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Weapon of Choice [Fighter]

You train extensively with one weapon, mastering it to a degree not usually achieved.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +2, Dexterity 13, Intelligence 13, Weapon Focus with selected weapon.
Benefit: Choose one type of weapon for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat. When wielding the selected weapon, you gain a special bonus equal to one half your character level (round down). At the start of every round, you decide to add the bonus to all attack rolls or all damage rolls for the rest of the round. Alternatively, if the weapon is a melee weapon, you may instead add the bonus to AC for the duration of the round.
Normal: You only add 1 times your BAB to attack, and it has no effect on damage or AC.
Special: A Fighter may select this as one of his bonus feats. You may only take this feat once (you can only have one weapon of choice). You must be trained by someone who possesses this feat for the same weapon.

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