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Fighter Feats: Fighter feats are those that pertain to skill in martial combat. Fighters may choose among these feats when gaining a bonus feat from their class. These feats are also available to any class that meets the prerequisites, unless otherwise specified.

Melee Attack Feats[edit]

These feats improve your ability with melee attacks (not ranged attacks, not attacks of opportunity, and not disarm/trip/feint attacks).

Table: Melee Attack Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
- A Monk's Power Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike You gain improved unarmed damage as a monk for if you stay unarmed.
- Acrobatic Attack Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Tumble 8 ranks You use acrobatics to get around your opponent's defenses.
4.45 Acrobatic Charge BAB +3, Dodge, Mobility, Tumble 1 rank Your unexpected attacks have great effect.
3.75 Axe Frenzy Weapon Focus (any One Axe Weapon) You can strike exceptionally fast with axes.
4.50 Brawl Coming Soon You have a talent for unarmed fighting.
4.04 Brute Str 13 You have improved your striking strength.
3.92 Improved Brute Coming Soon You have greatly improved your striking strength.
4.04 Brawn Str 13, Brute You have improved your striking power.
3.96 Improved Brawn Coming Soon You have greatly improved your striking power.
4.11 Cleaving Rampage BAB +8, Str 13, Dex 13, Power Attack, Cleave, Dodge, Great Cleave, Mobility, Spring Attack You charge forward, cutting through all in your path.
3.20 Counter Charge Coming Soon You may step forward and meet a charging opponent, using his momentum to make your own attack more effective. *
5.00 Dexterous Fighting Dex 16, Weapon proficiency with a one handed weapon, BAB +6. You attack using dexterity with a one handed weapon you are proficient with. *
4.64 Flashy Attack Coming Soon You are able to use an impressive display of prowess to catch your opponents off guard
4.02 Flurry of Blades Coming Soon You can strike exceptionally fast with light weapons.
3.76 Fracture Coming Soon You are skilled at exploiting weaknesses in objects.
4.00 Frenzied Attack Coming Soon You may attack your foe with wild abandon, allowing you to rain many inaccurate blows upon them. *
3.70 Great Blow Coming Soon You can strike mighty blows with mighty weapons.
4.55 Improved Power Attack Coming Soon You can control the amount of power you put behind each of your strikes.
4.10 Improved Power Double Weapon improved two weapon fighting, ambidexterity, base attack bonus of 12 or higher, power double weapon You can inflict terrible blows with a double weapon.
5.00 Improved Subdual Coming Soon You are skilled in making nonlethal attacks.
Improved Weapon Finesse Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (any finessed weapon), base attack bonus +6

You've become more reliant on agility rather than strength when it comes to damage.

4.25 Near and Far Coming Soon Your skill with long weapons is extraordinary.
4.44 Pole Fighting Coming Soon When fighting with a pole arm you can use the butt to strike opponents.
4.35 Power Double Weapon Coming Soon You have learned to maximize the strength of your blows when wielding a double weapon.
4.20 Pull Blow Coming Soon You can choose to leave your victims alive when they might otherwise die.
- Quick Mercy Weapon Specialization with selected weapon. Standard action to do a coup de grace.
- Quicker Mercy Weapon Specialization with selected weapon, Cleave, Quick Mercy. Move action to do a coup de grace.
5.00 Rank Fighting Coming Soon You are trained to strike past friends using reach weapons.
4.00 Rapid Thrust Coming Soon When wielding a light weapon you can make a series of rapid thrusts.
3.97 Reactive Stance Coming Soon You may choose to ignore defensive action in combat in order to attack your foes.
3.45 Smash Concentration Coming Soon You may bash a single opponent into submission.
4.00 Spear and Shield Coming Soon You have trained in the use of a two-handed spear and shield together.
4.00 Spirit of Vengeance Coming Soon You exact vengeance from your enemies in blood.
3.70 Tornado Attack Coming Soon You can combine your whirlwind attack with a 5-foot step, moving and striking in a whirlwind of deadly blows.
- Tornado Smash Str 17, Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, base attack bonus +12 Whirl around and send the enemies flying.
4.05 Tumbling Attack Coming Soon Execute a startling series of attacks while you tumble through your enemy's midst.
4.30 Twin Weapon Fighting Coming Soon You can wield a matching pair of weapons, one in each hand, with extraordinary ability.
Two-Handed Finesse Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +1 Apply Weapon Finesse to one-handed weapons wielded with two hands.
4.05 Two-Handed Flurry Coming Soon You are adept at wielding a one-handed weapon with two hands.
Two-Weapon Focus Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (any one-handed or light weapon), Dexterity 15, base attack bonus +2 Two-weapon fighting is easier for you when fighting with two matching weapons.
4.05 Two-Weapon Harmony Coming Soon Your mastery of this style allows you to act with both weapons in harmony.
3.80 Ultimate Cleave Str 13, Power Attack, Cleave, Base attack bonus +6 You can transfer some of the damage you inflict on a powerful blow to your next cleave attack.
4.15 Unbalancing Fist Coming Soon You can throw your enemy off balance with a single precise blow to a nerve center. *
4.24 Up and Down Coming Soon You exploit the mechanical leverage of your long weapons.
4.00 Way of the Hare Coming Soon You have mastered the art of the leaping attack. *
3.72 Weapon and Shield Offensive Harmony Coming Soon You have mastered the art of using your shield as a weapon, to complement your blade.
3.57 Weapon Grace Coming Soon You are an expert in the graceful use of a regional weapon. *
4.55 Weapon Tricks Coming Soon You can change the type of damage you do with melee weapons.
4.45 Wrap Shot Coming Soon You have learned to swing your flexible weapon around obstructions.
3.73 Wrenching Attack Coming Soon Your attacks hinder your opponent’s ability to attack. *

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically

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