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Weapon Handling [General, Fighter][edit]

Your weapon of choice is easier to handle.
Prerequisite: Weapon Focus & BAB+1.
Benefit: This feat decreases the combat effort designation of the specific weapon, that is the same one as Weapon Focus, by one (1) step. For example, a Simple One Handed weapon, like a Club, becomes a Simple Light weapon.

Any and all weapon feats still apply normally, and the weapon with the new designation can qualify for feats that it would not normally qualify for. For example the Club, now that it is a Light weapon, qualifies for the Weapon Finesse feat.

This feat can be taken multiple times, but for differnet weapons each time.

This feat can be taken by a fighter as a standard fighter bonus feat.

EXAMPLES Original Designation: Two-Handed (*1) One-Handed (*2)

New Designation: One-Handed (*1) Light (*2)
Normal: A weapon must always be used as it is designated. Light, One-handed, Two-handed.

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