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Tactical Forfeit [General, Fighter]

Give up attacks to add those BABs to your next single attack.
Prerequisite: Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus, Wis 13, base attack bonus +9
Benefit: On a full attack you may forfeit a number of attacks equal to your Wisdom modifier in order to add their attack bonuses to your next attack. Your next single attack roll gains an insight bonus equal to the total base attack bonuses of the forfeited attacks the previous round. For example, Tordek is an 11th-level fighter with a base attack bonus of +11/+6/+1. His Strength of 16 grants him a +3 to hit. He faces a tough Balor Demon with an AC of 35. Without this feat the best he could hope for is a natural 20. Tordek performs a full attack and opts to forfeit the two lower attacks. His next single attack will be at a +21 (+14 for his highest attack plus the +7 insight bonus) thus improving his 5% chance to 35% chance of hitting the demon.
Special: A fighter may select Tactical Forfeit as a fighter bonus feat.

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