Improvised Sneak Attack (3.5e Feat)

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Improvised Sneak Attack [(General)][edit]

Sometimes People Who Are Not Rouges Learn How To Surprise Enemies To Deal Extra Damage
Prerequisite: Weapon Finnesse,Weapon Focus Dagger (or dagger like object),Dex Of 18 Or Higher, Cannot Be Of A Class That Already Gives Precision Damage (scout, rogue, ect~.)
Benefit: You Gain 2d6 Sneak Attack But It Can Only Be Used When The Enemy is Unaware (No Flanking Or Going First In Inititve,)
Normal: You Have No Sneak Attack
Special: This Feat Only Works If You Are Using A Dagger/Dagger Like Object And Can Be Gained Multiple Times(but the dex required increases by 2 for every time you gain this feat)

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