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Confused Turtle [Weapon][edit]

You choose to wield two shields in place of a weapon in order to better protect yourself. But like a turtle with a rounded shell on top and bottom, this choice makes you look a little confused.
Prerequisite: Two Weapon Fighting
Benefit: You may wield a shield in either hand. If you do, the shield bonus from both shields adds together to determine your total shield bonus. You may attack with both shields as if attacking with two weapons. Light shields count as light weapons and heavy shields count as one-handed weapons during this attack. Attacking with either shield follows the normal rules for shield bashing.
Normal: Shield bonuses from multiple shields do not stack.
Special: If you have the Improved Shield Bash feat, the benefit only applies to the shield wielded in the main hand. Shields with the Animated special quality, and magical effects that produce a shield bonus do not stack with the bonuses of shields wielded in the hands.

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