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Greetings, and thanks for taking the time to read the Netbook of Feats. This project is the result of a lot of hard work by all our contributors, reviewers, editors, the Fantasy Netbook Community Council, and ourselves. It represents thousands of hours of hard work and boundless creativity. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it and find something here that enhances your game or simply entertains.

The Netbook of Feats is published using the Open Gaming License (OGL). This legal document (found in the legal section of the NBOF) protects the work in this document so that it remains free for you to use in almost any way imaginable. Basically the material in the NBOF that is designated as Open Gaming Content (OGC), which is almost everything in the NBOF, can be used in any publication, amateur or professional without any restrictions, except that you must credit the original author of the work. To use our feats you need not pay us, or ask permission, or sign any contracts; the only thing you must do is include the OGL in any document you use the material in, and you must abide by the rules of the OGL.

Welcome to version 12 of the NBOF. We decided to change the version number to celebrate the inclusion of our first set of feats from another D20 publication. It was always our intent to do so but we have had so many original contributions we hadn't had the time to properly review them.

Our vision has always been to be the most comprehensive collection of quality feats anywhere. The sheer number of feats that have been published is staggering, yet the possibilities are nearly endless. Going forward you can expect to see more feats from other publication included in the NBOF. We will only include those we feel are of good quality and do not duplicate feats we already publish.

This version also contains a large number of new original feats. The review board has been going full steam and you will find many new and interesting additions. You will also note that we have changed the format and non-feat content based on your feedback.

We hope you enjoy the Netbook of Feats, and if you do, let us know. Your support and participation have always been what keeps us going strong.

Good Gaming,

Netbook of Feats Staff

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