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The Anti-Paladin[edit]

Minos reveled in his glory. For too long had he been neglected, for too long had the side of good disallowed him from possessing the power he had so earned. Providence, the master of the unholy, had given Minos a new power, one he hadn't even considered the existence of. Minos stood where the city of Newcastle once stood, it's ashes raining down from above. The flames that once engulfed the city had died down, and he was the only living thing left. He laughed, for his power was finally recognized. He cried, for his beloved city had been destroyed. By his own hand, no less.


Anti-Paladins are the exacting opposite of the traditional Paladin class. They strive for evil, as selfish deeds are the meat and wine of the class. One of these such knights is created when a character seeks out some dark, foul magic or god to obtain powers that make them stronger and more powerful. Anti-Paladins are a very self-obsessed class of warrior, and they always function around a megalomania complex which pushes them forward. Anti-Paladins will work towards the assembly of power, striving to become more and more powerful with each passing day. Their greed and malice drive them to the brinks of humanity, pushing them well past the boundaries of moral obligation and sanity.

Anti-Paladins function almost identically to Paladins, and thus can fight and take proficiencies as Fighters would. Also like Paladins, Anti-Paladins have challenging stat requirements. The character must have at least 12 strength, and no less than 9 is permitted in intelligence and constitution. The character must also have a wisdom of 13, and must have achieved 17 or greater charisma.

Anti-Paladin Requirements and Limitations[edit]

To become an Anti-Paladin one must first meet these requirements:

Ability Scores:

  • Strength: 12
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Wisdom: 13
  • Constitution: 9
  • Charisma: 17


  • Lawful Evil only

Only Humans can become Anti-Paladins, with no limitation on level.

  • Humans: U

Anti-Paladin Benefits/Restrictions[edit]

As a result of their despicable, Anti-Paladins often have a compulsive nature which forces them to act in certain ways. Their dark oath forces them into certain tendencies, and will often be the source of the adventures for an Anti-Paladin character. Anti-Assassins are by their very nature lawful evil, functioning within society, attempting to undermine the forces of good as a whole. An Anti-Paladin may have neutral or chaotic tendencies if the character so wishes, though most commonly Anti-Paladins are simply lawful evil. Anti-Paladins despise good, and are supremely self-serving. They will never work with any good character unless it is to ultimately bring about the demise of these characters. Similarly to Paladins, an Anti-Paladin may never under any circumstances knowingly perform a good act or else they will permanently lose Anti-Paladinhood and forever and irrevocably become an ordinary Fighter. The exception to this is to perform a good act in order to deceive good characters does not qualify as an act of good, unless the Anti-Paladin fails to make use of it for his direct advantage or to cause harm to the side of good. If the Anti-Paladin knowingly and willingly performs a chaotic act, he or she must seek penance from a high level lawful evil Cleric (who must be at least 7th level) to perform a ceremony, which will involve usually the sacrifice of a newborn child or virgin girl.

With their immense requirements taken into consideration, if the character achieves a strength and wisdom of 15 or greater, a bonus of +10% experience is granted to the character.

Anti-Paladins will always hoard as much wealth as possible in hopes of constructing and maintaining a fortress of some form, as well as a personal army. They also must always seek eventual (yet rapid) control of any group or organization of which he or she has become a part of due to the natural megalomania of the class. Anti-Paladins will always fervently seek to have at least 1 suit of magical armor, 4 magical weapons, a magic shield, and 1 other miscellaneous magical item.

All Anti-Paladins are capable of using a Detect Good like spell similarly to a Paladin. This ability must be concentrated on and involves an obvious hand-motion which is easily recognizable as detection magic. This may be done at up to a 60 foot range, and may be used at the character's discretion.

Due to their dark oath, the Anti-Paladin is given a greater level or resistance which gives them a bonus of +2 to all saving throws. They are also fully immune to disease.

Anti-Paladins are capable of using the "lay on hands" ability, but never to heal. Instead, this ability inflicts 2 points of damage for every level of the Anti-Paladin. This ability may only be used once each day.

Anti-Paladins may cause a disease once each week for every 3 levels of the character by magic similar to the Cause Disease reversed spell available to evil Clerics.

Anti-Paladins are granted a Protection From Good in a 1" radius around themselves at all times.

Anti-Paladins who possess an unholy sword (or a cursed sword if the sword is evil in nature) he or she projects a circle of power in a 1" diameter (5 foot radius) around him or herself while the sword is unsheathed and held. This circle of power may be used to Dispel Magic at the level of the Anti-Paladin.

Anti-Paladins also are skilled in the hunting and killing of extremely good entities, awarding them a +1 to hit against all Angels, as well as good Paladins.

Anti-Paladin Table I
Experience Points Experience Level D10 Hit Dice Level Title
0-2,750 1 1 Renegade
2,751-5,500 2 2 Dissenter
5,501-12,000 3 3 Infidel
12,001-24,000 4 4 Apostate
24,001-45,000 5 5 Heretic
45,001-95,000 6 6 Demonkin
95,001-175,000 7 7 Dark Warrior
175,001-350,000 8 8 Dark Protector
350,001-700,000 9 9 Dark Paladin
700,001-1,050,000 10 9+3* Anti-Paladin
1,050,001-1,400,000** 11 9+6 Overlord
  • *-Anti-Paladins gain +3 hit points per level after the 9th.
  • * *-Anti-Paladins require +350,000 additional experience each level after the 11th.

In addition to the many abilities granted by the Anti-Paladin's oath, there are several more dark secrets which are unlocked as the Anti-Paladin becomes more accustomed to his new powers. Beginning at 3rd level, Anti-Paladins are capable of controlling undead as a Cleric 2 levels lower. Every level, the character's ability to control undead increases as a Cleric's would. Anti-Paladins are drawn to power, and will usually seek to control undead in any encounter that involves them. Anti-Paladins relish in the glory of controlling others, and can control undead as easily as a good Cleric can turn or destroy them. If the character ever loses an undead's control, the undead will automatically attack the Anti-Paladin.

At 8th level, the Anti-Paladin may call his personal warhorse. This mighty steed takes the form of a Nightmare with 6+6 hit dice, as well as an armor class of -4. The only difference between this and a normal Nightmare is that this beast is lawful evil as opposed to neutral evil. If this warhorse is lost or killed, the Anti-Paladin may never possess another. It is not uncommon for the character to become especially attached to his warhorse for this reason, and is one of the few things an Anti-Paladin will hold any emotional attachment to.

When an Anti-Paladin reaches 9th level, he or she gains spell ability similar to that of an evil Cleric. They may never use magical scrolls however, except those normally usable by Fighters.

Anti-Paladins who have attained 12th level are capable of performing a special dark ritual to turn a Paladin to the side of darkness. This Paladin to be turned must be corrupted, or have permanently lost his status as a Paladin in some event. This ritual requires the Paladin to fast for three days and three nights to show his dedication to whatever dark deity in play, and must do so to make room in his body for the darkness to grow. When this ritual is complete, the Paladin will become an Anti-Paladin with experience points equal to his previous total as a Paladin if all requirements are met.

Anti-Paladin Table II
Anti-Paladin Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
9 1 0 0 0
10 2 0 0 0
11 2 1 0 0
12 2 2 0 0
13 2 2 1 0
14 3 2 1 0
15 3 2 1 1
16 3 3 1 1
17 3 3 2 1
18 3 3 3 1
19 3 3 3 2
20 3 3 3 3

Anti-Paladins never gain new spells, nor do they improve the spells they already possess after 20th level. This is the maximum spell ability for an Anti-Paladin.

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