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Quick Deadly Blows [General, Fighter]

You make deep and numerous cuts, punctures, and bruises that eventually pile up to take down your foe.
Prerequisite: Weapon Finesse, Dexterity 13
Benefit: On your action, while wielding a light weapon, before making attack rolls for a round, you may choose to subtract a number from all melee attack rolls and add the same number to all melee damage rolls. This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The penalty on attacks and bonus on damage apply until your next turn.
Special: Unlike Power Attack, you still only add the number subtracted from your attack rolls if you use a two-handed weapon or wield a one-handed weapon or light weapon in two hands. You add only half of the number subtracted from a weapon wielded as a off-hand weapon, even though the penalty on attack rolls still applies. (You treat a double weapon as a one-handed weapon and a light weapon as normal, thus you can use this feat with a double weapon if you attack with both ends of the weapon.)

A fighter may select Quick Deadly Blows as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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