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Members of this group is particularly good at fighting with weapons, whether natural or manufactured.

Homebrew Combat-Focused Prestige Classes
Name Rating1 (out of 20) Type2 Description3 Len-
Min. Level5
3.5e Prestige Classes NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Abomination NR Combat Focused, Bad Guy Abominations have been present throughout history, some making themselves well known such as the Frankenstein monster, whilst many have tried to emulate their hideous appearance, it takes a truly twisted and deformed mind to create such a being. Though it takes much more vision to become one as opposed to giving life to one... 10 5
Acari NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Adamantine Knight 14 Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Adamantine Knight sees perfection in the unyielding resilience and unequalled hardness of adamantine. By means of a strange alchemical process kept secret by the Adamantine Knights, these stalwart defenders of order actually incorporate that perfect metal into their own bodies. 3 15
Adept NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Adipose Avatar 18.25 Combat-Focused A mortal who has survived starving to the brink of death and now hungers for eternity. 10 4
Aerial Cavalier 16.5 Good Guy, Combat Focused Expert at flying on an aerial mount. 10 6
Amazon 14 Divine Spellcasting, Separate Spellcasting Amazon are legendary huntress, using archery and innate agility they hunt their prey restlessly. 10 6
Ambassador of Slime NR Combat-Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! Number of levels this PrC has 10
Angel Disciple 17.25 Good Guy, Combat Focused, Skilled, Transformational Those with angelic heritage can draw on their blood to transform into a higher power of good. 10 6
Angel Disciple, Variant NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Skilled, Transformational Those with angelic heritage can draw on their blood to transform into a higher power of good. 10 6
Animal Lord NR Animal Lords are hunters and woodsmen who have completely devoted their lives to wolves. 10 6
Arc Lord NR Combat Focussed A lightning-infused combatant who strikes hard & fast with powerful shocking abilities. 10 4
Arcane Dissector NR Light Spellcasting, Moderate Combat Constantly seeking knowledge, gaining more information each step of the way, the Dissector is an amazing Prestige class to enter a campaign with, friend or foe. 10 Arcane Caster Level 3rd
Arcane Warrior NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Archblade NR Combat-Focused The elite of those who take up arms, they are masters of the physical blows. 5 12
Ascendant Knight 13.5 Battle-Focused, Good Guy The Ascendant Knight has achieved a new level of power derived from the five energies, a gift only possible from the celestials. They combine destructive energy powers with a rejuvinative ability to form a deadly force on the battlefield. 10 6
Assassin, Creed Variant NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10
Assassin, Variant NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Atlantean Cavalier NR Combat-Focused Atlantean cavaliers are seafarers who patrol the ocean's coasts and depths. 10 7
Baatorian Arcanovore NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Special agents of a cryptic and infernal order from the 9 Hells that specialize in the elimination of arcane spellcasters and outsiders. Intended for campaigns that allow Outsider PCs, or as an NPC Outsider class. 10 7
Bardbarian NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Bard and Barbarian combined 10 levels 5 levels
Battle Hedgehog 15 Combat-Focused A battle hedgehog is a warrior who specializes in the use of spiked armor and spiked gauntlets. As the warrior progresses down this path, he begins to gain abilities that go beyond using spikes in battle. 10 5
Battle Master NR Combat-Focused The first into battle, the last out of battle. 10 20 Fighter
Battle Teleporter NR Battlefield controller A specialized class for a magic user, focusing on teleportation this class has 6 levels 4th Level
Dimensional Hop castable
Concentration 7 ranks.
Battlemage 9 Moderate Spellcasting, Combat-Focused The Battlemage is a spellcaster who has mastered the art of melding might and magic 10 5
Battosai NR Combat-Focused A swordsman who practices battōjutsu, the art of drawing a sword from its sheath in order to increase its speed and power. 3 12
Beast Master NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Blade of Orien (Fix) NR Battlefield Control Remake of Blade of Orien PrC 5 3
Blade Scribe NFR Combat/Utility Focused A Specialized Weaponmaster with unique powers. 20 20
Bladed Magus NR Melee Combat focused, Spellcasting A mage of devastating power, who has trained to channel power through their blade
Blademaster NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Bladesong Warrior NR Combat-Focused A bard who stops training his arcane abilities to become a graceful sword fighter. 10 6
Blast Mage NR Strong Spellcasting A spellcaster who uses raw power to mimic spells 10
Blind Warrior NR Combat-Focused A dedicated warrior who refuses to think of his blindness as a disability 6 5
Blood Defender NR Combat-Focused One who protects friends with raging fury. 10 10
Blood Knight 20 Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Blood knights are servants of vampirekind, prestigious warriors, and powerful vampires. 10 5
Blood Soldier NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Blood Soldier are evil, and they seek to earn a "better" place in their infernal afterlives. They will work for anyone to achieve this end goal, making sure they do not become a nobody in the netherworld. 5 5
Bloodmeister NR Combat Focused, Bad Guy The power of blood, which exists in all living things, is an alluring force. Some would call the warriors who harness that power as a physical weapon true visionaries; others would call them madmen. Of course, there is often little difference between the two... 5
Bludfrost Cavalier NR Combat-Focused Blüdfrost Cavalry are the stout cold-weather warriors who patrol the Northern Wastes 10 7
Bone Rider NR Combat Focused Rider of an undead mount 5 4
Boneblade Reaper 15 Combat Focused, Strong Spellcasting A hybrid spellcaster-monk who studies death as a form of dark enlightenment 10 6
Bonespur 14 Bad Guy, Combat-Focused A fanatical worshipper of Nerull who learns to use his own bones as weapons. 10 7
Bow Master NR Combat-Focused Master of ranged combat, bow master fillets his opponents with arrows from all ranges. The bow masters familiarity with his weapons allow him to perform extraordinary feats of archery. 10 6
Bowman of Hunting NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Breathstealer 18 Bad Guy Breathstealers kill to satisfy their morbid curiosity and twisted urges. 20+ 2
Brother of the Scarred Hand NR Good guy, bad guy, minor spellcasting Ascetics who learn the powers of healing and harming 10 7
Burning Soul NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Brave heroes never back down from a fight against evil, even in the face of death. And the phoenix rises from the fire of their souls. 10 8
Butcher of Souls NR Combat Focused, Rage A warrior that wields blades made of souls and sharpened with rage to destroy his enemies. 10 6
Butterfly Ninja NR Combat-Focused, Companion Attracts a swarm of butterflies as an ally and uses its bond with them to aid in combat and in travel. 5 6
Calculated Warrior NR Combat Focused A fighter that uses opportunities to fight smarter. 20 2
Cassian Temptress NR Combat-Focused Cassian Temptresses are females who use their beauty, agility, and magic to steal vital energy for their goddess. 10 5
Cathardigan NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Cathardigan are an elite team of acrobatic gnomish paladins who slay undead in the name of their lord, Modroben, known for riding giant condor mounts. 10 7
Cavalier, charming NR Combat-focused Charming cavaliers are mounted knights skilful both at court and on the battlefield; using his authoritative power in addition to his riding skills. 10 4
Cavern Strider NR Combat-Focused, Skilled No one else can match a Cavern Strider's ability to climb. 5 7
Celestial Artist NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled The Celestial Artist uses their ability to manifest material from their paintings and their own special inks and talents to perform incredible feats of valor and strength. 10 6
Celestial Beacon NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused A beacon of light that shines even in the evil of the lower planes. 10 7
Celestial Caster NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Celestial Disciple NR Combat-Focused, Divine A Celestial Disciple is a warrior who through intense training forges herself into a divine weapon, spreading her faith and striking down infidels in righteous vengeance. 10 6
Celestial Hunter NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Champion of Khorne NR Bad Guy, Combat Focused A maniacal beserker who allows his anger to guide his actions and who cares only for slaughter and blood 10 7
Chimeric Devotee NR Combat-Focused / Champion of Nature A Wild Shape focused Prestige Class 10 5
Chiseled Adonis NR Combat-Focused The Chiseled Adonis could be avoiding the hits he takes, but it's too good of a work out. 10 4
Chiseled Warrior 15.75 Combat Focused A warrior whose body becomes like steel. 10 4
Chrono Splicer NR Combat-Focused A monk who can bend time to make more attacks. 10 5
Classic Villian NR Combat-Focused, skilled, bad guy classic, is almost beyond good or bad... almost 10 7
Combustioneer NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Combustioneers are clerical priests of Modroben, god of death, who serve him as masters of cremation and fire elementrics. 10 7
Court Champion NR Good Guy, Combat, Detects, reveals, and combats treason and corruption among those in high places 10 5
Dagger Mage NR Combat Caster Melee fighter, arcane caster 10 10
Dancer NR Combat-Focused, Skilled A master of different Dances, the Dancer is a graceful killer, killing almost without effort. 10 5
Dark Knight NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The Dark Knight was an attempt to duplicate the powers of the Holy and Fell Knights by the Kaladonian Empire. While it failed insofar as that objective, the lost art of the Dark Knight is still something to behold. 10 7
Dark Tempest Blade NR Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Strong Spellcasting The Dark Tempest Blade combines arcane spellcasting with martial disciplines like the Jade Phoenix Mage from the Tome of Battle ToB. But it uses electricity spells rather than fire spells, and is a little bit tougher. 10 7
Darkfeather NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Priests of Modroben who worship him in his guise as god of death, Darkfeathers are highly trained archers blessed with the eyes of their patron animal, the buzzard, which they use to pick off undead targets from great distances. 10 7
Darkfire Guild Thief NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Cult members dedicated to the demon Acerbus, these foul thieves constantly seek to capture more sacrifices for their everburning lord. Arsonists, murderers, burglars, and worse fill the ranks of the Darkfire Thieves Guild. 10 4
Death King 18 Combat Focused, Strong Spellcasting The will of the people will at times keep a great hero from dying 6 8
Death Knight NR Combat-Focused, Bad Guy Combining undeath with the dark blessings of fiends, the Death Knight wields powers of both flame and death, able to raise undead servants and armies on his own through his spell-like abilities. 5 6
Death Scythe NR Combat-Focused. Hey you remember that Demon Weapon from High School? I heard he became a Death Scythe! He's the Weapon of a GOD now! 10 6
Deathwright NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Holy paladins enforcing the will of Modroben by destroying undead, deathwrights are vengeful defenders of life and death, and are known for seeking out the most powerful and vile kinds of necromancers. 10 7
Deepwood Sniper NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Deepwood Sniper, Variant NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Demolisher NR Combat-Focused Demolishers are experts in destroying objects and constructs. 5 6
Demon Berserker NR Bad Guy, Combat Focused Barbarian meets demon. 10 9
Demon Samurai NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused A warrior who's sworn to the service of a fiend, and granted power for it. 5 5
Desert Dreamwalker NR Combat-Focused, Separate Spellcasting, Two-weapon fighting Some find themselves among those few who can not only enter the world of dreams, but can manipulate both that world and the waking world, even when awake. They can use these powers combined with their martial prowess to both cut through enemies and aid allies. 10 5
Devoted Warsinger NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Direfrost Knight 16.5 Combat Focused Bound with an uncontrolled connection with cold magic, the very force of it warps the direfrost knight's body into an elemental force of absolute freezing force. 10 5
Disciple of Shadow NR Comat-Focused, Melee-Focused Martial adept that focuses on the Shadow Hand Discipline 10 6
Disciple of the Bow NR Good Guy Prestige levels unlocked by activation of the Bow of Dragons Sorrows 2 NA
Disciple of the Spirit Wave NR Combat-Focused An homage to Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho. Also, should play pretty well. 10 5
Divine Ascendant NR Combat-Focused So you're epic level and trying to go for godhood. Now you can rule over everything with an iron fist! 12 28
Divine Soldier NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Minor Spellcasting, Melee Pietous warrior with limited spellcasting 10 5
Divine Swordsman NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Draconic Champion NR Melee Combat-Focused A Half-Dragon Variant for melee classes such as barbarian and fighter. 8 5
Dragon Lancer NR Combat-Focused A character who rides a dragon. 5 9
Dragon Legionnaire NR Combat-Focused The Dragon Legion is the elite fighting force of the Ravnira army, specializing in precise strike missions. They are known for their individual fighting skill; a cohort of Dragon legionnaires consists of 100 soldiers, and they have been known to defeat traditionally sized cohorts of 1,000 soldiers. Trained to be extremely versatile, each legionnaire is train in the use of a variety of weapons, but especially the spear. 10 10
Dragon Soldier NR Combat-Focused A character who becomes a trusted ally with a dragon. 8 10
Dragonbond Knight NR Combat-Focused A character who rides a dragon. 5 9
Dragonfire Champion NR Combat Focused, Good Guy A powerful force of draconic good, infusing breath weapons with smiting power. 12 5
Dragoon 16 Combat-focused Dragoons specialize in fighting extremely large enemies. They prefer spears for this purpose because of the simplicity of use and the reach. With a bit of natural magic and a lot of hard work, they grow to be capable of incredible maneuvers. 10 5
Dragoon, 3rd Variant NR Combat-Focused, Skilled, Moderate Spellcasting PrC designed based off of the Dragoons from 'Legend of Dragoon' game from the PS1, an alternative compared to another's. 10 3rd
Dragoon, Tirr NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Dragoon, Variant 0 Combat-focused Dragoons specialize in fighting extremely large enemies. They prefer spears for this purpose because of the simplicity of use and the reach. With a bit of natural magic and a lot of hard work, they grow to be capable of incredible maneuvers. 10 6
Dread Hunter NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Bad Guy The ultimate ranger, the most studied hunter: A Ranger prestige class that grants dreadful and baneful powers that make slaying Favored Enemies simpler than swinging a mace. 3 11
Dreadknight 14.375 Bad Guy, Combat Focused The dreadknights are the champions of the lawful evil. 10 10
Drunken Brawler NR Combat-Focused As a barbarian can go into a rage, a drunken brawler, after a few drinks, can become just as beserk. 10 2
Drunken Master, Tome 13.25 Combat Focused, Unusual Abilities, Dodgy AKA, the Drunk Monk. Uses Dungeonomicon Monk 10 5
Dune Walker NR Combat-Focused Dune walkers differ from other adventurers in that they don't fight the harsh conditions of their adopted home - they embrace them. As they progress down the path of the desert-initiated, they slowly gain abilities that resonate with the desert's characteristics, culminating in an astounding ability to shift their bodies into a contiguous mass of sand. 10 5
Dungeon Veteran NR Combat-Focused, Skilled You're well-suited to exploring and surviving dungeons. 5 6
Dwarven Berserker 19 Combat-Focused The dwarven berserker is a racial prestige class designed for use with the Tome of Battle rules. 5 5
Earth Vanguard NR Combat-Focused A master of stone produced by generations of dwarven tradition. 10 4
Easy Rider NR Good Guy A devoted Animal Companionist, that rides his Companion and marches to glory 10
Ebon Hand NR talented criminal and social manipulator Socially adept thief with a tendency to brag, taunt, and show of his skills. 10 4
Eldritch Shadow 14.25 Combat-Focused Because of how Eldritch Shadows are treated in many places, and because of a general mistrust, Eldritch Shadows learn secrets of their heritage and the underworkings of the "other" side of the law. 10 10
Eldritch Sword NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Electrokinecist NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Elothar Warrior of Bladereach NR Combat Focused Totally not a ninja! 14 6
Enlightened Fist NR Combat-Focused A mystical fighter that uses astral copies. 10 7
Enlightened Soul NR Good Guy, Combat Focused Having come to appreciate the sanctity of all life, whether pure or corrupted, the Enlightened Soul has learned to adapt her skills so that she might strike without harming. 10 20
Eternal Walker 19.5 Combat-Focused, Skilled In this world, time walkers find themselves presented with many different paths to choose, the path of the eternal walker is one such path. 10 2
Expert Tripper NR Combat-Focused The expert tripper is a master of tripping people, making weakness where their was none before. They are all about exploiting battle, using tripping to gain the upper hand. 10 4
Exterminator NR Combat-Focused, Stealthy Who stalks the stalker? 10 5
Faceless NR Combat-Focused A divine warrior that sacrificed everything that defined him as a person in exchange for the power to serve his god. 5 14
Falconer NR Combat-Focused, Pet-Based The Falconer fights side-by-side with her avian animal companion. 10 5
Fang of the Four Winds NR Combat-Focused, Skilled Students of the Desert Wind discipline expand their mastery over fire until other elements of the world. 10 5
Fell Knight NR Bad Guy, Combat-focused A fallen knight who has turned his back on the light of the gods. He leeches the souls of enemies with his Fell Sword. 10 8
Fell Knight, Variant NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Fell Warrior NR Strong Spellcasting, Combat-focused The warlock's answer to the spellcaster's eldritch knight 10 6
Feral Assassin NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Assassins with an affinity for animals. 6 1
Fierceweapon Smith NR Combat-Focused Deep in some ravenous races of the horde tribes there lies a Fierceweapon Smith. Through radical experimentation and sheer desire, they have created something truly wicked and horrifing. 7 5
Fist of the Dragon NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Flame Crusader NR Chaotic, Fire Use, Sphere-focused When one has been exposed to sufficiently powerful flame for long enough, that flame takes a form within him. He becomes a living advocate for the powers of fire, a curse and blessing that follows him wherever he goes. 10 6
Flame Crusader, Tirr NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Fleshcrafter NR Combat-Focused, Bad Guy A crafter, weaver and stitcher of mort flesh 10 8
Flying Archer 19 Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting An archer who takes to the air and rains down death from the skies. 10 6
Forgefire Warlock NR Strong Spellcasting The chosen of Alethros, forgefire warlocks channel raw fiery power from the heart of the earth. 3 8
Forsaker NR Combat Focused, Unusual You refuse the use of magic in favor of your own capabilities. 15 2nd (with flaws)
4th (if Human)
Fortune's Fool NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! Number of levels this PrC has 10
Fury Mage NR Moderate Spellcasting, Combat Focused Fury Mages learn to channel rage into their spells. 10 5
Gentle Monk NR Combat-focused, anti-caster Another Monk PrC experiment. Based on Naruto this time. 5 6
Ghost Monk NR Combat-Focused Ghost Monks are a sect of the Monastic disipline concerned with dodging and counters. The art they practice is reactive, improvisational, and suprisingly powerful. While less effective against non-humanoids, there are few fighters that can stand up to the might of a trained Ghost Monk. 10 3
God of Death NR Combat-Focused Harvester of souls 5 6
God Smith NR Combat-Focused A God Smith is a smith who creates weapons of titanic proportions. 20 20
Gold Templar NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting An escort of healers, and server of those in need of healing and protection 10 5
Grandmaster NR Combat-Focused A Grandmaster has seen it all and has always found victory. His biggest strength is versatility—the Grandmaster can fight anywhere, every time, the way he wants to. His biggest weakness is determination—his job is fighting, and nothing else. 5 13
Gravewire NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Gravewire are dedicated rangers who focus on defending large cemeteries, tombs and similar resting places for the corpses of the deceased. 10 7
Great Swordsman 12 Combat-Focused A focused warrior who dedicates all of his training to the sword. 10 5
Greatweapon Smith NR Combat-Focused Every Orc tribe needs a blacksmith to create their weapons of destruction, you are that orc. You can create fierce weapons and be just as deadly with them. You specialize in two-handed weapons and you know how you cut down many creatures with them. 6 3
Greenward Bulwark NR Combat-Focused A druid who specializes in heavy armor 10 5
Grenadíer NR Throwing grenades at people. 10 10
Guardian NR Combat-Focused A "tank" in every sense of the word. The Guardian specializes in staying alive against all odds. 10 4
Gunslinger 19 Combat-Focused Gunslingers are adept in the use of pistols, wielding them as a duelist wields a sword 10 6
Gutbuster NR Combat Focused Spiked Tanks of Death 10 4
Hallowed Bladesinger NR Strong Combat, Strong Spellcasting A revered elven hero and practioner of the Old Ways who's legend is long past their prime. 10 5
Hammerer NR Combat-Focused A member of a greathammer-wielding knightly order, devoted and steadfast. 10 5
Hand Crossbow Hunter NR Combat Focused, Skilled "Hunters who see killing enemies with a great sword or heavy crossbow far too easy." 10 4
Harmful Hand Adept NR Combat-Focused An unarmed combat style for those who like to take their battle to close-quarters. 10 0
Harrier NR ,,, Harriers are agile specialists who exploit flanking, attacks of opportunity and tripping, taking down their victims with surprise attacks and wolf pack tactics. 6 4
Healing Hand NR Combat-Focused Healing focused devote 10 5
Hedge Mage NR Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting A journeyman honing his craft while he searches for a suitable location for his tower. 6 4
Hellfire Archer NR Ranged & Fire Focused Combat The Hellfire Archer blends ranged attacks with powerful fire abilities. 10 5
Hellmaster NR Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Strong Spellcasting Hellmasters are those damned souls who dared to deal with the devil. 5 11
Hero of Courage NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Hidden Archer NR Combat-Focused Part of the Guild of Hidden Archers they specialize in stealth and silence, using the shadows to snipe their enemies from a safe distance. 10 7
Hightombed NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled The Hightombed are scholarly priests of Modroben who serve him as masters of mummification and the elementrics of air. 10 7
Holy Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-focused Baptized in the divine light of the Church, the Holy Knight smites foes with powerful Holy Sword techniques. 10 7
Holy Knight, Andreichekov NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Domain Caster Paladin with access to domains. 5 levels. 8 levels of Paladin.
Holy Knight, Variant NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Hooded Pupil NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused This is a Monster Class which allows a PC to acquire the Hooded Pupil template (Libris Mortis) over 4 levels instead of requiring a +4 Level Adjustment. 4
Hunter of Evil NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Hybrid Elite, Turbo NR Utilizes falling damage, Combat-Focused A warrior infused with green magic. A paragon of unnatural strength and warfare. 10 8
Iaidoka NR Combat Focused, Frontline Fighter, Unique The Iaidoka of the Ashen Coast take their practice of the sword to a nearly artistic level, eliminating every unnecessary motion and twitch to leave on a perfect draw, cut, and sheathing of the weapon, lightning fast, and with devastating effect. 10 7
Impediment 19 Combat Focused There are those in this world who claim that they cannot be stopped by anything, then there are those who stop them. 10 6
Impetus Paragon NR Combat-Focused Speed, leaping, and the right techniques makes for one of the most impressive and maneuverable fighting styles seen in melee combat, literally jumping in for the kill. 10 2
Improvisor NR Combat-Focused Mad scientists and gnome tinkerers. 10 7
Infernal Lich NR Bad Buy, Combat-Focused Infernal Liches are spellcasters who through a a series of intricate lies and bargains have turned a willing Devil into their phylactery, for use in an obscure Lich Transformation ritual. 5 14
Invisible Blade NR Combat-Focused, Skilled 10 Levels version of Invisible Blade 10 6
Iron Templar NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Good Guy Paladins who master the forge and siege warfare. 10 5
Junction Knight NR Combat-Focused Warriors granted unnatural power by junctioning Guardian Spirits within their minds. The more powerful they grow the more memories they seem to lose. They are similar to a Paladin in combat. Loosely based on a small group of Garden students from the Balamb region.
Justice: Judge, Jury, Executioner NR Combat Oriented <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 5 0
Kamahl Acolyte NR Good guy, Neutral Followers of the hero, Kamahl
Kamikaze 18.75 Combat Focused, Alternate Combat Options The kamikaze's body has become unstable to the point where sudden impact causes his body to explode. The kamikaze learns how to control these explosions and learns to exercise a variety of powers with them. 10 5
Keeper of the Eternal Flame NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Holy warriors of light and fire 10 5
Kender Ninja NR Combat Focused, Skilled The Kender Ninja, one of the deadliest warrior forces known to man. Said to move like ghosts and kill quietly like assassins, the Kender Ninja are dangerous foes. 10 --
Kendo Blade NR Combat-Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10 7
Ki Master NR Moderate Spellcasting A Ki Master has learned to use Ki so well that they rely on the physical and can complete amazing feats with their Ki. 10 5
Killer NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused There are those who fight with honor, against worthy and prepared opponents. And there are those who simply kill, as efficiently as possible, by stealth and treachery. 10 4
Knight of Beauty NR Combat Focused, Good Guy, Paladin Prestige Gallant Knights in love with beauty, and willing to fight for it. 10 5
Knight of the Moon NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting A paladin/sorcerer combination with the ability to cast spells and attack in the same round. 10 5
Lava General NR Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Forged by fire and covered in magma, the Lava General uses an army of flaming soldiers and extreme heat to dominate the front lines. 10 8
Leaf Ninja 14.5 Combat-Focused Ninja from Village Hidden in the Woods. 10 5
Legendary Strategist NR Combat-Focused, Skilled A guy who is good at telling other people what to do and have it work out okay. 5 6
Lion Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Guardians of Mythical Lineage. 10 6
Lion Warrior NR Combat Focused The Lion Warriors of the Southern Isles are fierce hunters that follow the path of the lion.
Livemetal Adept NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Use arcane power to become a construct. Perhaps what the green Star Adept should have been. 10 5
Lord Knight NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy Holy warriors, crusaders for the cause of their lords, ladies and gods, the Lord Knight fights for all that is good and orderly in this chaotic, unpredictable world 10 4
Lord of the Thundercats NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Lord of the Thundercats begins the long road of mastering his skills, perfecting them in just one unique sword. 10 5
Lunae Divine Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Lunar Divine Knight's are taciturn warriors of the Moon Goddess. They will sacrifice their to empower their attacks. 10 5
Lunar Champion 19.5 Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting Martial adepts dedicated to routing out members of Shar's church, especially Shadow Knights of Shar. 10 5
Maestro of the Arts NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Magehunter NR Combat Focused Bane of all spellcaster. 10 6
Mageslayer NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Magic Eaters NR Combat-Focused Tales tell of a fortunate few who had the chance to meet and befriend the sjtel, a rare kind of fey that is addicted to stealing magic. Magic Eaters are the experts among sjtel, perfecting their addiction for magic. 10 5
Magical Girl (Arcane) NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Magic With bound focus in hand, the Magical Girl conjures her armour and throws herself into the fight for what she thinks is right. 10 5
Magna Blade NR Combat-Focused Magna Blades are an elemental force of destruction, and anyone who stands in their way had better move or they will soon find themselves staring at eternity. 5 7
Magnetic Warrior NR , The Magnetic Warrior is a mage that levitates several lodestone blades which she uses to strike foes with. 10 5
Manifest Soul NR Combat-Focused A PrC designed to make a soul knife more resemble Archer from Fate/Stay Night. 5 or 10 9
Marksmen of the Dark NR Combat-Focused Whilst some vow to bring the light to all who have dark, yet others bring the dark to anyone. Marksmen of the Dark reveal in the shadows and deep within the darkness, using shadows to accomplish their tasks. 8 7
Marquis NR Good Guy, Combat Focused Brave heroes whose noble status and upbringing grant them amazing command and potential. 10 9
Martial Cognoscente NR Combat-Focused The Martial Cognoscente is a mentally focused warrior who's mind is in tune with the battle around him/her and makes calculated tactical decisions to control the field. 10 5
Master Assassin NR Combat Focused, Skilled A Master of assassination, they travel the world in search for new and exotic ways to commit murder and get paid for it. 5 6
Master Monk NR Combat-focused A monk, heavily devoted to their physical training, whose unarmed attacks are deadly. Their Punch Art is extremely deadly. 10 7
Master of Evocations NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Master of the North NR Combat-Focused A master of the north learns the terrain where it is, the arctic, and knows how to overcome any beast that strays to far north, using the arctic to his advantage. 10 8
Master Sniper NR Combat-Focused, Bad Guy The best at getting them unaware in the crosshair. 5 5
Mechanus Signifer NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 5 7
Melee Scout NR <-What additional roles this class fits (see bottom; e.g. "Good Guy, Combat-Focused")-> <-Paragraph description of the class-> 10 5
Melee Specialist NR Combat Focused Increased Focus on one type of weapon. 10 8
Mental Blade NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Mental Blade combines a strict mental discipline with natural talent to become a force to be feared. 10 7
Metahand 19.5 Combat-Focused A metahand is a warrior of unusual standing, who focuses upon honing his prowess in battle with the tools that he is granted, instead of stretching his limits and attempting to master every possible form of fighting. 10 7
Minddrinker NR Psion A minddriker is a psion who becomes so familiar with the minds of others that they can obtain their memories, siphon their vitality, and even absorb their foe's intelligence. 5 5
Mireblack NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Mireblacks are healing-focused, druid-like priests of Modroben with an affinity for leechmastery and a psionic bent. 10 7
MM's Magehunter NR Combat Focused The bane of spellcasters, the magehunter is an anti-mage prestige class with a range of defensive, offensive and utility abilities meant to counter wizards. It is intended to enable a non-spellcasting build to go toe-to-toe with wizards and their ilk without simply being turned into a toad or (conversely) being flat out superior to other classes. It is an adapted version of Lord Dhazriel's magehunter (3.5e Prestige Class), retooled and balanced. 10 6
Mongoose NR Combat Focused, Anti-Spellcaster Study the mongoose to find how it kills snakes. Then use this to kill casters. 10 5 (4 may be possible)
Monitor NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The Monitors are nihilistic Monks with their roots in the Kuo-Toa culture 9 6
Monks of Time and History NR Combat-Focused One of the most basic endurances of nature, that of time itself. It is here where the history monks control over time itself. It takes many years to become even remotely accomplished in time slicing and it takes a strong soul and even stronger will to complete the harsh training, but this is what Monks of Time and History do. 10 5
Monstrous Weapon Master NR Combat-Focused Eschewing all weapons but the largest, some characters become specially attuned to the combat style of their weapons 10 7
Moon Warrior NR Combat-Focused The Moon Warrior is a devout follower of Luna who excells in physical combat and is strong in his will against magic combat. 7 3
Mysterious Stranger 20 Gunslinger, Assassin, Good Guy Trained in stealth, marksmanship and the dark arts; a mysterious stranger can alter the prevailing conditions of any situation at extreme range with precision. 5 5
Named Man NR Combat-Focused Masters of war and single combat. Men of massive renown. 10 10
Nature's Ally NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Night Slinger NR Combat-Focused Night Slingers use their dexterity, night vision, and stop enemies in their tracks by using unquestioned skill with the sling. 10 6
Oathsworn Paladin NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Orc Lord NR The ferocity of an orc with the training of a knight 10 3
Orcish Blood Warrior NR Combat-Focused While Orcish Barbarians seek to overwhelm opponents with a powerful but unsustainable burst of fury, Blood Warriors seek to outlast opponents and harry them relentlessly, with an indomitable determination that is uncharacteristic of their normally weak-willed race. It is a common myth that slain Blood Warriors must be hacked to pieces to stop them rising again. 10 6
Orespringer NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Orespringers are dwarven priests in the Church of Modroben who specialize in rescuing the souls of miners trapped in cave collapses underground and destroying the undead that roam troglodytic settings. 10 7
Paladin NR Combat Focused, Divine Spellcaster A holy warrior who's righteous wrath smites heretics. 5 5
Palutena's Warrior NR Combat-Focused Palutena, goddess of light grants great power to those who show a love for life, and an affinity for her style of fighting. These warriors do not have the Paladin-like vendetta against evil, but focus more on protecting the innocent from harm. This does not mean that they are afraid to get their hands dirtied in combat, however, as Palutena grants them the ability to defend themselves and those around them. 11 5
Paragon of Light/Darkness NR Combat-Focused Those with the blood of outsiders may want to learn their heritage. A paragon of light is distantly descended from celestials, while a paragon of darkness comes from fiendish stock. Both have learned to unlock their supernatural abilities, and seek to emulate, and eventually become, like their extraplanar forebears. 10 5
Paramander NR Skilled, Combat-Focused Paramanders do not exist. No one has ever met one, and any reports of their activities have been pure speculation. Were they to exist as a secret society, their purpose would be to preserve the balance and defend the natural order, playing off good vs. evil, law vs. chaos, so that none ever becomes too powerful. 10 6
Pariah NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Pariahs are demonkind who have chosen the path of evil and it has damned their souls for all eternity. Pariahs are normally the grunt soldiers of hell; their abilities center around harming others as efficiently as possible. 10 7
Phalanx Specialist NR Combat-Focused the ultimate hoplite 10 4
Phoenix NR Fire Focused Melee Combatant, Moderate spellcasting. The Phoenix blends melee attacks with fire magic. Druid prestige class. 6 5
Polarity Paragon NR Melee Fighter, Melee Trickster Polarity Paragon is able to control polarity of metals, tricking their unsuspecting opponents, and winning the battle. 15 5
Pontifex Sanctus NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Possessor NR Support/Combat A fierce and unpredictable combatant. Five. 9th.
Pretty Cool Guy NR Pretty Cool Guy Eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything 3 5
Primal Warrior NR Combat-Focused, Skilled Some warriors respect the deadly power of animals and strive to understand and emulate these beasts. 5 5
Progenitor of the Gith NR Combat-Focused, Spell-Like Abilities, Racial You were a slave to the illithids. Now you're not, and you've gained from the experience. 5 4
Protector Judge NR Combat-Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10 5
Psychic Predator NR ,,, Psychic Predators are manifesters who have, by blood inheritance, begun a steady alteration into a ferocious psionic beast, blurring the lines of mental might and feral combat. Powerful in the physical and psychic sense, Psychic Predators favor claw and fang above all else, but are equally capable of concealing their primal manifesting by appearing outwardly normal for their race. Exceptionally durable and resilient, these individuals have no particular chink in their armor for their prey (and those who hunt hunters) to exploit easily. 6 6
Pugilist NR Combat-Focused Some people love to fight, bare-fisted, no holds barred. Some make a career of it. 10 6
Raging Crasher 19 Combat Focused Run with your anger! Arrgh! 10 9
Raging Hulk 18.5 Combat Focused The Raging Hulk is a barbarian thats anger has reached a point where he actually increases in size when he rages. 10 10
Reaper 15 Combat-Focused, Strong Spellcasting When a case is particularly difficult to understand, one may send a reaper along with plaintiff's adventuring party to observe, help, and ultimately decide said plaintiff's fate, even if he must decide with force. 10 6
Reaper of Nerull NR Combat Focused The Reapers of Nerull are powerful order of soldiers who wield the power of death itself. 6 14
Reaper, Variant 15 Combat-Focused, Strong Spellcasting. Ever seen a Reaper? No? Then let's just say that making friends with one, will probably make your Death a whole lot less painful than if you were to piss one off. 10 6
Refined Soul 19 Combat Focused, Unique Abilities A variant off the Soulbinder. A Refined Soul has looked inward, discovering the power of its soul and how to use it as a weapon, to protect itself, and to transcend mortal bounds. 10 7
Rendigo Cavalier NR Combat-Focused woodland wardens who patrol the jungles and rain forests. <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10 7
Retiarius NR "Combat Focused, Skilled, Historical" "The Retiarius is a net and trident fighter, based on the ancienct Roman gladitorial fighter of the same name." 10 6
Rhinoceros Rider NR Mounted combat, rangerlike. Specializes in mounted combat on a rhinoceros and gains some of the beast's powers over time. 10 9
Rich Kid NR Combat-Focused Spoiled little brat ? ?
Ruatharian Beastmaster NR Spellcaster, Skilled, Combat Focused A beastmaster feels more at home among the animals of nature than fellow sentient beings. Over time, these wanderers earn the special friendship of the elven folk for their to exemplary servitude of nature, thus Ruatharian Beastmaster is born. 5 5
Saint NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Santoryu Swordsman NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 3
Savage Priest NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Strong Spontaneous Divine Spellcasting The Savage Priest is a wielder of Divine beast-magics, empowering themselves and their spells to more closely resemble their animal allies. A rarity beyond comprehension, those who are Savage Priests are born to achieve such a destiny tied to the animal soul, and deviate from their clerical or other holy calling to answer their beast ties. 5 5
Secret Guardian of the Sacred Flame NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Seiken Sword Saint NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Seiken Swordmaster NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Sel Reque Worshiper NR Combat-Focused Warriors who gain favor with a new pantheon of tricksters 5 8
Senali Hunter NR Combat Focused Senali hunter, assassins, tracker, spies. The Senali village spawn these powerful being. adept at tracking and assassination, these emotionless hunters will stop at nothing to destroy their preys. 10 5
Shadespider NR Combat-Focused The Shadespiders train their body to the limit so that it can mimic some of the characteristics of spiders. Using these powers, they strike from the shadows to ambush their victims. 10 5
Shadow Geist NR Combat-Focus, Self-Utility <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Shadowknight NR Stealthy Melee Combatant Whereas a holy liberator fights the battle of freedom in the open, the Shadowknight fights from the darkness. *to be completed* 5 2
Shaolin Monk NR shaolin monks emit an aura of pure awesomeness, and their Gong fu is of unparalleled quality. 10 6
Shield Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Armor bearer, Shield bearer, Fighter. A Shield Knight is meant to be the groups AC tank and his primary objective is to keep the rest alive by throwing himself in front of every blow and soak it with his armor and shield. 10 6
Shieldmaster NR Combat-Focused The sword-and-shield style is terribly ineffective. Show them how to really use a shield in combat. 5 5
Shinjin NR Combat-Focused A master of the martial arts and manipulating Ki.
Shinobi NR Combat-Focused A shinobi is a ninja who harnesses the power of his ki into amazing abilities. These ki arts are potent tools for completing the shinobi's missions. 10 5
Shinobi no Mono (3.5e Class) NR Combat-Focused A shinobi is a ninja who harnesses the power of his ki into amazing abilities. These ki arts are potent tools for completing the shinobi's missions. 10 12
Shrouded Warrior NR Combat Focused, Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting Illusionists and enchanters who take up the sword. 5 5
Shæné Shadowwright NR Combat-Focused Shæné shadowwrights are shæné who take full advantage of their natural prowess with shadow. 10 8
Silent Snake NR Stealthy Killer As silent as a snake you strike 5 5
Sivatar NR Combat-Focused A preternatural fighter infused by a divine entity, going into battle with extra arms. 10 6
Skald NR Combat-Focused, Partial Spellcasting A skald combines the support abilities of a bard with the combat prowess of a barbarian. 10 5
Skillblade NR Combat-Focused, Skilled Turn your skills and knowledge into raw power, employing various tricks and traps in combat to turn the tide. 10 6
Skinwalker NR Combat-Focused Your character can finally be a shapeshifter through class levels. 5 5
Skullhunter of Khurg NR Combat-Focused The Skullhunters of Khurg are an elite group of Barbarians, each who has fully given into the power of Rage. Each has passed the Test of Khurg, the founder of the Skullhunters, and each live only for the glory of battle. 10 10
Slayer NR Combat-Focussed A slayer is a mighty hero who specialises in slaying favored enemies. 10 5
Smiter NR he smites things Smiters smite anything that moves. 10 5
Smiting Avenger NR Good Guy, Combat Focused A powerful, martial champion of the gods, smiting enemies down 10 6
Sneakyweapon Smith NR Combat-Focused Every Goblin tribe or camp needs a blacksmith to create their weapons of destruction, you are that goblin. You can create sneaky and deadly weapons and be just as good using them. You specialize in light sneaky weapons and you know how you presicely kill nearly any creature with them. 6 3
Soldier NR Combat-Focused Trained to the letter under harsh military discipline and well versed in the arts of war, a soldier is prepared specifically to become the most effective killing machine possible. 10 7
Sorrow Blade 11 Antagonist, Combat-Focused, Optional spell casting, Heavy RP element The result of losing someone special can leave a wound, the Sorrow Blade's wounds of loss are so deep they change his very being draining out any joy in his heart In so becoming a personification of Pain Torment and Hate. 10 5
Soul Knight NR Combat-Focused This prestige class is designed to offer Soul Knives the ability to become melee fighting specialists with reputations close to paladins, in society's that have a lot of psionics these warriors are the pinnacle of mental and physical dedication. 10 5
Soul Reaver NR Vengeful, Good/Bad Guy, Transformed. An unholy warrior whom was betrayed by those he trusted and killed as a result of jealousy or some other emotion. Now raised, they serve a new master in death, and in the process seek revenge, and are permitted to do so, as long as during and after they continue to serve. 10 10
Soulbinder 19.66 Combat-Focused The soulbinder has learned to master the power of his very soul. He learns to bind his soul into his weapons, armor, and even his fellow adventurers to empower them with the awesome power of his very soul. 10 7
Spellsword NR "Moderate Spellcasting, Combat-Focused" "The dream of melding magic and weapon play is fulfilled in the person of the spellsword. 20 5
Sphere Minion, Extended NR Transformational Humans who worship the Great Mother sometimes become more than you bargain for. Human -> Beholder. 5
Spider Rider 20 Combat-Focused Spider riders are warriors who ride monstrous spiders which are bonded to them mentally, physically, and spiritually 10 7
Spiked Juggernaut NR Combat-Focused The Spiked Juggernaut is a person wholly dedicated to becoming one with his weapon by simply becoming his weapon. 10 29
Spirit Hunter NR Combat-Focused A divine warrior who hunts and destroys undead filth (or dominates them). 10 6
Stormbow NR Combat Focused Bringin' back the balls to the bow. 10 6
StormLord NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused, Divine Spellcasting Stormlords often live as brigands, indulging their personal desires for wealth, food, luxury items, and wanton behavior as they crave random, spectacular acts of violence. 10 3rd level divine spells
Stormrider NR Combat-Focused The barbarian tribes that dwell on the highest mountains around the globe got their elite units. Meet'em, but beware. 10 7
Student of Chaos NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Sublime Master 18 The Sublime Master is a devout scholar of the Sublime Way.  They dedicate their entire life to the study of martial combat, typically focusing on one particular discipline above all others. 10 6
Swaggering Blade 18.8 Combat-Focused, Skilled The swaggering blade is the epitome of the boastful swordsman, as inspired by the pirates of the Princess Bride and the Braavosi bravos of a Game of Thrones. 10 5
Sword Saint NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Sword Specialist NR Combat Focused, Skilled A sword specialist is someone who specializes in wielding a sword of his choosing. 10
Swordmaster NR Combat focused sword user Swordmasters dance around the battlefield with techniques learned in the academy. 5 7
Swordsman of the Mirror NR Combat-Focused The Swordsmen of the Mirror are warriors that have chosen to learn an inkling of magic so that they may better resist it and, perhaps more importantly, punish those that use it against them. 10 5
Taijutsu Master NR Combat-Focused A Taijutsu Master is as ferocious as a tsunami, yet able to control this almost immeasurable power. He is a a Monk who has specialized in and around the physical aspect of the Martial Arts and is able to deliver devastating blows from almost any position even while unarmed. 10 5
Tanuki Ninja NR Stealth combat A combination of pranksters with stealth abilities 10 4
Team-Killing F*cktard NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The most hated of all warriors; the kind that kills their own teammates and are too stupid to do anything about it. 3 5th
Templer of Lock 17.5 "Good Guy, Combat-Focused" An arch-type dwarven warrior priest / Fusion of proto-cleric and dwarven defender. The ToL is excels at protecting others with both spell and shield. He is hardy and able to hold the line casting spells in full battle regalia. That is with both hammer and shield in hand. 10 5
Temporal Dancer 18 Combat Focused, Skilled In this world, time walkers find themselves presented with many different paths to choose, the path of the temporal dancer is one such path. 10 4
Terminator NR Combat Focused An unstoppable warrior who specializes in killing those who would be prepared for ordinary assassins. 10 6
The Barbed Hand of Loviatar NR Combat focused A heavily scarred priestess of Loviatar (FRCS-specific) 5 7
The Blade NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Skilled, Stealthy The Blade is a very skilled hunter, a hunter of 2–legged prey. They utilize daggers, small swords and stealth to strike their targets. 15 5
The Dragon NR Combat-Focused A great destroyer of civilization. 10 6
Thrall of Yeenoghu NR Combat focused, bad guy A gnoll dedicated to Yeenoghu, the Demon Prince of Gnolls 10 4
Thunder Cleaves NR Good Guy, Divine Spellcasting, Combat Focused Sevants of the Thunder 10 2
Tideturner NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-oriented A class of adventurers who turns the tide of war, for good or ill. 5 10
Tiger Monk NR Combat-Focused A nostalgia trip if you played Killer Instinct for the SNES. Uses the Dungeonomicon Monk 5 6
Titan Blade NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Titan Disciple NR Combat Focused, Barbarian, Spellcasting Titan's are powerful beings of emotion and magic. A Titan Disciple is someone that taps into a Titan ancestry to gain power. 10
True Aegis 10.1 Combat-Focused Sword & Shield style is terribly ineffective. Show them how to REALLY use a shield in combat. 5 5
True Bladesinger NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Twisted Visage NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Twisted visages are creatures with magical ability that suffer from fear related mental illness. They learn to use the fear they feel as a weapon, focusing it on others to alleviate there own terror. 10 5
Tórai NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Undefeated NR Combat-Focused A Undefeated is a badass warrior. 8 6
Unwavering Hunter NR Combat-Focused The unwavering hunter dedicates his life, body and soul, to the destsruction of a certain, chosen species. 10 7
Unworthy NR Combat Focused There are many people in this world who fight for glory, or for power. Then there are those who fight for respect and honor, and who so fight with a fevor rarely ever matched by anything. 10 10
Urgrosh Master NR Melee, Combat-Focused, Defensive The Urgrosh Master is a melee combatant who excels at fighting multiple enemies at once. 10 4
Uthgardt Totem Berseker 18 Meele Combat, Wild Life Uthgardt Barbarian dedicated to his tribe way of life 10 4
Vacuus Manus Assassin NR Combat-Focused This class is designed to utilize the skills of the Soulknife in an Assassin role. 10 10
Vassal of Jayem-Dea NR Combat-Focused The protectors of the balance of reality. Holy warriors of Jayem-Dea. 10 5
Vengeance Sworn NR Combat Focused, The vengeance sworn are relentless, implacable foes, hurling themselves against their draconic enemies armed only with steel weapons and bitter fury. 10
Vigilante NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Skilled Similar to the Assassin, but with a Good alignment. The Vigilante has a strong sense of justice and seeks to hunt down and destroy the wicked so that the innocent may live in peace. 10 5
Viking 16 Combat-Focused You are a worthy seaman and a vicious fighter. When you fly into Rage and go Berserk you cut down all who fight against you. 5 5
Viking Warlord NR Combat-Focused Rape, pillage and plunder are the name of the game for a Viking. 10 5
Vizard Shinigami NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Void Knight 15 Heavy Combat/Casting focus A Void Knight is a spellcaster who has been transformed by the Void, the plane between the planes, into a melee combat magician. Void Knights retain the strength of their spellcasting class, along with the powers of the Void, augmenting them physically. 10 5
Waltz of Blades 19 Moderate Spellcasting, Combat-Focused The Waltz of Blades has mastered the use of Dancing weapons, he learns how to imbue the weapons he holds with the abiltiy, and is eventually surrounded by phantom weapons that rain terror upon his enemies. 10 6
War Breakdancer NR Combat Focused Mixing music and unarmed combat, the War Breakdancer spins across the battlefield, a flurry of fists, feat, and song. 10 7
War Soul NR Combat-Focused An Intense Combat-Oriented Soulknife 10 7
Warrior Beast Trainer NR Combat-Focused As the name might suggest, a warrior beast trainer's greatest weapons are his animal allies. 10 6
Warrior of the Soul NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Warriors of the Soul are extremely good persons, who have dedicated themselves to serving the cause of Heaven in the afterlife. Rather than have a peaceful and easy afterlife, they have sacrificed their eternal bliss to protect Good for all eternity. In other words, they have chosen to have a worse afterlife than they deserve. 5 5
Weapon Specialist NR Combat-Focused An elite fighter who uses a single weapon to devastating effect. 3 12
Weeping Knight NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Weeping Knights are holy warriors who disavow killing. 10 5
Werewolf Hunter NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Wetboy NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Whipblack NR Skilled, Good Guy, Combat-Focused Undead-slaying fighters occupying an important role in the Church of Modroben, Whipblacks are a martial clan of whip-specialized warriors who use a type of knout (a multiple-tipped whip) to wade into hordes of zombies or skeletons. 10 7
Whipsinger NR Combat-Focused Bards that choose to specialize with a whip are able to master the flowing grace of the weapon, turning it into a whirling dance. 5 5
Whirling Reaper NR Combat-Focused The scythe; an amazing tool and weapon, which the Whirling Reaper learns how to use. They develop a style of endless spinning strokes that mows down opponents in a deadly dance. 10 4
Wildhunter NR Combat Focused A cunning and instinctive warrior of the wilderness 10 7
Wind Blade NR Combat-Focused The Wind Blade is a swordsman who has focused on speed, skill, and a creative use of the air around him. He's dangerous up close or at a bit of a distance. 10
Winterskin NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Winterskins are rainid warrior-Claine, battle-priests of the god of death Modroben, known for enforcing his will on ships, most famously by serving as soulcleaver to navies and pirate fleets alike as well as ridding the seas of ghost ships. 10 7
Witch Hunter NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Witchkiller NR Combat-Focused The witchkiller excels in killing all and any evil spellcaster or undead being. 10 10
Wolf of Moonbow NR Good-Aligned Ranger-type A good-aligned prestige class for afflicted Lycanthropes, followers of the path of the Wolf of Moonbow seek to purge evil, both from within themselves and in the world at large. 5 2
Word of Life NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting The Word of Life uses word magic for good and healing purposes. 3 5
Word of Undeath NR Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting The Word of Undeath uses word magic for evil and necromantic purposes. 3 5
Wordsman NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting The Wordsman combines the power of words with the power of swords (or other weapons) 10 4
Wyrm Knight NFR Combat-Focused The Wyrm Knight is a vassal to dragon kin. His very presence strikes fear into the hearts of it's enemies. He uses his martial focus to deadly effect. 10 6
Zamorjen Hunter NR A Vonaisen Tribesmen who uses a Hawk Boomerang to kill his foes, utilizing impossible ricochets to strike his foes. 10
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  4. The length is the amount of levels the PrC is made for. e.g. 10, 5, 3.
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