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Nesra Azok[edit]

God of the Black Spire

Alignment Chaotic Evil
Domains Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War
Subdomains Blood, Demon, Hatred, Lightning, Plague, Rage
Favored Weapon Earth Breaker
Symbol Three Red Circles Connected by Black Lines
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
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More information...

Nesra Azok was once one of the azatas, angels who revere chaos and freedom. Even for as unwavering in their crusade as they are, azatas are still expected to have mercy and compassion. Nesra did not agree with this. He believed that no mercy could ever be shown to the enemies of freedom, that nothing should stop them from wiping out law and civilization forever. In his arrogance he attempted to usurp the gods' power. He failed, and what was left of him after the battle was thrown into the endless void.

Nesra floated in nothingness, his body broken and motionless, his mind filled only with thoughts of revenge and destruction. After what seemed an eternity he saw before him a curtain of color in the void and he passed through it. He dropped through the rift at the base of a mountain of raw iron. There were people around him. He saw in their eyes a fear he had seen before: the fear of a tyrant who sought to destroy them. He spoke to them in no mortal tongue and yet they understood. "I will be your salvation," he said, "and you will be mine. You will give me your blood, your souls, and I will be your god." The people agreed. He touched a hand to the mountain and felt his lightning course through the black ore. His new worshipers fell to their knees in pain. Not one of their pursuers survived.

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