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Introductory Note[edit]

This prestige class is adapted and modified to work in a 5e campaign from a 3.5e prestige class, which can be found here: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dragoon_(LoD_supplement)_(3.5e_Prestige_Class).

Origins of The Dragoons[edit]

As if they were gods, Winglies ruled over all living creatures, and used them as slaves. The enslaved suffered a terrible domination and injustice. Their anger turned to a flame of fury; then, a gust of wind blew throughout the lands, spreading the flame to a blazing fire. The wind was Emperor Diaz. Seven incarnations of dragons served the emperor. These were the first dragoons. Their bravery inspired the non magical races to take up arms. Thus began the Dragon Campaign. It was a harsh war. Both sides suffered countless injuries and fatalities. After a long period of suffering, it was the humans who acquired the future. The age of humans had begun.

Dragoon Class Features[edit]

Becoming a Dragoon[edit]

Dragoons are not made, they are chosen. They are powerful warriors of fate, and only a handful ever exist at any given time. To become a dragoon, you must come into possession of a dragon spirit gem, represented in game as an extremely rare, small marble with a faint glow in it, colored to match one of the many dragon colors, be it metallic or chromatic. You can come into possession of a dragon spirit gem in many ways, but the four main methods are as follows:

1) A dragon may give their spirit to you, transforming the dragon’s soul into a small gem, and granting you the power of a dragoon.

2) After slaying a dragon, it's soul momentarily crystallizes in the eyes. If a player slays an adult or older dragon, they may attempt to harvest the dragon spirit gem from the dragon's eyes by passing a DC 25 Dexterity check. Obtaining a dragon spirit gem this way does not always ensure compatibility (The challenge for a character to become compatible with the dragon spirit gem is up to DM's discretion)

3) A wandering dragon spirit gem may come into your possession randomly, such as being given to you, being bought, etc.

4) If you can defeat another dragoon in combat, it is possible to take their dragon spirit gem and adopt it as your own.

All means of discovery and compatibility are at the Dungeon Master's discretion. Players cannot happen upon a dragon spirit gem, or specifically seek dragoons to defeat in combat.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any
Race: Any
Minimum Level: 5 with at least one level in a martial class
Special: Dragon Spirit Gem
Table: Dragoon

Hit Die: 1D10

Level Base Attack Bonus
in Dragoon form
Saving Throws Special Features
Str Dex Wis
1st + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 Dragoon Spirit Affinity, Dragoon Cantrip, Dragoon Transformation, Dragoon Form
2nd + 2 + 3 + 0 + 0 Dragoon Spirit Affinity Increase, Dragoon Spell, Align Weapon
3rd + 3 + 3 + 1 + 0 Dragoon Spirit Affinity Increase, Dragoon Spell, Elemental Resistance
4th + 4 + 4 + 2 + 1 Dragoon Spirit Affinity Increase, Dragoon Spell, Dragoon Spirit Mastery
5th + 5 + 4 + 2 + 2 Dragoon Spirit Affinity Increase, Dragoon Spell, Summon Dragon

Class Skills (2 per level)
Concentration, Deception, Persuasion, Animal Handling, Medicine, Intimidation, History, Investigation, Insight, Arcana, Perception, Survival, Nature.

Class Features[edit]

The following are class features of the dragoon prestige class.

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: You gain no new weapons or armor proficiencies when taking a level in the dragoon class.

Rulers of Dragons: Being chosen as a dragoon, you are regarded in higher esteem by dragons compared to other mortals, allowing you greater influence over them. You can speak and understand Draconic even if you previously could not. Additionally, you may add a bonus to all persuasion, intimidation, and deception checks against dragons equal to your dragoon level.

Dragoon Spirit Afinity: A dragoon can maintain their dragoon form for a certain amount of time. That time increases at every level, allowing you to maintain the form for a number of turns equal to your dragoon level. You may choose to leave your dragoon form before the time expires. A dragoon may transform once every short or long rest.

Dragoon Cantrip: At level one, you gain one cantrip of the element to which your dragon spirit is aligned. The cantrip may be cast in or out of dragoon form.

Dragoon Spells: You become more proficient with magic with each dragoon level. Every level past the 1st grants a spell that may be cast once per day without the need for components while in dragoon form. The selected spell for each level must be of your aligned element and follow the table below.

Dragoon Spells
Dragoon Level Spell Level
2 2nd or lower
3 3rd or lower
4 4th or lower
5 5th or lower

Spell Save DC = 9 + Proficiency Bonus + Dragoon Level

Spell Attack Bonus = 2 + Proficiency Bonus + Dragoon Level

Dragoon Transformation: When a dragoon transforms, a flash of light emits from wherever the character is holding their dragon spirit gem. When the transformation is complete, the dragoon will be wearing armor in a color reflecting that of the type of dragon he or she has the spirit of. This armor also has translucent wings on the back that grant a fly speed equal to the character's movement speed. The armor is so light that it doesn't cause any armor check penalty and the wearer can still cast spells without any problem. The transformation is a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Dragoon Form: Once in the dragoon form, you gain immunity to your dragon spirit's element. The dragoon's armor grants you a +4 armor bonus. Your weapon is also given the element of your dragon's spirit; for example, a red dragoon would gain a flaming weapon enhancement. If you make a full attack action, and hit with all your attacks, you may make a final attack. If that final attack hits, the weapon acts as if it had scored a critical hit.

Align Weapon: At the 2nd dragoon level, the power of the dragon spirit has become so strongly in tune with you that your weapon now deals an additional 1d6 of the dragon spirit's element with a +1 to attack and damage rolls. This bonus is added onto any other bonuses that already exist on your weapon and persists in and out of dragoon form so long as you possess your dragon spirit gem. If the weapon is not magical, it becomes magical. Application of these properties to your current or a new weapon follow the rules of attuning equipment. These weapon properties are only usable by you, and are lost when you attune to another weapon.

Elemental Resistance: At the 3rd level, you gain resistance to your dragon spirit's element, even while not in dragoon form.

Dragoon Spirit Mastery: At the 4th level, you have learned to master your dragoon transformation and powers. You can now transform twice per long or short rest instead of once. Additionally, dragoon spells can be cast twice per day instead of once but must have a short rest between casts.

Summon Dragon: At the 5th dragoon level, the spirit has become so close to you that once per day, in your dragoon form, you may summon an adult dragon matching your dragon's spirit. The dragon lasts for five rounds after being summoned.

Leveling As a Dragoon[edit]

A character with the dragoon prestige class cannot take levels in dragoon like other classes. Before you can advance in level as a dragoon, you must seek the guidance of a character with an equal or higher level you are seeking in the dragoon class to act as a mentor. This mentor must then decide whether you are "worthy" (At the Dungeon Master's discretion) of obtaining the next dragoon level. If you are deemed worthy of obtaining a level, the mentor will then lead you into a place of solitude. Once there, you will spend 24 hours in hard training. After the 24 hours of training, you must make separate wisdom and strength saving throws (DC 10 + the level of dragoon you are trying to obtain). If you fail both saves, you cannot obtain the next rank in dragoon at this time. If you fail one save, but not both, you suffer disadvantage on all attacks and skill checks for the next step of the leveling process. If you succeed at both saves, you may move on to the next step without penalty. The mentor then engages with you in one-on-one combat, where you must prove yourself to the mentor that you are ready. For the purposes of combat, you are treated as having temporarily gained a level in the dragoon class. Combat ends at the mentor's discretion, and based on your performance, the mentor decides if you are allowed to keep your new level in dragoon.


If a dragoon were to lose possession of their dragon spirit gem in any way (by death, theft, giving it to another, etc...) they then become an ex-dragoon. Ex-dragoons still retain the ability to act as a mentor of their level in this prestige class before becoming an ex-dragoon for characters seeking to obtain higher levels in this prestige class.


"War is not in human nature. Humans fight by making themselves enter insanity. This is a tool to amplify that insanity." - Rose

It is possible for a dragoon to exert themselves beyond the limits of their current dragoon level. They may remain in their dragoon form longer or transform more times than their dragoon level will allow, but at a great risk. Doing so places the dragoon in a state of insanity. Dragoons that are in a state of insanity ignore all exhaustion effects. They are either taken under control by the DM or will use their action to attack other creatures at random. Each turn a dragoon remains insane will take 2D10 psychic damage at the start of their turn. This damage cannot be reduced in any way. Dragoons may attempt to roll a wisdom saving throw (DC 20) to snap out of their insanity once per turn. Insane dragoons will revert to their original form if they succeed their saving throw or are reduced to less than 10 HP from their psychic damage rolls. Once reverted to their original form, the character takes three levels of exhaustion.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Dragoon[edit]

Combat: Dragoons are generally high damage output, multipurpose fighters. They deal a ton of damage on their own and have quite a few bonus skills to help them get the job done.

Advancement: As described in "Leveling As a Dragoon," dragoons do not level normally. However, they can be tacked on to greatly improve the combat abilities of generally any character.

Organization: There is no set organization of dragoons. Dragoons are generally singular individuals, traveling in solitude. Occasionally they may band together to fight a singular, great threat, and then disband afterword. Older dragoons of a higher level do not adventure often, as they are more devoted to training, or scholarly pursuits. Generally, a higher level or older dragoon will only set out on the road to seek out a younger warrior, either to pass on their dragon spirit gem, or to train lower class dragoons if they so desire.

Dragoons in the World[edit]

Dragoons are a secluded group of individuals. Few people beyond the dragoons themselves know about them. Those that do should be considered highly knowledgeable, and potentially very dangerous.

Creature Reactions: Most creatures have no clue what a dragoon is. If an creature with a discernable intelligence witnesses a dragoon transformation, and they do not have prior knowledge of dragoons, have them make a wisdom save (DC 15 + the dragoon's rank in the class + the dragoon's charisma modifier). If they succeed, they may act normally. If they fail, they suffer from uncertainty or awe when fighting or speaking with a dragoon, suffering disadvantage on attacks and skill checks against the dragoon. They may attempt additional save rolls once per turn.

Dragoon Lore[edit]

Characters with proficiency in History can try to recall something about dragoons to learn more about them. In addition, it is possible to research information on Dragoons if you are in certain libraries. To research, perform a general intelligence check (1D20 + your INT modifier). In both cases, refer to the chart below for your result. Any written information on dragoons is going to be found in some of the oldest texts, likely in old, ancient, or even ruined libraries, in some forgotten, runic language.

DC Result
15 You recall or come across a passage that passively mentions dragoons. However, it only references them and the passage is not directly understood.
20 You recall or come across a passage which states that dragoons are powerful warriors, whose origins date back to before the current age. They were involved in some great war.
25 You recall or come across a passage which states that a long forgotten war took place before the current age. A war between a mage-like race known as the winglies, and the rest of the non-magical races. The dragoons were great warriors that rose to fight against the winglies with the non-magic races and prevailed. The dragoons faded into obscurity after the war.
30 You recall or come across a passage which goes into detail about the winglies, and how they once enslaved all the other races of the world, until a human emperor known as Diaz led seven dragoons and a host of dragons to fight a long and bloody war for the freedom of all races. After obtaining their victory, any information regarding dragoons ceased.

Dragoons in the Game[edit]

Adaptation: Dragoons should only ever be included in a campaign specifically tailored to the dragoon prestige class (such as a campaign for The Legend of Dragoon). Expect that if you use this prestige class in any campaign, that every player will want to become one.

Encounter Ideas: If the Dungeon Master wishes to include an actual fight with a dragoon, then said dragoon should only ever be an important story character. Dragoons are strong, tough, and above all, only a handful ever exist at any given time.

Determining Dragoon CR/EL: For determining the Challenge Rating/Encounter Level that includes characters with ranks in the dragoon prestige class, including Player Characters, the Dungeon Master should count every level in dragoon as two normal character levels.

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