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Practiced Combatant [Fighter Only]

Improves Base Attack Bonus for multiclassed Fighters lagging behind.
Prerequisite: Fighter level 3rd.
Benefit: This feat increases your Base Attack bonus if it's currently lagging at least 2 points behind an equivalent single-classed human fighter of your character level. Subtract your BAB from that of the "standard fighter" and add a bonus based on the result below.
Special: A fighter may select Practiced Combatant as one of his fighter bonus feats.
0 or 1 no bonus
2 or 3 +1 bonus
4 or more +2 bonus

If the character has any other feats, class abilities, items or spell effects that increase BAB, these are counted first before determining eligibility for this bonus. However, the bonus does not stack with magical effects or abilities that replace the character's natural BAB entirely.

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