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Combat Dancing [(General)]

You've learned to use your exceptional acrobatic skill to some advantage in combat, enabling several actions.
Prerequisite: Tumble(6 ranks), Balance(6 ranks), Jump(6 ranks), Dexterity 14
Benefit: You gain the ability to make one of the following maneuvers in place of your movement action in combat:

Leap: You can make a standing jump check in combat without provoking an attack of opportunity, sacrificing any other forms of movement for the round. If this jump allows you to pass through an occupied square, you may make a melee attack roll against the target at a +2 circumstance bonus. Prance: You may trade your dexterity bonus to AC for one round to move up to half of your movement range, and may pass through occupied squares and do not provoke attacks of opportunity with this movement as though you had passed the required tumble check Lunge: You take a ten foot step, provoking no attacks of opportunity, provided you move in a straight line and attack an enemy in that straight line immediately afterwards.

You may only make 2 of each of these maneuvers per day.
Normal: You must have a running start to jump in such a manner, you must succeed a requisite tumble check to move through occupied squares and not provoke attacks, you may only take a 5 foot step without provoking attacks.
Special: A fighter may select this feat as a bonus feat.

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