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Intimidating Demise [Fighter, Intimidate, Skill]

After slaying a foe in combat, you let out a battle cry that demoralizes all who can see you.
Prerequisite: Power Attack, Cleave, Intimidate 10+
Benefit: After slaying an enemy, make an Intimidate check with a +4 bonus as an immediate action. Each opponent that can see you, within 50 feet, must make a modified level check (as demoralizing an opponent) using your Intimidate check as the DC. If an opponent fails the check, that opponent is shaken (-5 on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks) for a number of rounds equal to your check result divided by five, minimum one round. If this is the first attack made in a round, you may continue with your cleave against adjacent enemies with a +2 to all other attacks made in the round.

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