Impenetrable Callouses (3.5e Feat)

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Impenetrable Callouses [Fighter]

Gain a natural AC bonus
Prerequisite: Charisma less than 12
Benefit: You have trained arduously for years, in fact since childhood, to turn your soft and supple skin into an unyielding sheath which is not dependent on your Constitution. After years of exhaustive training (truthfully just a series of savage beatings engendering dense callouses and firm scars) your body has become defensively viable. Almost as if wearing an armor, you absorb and deflect some of the attacks which could have caused serious damage to you. In the process, you have caused yourself to look less attractive, but at least in most cases these callouses and scars do not completely cover your face, so aside from a scar here or there your face is recognizable. Due to your scars you always gain a natural armor bonus to AC, based on your Base Attack Bonus (as this is a good indicator of how many beatings you've taken) as follows:
Base Attack Bonus Natural Armor Bonus to AC
+0 to +3 +1
+4 to +7 +2
+8 to +11 +3
+12 to +15 +4
+16 to +19 +5
+20 and up +6

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