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A hodgepodge of important dpl's, lists, and links to places that show different issues that need to be addressed around the wiki.

Admin Only Things[edit]

Fix the broken redirects at and

Delete unused duplicated files or make it so all pages draw from one of the files so the duplicate can be deleted

Delete or fix links to Wated Files and check the most recent uploaded List of Files for copyrighted work

Respond to User talk:Admin & verify users on the wiki's discord who post their discord ID on Discussion:Discord Server Verification

Current Needs Admin:[edit]

Due Candidates for Deletion as of 23 April 2021 4pm | Total: 241 | Pending: None
Due Abandoned Pages as of 7 May 2020 at 4pm | Total: 2621 | Pending: 2

Maintenance Tasks[edit]

Help with various things on Meta Pages, particularly 5e pages for Unattributed, Request Review, Formatting Issues, Wording Issues, and Needs Balance.

Pages with the User category that have no edition category. Add an edition category to them and try to fix whatever other preload problems they have or remove the User category.

All Done

Pages with the User category, but no title ID. These pages should end with an ID, such as (5e Race), (3.5e Class), (X Supplement) etc. or they should have their User category removed(if userpage/talk page):

Pages that have too many parenthesis, are missing a space between the name and the id, ect. and need moving:

Pages with names that contain common errors found in naming variant pages. These pages should be moved to a proper namespace in they don't follow the naming convention for variant pages.

Pages with names that are missing the e for the edition or use the DnD identifier. These pages should be moved so their identifier includes the e(such as 3.5e or 5e) or moved from DnD to 3.5e.

All Done

Pages with missing or no categories that need to be categorized. Add an edition category to them or whatever other categories they need, move them, delete them or otherwise try to fix whatever other problems they have.

Pages that only contain maintenance templates meaning that they have a number of different issues that need to be addressed.

Due WIP/inuse | Total: 171+3 | Pending: 53/ /1

Other Things[edit]

14 pages need to be merged.

Most recent RfA:[edit]

Most recent RfM:[edit]

Featured Articles:[edit]

Quality Articles:[edit]

Quality Articles: 49
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