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Battle Jump [Fighter, General][edit]

A falling charge that can be initiated with a running jump.
Prerequisite: BAB +1
Benefit: You can execute a charge by simply dropping from a height of at least the height of your opponent. You can’t jump from more than 30 feet above your opponent, nor can you effectively battle jump while under the influence of a fly or levitate spell or effect, as you have to hurl yourself down on your foe. If you hit, you can choose either to deal double damage with a melee weapon or natural attack or to attempt a trip attack. You are treated as one size category larger than normal if you try to trip your opponent with the battle jump. After you attack, you take falling damage as normal for the distance you jumped.
Normal: You may not make a `Battle Jump´.
Special: Can be found on page 42 in the Unapproachable East.

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