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Mother Sorsey[edit]

Goddess of Witchcraft

Mother Sorsey, by Knight9910, [ Source]
Alignment Chaotic Good
Domains Artifice, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Good, Magic, Void
Subdomains Alchemy, Arcane, Dark Tapestry, Psychopomp, Undead
Favored Weapon Dagger
Symbol A single large eye with three wavy lines beneath it.
Sacred Animal Eudaemonia Silkmoth
Sacred Colors Violet and Magenta

Sorsey is many different things, depending on who one asks. Some say that she is one of the gods of creation who helped to shape the world, only to become disillusioned with her own work and fall to darkness. Others say that she was one of the first mortals to study the ways of arcane magic, and that in so doing she became a goddess but also lost herself to the night.

Among non-believers, Sorsey is considered a loathsome demonic being, a bedtime story told to frighten misbehaving children into doing as they're told. "Eat all your vegetables and don't stay up past your bedtime, or Sorsey will come and turn you into a silkmoth."

The Mother's own followers, however, know her as a benevolent being whose goal is to enlighten and educate, to free mortalkind from the shackles which she believes have been imposed upon them by the divine.

The Church[edit]

Temples and Shrine[edit]

A Priest's Role[edit]



Holy Text[edit]



Relations with Other Religions[edit]


To most in the material world, Sorsey's realm is known as the Plane of Shadow. To its own inhabitants it is called Darkside (and they likewise refer to the material plane as Lightside). This world is an inverted copy of the material plane, both familiar and alien. The great cities of Lightside can all be found in Darkside, though they are abandoned and usually in various states of ruin. Similarly, places which are nothing more than wilderness or ruin in Lightside can be found in Darkside as great civilizations ruled over by mighty dragons, vampires, demons, and all other manner of monsters.

In keeping with its name, Darkside has no sun or moon; the only natural light to be found comes from the dark nebula which swirls overhead, casting the ground in dim rainbow hues. Many in Darkside believe this nebula to be the worldly form of Sorsey herself, though most consider it a natural phenomena. The plant life in Darkside has learned to thrive on negative energy instead of sunlight, creating fields of dusty lavender colored grass, and forests of grey wood and dull amber leaves. Colors are rarely particularly vibrant here, and most Lightsiders consider this world to be bleak and depressing. To many, however, there is a great beauty in the twilight, perhaps even greater than its opposite world of bright lights and loud colors.

Ultimately, Darkside is not really a better - or worse - place than Lightside, and even Mother Sorsey herself will agree it isn't truly meant to be. Darkside is meant to exist as a balance, as another side to the coin. Just as those who walk in the light have their world, so too should monsters have their own place to call home. That is what Darkside is meant to be.

Planar Allies[edit]

For Characters[edit]



When the church of Sorsey trains inquisitors it is either to hunt down evil witches and undead who are abusing the power of black magic, or to hunt down other inquisitors who would wrongfully persecute innocent witches.

In addition to the domains normally offered by Mother Sorsey, her inquisitors also have access to the Execution, Final Rest, Fate, Oblivion, and True Death inquisitions.


The gods work in mysterious ways, and the mother of witches doubly so. From time to time she sees fit to grant certain individuals with the double-edged sword that is the oracle's power. Perhaps the curse is meant to strengthen them by subjecting them to hardships they would not otherwise have to endure. Perhaps it is the price of a great power which they themselves sought. The reason is different for every oracle.

Oracles of Sorsey may choose from the Bones, Dark Tapestry, Lore, Occult, Reaper, and Shadow mysteries. Their curse is chosen from Accursed, Ghoul, Haunted, Lich, Promethean, and Shadowbound.


Paladins of Sorsey are general referred to as Reapers, a colloquial term as they do not in fact harvest souls. They act as mystical assassins, hunting down and exterminating evil. The Reapers are required to be Chaotic Good, and to follow the following rules.

  • The Reaper's blade is the blade of justice. It must not bring harm to the innocent, but neither must it be held back from the righteous spilling of blood.
  • The Reaper's cause is not to protect the weak as they are, but to enable and empower them to become more. The Reaper should offer aid to those who need it, but not to the extent of taking away all of a person's struggles, as it is through struggle that we grow stronger.
  • The Reaper must never offer aid to the unworthy. They will not save the wicked from the consequences of their own actions, nor should they suffer an ingrate.
  • The Reaper will always place the mission first. They must not accept defeat nor partial victory. They must never surrender. They must never, either through conscious action or through neglect, abandon their duty to their nation, their allies, or their mother goddess.
  • The Reaper must also be intelligent. They must not act rashly or thoughtlessly. They will judge a situation and determine the best course of action to achieve victory, and while they never surrender, a tactical retreat is sometimes called for.



Variant Spellcasting[edit]

Necromancy spells which create undead, such as animate dead and create undead, lose the [evil] descriptor when cast by followers of Mother Sorsey, and the undead created by those spells are neutral rather than evil. If you are using the expanded create undead and create greater undead lists from Pathfinder, then certain undead may still qualify as evil and therefore unable to be created by a good aligned cleric of Sorsey. This includes any undead which requires the casting of an additional spell that has the [evil] descriptor as part of their creation (such as festrogs which require contagion) and to undead that can only be created if the spell is cast within one of the lower planes, such as bodaks. At the DM's discretion some other forms of undead (such as the mentally tortured allips, or mohrgs which are risen from serial killers) may also not qualify to be created as neutral beings.

A Note For DMs and Players[edit]

Between taking over the Plane of Shadow and changing some of the mechanics of how it works, to creating neutral undead, Sorsey represents a dramatically different way of running a campaign and can not be easily fit into any normal campaign setting. She works best in games where the DM is willing to tailor the world to suit the player characters' backstories rather than insisting the PCs fit into their own setting, and especially in games where "Always Evil" and black-and-white morality are NOT in play.

Sorsey is intended to appeal to players who want to create darker themed character concepts - such as necromancers, assassins, or even monster characters - without being pigeonholed into playing an evil character. She is likewise intended to appeal to DMs who may wish to allow darker archetypes but who don't want to allow actual evil characters and the problems that they often bring to the table.

What Sorsey is NOT intended to do is to provide players an excuse to play evil characters without "technically" being evil. While Sorsey's chaotic alignment may allow some degree of moral wiggle room, she is still also a good-aligned deity, and is no more willing to abide murderhobos and megalomaniacs than any of the gods of light.

As always, players and DMs are encouraged to work together to figue out how best to incorporate this deity into their games, in order to make sure that a fun time is had by all.

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