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Solid Grip [(General, Fighter, Epic)]

Wield most 2-handed weapons in one hand
Prerequisite: 17 Str, Weapon Focus
Benefit: The character is able to wield a weapon he/she has Weapon Focus in in a single hand. While this allows the use of a shield or an off-hand weapon, there are some drawbacks. Due to the weight of the weapon, the player has a penalty of 2 against being disarmed. Also, 2-handed weapons are heavy and may not be used as an off-handed weapon (i.e., one cannot wield 2 greatswords, a greatsword and a greataxe, etc).
Normal: 2-handed weapons require 2 hands. Double weapons are excluded from this feat. Also, a character cannot use this feat to use larger versions of two-handed weapons one-handed (i.e., a Medium creature still can't use a Large greatsword, unless another feat allows him or her to do so, such as Monkey Grip). This does, however, allow a creature to use a single-handed weapon from a size category one higher with a single hand.
Special: This can be taken by a fighter as a bonus feat. The benefits stack with applicable feats associated with two-weapon or sword and shield fighting, as appropriate

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