, unarmored AC, and flat skill bonus. 2 resistances and vulnerabilities might be too many. Also, a natural weapon with 1d6 damage and finesse? Freezing healing seems very strong and weak at the same time. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Grisean (5e Race) One of its traits makes more sense as a background feature. It also seems to be very similar to a Human Variant, granting a feat and all. Languages other than official should also be defined if they are used by a race.
Hadramiel (5e Race) Touch attacks, without using any mechanics for 1d6 damage isn't at all playable.
Half-Devil, Variant (5e Race) Devil's Will trait allows hit-dice based regeneration without limiting it per rest, as well as a way to gain ridiculous stacking bonuses. Base walking speed of 40 places them above wood elves. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Half-Rust Monster (5e Race) Too strong compared to standard first party races. There is no reason why this race should have 40 feet of movement. Their large Armor Class increase paired with their ability to corrode metals as a reaction is also too strong. Consider reducing the base Armor Class and reworking the rust effect to better suit a race.
Half-Suva (5e Race) +4 ASI, 30 feet of flying, double drawing and instant-doffing, or choice of a class feature. This is also a pure celestial, which comes with a few spell immunities. Combined, these are a bit much.
Half-Vampire (5e Race) This race is overpowered compared to similar first-party races, and would benefit from having less powerful traits as the race currently get everything their first party race gets and a whole bunch of questionable stuff from the vampire. Overall requires a rethink and then a rework from a mechanical perspective to better compare and integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Hard Ice Elemental (5e Race) Do these guys have hands? That's a pretty big shift since players are generally assumed to have bodies that can hold weapons and cast spells. Cold air control could be worded better to reflect this.
Hive Mind (5e Race) I do not advise being able to "gain one racial feature" of another race, as this is unpredictable and can lead to a broken build.
Hiveborn (5e Race) Concept is far too much for a race, mechanically and... wordedly. I recommend the Kroot (5e Race) for advice on how to make a race which gains stuff from other creatures, as it executes the concept rather well without being as overbearing as this.
Hobblegrunt (5e Race) This thing is Large size (capitalize sizes) and it gets quite a few benefits including non-focus casting for ALL spells (which no race gets), flying speed, etc. It also has an atypical body type that defies how 5e expects players to interact with their world. This would fit much better as a monster, same for all the dragon "races" made of this franchise.
Inklings (5e Race) See talk page
Jakuan (5e Race) +3 to evocation magic? It sounds like an older edition of DnD, not 5e, as that would hazard breaking bounded accuracy. Is this in the right edition? The format seems to be 3.5e as well.
Joryun (5e Race) Huge size is still problematic. You are thematically and mechanically ridiculous in size to maneuver and use items. The category is also still Large. The race gets too much, simply, with its Huge size.
Kaleidoscope (5e Race) Transcendance is incredibly awkward, breaking 5e precedents at all opportunities. Parties aren’t a thing, nor are battles, instant death for enemies is broken as possible, as is permanent stat bonuses.
Kaonashi (5e Race) There should be a way, for example an investigation check, to discern if the gold is fake or not. How is even Maw of Arivice supposed to work? I read it three times and still do not know. Ravenous Bite is a mess, being too big of a dice, grantin unlimited healing and being mechanically unsound ("size increases by 5 feet") at the same time. And permanent invisibility
Kestral (5e Race) Infinite uses of a second level spell, namely. Otherwise, the scaling of the Bite attack and the healing granted by it is also concerning.
Kirbonian (5e Race) Several features are considerably hard to understand, and the whole 'Swallow' feature effectively has no limiting factors, allowing you to gain an intense level of power from traits taken from creatures.
Kitsen (5e Race) The death before dishonor feature feels like the capstone of the samurai subclass... except that this doesn't seem to allow you to die? That makes it infinitesimally better, since you don't go night-night until combat is feasibly over, despite getting hit with only 1 temp hp, as long as you have enemies up.
Kodaku (5e Race) Instatneous Regeneration is ridiculous, and also extremely niche. Fluoroscopy is blindsight without saying blindsight plus more. The whole race seems like a dream hodge-podge of traits to make it less annoying to play. Know all languages(basically) Can't be surprised, always aware, sleep 4 hours, can't loose limbs, no lingering injuries, immune to disease, stronger so you have higher carrying capacity, higher than 20 boundary for constitution. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Kumiho (5e Race) This race gets a lot at its base and gets additional things from its subraces. There is unconditional advantage that one subrace gets, and there is a fluff feature that scales into 18th level for some reason, to name a few issues.
Labaranthine (5e Race) +4 ASI along with everything else they get, especially immunity to spells like crown of madness since they are not humanoids, is a bit too much (Large size, gnome cunning, etc.). "Once per day" is not proper wording in 5e for race traits. The spellcasting also needs a proper limit (see tiefling for example on wording). Screech for some reason doesn't call for a normal save, so that needs changing too.
Latex Beast (5e Race) So the winged black subrace creates offspring? Are these controlled by the player or something? What stats do those have? The "line-of-sight" seeing is strange also. So you can literally only see in a straight line as drawn from a map?
Leafeon (5e Race) There is very little argument for why this race gets a +4 ASI. They also get 35 walking speed and 15 feet of burrow speed, which would allow them to gain cover pretty much anywhere they dig (and it seems to be everywhere). The addition of tremorsense is also very strong and doesn't seem to have any good support for it. Razor leaf is also a large AoE without limit of use. I suggest looking at the razor leaf homebrew spell for some aid. Leaf guard is poorly worded with an arbitrary DC. It should probably be something like half-orcs relentless, if anything, even though that is a very strong interpretation of the ability. Photosynthesis has no definition of what energy even is or what it does. The dex entry needs to be properly translated into forgoing food requirements. Leaf blade has a very high damage for an unarmed strike, and outclasses monk. It could also use better unarmed wording.
Lekgolo (5e Race) How to establish connections with a bond brother, since it does have a mechanical effect in this case, should be detailed in a trait for this race, or a small rule.
Leonine Fey (5e Race) 5e doesn't really have sex-dimorphic traits or scores like older editions. The traits need some mechanical grounding (like how does character design having black hair do anything for you getting an additional form? It shouldn't). The scaling of damage on shapeshift and its abilities is also overpowered and should be toned down to something more like shifter's shift, with a duration and recharge.
Lich (5e Race) Truesight, extra spell slots, and the inability to die. Absolutely must be toned down.
Lithune (5e Race) Racial traits are significantly better than other first party feats and racial feats. Feats should not have level caps and the prereq's should have the race name in them to show their racial feats. These are more class feature type abilities than racial feats, see XGtE. 1d8 on an unarmed strike might as well be giving a monk their 11th level class feature early. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide and the 5e Feat Design Guide for help.
Living Doll, Variant (5e Race) The Accursed has universal advantage on intimidation checks.
Living Doll (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Two common condition immunities. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Lovian (5e Race) Universal disadvantage on deception. What's a foresight check? Grease the Wheels should be proficiency, or a conditional advantage and probably say check. Damage types involve resistances or vulnerabilities, not a variable additive to the damage, as it can slow down combat. Subraces have ability score reductions. Not all classes have spellcasting abilities. 5e Race Design Guide.
Machine Lifeform (5e Race) Network bound is a very powerful feature that gives you the half-orcs endurance but for multiple uses rather than just 1. If you only regain a use after using it once, it should be fine to have it only be one use. Modifier based usage should be reserved for classes anyway. The way it ties into another trait is also highly specific and may therefore be more generalized to have them be in separate subraces or something.
Maevin (5e Race) Maevin magic grants an effect like shield... except that it lasts for 8 hours. Even considering that it bars the affected from wearing armor, that seriously breaks bounded accuracy.
Manibus (5e Race) This race seems underpowered. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and consider checking out some of the comparable Featured Articles.
Mask of Heresy (5e Race) How is allow this race to possibly take over anything with a minimum int of 6 balanced?
Medusa (5e Race) The petrifying ability on this Medusa is more powerful than the Flesh to Stone spell, that is already a 6th level spell
Mosa Moth (5e Race) I see that there is a subrace that can use hit dice repeatedly? And the whole regaining limb thing, as usual, makes spells like regenerate obsolete from early on. Rebel's Darkness also has no usage limit and has an arbitrary DC. Some of the wording issues make the traits much stronger, also.
Mothlin (5e Race) Sense of smell has a mechanical benefit with the advantage on smell, so that part is fine. But the emotion part is poorly defined. What do you roll? What counts as "strong emotions?
Neamhfreann (5e Race) A +4 to a single score is ridiculous enough, the rest of the traits here are even worse. This could maybe be put up for deletion, as this page is both horribly balanced and the concept done to death.
Nightwings (5e Race) Advanatage on all skills checks of a certain type, by itself, is too powerful a trait for races. Besides that, the fact that this race can fly, but has a decent number of other traits is also a concern.
Nosgoth Vampire (5e Race) There are way too many traits here, and gaining access to traits as you level. The class-copied stuff needs to be overhauled and greatly simplified. This should only be a small number of benefits if it's truly seeking to be a race. Has 4 total ASI.
Null (5e Race) This race has a lot of extra senses, the maximum number traits, and damage immunity. It's also immune to aging, disease, and doesn't need sustenance, and has unconditional advantages, and inherits other bonuses. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Nymph, 4th Variant (5e Race) "Free action" is not a thing in 5e. Also, blinding beauty basically has up to 10 usages (6 second increments for a total of 1 minute). While it sounds fun to be a flickering lightbulb, it would be much more streamlined turn-wise in combat to have a simple 1-minute transformation like shifter or aasimar.
Octofolk (5e Race) Tentacle's grappling benefit just sounds like regular grappling? Unless you mean you can do it without using your hands. Squishy should probably look at something like the UA plasmoid wording. Amphibious' exhaustion system is also cumbersome compared to a simplified one like for the locathah. No race should just get the extra attack feature. Hypnotic skin doesn't use proper 5e conditions (dazed is pre-5e) and the save DC is wrongly calculated.
Patchwork Construct (5e Race) Using a spell "20 times at will over the duration of one moon cycle"?? This is very odd and non-standard 5e usage duration to say the least. Its implementation is also clunky compared to just giving spellcasting with restoration per rest as normal. Also, truesight for a spell at 1st level is just ridiculous along with all the other spells. The trait wordings overall strike me as very odd and cluttered compared to 1st-party content. It should be compared to and take from the exemplary work on the anarmor race or similar Featured Articles for wording and mechanics.
Phantom, Variant (5e Race) This borders on making your character either too ghost-like and nonexistent or too powerful and being able to try and possess anything they want as many times as they want. As written, the mechanics are too loose and wrapped solely in flavor. Look to the soul phantom for how this might be done with better balance.
Phantom-kind (5e Race) Ghostly form doesn't seem to fit the design space for 1st-party race-based spellcasting. Needlessly better than standard darkvision.
Phoenixborn (5e Race) Races really shouldn't have vulnerability to damage types or be immortal. Besides that, the traits in general need to be fixed up.
Phygmentborn (5e Race) Race should not increase single score by three or more, some subclasses lack size
Possesion Doll (5e Race) Possession can use charges from the previous trait to get around the 'cooldown', the CR scales 1-to-1 based on your own level, and your game statistics are changed for the duration which can slow down the gaming experience. Adding more conditions onto the trait will not solve the problem; it does not fit the design space of a racial trait. Cursed eyes does not reflect 1st party race spellcasting/dragonborn breath weapon. These traits feel more like a class, especially with the charges. Racial traits should be a number of bonuses that are linked together via a theme and feeling of the race, not by having charges that stored and usable across a multitude of traits.
Primarch (5e Race) Where do I even begin. This race has +2 to everything, which is a direct upgrade to the already pretty good Human. Flat AC bonuses are a big no-no, and a damage increase to all melee attacks is insane as well.It's almost like the Primarchs are intentionally meant to be a direct perfection of the baseline Human form, hmm?
Prinny (5e Race) not one race feature in here is remotely balanced, reach one being way over the top
Psionic Human (5e Race) See talk page.
Pug (5e Race) Why do we need a separate page for a Dog (5e Race) subtype?
Quar (5e Race) Uses negative ability scores. Capable of increasing an ability score by 3. Blood Frenzy is much too strong of a conditional advantage to be on all the time. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Raesokeran Felis (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Round counting, flat increases to AC, several strong/useful traits wrapped up one. Overall too many strong traits are given/wrapped up and the traits will need a rework from a mechanic perspective to better work with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Raesokeran Ursus (5e Race) Uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague. natural attack? The subraces comparatively are not balanced compared to one another. A number of traits of questionable balance such as granting near conditional advantage on attack rolls and 4 proficiencies? Overall needs a nerf and a clean up to better compare with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Rag Doll (5e Race) I've adjusted or removed some of the traits, but this could still be overpowered: compare with the Warforged in the UA Eberron document.
Renamon (5e Race) Three skill proficiencies, for a race, are too numerous. Although not precisely comparable, Half-Elves by comparison have double skill proficiencies, darkvision, and fey ancestry, and a +4 ASI.
Revenant, Variant (5e Race) Six condition immunities, one damage immunity, and two damage resistances. Even though it is accurate for most undead stat blocks, direct translations into a race lead to balance issues.
Rhopalofae (5e Race) The fact they are described as looking like normal butterflies, which are extremely tiny, and having 35 feet of flying speed, is a disconnect. Tiny size for PCs also can have some implications, see this variant rule, and this should be considered. Dex casting, even more so than con casting, is extremely powerful considering dexterity is a god stat in 5e. This is also poorly corroborated as to why dexterity, even. It would make more sense to only have cantrips from the subs, since they already get two. Getting three and having the spread score use is very messy and strong.
Robot (5e Race) Stronger than any first party race and uses incomplete and incorrect wording throughout. The traits need to be mechanically worded correctly as they are often vague or written like casual conversation. Missing multiple damage/condition immunities/vulnerabilities, Construct creature type, too much choice for ASI's, +3 possible, missing the "you cannot increase this score over 20" descriptor, etc. Overall poorly executed and needs a rework both from a mechanic and lore perspective to better integrate with the first party content. Consult the 5e Race Design Guide for help and see the Featured Articles pages for some exemplary content.
Rät (5e Race) Burrowing speed is very very dangerous for PCs, same as flying speed. Burrowing speed will allow a player to essentially gain cover very easily, and it is not limited in any way here, in contrast to the rakaka or dao subrace of the genie race. Additionally, their speed and supposed size is strange, since if they were Small, having a speed as fast as 35 feet is weird. There could be more flavorful traits injected here.
Saiyan, Variant (5e Creature) Assuming the above is accurate, even a simple +3 increase to a single ability requires weaker traits, +4 to three is way too much. As for the second half, what's keeping a player from maxing out their ability scores in 1 session using acid splash? A simple +2 ASI is a major class feature, throwing out ASIs this easily is not a good idea.
Shadowling (5e Race) See talk page
Shapeshifter (5e Race) So. Proficiencies in way too many things, at minimum a +4 to your stats without any major drawbacks, literal immunity to needing a Constitution saving throw, a literal +7 to your AC by simply going Bear mode.
Simic Hybrid, Variant (5e Race) How many upgrades do you get on the Animal Adaptation list? The ability score increase should also be a standard +2/+1 or something else, plus ability scores shouldn't be allowed to go over 20. Many of the adaptations are beyond broken on a race as well with a few being(Digger as tremor sense is incredibly powerful, Natural Attacks for basically allowing you to have a monk's unarmed damage die scaling/attacking as a bonus action, Wings as flight speed is typically the only powerful trait a race can have to be balanced, among numerous others.
Sleeper Agent (5e Race) It's a race that counts as another race but with more features. This concept, in it's current form, does not work.
Slimecican (5e Race) I can’t figure out whether divide needs to be buffed or nerfed.
Slimefolk (5e Race) See talk page
Sprite, Variant (5e Race) This race is janky and far too powerful for not following the Tiny Player Characters (5e Variant Rule).
Stone Gargoyle (5e Race) Glide needs to be more fleshed out. Do you mean the Glide Speed (5e Variant Rule)?
Super Vampire (5e Race) You gain 60 feet of unrestricted flight when you gain wings, which in and out of itself is a broken feature, but after that statement nothing describes how you gain those wings, not a word. This race also have features that are not finished being described.
Surrakar, Variant (5e Race) unlimited healing on ravenous bite from level 5, blood rage is hard to use, prevent from harming other players, and way to strong
Sylphs (5e Race) This race could have 1 or 2 more traits. Unrestricted flying speed is iffy. See the 5e Race Design Guide.
Sylvari (5e Race) Vulnerability to fire damage is absolutely lethal for player characters, especially at low levels, and the fact that one of the subrace traits just removes said vulnerability renders it rather underwhelming. Additionally, the Dawnborn's "+1 language and skill" is nowhere near as good as *innate spellcasting.*
Tarrasqueborn (5e Race) This either needs a Design Disclaimer that it's intentionally broken, or a complete redesign.
Tengu Raven (5e Race) This race has a surplus of traits: +4 ASI, 2 natural weapons, flying speed and even a form which can increase their flying speed as well as ASI, etc. This could do with some overall culling.
The Consumed (5e Race) Laughably overpowered. 60 feet of movement speed as a base(and no, a ludicrous drawback NEVER justify having overpowered feature). Superior darkvision, here called just darkvision. Can add 1d6 to any weapon attack. Can read others mind. And propably some more, just some features are written in such a way maikng sense of them is impossible. I suggest reading through Race design guide before making a race.
The Eater of Worlds (5e Race) An extradimensional evil monster that is better than changeling doesn't seem like a good PC choice. This has changeling's properties and ridiculous traits about rolling for intimidation when rolling over 18 on an attack roll? And also advantage after 27 hours, why even.
The cloaked (5e Race) The traits offer far too many bonuses, and detriments to be a playable race. It also does not follow many standard 5e design guidelines. See 5e Race Design Guide.
Titan, Variant (5e Race) +4 ASI, Huge size, and can hit 20 AC as a barbarian with only a 20 in Constitution, basically only dependant on two scores. Nuts for a number of reasons.
Treant (5e Race) Taking a closer look at the old musicus ratings, there are some incorrect numbers. The traits overall are too powerful. You are not only large size, which is very strong using the variant rule, your natural armor from tortle also makes you a perfectly viable spell caster to summon unbalancing things, and is worth far more than a 0.5. This race needs some trimming down to be balanced.
Turtle Cat (5e Race) +4 ASI (a -2 as well, which is not encouraged for 5e anymore), 50 feet of walking speed with a ridiculous and non-mechanical definition of restraint, non-mechanically defined traits like feline senses and monkey, scaling AC bonuses, etc... And that doesn't even touch on subraces.
Unicorn (5e Race) See talk page
Unidentified Hydronian (5e Race) Some of these traits do not seem mechanically defined enough. If you cannot fly within certain parameters, those dimensions should be listed out. The inner storm attack uses round count charging, which is not a 5e thing, and the recharge wording is incorrect. The damage of the attack seems a bit iffy to me. The trait to just regrow heads and limbs makes regenerate moot. Also, non-breathing should be written more mechanically, like how undead nature uses it.
Uxar (5e Race) Almost all animal forms have something wrong with them, way too much to describe here. I suggest reffering to race design guide before fixing this. Also, how those "Addons" work? There is no text explaining them, and many of them seem obviously more powerful than others. If changing into an animal is the core trait for this race, you should probably NOT be indistinguishable from the creatures you are copying. There should be a investigation/perception/nature check to notice you aren't the animal whose form you have adapted. Other than for reasons relating to size, why would ever choose to be a cat over a wolf? You gain exactly the same traits, and you get 2 additional, beneficial traits on top of that. One of which is conditional, barely, advantage on attack rolls. Similar problems can be seen with arctic foxes. Drow are an example of elves with advantages over other elven forms, but also suffer a cost due to their highly specific environment.
Valkyrion (5e Race) A feat by itself is extremely powerful for a race to have as its power is roughly equivalent to another abi. On top of that, this race has a flying speed, which while low and somewhat restrictive, makes the race too powerful. Them being presumably celestials is another factor that may make the race too powerful.
Vampire, 2nd Variant (5e Race) The bit attack is essentially 1d4 + 1d8, which is much stronger than that of the lizardfolk, with maximum damage potential equal to dragonborn breath (2d6). The nightborn subrace exacerbates this issue. There also are simply too many traits compared to even the already strong vampire race. The use of blood points make this race very abusable in healing and general versatility if you can just suck off your friends. The embraced just straight up gives you pick of traits from all humanoid races and it also lessens the restriction of drinking blood. Some of the traits do not use strictly defined wording, which leads to possible abuse. For example, defining the amount of sunlight will just have the dm and player arguing over the situation of damage dealt. Overall, this thing is way too powerful.
Vampire, Noble (5e Race) Many of the traits are overpowered as written. Feast of Blood gives advantage without conditions or specific criteria needing to be met. It also turns the target into a spawn without requiring a saving throw. There seems to be no limit to the number of spawns one can have under their control. Maximum hit point reduction. Noble blood seems to includes ALL vampires regardless of previous dispositions to you. Sunlight Sensitivity is not given a 'cooldown' if you will. As written it seems to instantly kill your character if they go into sunlight.
Viltrumite (5e Race) So how do you add Viltrumies in 5e without them being too broken, but keep them accurate to the source material? That’s the neat part you don’t.
Warforged, 5th Variant (5e Race) The celestial variant has fly speed of about 60 feet, 120 feet of darkvision, and immunity to radiant as well as resistance to necrotic damage. That is only one of the options here. The rest need to be properly assessed as well. See talk page.
Were-Dragon (5e Race) The Aarakocra gets a 50 foot flying speed and almost nothing else, not so much here. And really, this is Dragonborn+
Werewolf (5e Race) Natural Attack damage and Wicked Resistance (even though it is optional) may still are of questionable balance. As this is a template/ race variant it should be moved to the correct section of the wiki, etc.
Witch (5e Race) Multiple extremely powerful traits, including free invisibility
Woodcrawler (5e Race) Overpowered. 50 feet of climbing speed and tremorsense up to 70 feet are way too strong. Literally not being able to fail a stealtch check is simply laughable, and some ridicolous drawbacks never justify having overpowered feature, or even exist at all, beside very specific things essential to race fluff. Unarmed strikes doing 2d12 is way beyond anything, and 1d6 additionaldamage against certain type of enemy is a rare item's property, unfit to be given to race. I suggest reading through race design guide before fixing this one.
Yuan-Ti Abomination (5e Race) See Discussion.
Yuan-ti halfbreed (5e Race) I believe this is overpowered. I estimate it to be 10 or more on this scale, where 4.5 is the target.
Zírán (5e Race) Camouflage on itself is fairly strong, and paired with Evasion(that monk's and rogue's class feature), three cantrips without spellcasting ability score listed, and in subclasses one grants +3 to wisdom, and every "gift" feature is incomprehensible
Ætherborn (Variant) (5e Race) Æther Dash lacks cost, and moving yourself up means you will immediately fall down. Æther Blade is a mess, not mentioning it is 2nd level spell. Gifted have unlimited healing, blessed have unrestriced flight, true is lacking explanation and an actual description what a servo is


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Chameleon (5e Subrace) How does this work as a subrace, since lizardfolk don't have any? It should be a race variant, otherwise this is too many traits to add on. The use of Color Change is also overpowered since it has no duration on what would otherwise be unconditional advantage on two skill checks.
Draconic Descendant (5e Subrace) Resistance to the three most common damage types in the game, so long as you don't wear armor. On a monk, or anyone that can cast mage armor, this is completely ridiculous.
Fallen Devi Aasimar (5e Subrace) Four armed trait and a flying speed? Should have something similar to the official aasimar subraces.
Flamestone Dwarf (5e Subrace) This is much stronger than the hill or mountain dwarven subraces of the PHB. Even compared to the duergar, this subrace doesn't have their sunlight sensitivity to counter their superior darkvision like the drow. It also has more spell options at lower levels and a +2 to ASI instead of +1 compared to the mark of warding dwarf. The vulnerability to cold damage is also sort of falsely balancing the race which has the magical resistance of yuan-ti and dual type resistance of aasimar (but with more common damage types than necrotic and radiant). Overall needs a trim to maybe one damage resistance (no need for a vulnerability), one cantrip, one 3rd level spell; add sunlight sensitivity and maaaybe I can see keeping the ASI being more reasonable with these changes.
Jronian Shadow Slave (5e Subrace) A half-caster is a category of a class, not something granted by a race. Races should not grant an amount of spells comparable to a level in a caster class, and spells granted by a race should be limited to once per long rest.
Kitsune half-blood (5e Subrace) The wording for traits is so vague and unspecific it makes it overpowered. Read the 5th editions books and the 5e Race Design Guide.
Mecha-gnome (5e Subrace) This is basically a "Gestalt" race, having all Warforged traits + all gnome traits, since this is a subrace.
Parasite Alpha (5e Subrace) What race is this? The way it is infection makes it sound more like a disease. It also uses arbitrary DCs and essentially seems to allow you to take over a creature or something, or spawn a creature under your control? That's pretty broken and the mechanics behind it are also ill-defined.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
3rd Generation Pyrokinetic (5e Class) The hybrid fighter; rogue; monk etc is totally not balanced.
Anime Girl, Variant (5e Class) The April Fools template is not a valid excuse for blatantly broken classes. If you want to make a pile of ridiculous nonsense, see DuelSoulBlade Shadow Vampelf (5e Race).
Arcane Assassin (5e Class) At 20th level, with zero other bonuses besides Cascade Attacks, you deal an average of 112(14d6 + 70) damage. This alone unbalances the class
Arcane Storyteller (5e Class) Several features grant blanket advantage/disadvantage. (Un-Official Authority, Lovefool, etc.) Many features are "x" amount until completed rest which can make them very frequent, but it also forces the player to keep track of a plethora of numbers. Sudden Inspiration is much too good, granting the effects of two long rests each day. Also, features gained at the same time as you gain spell slots of 3rd level and higher.
Artificer, 3rd Variant (5e Class) half casters shouldn't gain features at 9th. And this class has all the features of the 2017 UA alchemist, plus features from the new alchemist, without removing anything to compensate.
Audiomancer (5e Class) The armor class improvement with Audiomancer Armor breaks bound accuracy.
Barbarian, Alternative Variant (5e Class) A class should not start with proficiency in two common saving throws.
Battle Chef (5e Class) Seems more fitting to a variant skill than a class.
Battlemind (5e Class) No durations or actions used for many features. As written many of the features may be used an unlimited amount of time without issues.
Beast Within (5e Class) Gains class features at the same time as access to spells of 3rd level or higher. Also, gains access to a load of spells for a halfcaster.
Big Dipper (5e Class) see the talk page
Blackguard (5e Class) Soul Harvest give an endless supply of spell slots
Blacklight Mutator, Variant (5e Class) See talk page
Blink Mage, Variant (5e Class) at first level, a character can teleport twice their movement speed without using the action economy, use your movement speed also, and still have an action. Misty step is available to 3rd level casters, I recommend modeling balance around this spell; see the talk page for blink mage.
Blood Cursed (5e Class) A d12 hit die, half spellcasting, and great martial abilities make this class very overpowered. It's essentially an incredibly buffed version of the Blood Hunter.
Bonded (5e Class) This thing can do three attacks as part of one Attack Action with that many extra attacks, and is also a fullcaster with as many spells accessible as the wizard to boot.
Chloromaster (5e Class) Gains class features at the same time as when they gain access to spells of 3rd level or higher.
Clover Grimoire User (5e Class) Many features and design choices make no sense or are counter-productive. Why does this class get spell slots if it has mana and a way to cast spells using it? Levels of play are ignored (another attack should only be gained at levels 5,11,17 or 20). Most confusingly, this class has 11 subclass features, and tasks the dungeon master with designing all of them. Why would such an extremely subclass-heavy class have no designed subclasses? This class either needs more class features and much less subclass features, or a varied set of example subclasses and a list of subclass design principles to help DM's implement the damn thing.
Commoner (5e Class) the design disclaimer doesn't remove the need for balance on this class, unless is accompanied by a explanation about how a group is supposed to insert this class on a d&d game. In its current state, without additional playable content or information, is not suited for a regular dnd campaign.
Conjurer (5e Class) Class features gained at the same time as when you gain access to spells of 3rd level or higher.
Daemon Eater, 3rd Variant (5e Class) Grants Extra Attack in numbers equal to that of the Fighter, at far earlier levels.
Dance Artist (5e Class) Confusing wording, it seems like this is just a huge DPS exploit.
Death Knight, 3rd Variant (5e Class) This is class has a large series of buffs, many of which would seem to be far beyond what would be considered balanced, such as having gaining the same amount of attacks as a fighter, the spellcasting of a paladin, a +1 weapon(which scales) that also functions as a spell focus at 1st level, A SECOND ACTION(PERMANENTLY) AT 2ND LEVEL, an extra ASI, a random +1 to Strength and Constitution at 4th level, whatever the hell runeforging does, a stronger version of the rogue capstone at 16th level, alongside a paladin capstone. This is only the base class, and according to Credit, this is a toned down version!
Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) (5e Class) see the talk page
Destiny Warlock, variant (5e Class) Hit point restoration seem to come up a bit. Many of these instances should probably be changed to temporary hit points.
Devil King (5e Class) Features without limits, crazy high damage outputs, generally way too strong compared to first-party classes.
Devourer (5e Class) Lots of 3.5eism wordings, Permanent bonuses are totally out of control.
Ditto (5e Class) Level doesn't scale to CR in this way. This can lead to overpowered transformations. It also means you have access to any number of monster powers that would overpower you or otherwise break the game.
Doom Shaper (5e Class) This class can do far too much damage as doing extra damage with each doom point when you use doom ray is far too good. Death Awaits is far too good for an at will feature. In addition there are a few other things that need fixing or are problems like round counting, some features not specifying how they can be activated, or other balance issues.
Earth Bender (5e Class) Gains class features at the same time as access to spells of 3rd level or higher.
Eclipse Cat (5e Class) just a better sorcerer
Eclipsemancer (5e Class) Infinite healing at 1st level.
Eldritch Gunslinger (5e Class) This class is grossly overpowered due to combining the best part of fighter(extra attacks), gunslinger(grit), and warlock(spellcasting). In addition the class has far too many features, especially so because the class has spellcasting. DMG pg. 267 allows reload to be an action, or bonus action already.
Eldritch Knight (5e Class) 6 9th level spell slots? Lets just no?
Elite Descendent (5e Class) Poor design with three features like a fighting style that scale (but don't), and all the features have clumsy mechanics to the point they are nearly impossible to read.
Engineer (5e Class) Several gatgets are overpowered or have other problems like having round counting, modifying of enemy creature statblocks, ect. The turret for one is extremely overpowered and needs to be heavily nerfed(see how the battle smith artificer does it).
Faerie Enchanter (5e Class) this class gives features at levels when new spell slot levels are gained
Far Mage (5e Class) See talk page page
Fire Bender (5e Class) Gains class features at the same time as access to spells of 3rd level or higher. Levels at a point where a possible subclass would be useful, is missing.
Fisherman, Variant (5e Class) 50% increase in ASI(Steel Arms), in addition to a lot of proficiencies and bonuses to skills etc. Certain death could activate one on enemy creature after fall below the threshold, but never getting disadvantage as long as you are below it seems wrong, even at the cost of reactions.
Force-User (5e Class) beyond 2nd level this is a monk ripoff(somehow even weaker than original), sith is crit champion-barb ripoff, Lightsabers does not make sense(double is more expensive, but it gives you restriction on using other arm, and less damage), half of "new" features does not make sense(can use DEX for attacks with lightsabers that are already finesse),
Forge Master (5e Class) Most things aren't specified to an adequate specificity.
Forgemaster (5e Class) This class hasn't been playtest or undergo any balancing critique
Gracious Fury (5e Class) Dex barb, but better than barbarian in any and all regards
Gun Mage (5e Class) Class features gained at the same level as spell slots of 3rd level and higher.
Gunlancer (5e Class) Barely any weapon proficiencies, and no out of combat abilities
Hawk's Ronin (5e Class) you can't have both Sneak Attack and Extra Attack, this class has double the damage of any martial. Choose one
Healer, Variant (5e Class) Same reasons as the Healer. Also, this class is basically redundant, and any new ideas should be merged with the original Healer class
Hexer Variant (5e Class) see the talk page
Hollow Vessel (5e Class) Has a load of class features, some of which are gained at ability score improvement levels and proficiency in two common saving throws.
Immortalist (5e Class) Is able to break the ability score cap at 9th level.
Lord (Fire Emblem) (5e Class) The subclass features are quite powerful and while overall they are fine, there exists notable exceptions that are too powerful such as the Wind God, Commander Improvement, and perhaps others. In addition, some of the main class features may need tweaking such as Pair Up which is too powerful to be an always on feature.
Mage, 4th Variant (5e Class) The main gimmick of the class, gaining the subclass features from any subclass belonging to a full spellcasting class is far too good. Because of this, this class is overall a powered up version of the wizard class as this class has a better spell list, far more features for a full spellcasting class, the ability to choose a number of powerful features from other subclasses, and various other issues.
Masked Warrior (5e Class) Multiple features jeopardize the balance of this class, like Suit Upgrade completely shattering bounded accuracy, three extra attacks, and several other questionable features.
Master of Puppets (5e Class) This class gain features in the same levels it gains spell slots and it has a d10 of hit die being a full spellcaster
Merchant, Variant (5e Class) Now the feature is even worse in terms of balance. Change the bodyguards feature to be something akin to the animal companion of ranger beastmaster
Mesmer (5e Class) Half casters shouldn't gain spells at 13th and 17th level, and most of the times, shouldn't gain at 9th level also
Mystic Eyes (5e Class) numbercrunch on this is insane, this class just gives you more damage, bonuses and overall things than official pages
Nullifer (5e Class) This class is significantly more powerful than the wizard as it has a better hit die, far too good prophecies when you multiclass into this class, the Extra Attack feature, and a ton of other features gained when you gain spell slot levels.
Pact Summoner, Variant (5e Class) Pact binding is rather problematic, with a loose definition. For binding, it's not clear where creatures need to be, you can recruit hostile creatures, the target is not afforded a saving throw, you can recruit an important NPC and "know what it is thinking", potentially breaking an adventure, you can bind creatures outside of the normal CR-to-level scaling. For summoning, the creature can't use its "features" - does this mean "traits"? Many traits are inherent to what the creature is.
Phantom Warrior (5e Class) Class features need a more even spread.
Planes Walker (5e Class) Plane Shift teleports a willing creature. I think Plane Shift is a 7th level spell, but here a 7th level character can do it?
Rune Smith (5e Class) The exact way in which rune components work is questionable and should be reworked. The balance of many of the rune effects themselves is also questionable.
Runesmith (5e Class) Class features not balanced currently.
Saiyan fighter, 3rd variant (5e Class) Almost identical to Saiyan Fighter, 2nd Variant (5e Class) but with earlier acquisition of features.
Seaclaimed Pirate (5e Class) Free actions don't really exist in 5e. This class has numerous additional ASI's other than the standard, and still gains other features at those levels. This class provides immunity to two different damage types(cold, and lightning), and heals you if you take damage from them. Thought Shield then grants resistance to psychic damage, and makes those using it take damage. Create Thrall has no saving throw? It also seems you could control an unlimited number of creatures with this. Whole class needs a run through.
Shadowreaver (5e Class) More attacks than fighter well before fighter gets 4. Gets expertise three times as well.
Sheikah, Variant (5e Class) In general this class deals too much damage, has great features at too low a level, and is generally too powerful. For example, sneak attack alone gives the class comparable damage to other martial classes, but in addition to that you gain extra attacks at a rate better than the fighter. For example, Teleportation and Cloning are also far too powerful and you gain those features at 1st level, ect. other issues.
Shield Maiden (5e Class) The benefits are not scaled correctly for D&D 5e.
Smooth Criminal (5e Class) Half the features here are directly copied from Secret Agent (5e Class). The other half are blatantly overpowered, and extremely poorly written.
Sorcerer, Elemental Variant (5e Class) Class features gained at the same time as access to 3rd level spells and higher.
Sorcerer, Variant (5e Class Feature) Innate Power essentially grants a massively buffed subtle spell metamagic to almost all spells, which makes it impossible to counterspell.
Storm Reincarnation (5e Class) Class features gained at the same time as access to spells of 3rd level or higher.
Studied Summoner (5e Class) This class frequently provides features at the same time as an ASI, but then has dead levels following that.
Tenno (5e Class) proficiency in two common Saving Throws shouldn't happen
Titanshifter, Variant (5e Class) 4 attacks at 15th level.
Tribal Shaman (5e Class) cantrips shouldn't offer healing as a rule, unless you have a way of limiting the potentially infinite source of hit points it generates.
Vampire, Seraph Variant (5e Class) Spellcaster with unarmed strikes that START stronger than a monk's, that increases to 6d6, AND d12 hit dice? Come on, at least pretend to balance!
Vigilante, Variant (5e Class) There are a lot of choices here and bullet points; this needs an in-depth analysis for balance.
Water Bender (5e Class) Gains class features at the same time as access to spells of 3rd level or higher.
Water Caller (5e Class) gains features at levels when gaining new levels of spell slots
Weaver, Variant (5e Class) Beyond of the problem many spellcasters working on mana not spellslots to cast, leading to possibility of casting far greater amount of high level spells than the rest of the classes, and gaining class features when gainig new spell slots(or here, spell levels to learn), all the while being able to cast ANY spell of ANY class, when combined birthing the best spell list in the game, while being noticably better at martial aspects, having d8 for hit die and some proficiencies, having unreal capstone letting you spam 9th level spells every turn, and being able to cast two spells as one action, which should never, ever be allowed to happen, this class have a massive gameplay flaw. It cannot learn spells withou the help of other spellcasters. I will repeat - if in your team you do not have a spellcaster(willing to teach you, mind you), or you do not nag some NPC to spend extensive time with you to teach you(considering you will even find one), this class cannot cast spells. A full caster who cannot cast spells without the specific conditions not dependant upon the character. This literally cannot stand.
Witch Sniper (5e Class) Ultimate Marksman cannot miss, and should probably have a base number that's modified by core class ability. Without a trace: Invisibility as a spell can last up to 1 hour, this is way too long for a bonus action. Witch Calling Cards has no limit on GP. Reloader has free action. Most of Customized Weapons seem overpowered. Needs to be retuned.
Yakuza (5e Class) "instantly land a melee attack". All kinds of little errors like this.
Yharnam Hunter (5e Class) 2 common saves. D&D 5e do not deal with percentages. Healing from attacking at level 2(propably, features are close to being incomprehensible). Base for saves is 8+smth, not 11+smth. 4 attacks st 17th level. And way more.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Arcane Puppeteer (5e Subclass) Needs a look-over.
Circle of Anathema, 2nd Variant (5e Subclass) This needs a look over. The fact that you choose 2 domains makes Inured of Blasphemy seem way overtuned. It looks like you can pick up too many resistances/immunities for level 14.
College of Mastery - Greater Being (5e Subclass) Bards get subclass features at 3rd, 6th, and 14th levels. Features need to reflect that.
College of the Vocalist (5e Subclass) The Bonus proficiency means they can just ignore material components
Duelist, Variant (5e Subclass) Each feature exceeds the requisite level's general power.
Dusk Thief (5e Subclass) Bonuses are gained at all sorts of levels. Spellcasting gets added, that ends up being better than a main caster in some regards. Misty step is min-maxed, among other problems.
Grave Walker (5e Subclass) While comparable to battlemaster in a few respects, many of the options simply outrank others. Detonate namely, assuming it's just supposed to function like a ranged spell attack that costs some amount of resources, is one of the most damaging things at 3rd level, compared to just about any other option. Things like Brand also call into question the balance, dealing significant damage on a success. This is in contrast to the Wraith Swiftness technique, which allows you to move at normal speed over difficult terrain, or Release, which is dependant on your already sparse techniques.

I assume these limits on techniques is all meant to limit the power level of Not-Talion, but it leads to a very strange mess of a subclass, especially as many that feel like afterthoughts are still considered full techniques.

Gravity Knight (5e Subclass) Features need limits.
Love Domain, 4th Variant (5e Subclass) Cleric subclasses should have two first-level abilities. This subclass appears to have up to four, two being crammed into Heart's Tell, which is already problematic - no single feature should grant two proficiencies and an expertise-equivalent for the both of them, and gaining a bonus to a stat as part of a class feature has only ever been done as the Barbarian's capstone feature. Additionally, the 8th-level feature does not make any sense - resistance is only applicable to damage, not saving throws, and having blanket resistance to damage caused by magical effects is incredibly broken. What does love have to do with immunity to magic in the first place?
Muscle Magic, Variant (5e Subclass) This subclass is pretty out there in terms of mechanics, and probably needs playtesting to determine if the features are balanced
Oath of the Forgotten Powers (5e Subclass) Very clumsy mechanics. The ideas are neat, but the wording makes this not playable.
Path of mythological creatures This subclass has almost enough features to qualify for being a class in its own right. This subclass seems to massively improve the baseline for monks in addition to offering new features.
Path of the Consumer, Variant (5e Subclass) Subclass shouldn't give you ability scores and permanent effect that come with killing monsters. Same with stacking abilities
Plane Shifter (5e Subclass) planeshift is a 7th level spell, that casters get one spell slot for until 20th level. This subclass can planeshift more times at first level than what an epic level character can.
Shadow Monarch, Variant (5e Subclass) The Summon Soldiers feature is far above the power level of a 2nd level wizard subclass feature as you get too many summons that are too powerful. For example, the ability to control one creature at around 1/4 of your CR is around the power level one should go for and even then the feature is extremely strong and still may be too powerful.
Spore Infected (5e Subclass) The original writer recognizes that most of this page may be too overpowered and is asking for help balancing.
The Corrupted (5e Subclass) Hardened Skin provides static Resistance against 2 common non-magical damage types, and outright immunity to a third type and a condition.
The Mother's Oath (5e Subclass) bad aura size, lacks duration in some places,
The One Who Waits (5e Subclass) Way too many options. Rolling 2d20's for tarot draw means 1 is impossible, and values at the center are reasonably favored over those on the extremes (21 average). Many of the cards are ridiculous for class features. While the cards may simulate the game they're based on well, the player experience will vary wildly and probably not in a fun way leading to some players fudging their rolls for desired 'builds'. The cards should probably function more like wild magic or something. It would be a list of possible temporary effects that can change combat when lucky. Some of these features should be made into spells that this subclass has access to (as warlock subclasses do). You should probably have automatic proficiency with the talisman crusader weapons regardless of their type.
The Shattered Soul, Variant (5e Subclass) Having unlimited range(bc this is basically what this subclass gives you) on EVERYTHING except melee attacks is nuts. Many features or spells were made with the range of touch in mind, and this subclass breaks them, literally. There should not be features that "are determined by the DM", class' features should be clear and strict, and as a whole Consciousness Transfer allows you to just lay in bed and do whatever you would do normally, just without any possibility of death or taking damage, without limit either in uses or range(truesight as a stone, yeah, right). Biological Anchor lets you hack a corpse and use it for your own ends, and again, there should not be features that "are determined by the DM". Soul Phylactery either gives you nothing at all or punishes you for picking and playing this subclass, which should never, ever happen. This needs a lot of work to be playable. I suggest reading through 5e Class Design Guide before fixing it.
The Shattered Soul (5e Subclass) Having unlimited range(bc this is basically what this subclass gives you) on EVERYTHING except melee attacks is nuts. Many features or spells were made with the range of touch in mind, and this subclass breaks them, literally. And multiple uses of inducing shor term madness, which is way more powerful than any spell, for it does not allow a saving throw to end the effects, is way too much.
The haki børge (5e Subclass) Subclasses by definition cannot be shared between classes, as classes gain their subclass abilities at different levels
Valinor Guard, Variant (5e Subclass) Grossly overpowered. For one, subclasses should not increase ability scores by virtue of being picked. Second, Cunning Defense is like defensive duelist or shield spell, except this is stronger, and at 12th level gives you just +10 to AC. Paired with Retaliation, which on itself is too strong of a feature, this lets you attack horrendous amount of times in one round. Third, feats are optional for play, so no feature in class/subcalss description should ever even mention them. Fourth, add double your ability modifier for both attack and damage rolls never was, and never will be in realm of balanced game design. And fifth, other features are not so strong to the point of nerfing them, but paired with one another are too much. I suggest reading through Class Design Guide before making a subclass or attempting to balance this.
Void Domain (5e Subclass) Portals completely break movement
Way Of The Shadowhunter (5e Subclass) This subclass seems overpowered. When you use any weapon/armor do you have proficiency with them? Can you place all your marks on one weapon to have it deal a ton of extra radiant damage for each level you have. Advantage comes up frequently. Unconditional immunity to 2 damage types and resistance to 1 other at level 3. Can you 'unlearn' marks to 'swap' into others?
Way of the Knight of Cydonia (5e Subclass) Selecting a style at every single combat round can add a lot of time to an individual turn. Should shifting styles cost Ki? Does 'or' in Bonus Proficiencies refer to choose one among all the options, or choose which charisma skill you want proficiency in? The bonus proficiencies appear to numerous in addition to the stances you gain at level 3. At level 3 and beyond, while traveling, exploring, etc. you can have permanent truesight, 15 flying, not hover, speed, and advantage on perception checks and dex saves through just one style. All styles need a hard look at for balance.
Way of the Void (5e Subclass) This subclass is overpowered in a multitude of areas. There is a chance for your character obliterate an area significantly larger than almost any other spell in the game whenever you use ki points. At level 5 the area is a 100 mile diameter circle. This can easily be exploited to obliterate any campaign, let alone cities, islands etc. especially when paired with bestow curse. It's unclear whether or not 'implode' kills you or not. Truesight is given at 3rd level to a very large range in addition to boosting all other special visions/senses. Casting spells at a higher level costs only 1 ki point per level, and you can cast spells at 12th level. In addition there are some effects that are added to these spells that can last indefinitely. Kyoshujin is a free action and 'stores' the extra damage until it connects with no time limit, such as 1 minute, making it theoretically indefinite. Supercharge/Regaining Ki Points?


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Accelerating Sphere (5e Spell) Vastly superior to the fellow 3rd-level spell, haste. See talk page.
Blast Everything in That Direction (5e Spell) No saving throws for damage, disintegration, or loss of consciousness. Almost no variance in damage.
Combat Time Stop (5e Spell) Why is this a lower-level spell than Time Stop when it's both more versatile and allows the caster to affect other creatures?
Disintegration Cube (5e Spell) Range outclasses other spells. Damage is exponentially high.
Flay (5e Spell) Why you do not need to concentrate on this? Why always at disadvantage? Why static DCs? "will not easily be able to fall below 1 health" what does that even mean?
Heal Minor Injury (5e Spell) Appears to be overall worse than upcasting Cure Wounds - how does healing 'minor lasting injuries' compensate for the loss in effectiveness, and as a matter of fact, how are 'minor lasting injuries' defined in the first place?
Hell Storm (5e Spell) Far too strong for a 1st-level spell, ludicrous scaling
Hydra (5e Spell) lacks clarity, what makes those attacks, whose (your or target's) ability modifiers apply, is this three times a cone, three times single target, why static modifier to damage, why +2, how long poison lasts?
Matrix (5e Spell) I'm having a hard time seeing this as anything other than a worse, more complex Shield.
Minigun Suppressive Fire (5e Spell) An average of 112 damage seems a bit much for 3rd level. Also, it seems rather unreasonable to expect someone to flip 75 coins.
Ode of the Emperor Penguin (5e Spell) 5 cantrips each turn is above the power level of a 2nd level spell.
Orb of Sacred Fire (5e Spell) This spell breaks taboo of AoE damaging spell having different capabilities when applied to allies(healing) and enemies(damage). This should not happen, this have no sense
Power Of The Forest (5e Spell) Region is not a good range, it lacks clarity. Also, this spell is... whacky. Complete control over a creature, any and all creature of your choice without any kind of save is ridicolous, and the downsides... are. Like, they exist, but they are weird and lacking clarity. What even is the goal of this spell?
Radiant Armor (5e Spell) A cantrip that's more powerful than a 1st-level spell
Sorrel's Chaining Lances (5e Spell) Deals a ridiculous amount of total damage, too much bookkeeping
Soul thief (5e Spell) See talk page.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Alternate Progression (5e Feat) A factory of imbalance and brokiness(?). Quick example: 1st level cleric(any but forge will do), 1lvl of anything, varhuman, this feat. Effect? You gain immunity to fire damage, and while wearing heavy armor, you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks from Saint of Forge and Fire. Because nothing in this feat description stops you from doing so. But okay, "subclasses" , so another example. 1st level fighter, 1st lever barbarian, this feat. Effect? Primal champion at 2nd level, unlimited rage. For a fighting style. This propably will never be balanced
Arcane Defender (Variant) (5e Feat) Missing a save.
Bolter Discipline (5e Feat) This is too specific, this should not be specific to just one weapon.
Brainiac (5e Feat) written and balanced like a 3.5 feat
Capable Caster (5e Feat) The always-on disadvantage is far too powerful, and the other effects we've already seen lots of times (battle mage, combat caster, and so on)
Climate Aura (5e Feat) This seems more like a spell, rather than a feat.
Conqueror'sHaki (5e Feat) This seems more like a class feature rather than a feat.
Dungeon Explorer, variant 2° (5e Feat) Uninspired, redundant, mostly taken from this first one
Dungueon Explorer(5e Feat) Define "dungeon." Also, dungeon delver is a thing... and it's not so loaded.
Eldritch Master (5e Feat) Most of this feat's beam variants are far too strong. In particular the beam aoes and most of the beams that inflict negative effects are far better than just a regular eldritch blast.
Expressed Resistance (5e Feat) Permanent advantage on any attack that deals a certain type of damage is inherently unworkable.
Fated or Unfated (5e Feat) This is more of a DM-fiat thing.
Ghostfire Initiate (5e Feat) Bypassing immunity to a damage type probably shouldn't be combined with other significant benefits
Kenbunshoku Haki (5e Feat) Far too powerful for a feat. This would work better as a set of class features.
Lethal stealth assassin 2nd variant (5e Feat) This also just rips off some class features I see. The high ability requisite doesn't solve its wonk and such a high requisite is also not really found in 5e
Mutant (5e Feat) Strictly better than a normal ASI
One with the Tribe (5e Feat) This feat is both too powerful when you gain it, as it is effectively another pc in the party and the beasts damage and hit point scaling make the beast far too powerful for just the cost of a feat.
Pro Wrestling (5e Feat) 5e doesn't do chain feats, trained in athletics means nothing, and this seems more like a variant rule than a feat. Perhaps these could be better utilized for a subclass.
Rogue, experienced (5e Feat) So this basically gives you rogue features? That explains the title, but doesn't really fall into how feats should be presented in 5e... Not to mention this is way loaded and a high prerequisite will unfortunately not cover that.
Skill Master (5e Feat) ridiculously overpowered
Supreme Wild Shape (5e Feat) Almost no matter the level, increasing your level for the purpose of determining the maximum CR you can Wild Shape into is overpowered. In addition this feat's second feature is odd for also changing your effective level for a feature and is not really useful.
The Swallow (5e Feat) Ring of Spell Turning is a Legendary item, this is a feat, soo, yeah, no
Thrall Instructor (5e Feat) Although getting an undead to serve you permanently is hard, it doesn't justify this feat's game warping power. As a whole this feat is also oddly designed with a high prerequisites and features that require a very long period of time with no limit on them.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Azazog, The Black King (5e Creature) Bonuses and DCs are wrongly calculated
Baator (5e Creature) Way stronger than a tarasque. Should be rebalanced for mythic monsters? Uses checks where there should likely be saving throws.
Bahamut, God Form (5e Creature) Although mythic monsters can go up to CR 50, this creature's statistics are far above what a CR 50 creature should have with the Mythic Monsters (5e Variant Rule). Besides that issue, the creature has an absurd number of features, ability scores beyond 30, AC that is impossible for pcs to hit without magical items, etc.
Demizen Demon Lord (5e Creature) insanely overloaded, not even close to CR 30
Diane (5e Creature) This creatures is not balanced. Has the hit points of an adult dragon, but a fraction of the damage output. Overcoming Diane would be an easy 5900 XP.
Dorrg (5e Creature) CR doesn't match the contents.
Greater Shadow Balor, Blessed by Elrik (5e Creature) Creature has ability scores beyond 30, ridicolous movement and absolutely overloaded abilities, modifiers to hit and DC's are calculated wrong, and funnily, mythic monsters can go up to CR 50, but this creature's statistics are far above what a CR 50 creature should have with the Mythic Monsters (5e Variant Rule), so even CR isn't right
Kai (5e Creature) Off CR. Also, needs hit dice.
Korisar (5e Creature) CR is incorrect; Intelligence score is off the scale, damage immunity is invalid, armor type is invalid, damage vulnerability is unjustified, Fight as One doesn't make sense since each creature attacks on its initiative using its action (might want to change this to allowing another korisar to use their reaction within a limited range), I don't know what an "Arichashau" is and it doesn't say where it is summoned, Teleport doesn't show how a location can be randomized, Blaster doesn't explain how it works (attack roll? save DC? range? How long stunned for?).
Kumo (5e Creature) 15:15, 2 August 2021 (MDT)
Lich King (5e Creature) There cannot be CR above 30 without any special rules, neither ability scores above 30, so giving this CR 50 is baseless. You cannot have more than 20 levels in something without special rues either. Immunity against basically anything, illogical immunities to conditions(why you cannot knock him prone? Some are doubled), , legendary resistance, mile of truevision?, casting two spells in one turn, DC's are calculated wrong, spammable down to 0 hit points and instant death abilities, etc. etc.
Merchant, Variant (5e Class) Now the feature is even worse in terms of balance. Change the bodyguards feature to be something akin to the animal companion of ranger beastmaster
Novaraptor (5e Creature) Nothing needs that many different options for attacks. They're not even differentiated from each other by having different effects.
Phoenix, Variant (5e Creature) This creature literally has 10000 hit points, and it should have 6050, meaning that it's hit dice are miscalculated. Also, it's proficiency bonus is technically +26, and it looks like it is +5 by this stat block.
Phoenixmancer, Variant (5e Class) Class features gained at the same level as spell slots of 3rd level and higher.
Starmaker (5e Creature) The mechanics behind this creature need a lot of cleanup as the creature has many confusing aspects, unclear or non-existant mechanics, and other issues. Recharge doesn't use a d6.
Titan Elephant (5e Creature) lacks abilities more or less expected to be present on such high cr creature, making cheezing it, even at the level 1, fairly easy, and trivializing encounter to slow, extended, full of high-numbers disapointment


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
A Normal Wooden Sword (5e Equipment) As written, Fear Inducing is a non-starter. As a bonus action, roll to Intimidate enemies within 30ft. However, this roll is a CHA save against 12 plus your CHA modifier? It is unclear what this means.
Ansuz Runestone (5e Equipment) The spell that is the main function of this item has been deleted
Bastard Greatsword (5e Equipment) Deals 1d10 in one hand.
Battle Plate of the War Chief (5e Equipment) See the talk page.
Berserker Armor, 2nd Variant (5e Equipment) There is no such thing in dnd 5e as increasing the ability scores beyond 30, free action or negative hit points; there should not be weapons that grant more than +3 to attack and damage rolls
Berserker Runesword of Winter (5e Equipment) Too strong for a legendary weapon
Blowback Shotgun (5e Equipment) Wording is far too complex, needs to be dumbed down and simplified for ease of comprehension
Brødrene Dal's Backpack of infinite storage (5e Equipment) Freely freezing time. Yeah, no.
Card Gun (5e Equipment) may be anachronistic
Chargeblade (5e Equipment) Somehow both Light and Heavy, really ought to be a magic weapon
Crazy Slot (5e Equipment) Mace makes a player fully immortal with no downsides.
Daikatana (5e Equipment) Greatsword, but Dexterity based. Maybe reduce the damage to 1d10, or make it a magic weapon, like the game Daikatana?
Damageshift Armor (5e Equipment) Very Rare for a selected resistance is too little. The wording is confusing about if this is a weapon or armor.
Endrian Eye (5e Equipment) Allows casting of Gate, a 9th-level spell, at will
Enhanced Folding Sword (5e Equipment) Stronger than a Greatsword, with much better properties. Consider making this a magic item instead.
Ex-Nobles dagger (5e Equipment) Too strong by far for what it is - 4d8+str damage and doubling prof bonus to hit
Foot long corn dog (5e Equipment) If this is a shortsword, then why is it not a magical weapon?
Gauntlets of Spiders (5e Equipment) Compared to a flame tongue, the weapon that just deals bonus damage at the same rarity, this is a little much.
Glavenus Bow (5e Equipment) ridiculous high damage for the rarity
Gravekeepers Shovel (5e Equipment) Compare with scimitar. This page's flavor doesn't (and shouldn't) justify it being a mere Simple weapon with stats this good.
Great Double Scythe (5e Equipment) Far too many properties for its damage, including some which are inherently contradictory
Hammer of Orlon (5e Equipment) The attunement requirement is vague.
Ivory Card (5e Equipment) Is there any reason why this does more damage than a dagger?
Lever-Action Shotgun (5e Equipment) The idea behind this weapon doesn't have anything to do with the min-max stats here.
M.I.M.O.'s Misfortune (5e Equipment) This item uses generic and imprecise language (opponent, ally, smite, disintegrate). There are no saving throws attached to any of the effects.
NULL'S Blade (5e Equipment) A natural +3 to attack and damage, plus more from expended charges. Hit point regeneration. Although unrealistic for 99% of encounters, hit points regeneration can stack up 12 points a round? Caveats with every expenditure makes this dense.
Permanent Potion of Nimbleness (5e Equipment) The Manual of Quickness of Action is an official Very Rare item that only grants a +2 bonus to your Dexterity score, this is inherently overpowered and redundant.
Pistol, Variant (5e Equipment) In 5e, a standard pistol deals greatsword damage, a slightly smaller caliber firearm should deal more than half as much.
Raw Silk (5e Equipment) This should be attuned too.
Reckless Abandon (5e Equipment) Broken beyond belief - has infinite attacks
Ring of returning (5e Equipment) The use for this magical item lack seemingly a purpose.
Rod of Tapping (5e Equipment) Objectively stronger than the books of the same rarity that increase scores.
Senketsu, Variant (5e Equipment) Power beyond the scope of the legendary item, +8 to ASI and +7 to AC should just not happen on any item, and the drawback, or quite rare activation of it, does not balance out the advantages the item provides.
Sentient Slime Armor (5e Equipment) This is far too powerful to be a mundane item. It should be converted into a magic item of some kind.
Shotgun, Double-Barreled (5e Equipment) Burst Fire (DMG pg. 267) requires 10 pieces of ammunition to be expended, but the shotgun has 2 shots. This shotgun has really long range is comparison to other shotguns, including the one provided in the DMG.
Sinister Looking Letter Opener (5e Equipment) This item is far too weak for a legendary magical item.
Spider Silk (5e Equipment) This should be attuned too.
Swordspear, Variant (5e Equipment) Even without the special property, this is a better longsword. I suggest removing the versatile property but keeping the 1d10 dmg, and just making it a two-handed weapon.
The Book (5e Equipment) An artifact, by definition, is a sole example of itself in whole multiverse, and having an artifact that can be just copied and redistributed to everyone in party(or the whole world) is just, bad. "spell cast for good does not expend a spell slot", so what, casting power world heal every turn, because healing is good? Meteor storm every turn, bc the target is an evil lich? Wish? Examples are innumerable really. It's hard to say the artifact is overpowererd, but this definitively is.Also, artifacts must have a clearly stated way what to do to destroy them
The Idol of Zeroth (5e Equipment) Magic items should not grant levels in a class and besides that this item provides no actual properties for the attuned to use and is extremely weak for an artifact. Also, is there even a purpose for this item or is it a Magoffin for a specific campaign?
The Lich Skull (5e Equipment) The ability to cast any spell by using your hit points is extremely overpowered. Some other parts may be as well, but it is unclear what many properties actually do.
The Mace of Many Faces (5e Equipment) Hugely overpowered, incorrect terminology, incomplete definitions.
The inSight Cane (5e Equipment) The mechanics do not match the sparse flavor that this is intended have. This isn't a mundane weapon Try magical.
Trinity Force (5e Equipment) This weapon is absurdly powerful compared to the scimitar of speed. This weapon has a +3 bonus to attacks/dmg, allows you to attack two additional times, and deals extra damage based on alignment(creature's no longer have alignment in recent printings and no mechanic should be based off of it). In addition, the for the trinity property only compounds these issues and more(reactions need triggers, unclear wording, round counting/non-standard durations, ect.).
Twin-Spears (5e Equipment) See the talk page. This is clearly more powerful than nonmagical weapons with no drawback. This weapon should either be changed into a magic weapon (see 5e Magic Weapons) or nerfed to the point it does not outperform similar weapons.
Wand of the Elementalist (5e Equipment) Just Moar damage, without any fluff.
Yata no Kagami (5e Equipment) an item should never give +4 to hit, this does so, for example for eldritch blast of warlock, or attacks of hexblade, or anything warlock, bard and sorcerer do


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Armored Anomaly (5e Class) This needs a significant rewrite to be usable, and it is a problem that it begins "potential balance issue". We need to know exactly what the balance issue is upfront so that the reader knows how their campaign can be adjusted. I have only read the first few features and it does not bode well. D&D does not have a statistic called "health", does not deal with percentages, I can't see where "insanity" is defined, "gauntlet" isn't a core D&D weapon, you gain sanity points at 2nd level, but can't use them until 3rd level, "base form" is referenced before it is defined, warp punch doesn't give the right information for a teleport, how the "strike" is handled, and only loosely describes the forced movement (for which a Strength save should really be allowed).
Azathoth (5e Creature) There are no grounds for the calculations.
Blessing of Constitute Magic (5e Blessing) This seems way too good for a blessing, being immune to all forms of magical disruption.
Boon of Hourai (5e Epic Boon) final taste makes you absolutely unkillable, bc of your unlimited ressurection, as well as your inability to gain more than 4 levels of exhaustion
Boon of Mechanus (5e Epic Boon) Why not just ask the DM to change the encounter style?
Boon of the Devourer (5e Epic Boon) threadmill of infinity stacking with infinity.
Boon of the Gold Dragon God (5e Blessing) "This is for a [high power level] campaign" is not a valid reason to ignore balance standards, you can use whatever you want in your home game but here we have a general consensus that content should be of a similar power level to first-party content. Missing {{Design Note}}.
Boon of the Red Dragon God (5e Blessing) Missing {{Design Note}}.
Boon of the Sapphire Dragon God (5e Blessing) Missing {{Design Note}}.
Boon of the Totem (5e Epic Boon) This seems to be doing quite a bit for a boon.
Chaos Crystal (5e Trap) Inside of combat you randomly roll how long effects last, and then replace, and roll and a new duration. Outside of combat it's locked to a specific time frame. This is intolerable, and will grind any campaign to a halt. Wild Magic needs 12 rolls per minute(cursed). You could even get 2 curses. Many the effects are far too incoherent to implement.
Darkness Incarnate (5e Background) Too many bonuses; skills, languages.
Deity (5e Background) The Divine Nature trait is kinda overpowered. And also it doesn't make sense for a diety to be an adventurer.
Determined One (5e Background) Backgrounds shouldn't provide mechanical benefit.
Diamondskins (5e Race Variant) Permanent resistance to 7 damage types, including physical ones is unthinkable
Endless Divine Soul of Darkness Incarnate (5e Background) Design disclaimers excuse edge-case, "could clober in incredibly specific scenarios", not to excuse blatant balance issues, see Help:A Good DM.
Eye of the Great Sage (5e Epic Boon) each bullet point of this boon could be a boon in and on itself
Fallen Deity (5e Background) This background is far more powerful than other comparable backgrounds due to the sheer number of proficiencies/languages you gain.
Jade Emperor’s Body (5e Epic Boon) As per usual, each trait could be a whole boon. Please balance this
Practiced Blast (Warlock invocation) This, combined with Agonizing Blast, allows the eldritch blast to deal a maximum of 11 additional damage per blast, making an already strong cantrip the undisputed strongest in the game. At minimum, this invocation should be mutually exclusive with Agonizing Blast.
Protecter (5e Background) Backgrounds do not confer mechanical benefits.
Rock Shell Tortle (5e Race Variant) A race with even higher possible AC than base tortle (which already has a very high 17) AND a damage immunity.
Singer (5e Background) Too many proficiencies
Solid (5e Background) A background that grants a (limited) ability score increase on top of similar benefits of other backgrounds is not balanced.
THE BFSD (5e Optimized Character Build) You cannot use meta magic multiple times on the same spell. Delayed Fireball explodes after being touched - you can't carry it.
Tabaxi (5e Race Variant) All base traits plus those granted by these subraces puts them significantly farther ahead of other 1st party races. 3 skill proficiencies from a race. More base race traits need to be taken away.
The Forsaken Child (5e Epic Boon) Total immortality is too good. Full stop
The Prodigal Sorcerer: Optimizing Magic Missile
The Tarrasque Slayer (5e Optimized Character Build) Booming Blades don't stack and you need a real weapon to cast it per TCoE.
Vampiric Tabaxi (5e Race Variant)
Way of the Infinite Steps (5e Subclass) Totally not balanced for combat, it's just a min-max using movement.
Werewolf (5e Background) Either the mechanical features need to be removed, or this needs to be moved to 5e Classes or 5e Templates.
Winter Elf (5e Race Variant) This race has a higher speed than any playable race. Is this a comprehensive variant? Do you choose a subrace with this variant, or not?
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