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Questionable Balance with requirements[edit]

I am well aware that there is "questionable balance" with the BAB +4 / Reflex Save +3. Understand that this Feat is generally more geared toward a Rogue or any other stealth-based character who will have a Reflex Save +3 by 2nd Level. At 6th Level when they have a BAB +4, they should generally have a Reflex Save +5. When added as Temporary AC, +5 is quite a lot and easily makes or breaks a strike. However, a Fighter won't gain a +3 Reflex Save until 9th Level. This, in my opinion, is acceptable as the combat-based characters are generally more geared toward being hardened brutes anyway with strong AC as it is. At 9th Level is a Natural Bonus Feat anyway, and at 10th Level for Fighters is a Class Bonus Feat. So either way that you look at it, they can very easily take this as a Feat within that frame and use it just fine.

Light or No Armor?[edit]

Not for Snap Reflex. I am currently making improved versions in which Light / No Armor will be a requirement. I didn't want to limit players right off the bat.

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