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Alternate Strikes [General]

You may alternate attacks between two weapons.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +6
Benefit: If you are wielding two weapons, you may forgo any extra attacks you would get with an off-hand weapon. If you do so, you may split the attacks freely between the two weapons you are wielding. You get all of the attacks normally granted by your BAB and you suffer none of the normal penalties for two weapon fighting. This feat can be used if one 'weapon' is an unarmed strike.

For example, a 6th level fighter (BAB +6/+1) that is wielding a longsword in one hand and a short sword in the other hand can make 3 attacks with a full-round attack action (2 primary hand and 1 off-hand) with any normal penalties for fighting with 2 weapons. With this feat the fighter can forgo the off-hand atttack and make either 2 attacks (+6/+1) with the longsword, 2 attacks (+6/+1) with the shortsword, or 1 attack with the longsword and 1 with the shortsword (one at +6 and the other at +1, in any order). Each attack also adds the full strength modifier to damage (as opposed to 1/2 strength modifier for the off-hand attack).

Any other ability or effect that modifies an attack roll, affects all of the attack rolls, regardless of which hand is used (i.e. Power Attack, flanking bonus, Combat Expertise, etc).
Normal: If a character wielding two weapons chooses to only attack with one weapon, all attacks must be taken with that same weapon.
Special: A fighter may select Alternate Strikes as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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