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Breaking Point Combat

Through mastery over the mind, you can briefly bend your own body to your own will or Break it all together for a brief flash of glory.
Prerequisite: 20 CON, 20 WIS, Endurance, Diehard, Melee Classes only, +8 Base Will save, ECL 12
Benefit: This Feat allows the user to first, dispel all charm and compulsion effects, momentarily gaining the benefits of Mind Blank which can also be used to succeed one or more saving throws that are simultaneous with the activation of this ability, then second, temporarily boost all of their physical strengths to a superhuman level, gaining 8d2+2 to their Strength and Dexterity scores, lasting for 1 minute or until the encounter ends, whichever is the earliest. When the effects of this feat end, the user takes the amount gained as Ability Burn.
Special: This Feat can only be used once per week. The user can decide to take the same amount of ability burn, along with the usual costs and benefits of the feat, to a mental score to automatically succeed any WIS INT or CHA saving throw that happens simultaneously with the activation of this ability and take no damage if the effect damages the target on a successful save, however, the user gains no bonus to their mental ability score by this manner. The user can alternatively, on the top of all the usual benefits and costs, can decide to sacrifice 75% of their max hp and take 25 ability burn to all ability scores, to ignore all DR and Crit immunities, Double any physical damage they do for the minute and refuse to die unless decapitated or Disintegrated (or anything with a similar effect). The sacrificed HP heals at your normal constitution modifier per day. If the user uses Breaking Point in this manner, they are considered Exausted, Disabled, Staggered and at 0 HP stable until all of the ability burn and HP sacrifice naturally heals. None of these effects can be fended off with any kind of immunity or spell short of a miracle or wish and even then the best these spells can do is to bring the user to 1hp conscious until all the damage heals. Ability Burn exceeding the ability score of the user can't bring the score below 1, however, the excess amount still needs to be healed, which means if the user has a 20 STR score and takes 30 ability burn, the user won't heal above 1STR until the 10th day assuming the user heals 1 point of STR burn every day.


If the Ability Burn exceeds two times the normal ability score of the user, the rate at which the user naturally heals is halved, if it exceeds three times the ability score then it is halved again and so on.

If the Damage the user would take during the time the user refuses to die exceeds their (normal con mod times max hp), their soul shatters along with their body, leaving only fine dust behind. If the would-be damage exceeds 2 times the user's max hp, then the rate at which sacrificed hp heals is reduced by half, if it exceeds three times the max hp, then it is halved again and so on until con mod times of the user's max hp.

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