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Clinch (3.5e Feat)

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Clinch [General, Fighter]

Prerequisite: Dodge, Mobility, Base attack bonus +3
Benefit: Go into "clinch" with an adjacent opponent as a move-equivalent action. After doing this, you get a +4 cover bonus to AC against all opponents, and a +4 circumstance bonus to attack rolls against that opponent. If you and your opponent move further than 5 feet apart, you lose this bonus. You also lose the bonus if you move into a clinch with or attack someone else. To use this feat your weapon must be of a size class two categories smaller than your opponent's. A natural weapon or unarmed attack has a size code two sizes smaller than the creature using it.

Example: A medium creature with a light weapon (e.g. a tiny object such as a dagger) can use this feat against another medium creature using a two-handed weapon (e.g. a medium object such as a greatsword), but not if they were using a one-handed weapon (e.g. a small object such as a longsword). Similarly a human with a dagger could use this feat against an ogre using an ogre-sized longsword.

Notes: Roman shortswordsmen used this against longspears under king Pyrrhus. It was just successful enough to coin the term 'pyrrhic victory'.

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