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The Anti-Assassin[edit]

Allan raised his small, Halfling eyes to see his target approaching. A corrupt noble escorted by 6 guards on each flank walked down the road in a royal precession, as if celebrating his tyranny over the town. Allan slipped into the edge of the crowd, his disguise making him seem as a pathetic, diseased peasant. He remembered the training Goldilocks had taught him, and took a deep breath. As the parade drew nearer, Allan stumbled out into view, coughing and wheezing directly into the path of the noble. The voice of the guards rang out with a "Halt!". Allan didn't care. He locked eyes with the noble, who was now shrinking into the back of his soldiers. With a single motion Allan drew his shortsword, plunging it into the face of the noble. Before any reaction could be made, Allan had turned and began to run as fast as his Halfling legs could carry him. A wonderful Success.


The Anti-Assassin is as the name suggests; the antithesis of the Assassin class. This Thief subclass is more out-of-combat based character, relying on means of information gathering instead of assassination. This does not leave the Anti-Assassin without combat potential, however, as they are capable of making a form of quick-draw surprise attack instead of a backstab, with the same modifiers that a Thief gets. In addition, Anti-Assassins gain limited access to poisons, though never a lethal poison as an Assassin would use. These poisons include poisons of paralysis, truth serums, and many other utility poisons. Anti-Assassins are always some form of lawful in alignment, and usually good. Their strongly lawful nature cause all Anti-Assassins to despise dishonorable acts, and strongly hate backstabbing. Anti-Assassins will not tolerate an unfair fight, and will never attack characters weaker than the Anti-Assassin unprovoked.

Anti-Assassins typically will work with any good aligned characters, and will often cooperate with any specific class. This is without regard for Assassins and other evil classes, whom they despise. The only major exception to this is that Anti-Assassins have a distain for most Thieves, specifically the ones who backstab their opponents. An Anti-Assassin character will only work alongside a Thief who never backstabs opponents outside of combat, and only backstabs when absolutely necessary, and severely outmatched. Anti-Assassins will also not tolerate the use of picking pockets on characters who cannot afford to be stolen from (as that qualifies as an evil act.) Picking pockets is permitted only on evil characters, and if done for monetary gain, only on wealthy evil characters. Picking pockets to steal an evil caster's spellbook is permitted, as is the stealing of some form of key. (Although, simply picking the lock might be more practical...)

Anti-Assassin Requirements and Limitations[edit]

To become an Anti-Assassin one must first meet these requirements:

Ability Scores:

  • Strength: 12
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Dexterity: 12


  • Any good, or Lawful Neutral alignment
  • Must have at least lawful tendencies.

The following races may become Anti-Assassins, with these level limitations:

  • Humans: U
  • Halflings: U
  • Half-Elves: 11th Level
  • Elves: 10th Level
  • Dwarves: 9th Level
  • Half-Orcs: 9th Level
  • Gnomes: 8th Level

Anti-Assassin Benefits/Restrictions[edit]

Anti-Assassins share the same proficiencies, combat table, and saving throw table that Thieves use. They also will gain proficiencies at the same rate as Thieves. Unlike Thieves however, they may employ the use of any sword weapon, in addition to daggers, crossbows, clubs, and darts. Any melee weapon of their choosing may be used in the use of their quick-draw attack which is detailed below. This quick draw is gained as early as 1st level, and will increase in power and in speed as the character levels up. Quick draw attacks are done instantly, at the same speed at which the character draws the weapon to be used. All Anti-Assassins will gain bonus experience for destroying poisoned weapons.

In order to successfully use a quick draw attack, the Anti-Assassin must have direct line of sight to his or her target, making eye contact. A straight line in which the character is to move must also be established, if the character is going to move and attack in the same round. Obviously, you can only use weapons you're proficient in during a Quick Draw. This attack can only function as a true Quick Draw when your opponent does not expect the attack, and your weapon must be concealed for the Quick Draw to succeed.

Quick Draw Table
Anti-Assassin Level Quick Draw Damage Quick Draw Movement
1-4 x2 None
5-8 x3 2"
9-12 x4 4"
13-16 x5 6"
17+ x5 8"

The Anti-Assassin may also conceal weapons using an illusion like ability. Anti-Assassins can conceal any of their weapons as seen on the Anti-Assassin Table 1 below. These weapons are concealed similarly to the Change Self spell, making those weapons blend perfectly into the Anti-Assassins clothing. Note that as this is more of the character's skill in concealment rather than actual magic, a Detect Magic spell will not reveal an illusion or the concealed weapon.

Anti-Assassin Table I
Experience Points Experience Level D8 Hit Dice Level Title Concealable Weapons***
0-1,750 1 1 Rogue (Initiate) Clubs, Daggers
1,751-3,750 2 2 Conspiracy Darts, Shortswords
3,751-8,000 3 3 Concierge Scimitars
8,001-17,500 4 4 Investigator Broadswords
17,501-33,000 5 5 Agent Longswords
33,001-67,500 6 6 Spy -
67,501-110,000 7 7 Prime Spy -
110,001-200,000 8 8 Saboteur Bastard Swords
200,001-325,000 9 9 Grand Saboteur Two-Handed Swords
325,001-450,000 10 9+2* Anti-Assassin -
450,001-700,000** 11 9+4 Anti-Assassin Lord -
700,001-950,000 12 9+6 Chief Intelligence Any Weapon
950,001-1,200,000 13 9+8 Master Intelligence -
1,200,001-1,450,000 14 9+10 High Master Intelligence -
1,450,001-1,700,000 15 9+10 Grand Master Intelligence -
  • * - Anti-Assassins gain +2 hit points per level after the 9th.
  • * * - Anti-Assassins must gain +250,000 experience points for every level after the 10th.
  • * * * - The Concealable Weapons table is additive; meaning you will always be able to conceal weapons below your level.

In addition to these abilities, an Anti-Assassin gains several other traits as they gain levels.

Beginning at 2nd level, the Anti-Assassin is capable of brewing strange non-lethal poisons which can be used for a variety of things. At 2nd level, a sleeping draft can be made from combining common apples with a lethal poison, which when combined precisely turns the poison into a harmless but potent sleeping draft. This may be used either by ingestion or applied by weapon. This sleep draft lasts up to a day if a saving throw versus poison is failed by the target. The Anti-Assassin of this level can also create any tier I non-lethal poisons, as well as tier I antidotes.

At 3rd level, Anti-Assassins can disguise themselves as an Assassin would. This unlocks their ability as a spy as well, allowing Anti-Assassins to use these disguises to pretend to be a local in any given town, or some other figure to gain information. In addition to this, Anti-Assassins gain the ability to use limited Thief abilities similarly to an Assassin. These abilities are as follows:

  • Open Locks
  • Find/Remove Traps
  • Move Silently
  • Hide In Shadows
  • Hear Noise
  • Climb Walls

These abilities will begin as 1st level Thief abilities when the Anti-Assassin reaches 3rd level. Hereafter, they will increase in reliability whenever the Anti-Assassin levels up, similarly to Thieves.

At 5th level, Anti-Assassins can create a poison that loosens the tongue of an individual, making it nigh impossible to tell a lie. This poison is created using the blood of any creature which has a charm spell as a natural ability. The amount of blood is very little, to the point where if one such creature is befriended one creature could give this blood willingly without any permanent damage to the creature. This, when combined with holy water creates a truth serum. This poison can only be applied through ingestion, and requires a character to roll 15 points under charisma in order to successfully lie while this truth serum is functioning. This serum lasts for 1 hour if the recipient fails a saving throw against poison. An Anti-Assassin of 8th level or higher can create a variant of this poison that gives it's recipient a -3 on the saving throw.

6th level Anti-Assassins are capable of making a poison that paralyzes a target, by combining giant spider venom (as well as other types of venom, most of which come from insects) with some form of fruit. This paralysis poison requires a save vs. poison as well, with the saving throw being made at -2 on the dice. This paralysis lasts for 2-12 days on it's victim, whether by ingestion or through weapon.

Anti-Assassins which are of 9th level or greater are capable of the invention of new non-lethal poisons, similarly to how other classes research abilities or spells.

10th level Anti-Assassins can make a paralysis poison so powerful, that it puts it's victim into a state that is extremely likely to be interpreted as death. This poison is made from combining the previously mentioned paralysis poison with a rare form of berry (Rotberry or Cadava berry), and with holy water (to prevent actual death.) This poison will "kill" someone for 1-4 months, or until additional holy water is used on the recipient of the poison. In addition to this, Anti-Assassins can create any non lethal poison or antidote if the ingredients are available.

Anti-Assassins that have reached 11th level (Anti-Assassin Lord) can construct a tower or small castle structure, similarly to Thieves as a base of operations. This building is not exactly the home of a Thieves' Guild, though it functions in slight similarity. This structure will attract 1-12 1st level Anti-Assassins who will likely study under the character as some form of teacher, and will often accompany him or her on some future adventures.

Anti-Assassins of 12th level or higher (Chief Intelligence) have their small castle (if one exists) become a center of intelligence, attracting spies and other characters who will serve the character. An Anti-Assassin of up to 6th level will join the character's ranks as a chief spy, while 4-16 Thieves will arrive at this building with the desire to serve the character as additional spies. From here a network of intelligence will be steadily gathered and maintained by the character and the chief spy.

Also at 12th level, Anti-Assassins gain access to additional languages dependent on their Intelligence. Anti-Assassins with 15 Intelligence or more will gain 1 new language at 12th level, which can be selected as a language that would otherwise be exclusive to another class or character. This can be any evil alignment tongue, Druidic, or Thieves' Cant. Anti-Assassins gain 1 additional language for every point beyond 15, with a maximum of 4 additional languages.

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