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Way of the Demonic Arts[edit]

Monk Subclass

Ki is magical energy typically found and tapped from within living bodies, but sometimes after death some of this energy remains as residue. This residue is most notably found in walking corpses where the spirit has been provoked to walk the earth again. This is also known as resentful-Ki. Chained back to the land of the living by resentful toughts. The Way of the Demonic Arts practices the use of this residual energy. This art is unorthodox to the normal monk and should be practiced with great care.

Bonus proficiency[edit]

3rd Level Way of the Demonic Arts

You gain proficiency in an instrument of your choice.

Awaken Undead[edit]

3rd Level Way of the Demonic Arts

You may now cast Animate Dead at the cost of 3 Ki points, by infusing a pile of bones or a corpse with the touch of your Ki, or by whispering "wake up" next to it.
You may have a number of undead equal to your wisdom modifier under your control at a time. (minimum one)

When casting Animate Dead, add your proficiency bonus to your animated creature's ability scores. Replace the previous bonus with your current proficiency bonus when you level up.
The creature is under your control indefinetly as long as you're nearby to provide it with Ki to sustain it once every 24h. Your undead may use your following monk features, your Martial Arts die and Monk level when performing these features:
Martial Arts, Ki, Unarmored movement and Deflect missiles, at the cost of your Ki.

Demonic Inspiration[edit]

6rd Level Way of the Demonic Arts

"Makes me move in ways i've never done before, as if i am possessed."

You can play a melody that incites and focuses the Ki in others, the directions in your melody gives others the ability to move like yourself.
As an Action and Concentration, choose another creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you. That creature gains a free use of your following monk features: Ki, Unarmored movement and Deflect missiles, using your Martial Arts die and monk level when performing these features. If your AC is higher than your target creature, replace the creature's AC with your own for the duration of the melody.

This takes up your concentration and action each turn to keep the melody going.

Improved Awaken Undead[edit]

6th Level Way of the Demonic Arts

Your undead created from Awaken Undead may use these following monk features at will: Slowfall and Ki-Empowered Strikes.
And while Inspired by Demonic Inspiration, they may use Stunning strike at the cost of your Ki.

Reawaken Undead[edit]

11th Level Way of the Demonic Arts

Unlock Personality

By spending some time understanding and channeling the Ki flows in an undead of your choice, you restore parts of its personality.
The undead regains parts of its memory, its proficiencies from when it was alive and the ability to speak.

At first, a few core memories from life are regained while the less important ones or memories of traumas are still hazy, e.g: It remembers where it is from, the names of the people that stood closest to it in life and its main job/class/parts of its background.
The undead now have a good idea of who it is. It regians all its memories over the course of 1d8+4 day(s).

You may only have one reawakened undead in control at a time.

Undead Fortitude

Another effect of reawakening an undead is that it makes them way sturdier than before and it is now considered to be of having a challenge rating of 3. Reawakened undead gain an additional 8d8(or +36) hitpoints.


Your undead created from Awaken Undead may use Evasion monk feature.

Negative flow

As a bonus action, with your touch, you may channel Ki from others to replenish your own. You replenish one Ki point once per creature touched. You may replenish from the same creatures again after finishing a long rest. The creature touched experience this as a touch followed by a slight numbness from the touch.

Forbidden Arts[edit]

17th Level Way of the Demonic Arts

Sinister Ki circulates through you and your undead. Being exposed to it has consequences for others than you.

Your undead have advantage on strength checks.
As a reaction to an attack that hits you or your undead, you may bestow curse at spellslot level 3 to the attacker by spending 3 Ki points.
Demonic Inspiration may now affect up to 6 creatures.
The time it takes for a Reawakened undead to regain its memories now only takes 1d4 day(s).

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