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Snap Reflexes [General, Fighter]

Read your opponent's movements as they act.
Prerequisite: BAB +4, Reflex Save +3, Sense Motive +5 Ranks, Combat Expertise, Dodge
Benefit: At the end of your Round, you may use Sense Motive to attempt to read a single opponent's movements to try and gain the upper hand in combat. This may only apply to an opponent whom you are aware of, currently engaging, and is within your threatened space.

When you use this Feat, you preform Sense Motive as a Swift Action. As you are only allowed one Swift Action per Round, you may not use this if you already used another Swift Action.

The DC for your Sense Motive Check is unknown when you roll your Check. Roll, add any Modifiers, and keep this value to yourself. When it comes time for your opponent to attack, the DM will roll their Attack as normal. Your DC ultimately is your opponent's now current Attack Roll; (BAB + their Attack Roll via d20). Do not add Modifiers to he DC, such as Strength Modifier.

If your Sense Motive Check higher than your opponent's Attack Roll you may add your Reflex Save as Temporary AC for the first strike only. If you have succeeded, the attack should miss, however this does not prematurely end their Round and they may make any other Attacks (Such as a Full Attack), to which you no longer apply Snap Reflex to.

If you equaled your DC to their Attack Roll, you only take half damage.

If you failed the DC, the attack lands as normal. Only now, due to your inaccuracy and hesitation, you are knocked off balance and thus Staggered for your next Round.

Should your opponent roll a natural 20, you automatically fail your Snap Reflexes attempt as a natural 20 is an automatic hit. However still compare numbers, as a natural 20 is a Critical and you may have at least reduced it to half damage. If this were the case, equaling or exceeding their Attack Roll will reduce to half damage. You may only apply Snap Reflexes toward the same enemy a number of times equal to your Dexterity Modifier, however there is no limit per Encounter / Day.
Normal: You can not make a Sense Motive Check against attacks which have not technically happened yet.

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