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Witch Woods[edit]

The witch woods are a mysterious and extremely dangerous location. In ancient ages, way before the age of the humanoids, a planar conjunction occurred, merging part of an ancient forest with a portion of the faeric world, creating a hybrid demi-plane, named as the Witch Woods. Said name accrue, obviously, from the great population of witches in the region.

The woods are divided into three great regions: The External Woods, the Internal Woods and the Underground Woods.

External Woods[edit]

The external woods are the portion of the Witch Woods were the most mundane aspects of this place are found, and is one of the few relatively "safe" regions to travel and explore. Safe isn't really the best word to describe a journey through the which woods, but in this portion of the boskage there are no risks of involuntary teleportations, planar travels or strange time passing.

In this part of the woods, regular animals are found, mostly wolves, bears and deers, although some supernatural beings can also be found, such as less powerful fey creatures and witches, guardians and devouring trees.

Internal Woods[edit]

In the internal woods is were the real weirdness of this place really manifest itself. Trees that burn in a raging wildfire during the day that quenches itself in the night, valleys and mountains of impossible proportions, that should be visible from outside the Witch Woods and that far surpass its extension, creatures of great mystery and power, in the Internal Woods, everything is possible. The time flows differently in certain regions of the woods, and in the Internal Woods is larger in extension and area than the External ones, since its presence is not completely located in the material plane.

The internal woods is made of the regions listed below:


The Ashwoods are one of the parts of the internal woods, an extensive forest were a wildfire always happens at the start of each day. When the sun sets in the inexistent horizon, from the ashes the greenlife blooms, causing the forest and all fauna that resides on it to regrow at incredible speed, just to burn again in an endless cycle. This part of the woods is protected by the fire spirit Neirdân, the Flame Serpent, and is also home of Ragesh of the Scorched Visage, a powerful fire hag.

Crystalline Swamp

The crystalline swamp is a vast swamp that grows from a lake of clear waters, and it does not bear the typical scent of decay that plague such places. This region is the home of sea and river hags, and, depending on the region you may find yourself in, it is common to find nereids and dryads in this place. In the very center of the swamp is located a construction, the Forgotten Tomb, were forever rests an ancient hero.

Rocky Valley

Wandering through the woods, weirdly you may encounter a gargantuan petrified tree, that should be visible from outside the woods, but strangely isn't, with an opening leading to inside it. Travelling by the cave formed in the petrified tree will reveal an entrance to a valley of impossible proportions, were vast mountains extend for all sides, filled with deep web of caves. This valley is the lair of the fomorians and of the lesser giants.

Floating Groves
Witch Valley
Verdant Cave
Heart Lake

Underground Woods[edit]

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