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Augmented Aura [General]

The power of your personality gives you a commanding presence on the battlefield. Your allies see your gallant efforts worthy of recognition- your enemies fear you equally so. You have a lasting effect on all who see you in action.
Prerequisite: Cha 15, Iron Will, and either a class ability that includes an aura effect (such as a paladin's Aura of Courage, a dragon shaman's Draconic Aura, or a hexblade's Aura of Unluck abilities) or an ability to cast spells that include aura-like effects.
Benefit: The numeric effect of your aura is doubled. For example, a 3rd level paladin with Augmented Aura would be able to use her Aura of Courage ability at a +8 morale bonus rather than a +4.
Normal: The aura is limited by class abilities or by spell level.
Special: This feat can not be applied to other effects or feats that would change the value of any given aura, such as maximize spell or widen spell. Also, if PC is affected by any Detect spell (such as Detect Good or Detect Law) they are treated as double their level for the spell's results.

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