Phase 1 Clone Armor (5e Equipment)

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Medium Armor
Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Common 14 + Dexterity modifier (Max 3) 13 23 lbs {{{weight}}} lb.

Clone armor consists of a black suit that covers the entire body, similar to a wetsuit. White plastoid plates cover the suit, and the joints are covered by the same stuff, not lowering mobility, but increasing defense. A plastoid helmet protects the clone from smoke, and seals in the helmet enough to provide air for 5 minutes of space walk. The boots of the armor are magnetic if the user wishes them to be, attaching them to metal even upside down. On the arms of the suit is a radio transmitter, giving the user a radio range of 5 miles to any peron who has the same type of device.

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