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Two-Handed Weapon Specialization [Fighter]

You know how to focus the maximum amount of power into a blow from a two-handed weapon.
Prerequisite: Fighter level 14th, Greater Weapon Specialization with selected weapon, proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with selected weapon
Benefit: Choose one two-handed weapon for which you already have Greater Weapon Specialization. When you wield the chosen weapon in two hands, your damage modifier increases from 1.5 × your Strength modifier to 2 × your Strength modifier.
Special: The effects of this feat only apply to weapons that normally require two hands to wield without penalty by a character of your size. One-handed weapons wielded in two hands do not get this increased Strength multiplier, nor do hand-and-a-half weapons such as the bastard sword or katana. A fighter may choose Two-Handed Weapon Specialization as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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