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Work In Progress

Use whenever two potions are combined, or when crafting a potion goes wrong. Feel free to add in other effects. Each effect lasts for 1 minute at most, unless stated otherwise.

Wild Potion Mishaps
d100 Effect
1 The potion increases one ability score by 2 at random, no higher than 24.
2 The potion becomes acidic enough to eat through your potion crafting materials, rendering them useless.
3 The potion appears to be a potion of greater healing, but actually does an equal amount of poison damage instead of healing.
4 The consumer grows 3d4 inches for the duration.
5 Example
6 Example
7 Example
8 Your potion sprays out bubbles in a 10 ft radius, making the area heavily obscured.
9 Example
10 Example
11 The potion becomes flavored water (flavor determined by the DM).
12 Example
13 Example
14 Example
15 The consumer makes animal noises for the duration.
16 Example
17 Example
18 Example
19 The potion acts as a potion of poison.
20 Example
21 Example
22 Example
23 Example
24 Example
25 Example
26 Example
27 Example
28 The potion becomes a random potion of equal rarity.
29 Example
30 Example
31 Example
32 The potion sets you ablaze, dealing 1d8 fire damage at the start of each of your turns until you use an action to put it out.
33 Example
34 Example
35 The drinker's hands become tentacles. They can still grasp and hold as normal.
36 Example
37 Example
38 Example
39 Example
40 Example
41 The potion reduces one of your ability scores by 4, no lower than 3.
42 Example
43 Example
44 You learn a random fact about something. You forget it after a minute and can't tell anyone.
45 Example
46 Example
47 Example
48 The potions explode, dealing 1d6 force damage within a 10 ft radius.
49 Example
50 Your voice booms, causing creatures within 5 ft of you to take 1d6 thunder damage every time you speak.
51 Example
52 Example
53 A random ooze creature of CR 1d4 or below appears within 5 ft of you.
54 Example
55 The consumer gains a bubble breath attack. Within a 15 ft cone, they can make an area lightly obscured until the start of their next turn.
56 Example
57 The potion becomes blinding. Every creature within a 10 ft radius must make a Constitution saving throw against your own save DC. If you have no save DC, the DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus. On a fail, the creature is blinded.
58 Example
59 The potion forces the creature to make a Constitution saving throw against your own save DC. If you have no save DC, the DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus. On a fail, the creature is deafened.
60 Example
61 The consumer gains 1d10 temporary hit points until you finish your next short or long rest.
62 Example
63 Example
64 Upon consumption, a random condition is removed for the duration.
65 Example
66 Example
67 Example
68 Example
69 Your voice swaps pitch. If it is low, it becomes high, and vice versa.
70 Example
71 Example
72 Example
73 The drinker contracts a minor form of a disease, determined at random. It is no more than a nuisance.
74 Example
75 Example
76 Example
77 Example
78 Example
79 Example
80 The potion transforms you into a random creature of CR(1d4) or lower.
81 Example
82 Example
83 Example
84 Example
85 Roll a die. The skin of the consumer either whitens (odd number) or blackens (even number).
86 Example
87 Example
88 The consumer becomes unable to knowingly cause harm to others.
89 Example
90 Example
91 Example
92 Example
93 The consumer is forced to constantly punch the nearest creature for the duration. (The consumer must make unarmed strikes.)
94 Example
95 Your alignment changes. Roll a d10 for your alignment. 1 equals unaligned, 2 equals lawful good, 3 equals neutral good, 4 chaotic good, 5 chaotic neutral, 6 true neutral, 7 lawful neutral, 8 lawful evil, 9 neutral evil, 10 chaotic evil. Ignore the result if you are already that alignment and reroll.
96 The consumer becomes 3d4 inches shorter.
97 Example
98 Example
99 Example
100 The potion becomes inert.
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