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Heavy Armor Dash [General]

You are able to move at speeds that most would think impossible while in heavy armor
Prerequisite: Heavy Armor Proficiency, Fast Movement or Dash, Run, Str 15
Benefit: While in Heavy armor you do not suffer from the normal penalties to running. You now can run at times 5 as if you were in light armor with the run feat. Just as in the run feat you don't lose your dex while running. Any bonuses to speed, like fast movement or dash, that are limited by armor size now work for you while in heavy armor, you still get the movement penalty for it being heavy armor. Example: A dwarf barbarian/fighter is wearing full plate. Normally he would now move at a 20, max of 80 feet running(60 if he wasn't a dwarf) and is flat footed. With this feat now he would move at a 30 in full plate with a max of 150 retaining his dex.
Normal: While in heavy armor a character can only run at times 3 and is considered flat footed while running.
Special: An animal with the war beast template can have this feat.

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