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Bone holds great power. It is so powerful the gods themselves sealed it in our flesh. I broke that seal, and now I have power such as I had never dreamed.
—Sizoret, Human Bonespur

Bonespurs are amazing warriors. Through an ancient ritual they discovered a way to make their bones grow and protrude from their flesh as razor-sharp weapons. No good and very few neutral creature would ever consider twisting their form into such sheer mockery of the living god's design. Because of this and the evil in the ritual, Bonespurs are universally hated reviled and shunned by good creatures

Becoming a Bonespur[edit]

Potential Bonespurs are usually attracted to the class by the unique nature of the power granted and the lack of a truly effective counter class.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any Non Good
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Special: Must undergo a horrid month-long ritual that requires the participant to consume bone marrow from a living sentient being. the ritual requires materials worth 3000 GP.

Table: The BoneSpur

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Bonepoint modifier
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +2 +2 +0 Boneblade (short sword), Bone Drain, Grotesque 1
2nd +1 +3 +3 +0 Bonebolt (hand crossbow), Stance (Slashing Defence) 2
3rd +2 +3 +3 +1 Canniblize, Special Ability, Tingling 2
4th +3 +4 +4 +1 Boneblade (longsword), Stance (Thousand Saplings) 3
5th +3 +4 +4 +1 Bonebolt (light crossbow) 3
6th +4 +5 +5 +2 Boneblade (greatsword), Special Ability, Stance (Tilling Soil) 4
7th +5 +5 +5 +2 Greater Tingling 4
8th +6/+1 +6 +6 +2 Bonebolt (heavy crossbow), Stance (Nettle Blast) 5
9th +6/+1 +6 +6 +3 Boneblade (fullblade), Special Ability 5
10th +7/+2 +7 +7 +3 Stance (Pine Forest) 6

Class Skills ( 2 + Int modifier per level)
Climb, Craft, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (religion), Swim, Tumble.

Table: The Epic Bonespur
Level Special Bonepoint modifier
11th 6
12th Bonebolt (light ballista), Epic Special Ability 7
13th 7
14th Bonus Feat 8
15th Epic Special Ability 8
16th 9
17th Bonebolt (heavy ballista) 9
18th Epic Special Ability, Bonus Feat 10
19th 10
20th 11

Class Features[edit]

Bone Points: Bonepoints are how the Bonespur powers its abilties. A Bonespur has an amount of bonepoints equal to their constitution score multiplied by their bonepoint modifier. These bonepoints are refreshed after a full nights rest.

Bone Drain (Su): On occasion a Bonespur does not have an adequate amount of bone points to finish a battle. When this happens, they typically drain the marrow from their own bones in exchange to use their powers. A Bone spur can deal one point of constitution damage to themselves to gain bone points equal to their bonepoint modifier.

Boneblade (Su): The Bonespurs primary ability is the utilization of the boneblade. The boneblade is a sword-like protrusion that extends out of the Bonespur's wrist. The boneblade does damage based on the Bonespur's size and level. The boneblade deals damage as though it were the type of sword listed, sized appropriately for the Bonespur. No matter what size the boneblade is, it is always considered a light weapon. Extending the boneblade consumes 8 bonepoints. Sheathing it restores 8 bonepoints back to the user. If the boneblade is broken, the Bonespur takes 4 points of constutution damage, and loses the 8 bonepoints spent on the blade until a long rest has taken place.

   Level 1: Short Sword - 1d6(M) 1d4 (S) Piercing, 19-20 x2 Critical
   Level 4: Longsword - 1d8(M) 1d6(S) Slashing, 19-20 x2 Critical
   Level 6: Greatsword - 2d6(M) 1d10(S) Slashing, 19-20 x2 Critical
   Level 9: Fullblade - 2d8(M) 2d6(S) Slashing, 19-20 x2 Critical

Grotesque (Ex): After the ritual to aquire their dark abilities a bonespur begins to look disgusting and warped. The bonespur doesn't really care. Their morphed form appeals to them, for it is more efficent and shows how far they have traveled along their dark path. The bonespur takes a penalty to non-Intimidate charisma checks with Non-Evil creatures equal to their bonepoint modifier. They also gain a bonus on all charisma checks with Non-Good creatures equal to their bonepoint modifier. They gain no such bonus or penalty to creatures of neutral alignment.

Bonebolt (Su): At 2nd level a Bonespur learns how to fire a bonebolt out of their fingertips. The bonebolt does damage based on the Bonespur's level. The bonebolt deals damage as though it were a bolt fired from a crossbow of the correct type. Firing a bonebolt consumes 1 bonepoints.

Stances: At 2nd level the Bonespur learns their first stance. A Bonespur must take a full round action to assume a stance. They may remain in the stance for one round per bonespur level. While in any stance the Bonespur can only move at half normal rate.

Slashing Defense(Sp):While in this stance, a Bonespur may spend an amount of bonepoints not exceeding their class level. The next enemy who attacks them takes 1d6 points of slashing damage per bone point spent. The enemy can attempt a reflex save (DC=10+Bonespur level+ constitution modifier) for half damage.

Thousand Saplings(Sp): While in this stance, each round the Bonespur may spend a swift action and 2 Bone points to cause a single 5 foot square to grow small spikes. Such squares are treated as though they were covered in caltrops

Tilling Soil(Sp):While in this stance the Bonespur can create a spike of bone to emerge from the ground and send it blasting forward. Once per round while in this stance the Bonespur may spend a move action and 10 bonepoints to deal piercing damage equal to his current boneblade damage to every creature in a line that extends out 10 feet per Bonespur level. The bone spike created by this stance is a permanent object and can be used to pin enemies to objects. A reflex save (DC=12+Bonespur level+CON modifier) negates the pin effect. To break the spike requires a DC 15 STR check or dealing 2 points of damage to the spike.

Netttle Blast(Sp):While in this stance the Bonespur may fire up to 10 bonebolts per round, at a single target, as a standard action. They must still pay the bonepoints for each individual bonebolt.

Pine Forest(Sp):Only the greatest Bonespurs ever learn the technique of firing tremendous spikes of bone out of the ground up into unsuspecting opponents. Each round as a full-round action a Bonespur in this stance can spend a number of bonepoints up to three times their class level. The bonespur then deals 10d8 points of piercing and slashing damage to all enemies within 60 feet, centered on the Bonespur. These spike rise 60 feet into the air. Enemies are allowed a reflex save (DC=12+1/2 the # of bonepoints spent) for half damage. Enemies who fail this save are also considered to be pinned each round until they succeed on a DC 15 STR check. Every round an enemy remains pinned, they take another 1d8 slashing and piercing damage. Spaces where effected opponents are treated as though they had were occupied by trees for purposes of taking cover. Enemies spend twice as much movement to pass through these squares. A Bonespur may pass through these squares with no penalty to movement

Cannibalize (Su): At third level a Bonespur learns to draw power from other people. This ability functions like bonedrain, except it deals 1d6 Con damage, with the Bonespur gaining that many bonepoints. The constitution damage dealt is to anyone whom the Bonespur pins in a grapple (or by the Tilling Soil or Pine Forest stances). Unwilling enemies may make a fortitude save (DC=10+CON modifier+bonepoint modifier)to avoid ability damage. A Bonespur may use this ability 1/day per 2 Bonespur levels (Max 5/day at level 10). An enemy that has their constitution reduced to 0 or less by Cannibalize has their entire skeletal structure absorbed by the Bonespur. This grants an additional 10 bonepoints and renders the body useless for resurection without first restoring the bones with either a wish or miracle spell. Ressurection spells that do not require a whole body are not affected.

Special Ability: At 3rd level and every three levels after (6,9, etc.) the Bonespur has a mental breakthrough on how to use their bones allowing them to pick one of the following abilities:

Dislocate(Ex): The bonespur learns to dislocate the bones in their body at will and then simply pop them back into place at will. This gives the bonespur a +5 bonus on grapple and escape artist checks.

Skeleton key(Ex): The Bonespur gains a +5 bonus on open lock checks and does not suffer the penalty for using their bones as improvised tools.

Iron bones(Sp): The Bonespur's boneblade gains hardness and hitpoints as though it were made of iron instead of bone. Upon taking this ability the boneblade must ritually consume a small amount of iron costing 1 gp

Armor of Bone(Sp): The Bonespur grows bony ridges over their body which gives them a +2 bonus to natural armor. This ability may be taken multiple times, its effects stack.

Metal bones(Sp): The Bonespur's Boneblades and Bonebolts take on the special qualities of certain metals. Upon taking this ability the Bonespur must ritually consume a small amount of whatever metal he wants to adopt the abilities of costing 200 gp. Adamantine grants the hardness overcoming ability and adds a +1 on attack rolls. Cold Iron grants the ability to overcome the damage reduction of certain creatures. Alchemical silver grants similiar damage overcoming ability.

Versatile Boneblade(Sp): Instead of only his hands the Bonespur may project his boneblade out of any area of their body. This can allow them to cut bindings, sunder manacles and fight while wearing gauntlets.

Versatile Bonebolt(Sp): The Bonespur may fire a bonebolt from any area on their body. this allows the Bonespur to fire bonebolts even when tied up or bound.

Swimming Boneblade(Sp): (Requires: Versatile Boneblade) The Bonespur's boneblade seemingly glides along the surface of his flesh allowing him to attack in ways not normally possible. The Bonespur gains a +2 to their attack bonus when using their Boneblade. Anyone viewing the Bonespur for more than a minute must make a fortitude save (DC=10+Bonespur level+bonepoint modifier) or become naseuated from watching the bone shift and move.

Tingling (Ex): Holding a sword doesn't quite feel right after you've had one grow out of your arm. Most Bonespurs describe the feeling of discomfort as a tingling in their hands. A Bonespur suffers a -2 penelty on attack and damage rolls with weapons they actually need to hold due to this tingling. At 7th level this penelty increases to -4.


If a Bonespur ever ceases to be Non-Good their powers will turn on them. Their flesh will begin to fall from their bones over the course of three weeks. At the end of this period they die and are reanimated as a skeleton. If they repent and consume the bone and bone marrow of 4 creatures of at least 5 Hit Dice per Bonspur level, they do not die and their flesh is restored.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Bonespur[edit]

Combat: Bonespurs are versatile in combat, able to fit the place of a rogue, monk, or fighter. At high levels they have abilities that allow them to dish out a lot of weapon damage. but in the early levels they strike light and fast like a rogue or monk.

Advancement: Bonespurs due to relatively loose requirements can come from just about any class with fighters, clerics and monks being most common. typically a Bonespur craves power and through their devotion to their art find it within themselves, or their bones more specifically. Since Bonespurs typically don't wear armor taking a level of monk and gaining their dodge bonus. fighter Bonespurs benefit from combat feats to help increase their Boneblades and Bonebolts effectiveness. Clerics make interesting Bonespurs being able to heal themselves of the constitution damage caused by bone drain, giving them a large store of Bonepoints to use.

Bonespurs in the World[edit]

Ha! You call me unarmed! You call me helpless! I have two-hundred and six deadly weapons at my disposal at any hour of day or night!

Bonespurs are usually outcasts, because of their bizarre and not quite good powers and typically violent tendencies. They are rarely found in cities unless they are about to go on a homicidal rampage.

NPC Reactions: Good NPCs ussually look at Bonespurs with a mix of fear, disgust, and hate. Evil NPCs commonly look at bonespurs with equal amounts of respect and fear.

Bonspur Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in knowledge (arcana or religon) can research Bonespurs to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (arcana or religion)
DC Result
11 Bonespurs are warriors that use their bones as weapons.
16 Bonespurs usually fight with a bone blade that comes out of their arm and shards of bone they shoot out of their hands.
21 if a Bonespur ever changes alignment they could turn into a skeleton .
26 long ago Bonespurs were members of all faiths each using their own ritual to grant their powers but now only the Non-Good remain.

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