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Net Master [General]

You are an expert in the use of the fighting net. You know how to throw the net to increase its effect on a victim, and you are skilled at controlling the movements of your victim.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with using the net as a weapon
Benefit: A net master receives a number of bonuses when using a net. To begin with, it only takes you one round to fold an unfolded net. In addition, when you catch someone in the net, your victim takes a –3 penalty on attack rolls and a –6 to her effective Dexterity. The DC of the Concentration check to cast a spell while entangled is increased to 17. Finally, you receive a +2 bonus to the opposed Strength checks when you use the trailing rope to limit the movement of your victim.
Normal: Without this feat, the penalty for being trapped in a net is a –2 to attack rolls and –4 to effective Dexterity. It normally takes two rounds for a proficient user to fold a net and four rounds for a nonproficient user to do so.
Special: A fighter may take Net Master as a bonus feat.

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