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Several centuries ago, the demon Acerbus lost a dramatic bid for power and was transformed into a Palrethee as a consequence. Since that terrible day, Acerbus has set in motion dozens of plans to secure power and eventually rise to the status of Pit Fiend. One of the first plans Acerbus initiated has evolved into a planes-spanning criminal organization. The vast majority of the members of the Darkfire Guild believe the organization to be a simple thieves guild that dabbles in slavery and arson. The truth is far more sinister (and I don't mean left handed). While the guild is involved in the more traditional criminal activities of robbery, racketeering, smuggling and the like, the kidnapping and slaving is used to secure desirable sacrifices and the arson is part of rituals designed to give Acerbus more power. The victims of kidnapping and slavery are kept until they can be sacrificed in a secret ritual that, without the intervention of a deity, sends the poor unfortunates soul directly to Acerbus. Of course, the most desirable souls are those of innocents, the justly righteous, and good-hearted people. The arsonists are helped along by the guild's favorite pet and familiar, the Ash Rat.

Members of the guild go through three major ranks: Initiate, Mark-Giver, and Minion of Acerbus. There are a host of minor ranks that correlate to differing levels of responsibility within the guild. All ranks are signified by a mark given through ritual scarification on the members chest using a Dagger of Falling Ash. All marks are derived from a stylized version of the abyssal script which is taught to all members. This script is also intended to be used for the marking of slaves, merchandise, safe houses, and for general communication within the guild. When a member first reaches the rank of initiate they are included in the Ritual of Marking. This ritual is designed to promote worthy members to the rank of Mark-giver and to give them a pupil who is a new initiate. Part of the ritual involves the transfer of the new Mark-Givers old Dagger of Falling Ash to the new initiate and the bestowing of a Demon Dagger of Falling Ash upon the Mark-Giver. The final step in the ritual is when a Minion of Acerbus inscribes a set of runes on the initiate that veritably guarantees their soul will go to Acerbus and a set of runes on the new Mark-Giver that will allow them to gain more power in the guild.

Minions of Acerbus run the various thieves guilds, slavery operations, and hidden alters to Acerbus. In exchange for their devotion to Acerbus they expect great power and wealth and are not afraid to take what they want.

Internal Organizations[edit]

  • Circle of the Fiery Lord

Associated Prestige Classes[edit]

Known Members[edit]


The Darkfire Thieves Guild is multiplanar so working it into an existing campaign is as simple as introducing a high ranking member to start a new branch of the guild in your campaign world.

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