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Weapon Focus Improved [General, Fighter]

You are especially good at using a weapon.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1
Benefit: Choose one type of weapon, such as greataxe. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or touch spell or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purpose of this feat. You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon. At character level 8th you gain a +2 to damage rolls made with the selected weapon (this effect substitutes Weapon Specialization for all purposes).
Special: A fighter may choose this feat as one of its bonus feats.

A fighter gains additional benefits when taking this feat: at level 4th it gains a +2 bonus on damage roll with the weapon, at 8th level its bonus to attack rolls improves to a +2 and at 12th level its bonus to damage increases to a +4 with that weapon.

This feat effectively substitutes Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Specialization for all purposes, given that you have enough levels to replicate their effects.

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