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Fighter Feats: Fighter feats are those that pertain to skill in martial combat. Fighters may choose among these feats when gaining a bonus feat from their class. These feats are also available to any class that meets the prerequisites, unless otherwise specified.

Other Fighter Feats[edit]

This is a catch-all for fighter feats that do not fit any of the above categories. This includes feats related to flanking and initiative.

Table: Special Fighter Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
- Balance Drills Dex 13, Lightning Reflexes Improved your Reflex save while lightly encumbered.
4.20 Battle Cry Cha 15 Your voice inspires greatness in battle.
4.35 Butterfly Flank BAB +6, Dex 15, Combat Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes Your skill with a blade distracts and intimidates your opponent, catching them off balance and unaware. *
3.40 Clinch BAB +3, Dodge, Mobility You have mastered the art of fighting at very close quarters.
4.24 Close Order Combat BAB +1 You are trained to fight in a close-order unit.
3.44 Combat Focus BAB +5, Dodge, Improved Initiative Paying little heed to distractions and other threats, you may focus your attacks on one opponent, leaving yourself open to others.
3.38 Combat Surge Coming Soon You can rush an action in combat at the cost of presenting opportunities to your opponents
3.22 Improved Combat Focus Coming Soon You have practiced the art of two-on-one combat, enhancing your Combat Focus.
4.40 Concerted Attack Coming Soon You are well trained in directing the efforts of others during a coordinated attack
- Nimble Turning Dex 15, Wis 15, Run, Fleet of Foot When running you can make a direction change of 90 degrees or less every ten feet. You can’t use this feat while wearing medium or heavy armor, or when carrying a medium or heavy load.
3.96 Follow Up Coming Soon You can push through enemy lines to create a breach.
3.35 Greatweapon Quickness Coming Soon Your mastery of this style reflects strengthened wrist muscles and honed reflexes, allowing blindingly fast strikes with the largest of weapons.
- Guard Training - Gain bonuses on skill checks to notice somebody sneaking around.
- Hard Knock Life Diehard, Great Fortitude, Con 13 Gain more hit points per die.
- Interpose Combat Reflexes, Dex 12, Fighter level 4th+ May redirect any attack that requires a roll to hit to self from an adjacent ally.
- Keep Focused Wis 13, Iron Will Improve your Will save in combat.
- Master Initiative Wis 13, Improved Initiative, fighter level 3rd. +2 bonus Initiative and not flat footed sooner.
4.56 Pack Attack Coming Soon You are trained to coordinate with others to bring down powerful enemies
3.85 Pack Initiative Coming Soon You can coordinate your initiative with pack mates.
- Practiced Combatant fighter level 3rd Improves Base Attack Bonus for multiclassed Fighters lagging behind.
4.00 Primeval Rage Coming Soon You are vicious, bad tempered, ferocious and dangerous.
4.40 Robust Health Coming Soon Your robust health makes you tougher than normal.
4.30 Running Attack Coming Soon You are especially fast and maneuverable on the battlefield.
3.37 Stand Your Ground Coming Soon You keep fighting no matter how scared you get.
4.20 Team Fighting Coming Soon You know how to fight as a pair, group, and in formation.
4.30 Throw and Charge Coming Soon You can hurl a thrown weapon while charging.
4.73 Touch Mastery Coming Soon The attribute behind your powers makes your touch attacks strike true.
4.10 Weapon Juggle Coming Soon You can change and pick up weapons as a free action.

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically

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