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Hit & Run [General, Fighter]

You become a mobile fighter, deftly moving in and out of range to hit and not be hit.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus 11, Dexterity 13 Constitution 13, Strength 13, Must be medium or larger, Combat Expertise
Benefit: You can make a 10 ft move on a full attack.As well, you can expend energy that would have been spent attacking moving instead, by giving up attacks at higher bonuses to move an additional 5 ft, up to your full speed. You may break up your move, moving before and after each attack
Normal: You can only move 5 ft on a full attack and that's it.
Special: You still provoke attacks of opportunity, but gain a +3 to your armor class as an evasion bonus. Being hit ends the full attack and movement.

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