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The Netbook of Feats (NBoF) is 1,000 feats (579 non SRD Feats), all for D&D or D20 Modern. Every feat in the NBoF is also linked to from another place on D&D Wiki, so no need to go here for the NBoF Feats. The feats contained in the NBoF are not from D&D Wiki, they are reviewed and published elsewhere.

Why put the NBoF feats on D&D Wiki? We believe that D&D Wiki can never have too much content, someone will always be able to use the material on D&D Wiki. Also, with more material D&D Wiki will have a grater selection, helping every D&D player that decides to use this site. The NBoF is simply 579 feats that will greatly increase D&D Wiki's selection, overall helping every D&D player that comes to D&D Wiki.

Every feat in the NBoF will be published under the OGL, every person that helped with the feat will be given credit and when giving credit we will work under the guidelines that are clearly stated by the NBoF and the OGL. It is our intent to work with the NBoF in good faith.

What will D&D Wiki be doing to give credit to everyone that helped make the NBoF possible? on every NBoF feat's page a template will be used to give credit, the page will be locked from editing to users and anonymous users, and the OGL template will be present to show that the NBoF material is OGL and not GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 material. We hope that this will clearly give credit, and not make it seem like the NBoF originated from D&D Wiki.

Any questions with anything related to the NBoF please contact Green Dragon.

The Netbook of Feats

Just updated to version 12.3 (not fully complete). --Green Dragon 23:01, 10 December 2006 (MST)
The Netbook of Feats Version 12.4 of the Netbook of Feats


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Version 12.4 of the Netbook of Feats

Version 12.2 of the Netbook of Feats

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Version 12.1
Version 12.2
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